Hypnotizing Sarah…

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All characters are 100% fictional and above 18 years of age.


Sarah decided to play a trick on her boyfriend, Derek. She recently had found out two secrets about him. First, he had a crazy intense foot fetish – one that he never told her about. Second, he had a deep seeded desire to watch another man have his way with her. She even discovered and email correspondence between Derek and guy named Ryan that Derek met online. Over the past year, Derek had been paying Ryan to write fetish stories for him – ones that often included Sarah and her feet as the main characters.

Sarah was quite the free spirit and a bit of a prankster, so for Derek’s birthday, she decided to invite Ryan over to spend the night. Derek and Ryan never met in person, so Sarah thought it would be fun to pretend he was an old friend of her. Ryan was to explain he’s a doing research on his next fetish story – one that happened to involve hypnosis. The plan was simple. Ryan would ask Derek and Sarah if he could attempt to hypnotize her to gain a better understanding of how he’d write his story. Sarah would agree to be hypnotized knowing Derek would be too much of a coward to protest. Sarah didn’t believe in hypnosis but told Ryan in advance that she’d pretend to be hypnotized. Once she pretended to go under, Ryan could do as he pleased while forcing Derek to watch. It would be the best present she could give him, and when she finally “awoke” from her “trance” should could act as if nothing ever happened. Ryan arrived early that night and the three of them shared dinner at Derek and Sarah’s apartment. Then came the moment of truth. After a few glasses of wine, Sarah winked at Ryan. Ryan knew it was time to go through with the plan. Little did Sarah know, but Ryan was, in fact, a trained hypnotist…*


Ryan looked over at Sarah and readjusted his posture as he prepared to speak. “I don’t know if you guys would be up for this, but I’m actually about to begin writing a new story for a client and still need to do more research. I don’t usually talk to others about the fetish work I do, but since the both of you have been so open with your questions, I thought maybe you’d be interested in helping out?”

“Well, uh…what’s the story about?” Derek asked.

“This one is a little different. It’s actually about hypnosis.”

“Hypnosis?” Sarah repeated. “Huh…”

“Yeah, well a client of mine is interested in a story where he hypnotizes his girlfriend.”

“What for?” Derek asked.

“Different things. If she’s nagging him about doing the dishes or cleaning the garage. Just random stuff that annoys him. He wants her to already have been hypnotized so that he can essentially snap his fingers and she’d be under his control. That way he wouldn’t have to be annoyed when he’s trying to relax.””Ha. This dude kind of sounds like a piece of shit,” Derek smugly replied.”Hey, I’m not one to judge. I’m just writing the story. But I need a little more knowledge on the hypnosis fetish before I’m can begin. I’ve research a ton online, but there is only so much you can truly learn without being able to interact with others.”

“So how did you want us to help?” Sarah asked, guiding the conversation back toward the plan both she and Ryan had discussed through email just days before.

“Quite simply, I want to attempt to hypnotize you. Derek would be here to watch and take note of anything he notices that I might miss while I put you under.”

“Put me under??? HA!” Sarah giggled. “You know hypnosis is total bullshit, right?”

“Honestly, you could easily be right. I have no karabağlar escort idea. Every video I’ve seen could be fake. I don’t know if it’s legit or not. The only thing I do know is that from all my research, I know all the techniques that one would use to hypnotize another. Now I just need someone willing to let me try and see if it actually works. Again, you don’t have to agree to this at all. I just thought it could be an interesting exercise to try since we’re all pretty comfortable with each other and I don’t usually come across people with such an interest in my writing.”

“Well, I don’t want you to be disappointed when it doesn’t work,” Sarah barbed.

“Hey, if it doesn’t work, all the better. I’ll just write it into my story and then find a different way for the guy to get the control that he wants. Either way, the more I know about the true effectiveness of hypnosis, the better I’ll be able to write the most realistic story I can.

Sarah grinned wide. “Ha, I’m in! This should be fun.”

Ryan glanced toward Derek. “I’m not going to do this unless I have permission from the both of you.”

“Well, I don’t see any harm as long as Sarah’s okay with it.”

“Great. Okay…So before we get started, why don’t you go change into something more comfortable, whatever you want, and then we’ll start on the couch. Sound good?”

“Works for me, Mr. Failed Hypnotist,” she smirked.

