I Hate My Master Ch. 15

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It’s amazing how a little freedom went to my head. I had some cleaning to do, since my orders were to keep the house in perfect order. That meant I had to make Chris’s bed after his fucking around with Timmy, and the bathroom, of course. But it was fairly easy. It was great not having to kneel in display position where I finished. I just walked around a bit revelling in it.

I was actually a bit at my wit’s end with what to do with my liberty. I still had all my standing compulsions, so I settled on watching TV. Real TV, not fucking gay porn. Yeah, I was still naked, but I’m good-looking, so being naked was OK. I flipped through the channels and watched sit-coms. It was the first thing that made me feel like a person in weeks. I caught myself thinking about my situation occasionally and put those thoughts aside so not to ruin the mood. I was a little worried that someone could text my Dial-A-Fag service, but it might have been the same friends Chris was out with, so I was undisturbed.

At least until I got a text from Chris. That set my collar off. The message was simple “You can sleep on the couch.” I replied “Thank you Master.” I almost threw the phone, but I didn’t want to damage it. Who knows what Chris would make me do if I needed to ask for money to get it fixed.

I did fall asleep, waking up when Chris got back. He still had Timmy with him. That explained why I wouldn’t be on bed duties. Fine with me, let someone else take his big cock. Save my hole somewhat.

Breakfast in the morning was actually pretty normal, I had eaten off my bowl on the floor before they came into the kitchen. I was ordered to just suck Timmy’s feet, and he moved them around making me chase them under the table. When they finished I heard Chris say to Timmy “Come on, I’ll drop you off at your place on my way to work.” They just left me to straighten up the kitchen and rush to get to work.

I was actually feeling sort of good starting work. The break had done a lot to revive my spirits. At least until I saw Mike. I flushed crimson knowing I’d have another lesson. Mike whispered “You’re going to get a pounding” when he dropped off the mail. I’m sure I was. That dampened my emotions. Most people want the clock to run fast at work so they can get out. I didn’t, but the end of the day came anyway, and I found myself back at Mike’s apartment.

I stripped and started to helicopter my dick while Mike and Jim laughed at me. Jim snapped his fingers and pointed to his crotch, I knew my lesson was going to start. As I knelt between his leg, Jim said “Pop quiz time. Make it good. Show us what you’ve learned.”

“Yes, Sir.” Damn. Since I had to obey, I had to really put effort into it. I did, forcing as much of his meaty dick into my throat as I could, moving my lips and tongue to get him excited.

“Come on, you can do better than that.” Mike said, slapping the back of my head.

“Yes Sir, sorry Sir.” I said, my mouth full of cock. I sounded stupid. They laughed at me. It was demeaning to be having to suck them off and get laughed at. I was there for their sick amusement.

“Me now.” Mike used my hair to pull me to his dick, and I got right to sucking it. Jim put his feet on my back. I was a footrest now? While blowing them? Damn. Even worse, as I was giving Mike my all, Jim decided to tap my boner with his foot.

“He loves this, he gets so hard.” More laughs. I was only hard because Chris ordered me to be when I was serving men.

“Go back to Jim, I want to fuck you.” Mike said, pushing me aside.

“Yes, Sir.” Mecidiyeköy Escort I moved to get Jim’s cock again. Mike got behind me and just shoved in. That broke probably the longest period I hadn’t been fucked since Chris took control of me. It didn’t make my cocksucking any better, since Mike was pounding into me and destroying any rhythm I could get. The two roommates just used me like a cheap whore.

Mike finished, rutting into me and pulled out. I redoubled my efforts on Jim’s cock as he just grinned at me. I finally got him to blow and swallowed his cum down. Not having a choice, I crawled to Mike who was on the floor leaning up against a chair. I cleaned his cock off. When I finished, I pulled back. “Do you want a good grade?” Mike had a smirk on his lips.

“Yes, please Sir.” I said automatically, and starting to worry about what would happen if they reported I didn’t do well.

“Beg.” One word. Delivered in a cold tone.

“Please, Sir, please. I did the best I could. I sucked you both really hard. I took your cocks deep. Please tell my Master I did well. Please Sir, please give me a passing grade. Please, Sir, you’ve been so good at teaching me. Sir, I’m so grateful, please pass me, Sir.” I was so debased.

“You’re just a stupid fairy who needs cock in your mouth right?” Jim asked.

