I Call on Janet , Ashley

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Late in August I got a phone call from Janet, who lives a block away from me and is one of my regular lady friends. “George, can you come over here tomorrow morning?” she asked. I have a big favor I want to ask of you.” Based on our previous times together, I assumed she wanted to get together to make love because Janet really adores having me eat her pussy. We usually do other things too, and I enjoy everything we do together.

“Sure, Janet. How about nine o’clock?”

“Nine o’clock is good. You’re really sweet, George. Not everybody would be willing to do this, and I wouldn’t trust anyone else to do it anyhow.”

That puzzled me because Janet is divorced, in her early forties, blonde, reasonably attractive, and she loves sex. Almost any heterosexual man would be very happy to do what I did for her and with her, although I had to say, false modesty aside, most men wouldn’t do it as well as I do.

The next day, I received more surprises. Instead of being in her housecoat when she answered the door, which is the usual thing, Janet was dressed in a skirt and blouse. We hugged but when I tried to kiss her, she turned her face and I kissed her cheek, not her mouth. Instead of heading toward her bedroom, she led me to the family room, where there was an attractive young woman waiting for us, and this woman was wearing a housecoat.

“George, this is my daughter, Ashley. She turned 18 two weeks ago and she will be going to the University next month. Ashley is the reason I wanted you to come over here. She is one reason and my peace of mind is another.” Ashley offered me her hand in a friendly way and I shook it. I had known of Janet’s daughter for a while but I had never seen her because Janet always timed our get-togethers for when Ashley was not at home or likely to appear.

“Ashley is a virgin and we both want her to remain one until she is married,” Janet continued. “When she is away from home I will no longer be able to talk to her and some of her friends might be able to talk her into experimenting with sex and losing her virginity. I told her you are the best sex therapist I know of and we want you to help her keep it. I have told her how you can do something for her better than any boyfriend could ever do for her, and you will do it to help her keep her virginity.”

Ashley added, “That’s right, Mr. Boxlicker. Some of my friends have had sex and some are telling me that it’s wonderful and some say that it’s painful and yucky so I don’t know what to expect. I get really strange feelings, especially when I watch some movies on cable, and I rub my clitoris, and that helps for a while but it is not really very satisfying. Mom says you are a really good sex therapist and you can do something better. She says you can eat my pussy, and I will really enjoy it and have some great organisms and I can still keep my virginity and I really want to do it. I hope you can help us. I hope you can eat my pussy for me until I have a really good organism.”

“Yes, I can. Even though I am not any kind of registered sex therapist, I can do what your mother describes. I have done the same thing for other women and I am glad to help. For one thing, I really enjoy doing what your mother is talking about, and for another, I like to help people. However, since we will be getting very intimate, call me George. Also, it’s ‘orgasms’. Organisms are living things.”

“See! I told you he is really good and really smart,” Janet said to Ashley.

“Okay, George,” Ashley replied. “Do I look okay to you? Is this a pussy you would like to eat? I hope you don’t think I’m too fat.” She opened her housecoat and she was naked under it, with a sexily-plump figure and I could see she was a natural blonde, like her mother. “Am I too fat? No other man has ever seen me naked except my doctors and Mom says you are just like a doctor.”

My cock was rapidly stiffening at the sight of Ashley’s sexy body and I replied, “You have a really beautiful figure. I know I will enjoy eating your pussy and I hope you like it too.” I decided to keep my pants on because, although I am good at resisting temptation, Ashley’s pussy is a greater temptation than most.

“We can use my queen-sized bed,” Janet offered. “I have just changed the sheets and turned the bed down because I know that’s what you like, George. Come along, Dear. Come along, George. I hope you don’t mind if I watch.” Janet led the way to her bedroom. I have been in enough orgies and threesomes and other group encounters that a spectator didn’t bother me and she would certainly help me keep my cock out of Ashley’s pussy, as I had apparently promised to do.

Ashley shucked off her housecoat and lay on her back, naked, in her mother’s bed. I removed my shirt and shoes and socks and lay beside her, one arm around her neck and the other hand cupping one of her succulent breasts, with its small pink nipple. With short thrusts with the tip of my tongue, I started licking her cute nubbin. “Mmm, that escort bayan feels good already,” Ashley murmured.

