I Kissed a Girl Ch. 07

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**Thank you to all of my readers. I have enjoyed the journey with Kat and Jenna, and hope you have as well. It has been a pleasure expanding on what was supposed to have been a single, short story, dreaming up what their next adventure would be. But I owe that in part to you, the reader, as I’ve only written what you’ve requested. May their adventures continue on in your own imaginations. — H **


I had a dream.

I was walking along a street in the middle of the day. But the light was too bright. I could only see a couple of feet ahead of me and the sidewalk directly beneath my feet.

There was nothing to my left. Just a white space. On my right were buildings in one long continuous line, but the walls were almost translucent. There were no signs on the storefronts. When I stopped to look in a display window, I could tell there were shelves inside with objects on them, but they were blurry, like I suddenly had acute astigmatism. I even tried a door, but the knob wouldn’t turn.

There were no sounds. No cars. No people. Not even a bird. The only interruption in my path was the occasional street lamp or pot of flowers. In fact, the sidewalk was smooth. No cracks. No cross streets. Not even a seam between sections.

I wondered how long I had been walking. How much further I had to go. Where I would end up. Why I was walking to begin with.

Suddenly, there was a break in the buildings. An asphalt path led off the sidewalk to my right. Ahead of me, the buildings and sidewalk continued on. I paused only for a moment before I took the new path.

It led into an alley, but there weren’t any dumpsters or trash or piles of rubble like one would expect. As before, I could only see about an arm’s length away. This time, it was darker than pitch before me.

A lone lamp somewhere above was the only light now. It was low enough that I could see it, but too high to illuminate my immediate surroundings. Up by the light, brick walls covered in wet moss rose on either side into the sky until they disappeared into darkness again.

I could either keep going or turn back. I didn’t know what lay in either direction. While I had been unable to see my entire path before due to the brightness, at least it had seemed better to see something than nothing. Hadn’t it? Why was it so hard to make a decision? Shouldn’t it be easy to pick the path that I was used to?

I woke up with a start, gripping my pillow and panting. I used the bathroom in a half daze then crawled back beneath the sheets and the warm duvet, trying not to wake Jenna. For the longest time, I just lay there, staring at the ceiling, trying to remember if there was more to the dream.

When I couldn’t fall back asleep, I got up to make some coffee. It was still the middle of the night and the apartment was dark, but I knew where everything was. I used my hands to guide me around the kitchen island and to get a mug out of the cabinet to put in its spot on the Keurig. I picked a general K-cup, popped it into the slot, and waited for the machine to do its magic.

I took my hot drink into the living room area, grabbed a thick blanket, and curled up in the oversized chair, pulling my feet under me. As hard as I tried, nothing else about the dream registered. It was just an unending walk on an unending street with two options: to continue the way I was going, or to enter dark territory and hope for the best.

“Kat?” Jenna whispered behind me.

I turned my head towards the bedroom doorway. “I’m sorry, did I wake you? I tried to be quiet.”

“No, sweetie. Just nature calling. But I got worried when I didn’t see you in bed. Everything okay?”

“I had a dream. I couldn’t go back to sleep.” I lifted my mug to her. “Thought this would help.”

She leaned against the back of the chair and gently massaged my shoulders. “Want to talk about it?”

I shook my head, trying not to think about how sexy she had looked in just panties and a short T-shirt, her hair messy from sleeping. “It was just a dream. Go back to bed.”

“Okay.” She started to leave, but then she paused and tangled her fingers in my hair. “I know a way to help you sleep, if you’re interested.”

I tilted my head back to see her face. “Now?”

“Hmm mmm.” She just smiled at me, her fingers massaging my scalp. “But only if you want to.”

I took one last sip of coffee, set the mug aside, and threw off the blanket. “Coming.”

“You hope.” She laughed and took my hand, leading me back to the bed. As she pulled a vibrator from the drawer on the nightstand, she said, “Take off your clothes and lay down.”

“Are you sure this will work?”

“Yes. Now, shh.” Jenna wasted no time parting my thighs and sliding the vibrator between them. She turned it on low and pressed it at my entrance. There was a slight hesitation as my body adjusted to being penetrated, and then the smooth plastic slipped inside me.

I gasped, gripping at her arms. “Oh! Yes! Please…more.”

“Feels good, doesn’t it sweetie?”

I brazzers just moaned and opened my legs wider.