“Oh, yes Sir. I need lots of cock in my mouth.” I cringed as I said.

“Grip your hands together and beg some more.” Mike said with a laugh.

I was mortified, but I obeyed. My hands together, and still on my knees, I said “Please Sir, give me a good grade. I’m begging you Sir.”

“Get the fuck out.” Mike pointed his thumb at the door.

I scrambled to get dressed, hand them my lesson money and leave. When I made it to the car, I realized they hadn’t spanked me, which had become a regular part of our lessons. I was glad to get out of it. I drove home.

Arriving at the house, I went in, stripped, put on my collar and crawled to the kitchen to make Chris’s dinner. Cooking didn’t take long, as I pre-prepared it so I wouldn’t be punished again for not having dinner on time. I put on the stupid Chippendale cuffs and crawled to tell Chris it was time to eat. He got up and walked past me “I got the grade from your pop quiz.” I couldn’t tell anything, he stated it so matter of factly. I had to stand to play waiter as Chris had ordered me. I was worried I’d gotten a failing grade from the two losers who had made me beg. Chris left me hanging. “Clean up and crawl to me in the living room.” Chris left me to my work.

“Yes, Master.” I said. I cleaned up the kitchen, removed my cuffs and crawled out to him as he lounged. I got into display position.

“Mike says you have a lot still to learn. Get over there and blow that dildo.” Chris was being dismissive of me.

“Please no, Master.” I didn’t want to do this again.

“Shut the fuck up. Follow orders.” Chris seemed uninterested in me. He stayed that way as I sucked on the dildo. Only occasionally glancing at me blowing the dildo from the side table. Dildos are hard to blow, spit just doesn’t seem to smooth them out. The taste is bad. Fuck, I can’t believe I could tell the difference between real and fake dicks. You don’t have to worry about teeth however, but I didn’t have the option to slack off. I worked for a while.

Chris got up, “Take that out, and bend over the sofa.”

“Yes, Master.” I knew what was coming. I was going to get fucked. I was right. Chris just opened his pants, and pushed in. I was becoming Mecidiyeköy Escort Bayan more and more of an object. His cock filled my ass. I was just a receptacle for him. I was a receptacle for a lot of men at this point. It was horrible. I wasn’t getting any pleasure out of this, I was being forced up against the couch and fucked. Chris treated me like a robot or toy. He easily seemed to lose interest in me if he wasn’t ordering me to do something. It was almost like I didn’t exist until he had an order to give me. He came in me, zipped up and headed for his bedroom.

“Crawl, bitch.” He didn’t even turn around.

“Yes, Master.” I crawled and slept at the foot of his bed.

The next day was what had become normal for me. Licking his feet at breakfast, lessons with Mike and Jim.

Thursday turned out differently. I was at work, and it was a bit after lunch. I got a text from Travis. “Get over here and clean my apartment. I got buddies coming over for the game.” Shit. I was going to have to leave work, but I texted back “Sure thing! U can get ur cock suxxed if you want too!!” I just sat there for a second. I told my boss I was feeling bad and needed to head home. He told me to go on.

I drove to Travis’s place and knocked on the door. He opened it, and my face broke out in a wide smile. “Thank you for calling Dial-A-Fag. I’ll get right on cleaning, unless you want a blow job first.” I hated this perky persona Chris had given me for these men.

“Maybe later, get going.” Travis returned to his computer desk, he seemed to be working from home. Well, he wasn’t losing work time. I stripped naked and got started in the kitchen. I had to put a lot in the dishwasher, mop the floors, put some things up. I headed out to pick up the living room. I was hard. Of course I was hard. I had to be when serving men. No way to hide it. Damn Chris.

After I put things away, I said “Sir, do you want me to vacuum? I don’t want to disturb you.”

“Yeah, it’s in the hall closet.” Travis had a wide smile. He liked ordering me around like this. I got it out and vacuumed the carpets. “Be sure to get the bedroom. I should have company in there later.”

“Oh, yes Sir. I know someone will be very lucky to ride on your big pole.” I said. I sounded so faggy. I knew that was how Chris set me up. It was designed to humiliate me, and this directly in front of others.

“Hee hee. That’s true. If you’re a good little boy, I might let you have a little taste.” Travis turned back to his work.