With small nipples like Ashley’s I like to use short strokes with just the tip of my tongue, and I switched from her first lovely mound to the other and back again. The little cuties were growing hard from my ministrations and I started also licking with broad strokes of my tongue. Her upper body was squirming on the bed, offering her breasts to my mouth and Ashley said, “Ooo, Mom, George really is good. This feels great. Does he treat you the same way?”

“Yes, he does but he’s just starting now. It will get much better before he is through treating you. George is the best at this therapy.”

I do treat Janet the same way, but her nipples are bigger and darker than Ashley’s little pink beauties. I looked down and I could see her pussy squirming. Some juices were also being produced and I could see them and smell their delectable aroma but I wanted to spend more time on her luscious globes. When I looked in the direction of Janet, I saw that she had pulled her blouse out of her skirt and some of the lower buttons were undone. Janet seemed to be taking deep breaths, her very nice breasts rising and falling. I was already aroused from seeing Ashley’s sexy, young body and going down on her and I expected and hoped to fuck Janet later.

But that would be later and for now, I wanted to suck her daughter’s luscious titties. I drew one of the succulent globes into my mouth and held it there with my lips while my tongue caressed her nipple and areola. I sucked gently on the delightful mouthful and I could feel Ashley thrusting it into my mouth.

“Oh, Mom, this is really wonderful. What George is doing is better than anything I’ve ever done. Mmmm, George, I love the way that feels.”

“I know, Dear,” Janet replied. “Just enjoy yourself and let yourself go.” I glanced at Janet and she seemed to be starting to let herself go. One hand was fondling her breasts and the other hand was rubbing her pussy through her skirt.

Both of Ashley’s breasts are worthy of my attention so I started sucking on the other lovely twin. She was cooing happily; her whole body was writhing on the bed and I could smell her young pussy juices flowing. “This is going to be one of the nicest pussies I have ever eaten,” I told myself. Before eating her pussy though, I wanted to pleasure both of us by spending a long time on her luscious titties. As I switched from one to the other and back, Ashley was moaning and writhing in pleasure on the bed and her pussy was humping into the air. She is a very sensual young woman and I wondered how she had remained a virgin for this long.

Besides her looks, Ashley must have inherited her sensual nature from her mother. Janet’s blouse was almost entirely unbuttoned and her hand was inside. Her other hand was still rubbing her pussy, more actively now, through her skirt; Janet’s face was flushed and she was breathing rapidly, almost panting.

The time was right for me to start eating Ashley’s pussy so I kissed and licked my way down her soft, round belly to her pubic hair. Her hair was soft and fine and felt good to my tongue so I didn’t stop there but kept licking Ashley’s lovely body all the way across her mons. She interrupted her moans of pleasure to gasp, “George, you’re everything Mom said you were. I really love what you are doing to me and it keeps getting better.” I didn’t say anything but I knew it would soon get even better for both of us. Probably for all three of us because Janet had completely unbuttoned her blouse, giving one hand the freedom to range all over her breasts while Janet’s other hand was inside her skirt, massaging her clit.

I got off the bed and told Ashley to raise her legs. When they were high in the air, I knelt between them, slid a pillow under her ass and placed my shoulders against the undersides of her thighs. With her legs draped over my shoulders, I wrapped my arms around her thighs and leaned forward to enjoy the delectable aroma. Ashley’s pussy was already fucking into the air and gushing, and she was moaning in pleasure. She was close to cumming already so I decided to do what I usually do when a woman is in such a high state of arousal, bring her to a quick climax and then start over and eat her pussy for a long time until she cums again. The second time is always the best for both of us.

Ashley’s pussy, normal for a virgin, is very tight and I would use my fingers to gently separate her pussy lips but keep my tongue out of her love hole. When I eat a virgin’s pussy or any pussy that is very tight, I have to do that, but usually I avoid touching her there with my hands. The aroma of the fresh juices had been delightful but their taste was even more delightful and I devoured them all and licked all around Ashley’s love hole to get every drop.

Carefully, I pulled her pussy lips apart and probed my tongue into the inner surface of her inner bursa vip escort lips. Ashley cried out from the intense pleasure she was feeling. “Oh, my God, George, that’s wonderful. That is the most incredible thing ever.” Her thighs had already turned out, presenting her pussy fully to me and I knew in a few seconds she would feel something even better.