She steadily stroked the vibrator in and out of me, her other hand supporting her weight as she sat beside my hip and leaned over me. She kissed me softly. Languidly. Her tongue tracing my mouth and slithering inside when I parted my lips.

After awhile, she moved down to kneel between my legs. Her free hand now rubbed my piercing into my clit, the hand holding the vibrator speeding up now that she had a better angle to control it. She paused only once to increase the level on the toy, and then she was coaxing me to come.

“That’s a good girl. Give into the feeling, Kat. Let go of whatever is troubling you. It’s just you and me.”

I gripped the sheets, pumping my hips in rhythm to her thrusts, rolling my head from side to side. I could feel the peak calling to me. I was getting tired again. Part of it was from the frustration of not finding release. It was right there, I just couldn’t get to it. I growled my displeasure.

“I know, sweetie, I know. Hold on.”

Jenna’s motions stilled for only a moment, and something rustled in the drawer again as she leaned away from me. Then she lifted my legs up. Wedged her knees beneath my ass. Released my legs so that they were forced wider apart by the width of her hips. And then she withdrew and plunged the vibrator back into me.

I arched my back, whimpering when I felt another vibrator circling my clit. It made my piercing rattle against the plastic and press into my most sensitive area at the same time.

“That’s it baby. Come for me.”

And finally I did, screaming loud and long and shaking beneath her like leaf in a storm.

She didn’t say anything as she slowly removed the toys and lay beside me while aftershocks rolled through my body. As she pulled the covers over us and wrapped her arms around me. As she pressed her lips to the back of my head and flung her leg over my hip to get closer to me while we spooned.

I smiled as I gave into my exhaustion. As always, Jenna knew just what to do. And I loved her for that.


“It wasn’t a bad dream. It was just…I don’t know.” I sighed into my second cup of coffee the next morning, watching the snow fall outside the living room window that glimmered with ice crystals in the corners.

“It’s okay, Kat.” Jenna patted my knee from where she sat beside me on the couch. “Sometimes we just have strange dreams.”

I nodded. “This was definitely strange.”

“Do you want to tell me about it?”

I set my mug aside and snuggled up to her, feeling and hearing her heart beat against my ear as I laid my head on her chest. Her sweater was warm and soft, just like her.

It didn’t take long to relay the dream despite the fact that the dream itself had seemed to be endless. No beginning really, no end except waking up. Just me existing there with no purpose but to walk. And to make a decision.

Jenna rubbed her hand up and down my arm. She was silent for a long while, and then she said, “Maybe you’re having second thoughts about choosing this lifestyle. I mean, you did kind of jump into this rather quickly.”

“Jenna Swallow!” I struggled to sit up, and she struggled to keep her arms around me. But I managed to push away from her and get to my feet, although my legs wobbled and I had to grab onto the arm of the couch to steady myself. “How— Why— I don’t understand… You proposed…”

“Yes, I did. And I meant it. But really, Kat, this has all been happening so fast. It’s completely understandable if you are unsure about your decision. Any of them. You can take more time to think about it. It’s okay.”

“No, it’s not okay!” I stomped my foot and fisted my hands at my sides. “I don’t know why I dreamt of having to choose between a light and dark path. Maybe it was just reality affecting my subconscious… A way of my mind finally admitting that I’m heading in a different direction. Not that it’s wrong, just that it’s new and unfamiliar. But I do know I want to be with you. Only you. And I’m not changing my mind about that. We are getting married. I’ll go with you today to the courthouse to prove it, if you don’t believe me.”


“I’m serious.” I wanted to pull my hair out, but I settled for pacing instead. “I know you want an official marriage. An actual wedding ceremony with family and friends. But I’d accept a civil union ceremony, since that’s all that is legal here in Illinois right now. Whatever it takes to make you believe me.”

“I believe you, sweetie.” Jenna stood and put her hands on my shoulders to stop both the flow of words spilling from my mouth and the circular path I was going to wear into her nice area rug. “And I do want what you said. But we will do this right. We will not rush into this. I want us both to be completely solid with our decision.”

“I am solid. As a rock.”

She just raised her eyebrow.

“Well, maybe not a rock, but I’m not changing my mind. Hell, I wouldn’t have cuckold porno told Celene you were my fiancée if I didn’t hope for that someday myself.”


