How To Thank Tech Support

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When I first started working I got a job doing hardware support for a large investment company. I was 18 and working to help pay for my BSc degree in Computer Science. The job was a simple one for me, basically just maintaining the users’ computers, making sure all the plugs are plugged in, and small stuff like that. The day that I want to tell you about began like most other days. The one lady from the third floor called us complaining that she wasn’t picking up anything from her webcam and that she had an important net conference with a client in America in an hour.

Now we had all heard the rumours of the third floor… this was where the main business was being done, the investments. Bunch of finance guys betting other people’s money on the next sure thing, winning or losing millions at a go. And to deal with the stress they went to extremes. Everything from popping pills to daring each other to do scandelous things. There’s also the lengths that they went to to get their client’s money, probably most of the women were sleeping with all of the clients. What would you do for 10% commission on millions?

Anyway, I was heading up to the third floor and arrived at the lady’s office. She was immediately standing and beckoning me in, telling me how important the conference was and how she has to make sure the webcam was working. I told her not to worry, it was probably just a setting or maybe even a loose plug. They might have known money, but these people knew little of computers.

I glanced her over as I stepped into her office. She was very attractive. Maybe late 20s or very early 30s. She wore a tight top with a leather jacket over Antep Escort Bayan and a black miniskirt. She had black leather knee high boots on. When she turned I could make out her nipples, so I assumed she wasn’t wearing a bra. She had nice sized breasts that would just fit into your hands. She had short red hair, and except for black lipstick, no makeup. She didn’t need it, her skin was perfect.

I stepped behind her desk and told her I’d need to first look at her pc, which I noticed was standing underneath the desk. She pulled the chair back towards the window, and I got down on my knees and crawled under the desk to look at the computer. In the meantime I noticed she’d sat back down on the chair and was leaning back and watching me. I felt a bit nervous because obviously my backside was pointing right at her. I looked behind the computer, and sure enough, the cable was unplugged. She’d probably bumped it with her foot. I plugged it back in and started to crawl back, saying how I think I’d fixed the problem and we need to just check that it works now. As I turned around and started getting up, I found myself in a position that I was looking right up between her legs and she sat, legs spread, on the chair. And she wasn’t just not wearing a bra, she wasn’t wearing panties either. I could see her slit so clearly, and it was glistening ever so slightly. She obviously shaved down there.

What I was saying was forgotten and dropped off with a stammer. My heart froze for a couple beats, and my forehead began to sweat slightly. I couldn’t help but stare, and I slowly realized that she was looking at me and knowing exactly what I was staring at. My cock twitched and started to get hard. I concentrated on regaining my senses and mumbled an apology, and stood up. Though it was probably not noticeble, I imagined I could feel her eyes roaming over the growing bulge in my pants.

I managed to remember why I was there and suggested that she make sure the webcam work. She pulled her chair to the desk, thankfully closing off the view (at this point I was starting to worry about the safety of my job and the possibilty of being accused of harrassment). I moved to the back and sat on the window sill watching her check the webcam. She fiddled with the program and did a test record and decided that she was happy with it now. She looked back at me and was telling me about how I’d saved her meeting and how much money it was worth and how she appreciated it. I didn’t realize it right away, but she was moving closer to me as she was saying this. Next thing I knew she was right up against me, trapping me on the sill with her legs spread to either side of mine and her hands on my knees. She asked me if there was anything she could do to thank me, and I mumbled something about how I was just doing my job and that no thanks was necessary. She smiled at me and we made eye contact for a couple minutes, and with a slightly more serious tone she said how she knew I’d enjoyed the sight earlier. She asked if I had enjoyed looking at her pussy. I didn’t know what I should say and I mumbled something. She asked me again, and I said yes. I tended to be pretty shy, so this was leaving me totally nervous.

Then she did something I’d totally not expected, she placed her right hand right on my bulge, and squeezed slightly. She told me she could tell I had enjoyed it. She said how she wanted to thank me properly. I was helpless, I just sat there. She moved her hand to my belt and undid the buckle. Then she opened my fly and reached in and lowered my underpants. Then she lifted out my cock which hardened immediately in her hand. It wasn’t enormous, not by pornography standards, but it was a good average size. She told me how she liked it, that it looked very pretty. She said she liked how I still had my foreskin, that she preferred it to circumcized cocks.

She began stroking it, moving her hand up and down. I gasped slightly and leaned back against the window. I was still a virgin at the time, so the experience was rather mindblowing. In fact, I would have been more than happy with just the handjob… but then she lowered her mouth over my cock head. She sucked and she blew and she moved her tongue in interesting ways, all the time stroking with her hands. I didn’t last very long, I started cumming into her mouth. She took me deeper in, and I could feel the movements of her tongue and mouth as she swallowed the cum I was spewing into her. She let me go and looked up at me and told me that my cum was very delicious, that I should be proud of my manhood. She carefully pulled up my underpants, pressing my cock back inside, and did up my pants. I was still leaning back and feeling completely exhausted and drained. She said to me that I need to get going, her meeting was going to start anytime now.

I mumbled a thank you to her and backed out of her office. I had to force myself to keep from running to the elevator. I didn’t know what to make of the experience, but a part of me always hoped that her webcam would be unplugged again in the future.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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