Slowly and gently, I slid my tongue up between her inner pussy lips until I was caressing Ashley’s precious clit. She was moaning and whimpering, ramming her pussy into my face, and her whole body was rocking and thrashing on the bed. With my tongue, I pushed her clit hood out of the way and sucked her swollen love button into my mouth. My lips formed a seal at the base of Ashley’s adorable clit and I applied gentle suction, caressing the engorged sides and top with my tongue. After a few minutes of this, Ashley started cumming.

Like most women, almost reflexively, Ashley squeezed my temples with her legs and pressed on the back of my head, forcing my face into her pussy, which was already fucking upward. “What’s happening?” she cried. “It’s wonderful!” Although she had cum a few times from playing with her clit, she would be experiencing, for the first time, an all-out orgasm. Ashley rocked back and forth on her ass, pitching my head around, while her upper body thrashed about on the bed. I kept my arms tightly holding to her thighs and my mouth kept sucking and licking her clit. Ashley continued cumming for several minutes until her whole body gave a violent spasm, her back arched and she climaxed.

She lay on her back, totally relaxed, her arms out at her sides and her legs draped weakly across my shoulders. While I licked all the fresh cum juice from Ashley’s pussy, I sneaked a peak at her mother. Janet’s blouse was hanging open; she had removed her bra and one hand was rubbing her nipples. Her skirt was also unfastened and the other hand was inside, vigorously fondling her clit. She had been completely turned on by the sight of me eating her daughter’s pussy and of Ashley cumming like that and I knew I would need to do the same thing for her.

But first, I was going to eat her daughter’s pussy again. After sucking the plentiful and delicious juices from her pussy, I started licking the outer edge of one of Ashley’s pussy lips. Oh, George! Oh, Mother! I have never, ever felt anything like that. It was the most wonderful thing ever and…oh! Oh, my God, he’s doing it again. He’s eating my pussy again! Suddenly realizing she was probably going to experience another tremendous climax, Ashley stopped talking and leaned back to enjoy having her pussy eaten for the second time that day.

Janet was enjoying it too, moaning quietly while watching me and Ashley and playing with herself. When she saw that I was eating Ashley’s pussy for the second time, her mother removed her skirt and blouse and lay on the bed beside us, naked except for her panties, and her hands were inside them, massaging her clit. Janet had told me some time ago that she was not able to cum while masturbating except when using a vibrator so I expected to finish eating Ashley’s pussy and then eat her mother’s. It would be a mother and daughter banquet for me.

But for now I was concentrating on the daughter part of it. Because I so much enjoyed the feel of Ashley’s sweet young pussy on my tongue and I wanted to eat her thoroughly before she enjoyed her second climax, I wanted to lick her everywhere, including her relatively insensitive outer lips. I licked the outside edge of the first one, relishing the feel of her soft pubic hair on my tongue and the sound of her pleasurable cooing. After I licked the first outer lip to Ashley’s mons, I started over on her other outer lip and treated that one the same way.

After enjoying the juices that had collected in Ashley’s love hole, I started licking the inner surface of the outer lip and the small area between there and her inner lip. Relishing the feel of the soft flesh on the tip of my tongue I licked to where the two lips are close together and then probed between them and licked the surfaces of both labia. Since this is a much more sensitive part of Ashley’s pussy, by the time I reached the end of the inner lip, where it joins with the other inner lip to form her clit hood, she was cooing, almost moaning. I licked all the way to the end of the inner lip and then brought my tongue back to caress Ashley’s clit hood. This indirect stimulation of her clit caused her pussy to start to hump pleasantly into my face and to produce more of her delectable juices.

“Oh, Mom! Oh, George!” Ashley sighed. “It feels even better this time. Don’t stop; keep doing that.” Neither of us answered. My mouth was too busy pleasuring itself and Ashley’s adorable pussy and her mother was too busy pleasuring herself. She had pulled her panties down so the waistband was below her lovely ass in the back and barely covering her pussy in the bursa elit escort front. I could see Janet’s hand nestled in her blonde pubic hair while her fingers fondled her clit and moved in and out of her wet pink hole.