“I’ll be a very good little boy for you Sir.” I headed to his bedroom, my face turning red as I realized I was wiggling my butt. I made the bed, straightened things up, vacuumed. Then I turned to his bathroom. I hated cleaning bathrooms. Like most guys he let it get a bit grubby. I had to clean up the mess. “Sir, do you want to inspect? See if I’ve been a good boy?” I looked hopefully at Travis.

He stayed on his computer a moment, then turned to look at me. He was amused, getting to order me around. He got up and walked around, I followed like a hopeful puppy. He ran his fingers across things, but I had dusted. Standing in the bedroom he said. “Good job boy. I’ll give you a reward. You can blow me while I work. That will be fun.”

“Yes, yes, I get to suck your cock!” I actually clapped my hands like a little girl. Travis laughed and went back to his seat in front of the computer. He snapped his fingers and pointed that I should get under his desk. I did, arranging myself as best I could, and Escort Mecidiyeköy reaching for his pants.

“Eager little fucker.” Travis chuckled.

“You bet, I love getting a great cock in my mouth…” I stopped speaking as I started sucking. I heard him give a snort. He hardened quick, getting serviced like this, ordering me to clean up then crawl under his desk. It’s always a fantasy to get sucked while doing something else. And here I was, bringing another fantasy to life for yet another man. Yeah, I’d had his dick up my ass, but this was different. Then, it was me servicing a handful of guys. Now he had me all to himself. I used my newly acquired skills on him, cursing that Chris’s control meant I had to give full effort to all of this. And I was hard. One hand on his balls, my mouth slobbering on his shaft. Being ignored.

I had no idea how long it took to make Travis cum, but I worked for quite a while, feeling all cramped. This was worse than just blowing him, as I was forced into an uncomfortable position. He finally shot off, and I swallowed. I kept nursing his cock until he pushed back. “I’m done. Get out.”

“Yes, Sir. Right away Sir.” I scrambled to get my clothes on. “Thank you for using me, thank you for letting me suck on your great cock, Sir. Call on me any time, day or night, I’m at your beck and call.” Travis just gave a self-satisfied grin and turned back to his work.

In my car, I checked the time. I was going to have to rush to get to Mike’s for my lesson. When I arrived and started to strip off my clothes, I could tell Mike and Jim were not happy. “Where the fuck did you go this afternoon?” Mike demanded.

“I had orders to service a man, Sir.” I was naked and helicoptering my dick. I had gotten really quick at getting my clothes off.

Mike got up and pushed me towards the coffee table. “Dumbass. Chris says you have to miss tomorrow since you’re needed home right after work. You’re going to get a belting for that.” I heard his belt come out of his jeans.

What? I didn’t know anything about that. But Chris didn’t seem to think I needed to be informed of anything ahead of time. CRACK. The belt hit my ass. “Awwww!”

“Wrong shithead. Say ‘I’m sorry for being a fuck-up.'” Mike ordered, swinging again.

“Arrgghh I’m sorry for being a fuck-up.”

CRACK “I’m sorry for being a fuck-up.”

CRACK “I’m sorry for being a fuck-up.”

CRACK “I’m sorry for being a fuck-up.”

CRACK “I’m sorry for being a fuck-up.”

CRACK “I’m sorry for being a fuck-up.”

CRACK “I’m sorry for being a fuck-up.”

Jim shoved his hard cock in my mouth. I knew that wouldn’t relieve me of my verbal duties, just because I was servicing orally as well.

CRACK “I’m sorry for being a fuck-up.” Well, it wasn’t that clear, what with a dick in my mouth.

Jim slapped me along the side of my head. “Watch the teeth dip-shit.” After a few more strokes, the sight of my reddened ass must have turned Mike on too much, because he dropped his belt and shoved his dick in my ass, pounding fast. Nothing was comfortable for me. I was bent over, with a red ass and cock in both ends. With a boner I hated having. They wouldn’t even get into a rhythm with each other. Both just using me like a fleshlight. I was barely sucking, since Jim just used my face as a hole. Physically and emotionally used. At this rate, even though I didn’t have a count, pretty soon I’d have had somebody’s dick in me more than I’d dicked a chick. That was a depressing thought.

Mike got off first, Jim not long after. I was roughly ordered to get out. No real lesson today. Chris only laughed a bit at my red ass, but beyond that things were what passed as normal that evening.

I had to wonder what was in store for me tomorrow, Friday. I knew like I knew I hated Chris it wouldn’t be something I’d like.

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