“Stop it. You know exactly what I mean.” I pulled back and crossed my arms. I turned to watch the snow again. “I know we’ve only been together for a little over seven months. But it also seems so long. I can’t explain it. This is right for us. Why are you fighting this?”

“I’m not fighting it, Kat. I’m just—”

“Wait!” I turned back to her, narrowing my eyes. “Are you having second thoughts, Jenna? Wishing you hadn’t proposed?”

“No. I want to marry you, Kat. It’s just… It’s not going to be like if you had married Danny. People aren’t going to accept us as a couple very easily. Some not at all. You’re going to have to be comfortable with that, especially when they turn their noses down at you. I’ve spent years in the lifestyle. I’m accustomed to how the rest of the world treats people like us. But you’re not. We’ve been pretty secretive about our relationship thus far. You’re—”

“Jenna, I want to do this. This isn’t some fling, like Lauren thinks it is. I can finally be me. I don’t feel like I’m just going with the flow like I did when I was with Danny. Yeah, I was going to marry him, and I did love him on some level, but that was mostly because it was just expected. This? This is so out of character for me. But it’s who I really am. It’s who I’m supposed to be. You make me feel alive. You’ve shaken up my world, for the better. I’d be devastated if you walked away from me now. I’d survive somehow, but I don’t want to think about that.”

Jenna grinned. “I’m not going anywhere, Kat. You’re stuck with me. I just wanted to be sure—”

“What do I have to do? Sing ‘The Point of No Return’ from ‘Phantom of the Opera?’ Throw me a rope here.” I rolled my eyes, cursing under my breath as I suddenly thought of what we had done over the weekend with rope. I needed to keep a clear head.

“Oh, Kat.”

I blinked at the low tone of her voice. And I swallowed hard when I saw the way her eyes shined and her mouth parted ever so slightly as she stared at me. “Um, yes?”

“You know that’s my favorite song from the play…and the movie. So very seductive. Enticing. Makes me want to throw you on the couch and have my way with you right now. While the song plays in the background, of course.”

I gulped. “Of course.”

Okay, both of our heads had taken a complete dive into the gutter.

For me, just thinking of the song made my breasts ache and my clit throb with desire. Even though Christine was taunting the Phantom in the play—leading him into a trap in that scene—I secretly wished she had chosen him and they had gotten down to it in his lair beneath the Paris Opera House. I’d fantasized about it many-a-times. Apparently so had Jenna. Although in her version, the Phantom had probably always been female. Butch, albeit, but female still the same.

Jenna stood and took a step toward me. “I think I need a little convincing…”

“You don’t say?” I took a step back.

“Mmm hmm.” She advanced, I retreated.

We continued the game until I bumped into the bedroom doorframe with a gasp. She took the final step closer until we were chest-to-chest. She brought her lips to mine but did not touch them.

“You really are a tease, aren’t you Kat Jenkins?”

She didn’t wait for my answer but took my hand and led me the rest of the way into the room.

The bed was still unmade, the covers thrown halfway to the floor after we’d made love before getting up late this morning. I watched her strip down completely and then lay on the fitted sheet, her head resting on a pillow with her hair splayed out.

“Eat me, Kat?”

I licked my lips. “With pleasure.”

I climbed fully clothed onto the bed between her legs. Lying on my stomach, I positioned her legs over my shoulders and ran the flat of my tongue over her shaved pussy.

Jenna squealed and lifted her hips up. Her legs closed, locking my head between them.

“Down girl.” I wrapped my arms under her legs and gripped her thighs on top to pry them open.

When she settled back to the bed, I licked her again, slower this time, relishing the feel of her smooth skin against my rough tongue.

Her sweet smell drifted up to fill my nose. She’d used a cherry-scented body wash during her shower this morning, and her skin had absorbed the aroma. But underneath was her unique, natural perfume. It was slightly musky—reminding me of the sesame ginger sauce we used whenever we marinated chicken. When she was aroused, as she was now, it was much stronger.

I inhaled deeply and sighed, kissing her swollen lips that currently hid her sensitive bud.

She said I always smelled like lavender and tasted like a tangy plum. I had scrunched my nose up the first time she told me that, but she had insisted she loved it. As long as she was happy…

I massaged her thighs as I licked all over her pussy, not dipping czech porno between her outer lips yet. She had taught me how to draw out the sensation, arouse her more by delaying the inevitable…the predictable. I was as anxious to get to the juiciest bits as she probably was. Still, I forced myself to linger a little longer before delving into the sweetest part of her.