My tongue was fondling Ashley’s other pussy lips, starting again below her love hole and licking them the same way. This time, when I massaged her clit hood, I curled my tongue underneath its protection to caress the precious love button there. I very gently stroked the sweetest of sweet spots, starting Ashley’s pussy fucking stronger into my face and producing more of the delectable juices that would so greatly please my taste buds. Her cooing turned entirely to pleasurable moans as she progressed toward cumming.

By then, she only had a little way to go. I carefully probed my tongue into the lower edge of her love hole and then the side edges, squeezing out all her available juices. Once again my fingers carefully pried open her inner pussy lips and once again my tongue caressed the inner surfaces. By that time, Ashley’s moans were ending in whimpers and I knew she was close to cumming. Her body was squirming around on the bed; her pussy was fucking even stronger into my face and her hands were unclenching and unclenching as my mouth and her pussy continued to pleasure each other.

Janet was pleasuring herself. She had pulled her panties all the way off and they were dangling from one ankle. Because she was aware that she would not cum from her fingers on her clit alone, she was waiting until her daughter had climaxed and hoping it would then be her turn. I have always enjoyed eating Janet’s pussy and her hopes would not be in vain that morning.

But first, I wanted her daughter to fully reach her orgasm and I knew that delightful occurrence was just a few minutes away. One of the many pleasant things about eating a pussy for the first time is watching the reactions, both similar and different, of different women. As I gently probed the upper edge of Ashley’s love hole, careful to avoid penetrating its pink wetness, I noted that her thighs had turned outward, presenting her pussy fully to my mouth. Her hips were swiveling under me, thrusting her legs out over my shoulders like pistons. Ashley was sighing and whimpering from the intense pleasure and I knew it was time for her to enjoy her second full orgasm of the day, and of her life.

After devouring the harvest of delicious juices in her pussy, I clamped my mouth on Ashley’s charming clit, using my lips as a seal, and started gently sucking while my tongue caressed her engorged love toy. Ashley thrashed around on the bed, her pussy fucking into my face stronger than ever while my mouth continued sucking and caressing for several highly enjoyable minutes until Ashley started cumming.

“My God, I’m doing it again,” she blurted out in surprise, as she again clutched my head with her legs and her hands. “It’s better! It’s even better!”

It was even better for me too, with Ashley fucking into my face, squeezing my head and jamming me into her pussy all at the same time. Once again, she rocked back and forth on the bed while flinging me around. I happily rode the storm of Ashley cumming, enjoying it almost as much as she was doing, hanging on to her thighs and continuing to suck and lick her clit. After several minutes of the mutual bliss, Ashley again arched her back and her body gave an even stronger spasm as she climaxed. After she released my head from her legs, her fresh cum juices were some of the best I have tasted.

From the shaking of the bed, Janet knew when Ashley was cumming and when the shaking stopped, she knew that her daughter had climaxed. After I finished feasting on the fresh juices from Ashley’s pussy, I looked at Janet. She had been watching me, and when she caught my eye and saw I had finished enjoying Ashley’s juices, Janet raised her legs high. She interrupted her moans of pleasure, and said “Ashley, dear, I told you he is really good but it’s my turn now, George.” With no hesitation, I moved over between Janet’s legs so she could have her turn.

Using the same positioning as I had for Ashley, including a pillow under Janet’s ass, I relished first the delightful aroma and then the even more delightful flavor of her fresh pussy juices. After happily devouring all the juices, I started probing the lower edge of her pink love hole, enjoying the feeling of her pussy fucking into my face. Besides trying to wrap her pussy around my face, Janet resumed her pleasurable moans. I could tell that Janet, as a result of watching me and Ashley and playing with herself, was close to cumming. When she said “I’m really hot to trot, George, and I really need to cum,” she confirmed what I already knew.

After probing the lower edges of her love hole, I slowly licked one pair of her pussy lips, both inner and outer. I licked the second pair the same way and her pussy was ramming into my face, almost lifting her ass off the bed. Her head and upper body were tossing around and it was plain to see that Janet was as ready to cum as she said she was. After sucking the fresh juices from her pussy, I started thrusting my tongue against the edge of Janet’s upper lip. “Suck my clit, George. I need to cum,” she begged me.

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