“Very well then,” Ryan smiled. Sarah returned a few minutes later, wearing what she’d normally wear to bed – an oversized t-shirt, booty shorts, and nothing else. Her legs were fully exposed and both her feet were completely bare.

“Well don’t you look comfortable,” Ryan teased.

“Well, if you’re going to ‘put me under’, I want to give you as fair a chance as possible.”

“Thanks, Sarah, I appreciate that.”

Derek caught himself staring at Sarah’s stubby little toes before snapping out of it. “So uh, what do you want me to do again?”

“Just sit in that chair and observe what happens. After I run through my techniques, I’ll see if you noticed anything I may have missed or have any ideas of what didn’t work and why. Basically just act as a second pair of eyes but nothing else. Sound good?”

“I can do that.”

“Great. Ok Sarah, so just get comfortable and turn toward me.”

Sarah smiled as she turned to face Ryan.

“Now, if you resist, this definitely isn’t going to work. So I need you to be open to this. You can be skeptical, but I need you to be open. Are you open?”

“Yes,” she smiled. “Now, I might lightly touch in order to help you relax. Is that okay?”

“Sure,” she smiled.

“Derek, is that okay with you?”

“I trust you.” Ryan winked at Sarah.

“Okay, then. Let’s get started.”

“Sarah, do me a favor and just take a deep breath in for me, okay?”

Sarah inhaled deeply.

“Okay, and hold it for a second…”

“She did.”

And release.

“A heavy puff of air exhaled from Sarah’s torso.”

“Very good. And again, just the same.”

Sarah smiled. She inhaled as deeply as possible, held for a second, then released.

“Very good,” Ryan commended.

“And again.”

Sarah complied.

“And again.”

Sarah complied.

“And again.”

Sarah complied.

“Now you’re feeling extremely relaxed…”

To Sarah’s surprise, she did feel incredibly relaxed. All the deep breaths had her head feeling rather wobbly.

“Just breath in again and follow my voice,” Ryan continued. “Just in, and hold, and out. And in…and hold…and out…”

Sarah complied.

“Now karaburun escort just keep looking into my eyes, and follow my voice. You can smile if you feel nice and relaxed.”

Sarah took another deep, heavy breath, holding it for just a second before releasing. A grin spread across her face as she exhaled.

“That’s very good, Sarah. Very, very good. Just keep staring into my eyes and listening to my voice…,” Ryan hummed. “Just in, and hold, and out. And in, and hold, and out…”

Sarah complied with each and every syllable. Derek looked on from his chair.

“Now…” Ryan continued. “I’m going to place your feet in my lap. Can you smile if that’s okay?”

Sarah’s eyes remained glued to Ryan’s. Her lips gave him permission to proceed.

“Very good, Sarah. You’re doing very good,” he continued, placing her soles across his lap.

“Just keep breathing, in and hold, and out. And in, and hold, and out. And in, and hold, and out…”

Sarah had barely noticed Ryan’s fingertips running up and down her soles in rhythm with her deep, heavy breaths. All the sudden, she felt extremely euphoric and light-headed. Ryan’s voice slowly transformed into white noise. Again, in, and hold, and out…and in, and hold, and out…and in, and hold, and out…over and over as his fingers cascaded back and forth across the landscape of her soft, creamy soles.

Sarah kept spacing out but any time she became vaguely aware of what was happening, the soothing drone of Ryan’s voice and comforting contact of his fingers across her soles sent her back into a state of deep relaxation. Ryan continued instructing her to breathe while caressing her soles. He could sense her focus growing fuzzier and fuzzier.

“Now,” he continued, “keep breathing in and out, and in and out, and in and out. The air is nourishing, and each breath you take provides warmth, and comfort, and safety, and the deeper you breathe, and the longer you hold your breath, the warmer and safer you’ll feel…”

Sarah’s deep heavy breaths continued to grow as Ryan gently grazed the bottoms of her feet. “There you go. Just in…and hold…and out…”

Sarah exhaled a deep, drowsy breath as her eyes remain fixed upon Ryan’s.

“You’re doing so good, Sarah,” he spoke, continuing to touch her feet. “But for some reason, every time someone touches your feet, you seem to get even sleepier…”

Sarah exhaled another deep breath as Ryan tickled her soles.

“And the more that they’re touched…”

Sarah inhaled as Ryan continued petting her soles.