I waited until she whimpered and wiggled her hips before I moved my fingers from her thighs to between them, gently parting the skin that brushed my nose. I heard her sigh and flicked just the tip of my tongue at her clit. Her whole body jumped as she cried out.

“Damn, Kat.” She took a deep breath, and I felt her muscles clench under and around my head. “Baby, you are getting so good at this.”

“Mmm, hmm,” I hummed against her skin, smiling when she jerked again. “Taught by the expert.”

I flicked my tongue out once more and then slowly pressed it deeper before dragging it downward.

“That feels so good.”

“It should, honey.” I giggled and then moaned as I tasted a bit of her own honey on my tongue when I pulled back to catch my breath. I repeated the process once more, gathering more of her essence on the tip of my tongue and then rubbing it into her clit this time instead of swallowing it.

For several minutes, I just massaged her pussy with my tongue, holding her swollen lips wide open, breathing my hot breath on her so she writhed beneath me. When I felt she’d had enough torture, I slid my tongue down to her entrance and circled it until she rotated her hips in the same motion. Then I probed inside with just the tip. My nose rubbed against her clit, and her scent inundated my senses.

It wasn’t long before her whimpers turned to moans. I licked all around between her lips. Sucked her clit into my mouth, gently held it with my teeth. And then I flicked my tongue at that hidden bud until she screamed my name.

I was sweaty and my mouth was covered in her cream as I sat up and let her legs relax. Here eyes were closed, her head tilted to the side. Her hands cupped her heaving breasts.

I licked my lips, watching her come down from her high. Loving the soft blush color that decorated her cheeks. The dampness of her hair as it stuck to her forehead and temples, the rest of it messy around her face on the pillow. Her puffy, parted lips that let her breath escape in quick gasps and moans.

I followed the curve of her chin and traced the lines of her jaw to her neck with an invisible pen that only my eyes could see. Across her shoulders, down her arms into the crooks of her elbows. Up to her hands that had relaxed around the full globes with the rosy peaks. Along the slender fingers that brought me so much pleasure and comfort and wiped away so many of my tears. Over her flat stomach layered with a thin sheen of sweat to her belly button that was centered perfectly between her rounded hips on her narrow waist. She was very much a woman. And a satisfied one at that.

As I lay watching Jenna—my fiancée, my lover, my friend—I imagined her in a variety of outfits. The blue-gray pantsuit she was wearing that awful night when she’d rescued me from the bathroom stall at Maggie’s. The dark slacks and lavender blouse she’d worn on our plane trip to Europe. The blue T-shirt and white shorts on the train back to Florence—the latter of which I’d discreetly removed under a blanket in order to pleasure her. The black corset with matching G-string and garter belt she’d bought in Paris before introducing me to her other purchase, a strap-on dildo. The silvery-gray dress that was the twin to my red one she’d worn for our six-month anniversary. The black dress she’d worn on Christmas.

I’d seen many pictures and videos of lesbians and had been around several of the ladies at the club in the months since getting together with Jenna. For many of the couples, there was a butch-looking partner. A lady who tended to dress in pants and manly-shirts and wear her hair short while her partner was more feminine and wore skirts and dresses and had a longer hair style.

I had asked Jenna once about that. She’d just shrugged and said that was just how some of them were. Some women didn’t want to embrace their feminine sides…they preferred not to be all girly. And their partners were cool with that. Some even favored it that way. Made them feel more like a girl-guy couple. But there were lots of lesbian couples who both were very feminine, and it worked for them as well. It was just like in a guy-girl relationship where some women chose to wear jeans and flat shoes when they went out and not skirts and blouses or fancy dresses and heels. It didn’t make what they wore wrong, just what they were more comfortable in those clothes. It was all a matter of preference.

Jenna was very much a lady, and she wore her hair long. But she did tend to wear pants and darker, monotone colors. I hadn’t really thought about it before. Yet, she would wear a dress, and she seemed to enjoy getting dolled-up on occasion.

Me? I was a girl all the way. Put me in a skirt any day. Especially one that let Jenna tease me underneath it at opportune situations. We made a good pair, the two of us. We had our own styles, and yet we complemented each other very well. I wouldn’t have had it any other way.

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