I Go Bi after Malibu Wedding

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I was having a sip of tea with a new lover, talking about my first bi experience. It’s what she enjoyed doing, getting together in a more refined establishment to flirt and talk about our sordid lives as we watched the shock on those around us before going to one of our apartments to make wild love to each other.

This time I was led to tell her about one of my first bi experiences with a couple. IT happened after a wedding in Malibu. I kept catching the eyes of a couple throughout the wedding – especially the wife, but occasionally the husband – until at one point I went over and introduced myself to them. I was still pretty naive at this point, but they were friendly enough, flirting and laughing. I was somewhat confused by what was going on, even when they invited me back to their hotel room, for a post-wedding cocktail.

This was in the early nineties and I was in my thirties. I had enjoyed what I thought was pretty wild nights in NYC and LA, so was always seeking new adventures, and this was something I had never explored.

In any event I found myself knocking on their hotel room later and went in. She was nude and he was without a shirt. She came over to Gaziantep Olgun Escort me and put her arms around my neck, giving me a deep tongue kiss. I almost tried to push her away until I heard her husband laugh about perhaps me not being a swinger like they were.

She asked me if I swung to which I nodded quickly. I remember him coming up behind me as his hand slid up and down my ass, grabbing my nipples for her to lick and explaining to me that “just because another man sucks your cock or you his, it doesn’t mean you’re gay, it just means you enjoy giving and receiving pleasure.”

A light went off and I suddenly had an epiphany that has stayed with me ever since.

That night she positioned he and I in a 69, sucking each other’ cocks as she walked around commenting on our styles, sliding her hands over and under us, feeding us each other’s cocks, spreading our ass cheeks and massaging the puckering skin that lead into our holes. At one point she straightened me up to teach me how to really suck cock. I felt her breath on my ear as she instructed me, whispering what to do as she slid her finger up my hole.

“Come on you little slut, you know you want to take him all the way down your throat, so just do it. Take a breath down deep into your lungs an pause as you just relax and slide your lips down his dick,” she purred. “Focus on my finger as it slides up and into your tight little ass.” She licked my ear and pushed me onward. “You know you’re a little cum slut, so why not behave like one?”

Her finger pushed deeper into me and wiggled around a little before she withdrew it. When she inserted it again I could feel she had coated it with lube, starting to pump it back and forth, sliding it into and out of my pulsating anus.

I was in heaven, bent over the cock before me while feeling her finger fuck me from behind. I think I even moaned around his erection as my fingers found his balls and that little sensitive spot just beneath them.

She heard this and laughed, “Oh my, you do enjoy being a little slut, don’t you?”

I nodded and murmured yes as I found myself rocking back against her fingers. She spanked one of my cheeks as I to reward me for my eagerness to please.

She stopped and stood up, pulling me from his cock so she could ride it before pulling my head to lick her clit. I felt his lips return to my balls as I did, even sliding into my crack and rimming and fingering me. I leaned forward when his finger slid into me, my mouth settling onto her clit, kissing my way down to her wet pussy and his cock.

He tried to fuck me, but I was way too tight for that. The three of us fell into a dog pile until we squirmed our way into me fucking him as he fucked his wife. At one point I think I rammed a little too hard – he yelped in pain as his wife yelled out “gently! gently!”

They initiated me with some smaller toys and the pleasures of lube – alot of lube – as we fucked, sucked, stroked and pushed our way to endless orgasms. We shared cum and laughter, pinches and spanks, watching and being watched to the sounds of crashing waves and orgasmic moans until the sun screamed into their hotel room and room service knocked on the door.

We let the waiter push the cart to the foot of the bed, jokingly asking him if he wanted to join us. He politely backed out of the room, at which point she took both our cocks and rubbed them together, stroking them and sucking them as he and I sucked each other’s tongues, eventually exploding on each other’s cocks before sucking and licking the cum off once again.

I do hope this gets you damp, even if just a touch…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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