“The drowsier and drowsier you become…”

Sarah exhaled her heaviest breath yet.

“You can’t believe how heavy your eyelids are. It’s okay to close them if you want. You’re safe here, Sarah.”

Sarah momentarily realized she was actually being hypnotized, but before she could fully snap out of it, she felt Ryan’s fingers glide from the pads of her feet, down to her heels, and back up, and back down. She immediately forgot what she was thinking. All that remained was her breath. In…and out…and in…and out. The image of Ryan began to get fade. Her eyelids became unbearably heavy. She couldn’t think of anything other than how sleepy she felt, and how the soft, calming touch of Ryan’s fingers against the arches of her feet seemed to force her eyelids shut.

“Now, you are feeling so safe, and warm, and sleepy. But you still feel the need to stay awake. And I understand that. I understand how hard it is to fully let go. But I’m going to help so that you can totally relax. On the count of ten, I’m going to start sucking karşıyaka escort your plump little toes, and when I do, you will fall into a deep state of trance, completely unconscious. The sensations you feel through your feet will keep you sedated until I instruct otherwise.

“Do you understand?”

Sarah’s mouth involuntarily grinned as Ryan continued gliding his fingers up and down the length of Sarah’s long, silky soles.



“8…” Ryan continued.

The sensation turned Sarah’s eyelids into bricks, but she still managed to keep them open, ever so slightly.




Sarah’s eyes started rolling side-to-side as Ryan began lifting her feet toward his face.




Ryan leaned forward and prepared to send Sarah into a trance of total unconsciousness.

“And 1…”

Ryan wrapped his lips around both of Sarah’s big toes. Her eyes instantly rolled toward the back of her head. She continued breathing with the same deep, heavy cadence as before. Ryan sucked and licked her toes for another minute to make sure she was completely unconscious. Derek sat in his chair, rock hard, resisting the urge to furiously begin masturbating as Ryan worshipped his girlfriend’s soft, juicy feet.

“There’s there…” Ryan reassured. “Everything is warm and calm and safe.”

He kissed one sole and then the other before burrowing his face between both and began taking several deep inhalations.

“Mmmmmmm…that’s nice,” he grinned.

This had clearly gone too far. Derek knew he needed to say something, but he froze. He couldn’t tell if it was fear, or arousal, or something else altogether, but he remained glued to his chair.

Ryan took a step back to admire his handiwork – Sarah was completely unconscious, barefoot, and under his control.

“Oh, Sarah. You should have known better than to let a stranger into your home. Especially when your only defense is someone as pathetic as your boyfriend over here.” Ryan turned to Derek. “Isn’t that right?”

Derek stared back, rock hard in his chair, unable to move a muscle.

“Yeah…that’s what I thought. Now I’m going to have to teach both of you a lesson.”

Ryan gently slid his arms beneath Sarah’s limp body and turned her over on the couch so that she was laying on her stomach. He made sure to remove her glasses.

“Oh, Sarah. Sweet, innocent, naive little Sarah…”

Ryan playfully slapped Sarah’s round little backside. Her butt cheeks and upper thighs jiggled back and forth before settling. She didn’t make a sound, other than that of her deep, constant, heavy breaths.

“Don’t worry,” Ryan addressed Derek. “Nothing bad is going to happen. Not unless you make it that way.”

“Buh…buh…but…” Derek stuttered.

“But what?” Ryan replied, turning his head toward the non-existent threat. Derek remained silent.

“Like I said, don’t worry. I’m not a monster. I might even let you masturbate while I have my fun. Well, maybe…We’ll just have to see how I feel.”

Sarah continued to breathe, in and out, oblivious to anything happening around her. Ryan refocused his attention to the couch where Sarah was lying face down. He walked around to the armrest where her bare soles comfortably faced upward toward the ceiling. He casually unzipped his jeans and pulled down his boxers, revealing a ten-inch rock hard erection. Derek’s cock grew even harder as he watched Ryan loom over his hypnotized girlfriend.

“I’m sure your cuck beta mind is going to love this. But I wonder if you’re going to love it as much as I am…” Ryan smiled, sliding his rock hard penis in between Sarah’s soft, limp soles.

The sensation of Ryan’s cock between Sarah’s soles sent her into an infinitely deep state of unconsciousness. The night had only just begun and Ryan had plans far beyond what he and Sarah had discussed in their emails.

Derek gulped in silence…

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