I Fall in Love with a Girly-boy

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I ask you, what guides us through our life? Is it the way the planets align or the will of the gods that assigns us our fate, or is it just dumb luck. I mean how can a day start out so bad end up so good? Let me start from the beginning, I told Chet, my boyfriend that this was it, I never wanted to see him again. Last night was the last straw, as he sat on the couch watching his dumb old game I knelt in front of him and sucked his pecker. I just love doing this and I swear I could suck him for hours. After he cums in my mouth he tells me to stop bothering him now it’s the last quarter. Oh, he’s such a jerk and he doesn’t deserve me.

Well, I’m glad he’s gone although, I already miss his dick. To make myself feel better I went shopping, that always works for me, anyway when I got to my building my hands were so full of my purchases that when I tried to open the door of my building I dropped about half of them and they spilled out all over the ground. As I tried to gather up all of my stuff, a young girl who was sitting on a nearby bench came to my rescue. We had picked up most of it when saw a pair of shorts still on the ground,

“Oh I love these shorts they are so cute, are they from Macy’s?”

I told her they were from the little boutique that was right next door to Macy’s and of course, she had been there and said she loved everything they sold. She then offered to help me up stairs with my packages. Once in my apartment I offered Kartal Esmer Escort her some wine, we drank and looked over my buys, and we both ended up getting pretty buzzed.

She told me her name was Joy and I said I thought I had seen her around the building. I looked up to see her crying, I sat down beside her, put my arm around her, and then asked why she was so sad.

“I’m sorry, it’s just my boyfriend kicked me out today, that’s why I was sitting out front, I was trying to decide what I was going to do. He kept all my clothes I don’t even have clean underwear, I didn’t even get a shower this morning. I mean here I am, twenty years old and no place to live.”

I put her head on my shoulder and as I stroked her hair I said,

“Men are such assholes; you know I broke up with my boyfriend this morning too. Here I bought some new panties and bras let me give them to you and go ahead use my shower.”

It did my heart good to see her smile at this, she told me thanks, she would replace the bra, and panties as soon as she could, then went off to take a shower. Before she had been in the water five minutes, I found I had to pee so bad I couldn’t wait. I walked into the bathroom saying don’t mind me, and then pulled up my dress and sat on the toilet. Joy stuck her head out of the shower and yelled that I shouldn’t do that. I sat with my legs spread ready to wipe up my drips, I said,

“Joy it’s nothing Kartal Eve Gelen Escort you haven’t seen before, come on we’re both girls here.”

“Sheri, please don’t be mad at me but we are not the same. You see you’re a girly girl and I’m and a girly boy.”

With that, she pulled open the shower curtain and between her legs, there was a dick hanging down. I stood, not even wiping myself and walked over to the shower.

“Joy is this real?”

I reached over and tenderly picked up her dick, I could feel it firming in my hand. I looked to see her tittys with tiny nipples as hard as pebbles.

As I held her dick in my hand, I remembered what I had thought that very morning. To myself I had said,

“I hate men, they are all slobs, and they don’t care anything about you other than if you put out or not.”

I swear if I didn’t love cock so much I would become a lesbian. Girls are so much more fun to be with, you can shop, you can try on each other’s clothes, you can both even enjoy a movie with no killing in it.

The sound of Joy crying brought me back to reality, I felt so bad for her. I bent over to give her a hug but instead kissed her. I pushed her back into the shower and joined her after pulling my dress over my head and shedding my bra. We kissed again while I rubbed my big old ugly nipples against her tiny little pretty ones. It felt so good, it felt so sexy and then I felt her dick Kartal Evi Olan Escort between my legs and it was hard. I dropped to my knees and as the shower poured on my head, I sucked her dick until she came. Even that was nicer than my boyfriend was, I mean my exboyfriend, she didn’t cum that much and it wasn’t yucky tasting like his was. I kissed the tip one more time, and then stood and Joy kissed me, as she put her tongue in my mouth I felt so sexy. I couldn’t even get Chet to kiss me on the lips after I gave him head, he said it was disgusting. He liked me putting his dirty old cock in my mouth but he wouldn’t even kiss me afterward.

Joy and I finished showering together, she washing me and I her. Then I brought her the cutest pair of boy short panties with a matching bra to wear. I told her with that cute ass of hers she looked better in them than me. She laughed and said,

“Well I should I am a boy.”

“Believe me honey that ain’t no boys ass you’re strutting there.”

The whole night was unbelievable; I kept picking out clothes for her to wear. Everything she tried on ended looking better on her than me. Then we would drink some more wine and then we would make love. Her kisses were so soft they made me all squishy inside. It was so sexy to sit on top of Joy with her dick inside me and look into her beautiful eyes. I would rub my boob at the same time as I rubbed hers. After she came, she would go down on me licking her cum out of me as she gave me one orgasm after another.

The very next morning I begged Joy to stay with me and be my girlfriend. After saying yes, she made me the happiest girl alive and now the only problem I have to worry about is making sure my sister doesn’t try to steal her from me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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