I Know Melanie Ch. 02

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I knew that Derek was fucking a few other girls and I was jealous. It didn’t make much sense, since I was still seeing two other guys besides him. I don’t even know if you could call it “seeing”, because mostly we were just pleasuring each other. Derek and I had only gone out once in the two months we’d known each other and that was only because we were starving after a three hour session of raw sex. I can’t explain it, but I just wanted all of that potent seed he carried all to myself. I didn’t like the idea of another girl sharing my special treat and receiving his powerful lust. I wanted all of his attention and when we were together, I stopped at nothing to ensure Derek had all that he would ever need when he was with me.

Three days ago, I spent the night at Derek’s place. He called me at work and told me to come by at 9 o’clock. We were at the point where asking was obsolete; we simply told each other when to come by. When I arrived he showed me in and we kissed passionately for a moment, then he disappeared into the bedroom to finish getting dressed. He had just gotten out of the shower and was only wearing a towel around the house. Ordinarily, I would have just ripped the towel off and dropped to my knees and sucked his cock right then and there, but I just didn’t this time. While Derek was in the other room, I grabbed a glass from the kitchen and poured myself some wine that I found open in the fridge. As I scurried over to the sofa and was about to plop myself down on it I noticed something that immediately angered me, but then equally concerned me at the same time. There was a blue lace thong that was wedged under part of the adjacent loveseat. It was almost all the way underneath and hard to see, but I noticed it. It was clearly lost by “her” and accidentally left behind by mistake. My only thought was that “she” could have left just moments earlier and that was why Derek was showering, but then again, it might have been there for days in my absence. I was just pissed, but really couldn’t say anything about it in our current stage of our relationship, whatever that was.

Derek looked hot as he approached me wearing his tight jeans and a yellow t-shirt revealing his muscular physique. It was seeing him at these moments that made it all worth it to me.

“You look so hot baby,” I told him.

“You think I look all right Mel?” he asked rhetorically.

“Oh yeah. You are looking fine,” I replied.

With that, he approached me as I stood up from the sofa, and we held each other and kissed again. Derek lifted me up and laid me down gently on the ottoman. He released me and moved down to raise up my dress and pull my panties down, over my black pumps, and then finally tossing them onto the carpet. He put his face between my legs and I grabbed onto them from behind my knees and pulled back as far as I could, giving him full access to my perfectly manicured pussy. Derek immediately drove his tongue into my moist lips and began licking me wildly. I was instantly wet and waves of pleasure rocked my body and he gave me head, reminding me of how much I enjoyed having him as my sexual partner. Other men that I had been seeing were also great in bed, but Derek, being black, turned me on to new levels that were unreachable with them. He wasn’t just better; he was incredible. Our contrasting skin tones created an insatiable attraction for me to him and all I wanted was more, more, more.

“Oh god baby, that’s it, don’t stop” I yelled out as Derek, now concentrating on my clitoris, was moments away Bostancı Sınırsız Escort from giving me a mind blowing orgasm. He persisted on sucking my clit between his full lips and then my body shuttered as my orgasm raced up my spine and practically threw me into convulsions.

“Ohhhhhh yeaaaaaaasssss!” was all I managed to squeak out of my mouth. Every muscle in my body writhed and contracted as I came. Derek, now slowing down and then gently stopping to look up at me, sweating, panting, and breathing rapidly.

“How do you feel now baby?” Derek asked.

“Oh Derek, I can’t explain how wonderful you make me feel,” I answer, completely out of breath.

“I have something for you now baby,” I announce, lifting myself up, and then pulling him towards me, my head now waist level with him.

I undid his jeans and yanked them down with his underwear, impatiently, exposing his exquisite black cock. I grabbed his balls with my hand, pulling us together, and then reacquainting his semi-erect penis to my mouth. I sucked on it hard, pulling more into my mouth as I moved back and forth over it. My saliva glistened off of the ebony skin, but only briefly as I returned it, deeper and deeper into my mouth and partly into my throat. If I could have taken him entirely down my throat, I would have, but it was just too wide to get little more than the then head near my tonsils. With each thrust I made forward onto his cock, I could only imagine that it was going down my throat. With each withdrawal of the large penis from my mouth, the ridges and textures of it could be seen through my cheeks as I maintained a near perfect suction around him. Derek’s precum was streaming out of his cock, coating my tongue and the insides of my cheeks. The sweet flavor I tasted, was keeping my pussy quite wet as I remained totally hot for him. I swallowed his juices mixed with my own in large gulps, only for his cock to fill my mouth again moments later. Derek was very turned on and his penis was so hard that now it had grown much bigger and was allowing even less of it to reach the back of my mouth.

I kept going with every effort until finally, Derek announced that he was getting ready to cum. All the while, I was secretly hoping that I could taste the other girl’s pussy juices on his cock, just so that I would know if she had just left prior to my arrival, or that it was days ago, but his shower washed away any evidence that her pussy may have left behind. I think subconsciously, my mind ached to know, because when Derek pumped his cum into my mouth, I needed to have all of his concentrated sperm delivered to my stomach, rather than a diluted amount, due to her receiving the rest earlier. Derek leaned back a little, and then put his hands around my head lifting it up so he could watch himself flood my mouth with his enormous load. With my eyes closed, I pulled myself away from his cock, leaving only the head between my lips. I began to stroke his cock with my free hand to pull him over the edge. He sighed loudly, then I felt the muscle below his balls start contracting and that’s when the first splash of semen landed on my tongue. As the muscle continued to pump, his cock filled my entire mouth with his sperm. Using my imagination, I visualized all of his sperm swimming around my mouth, like fish in the water, darting back and forth searching out their prize; my eggs. But to their disappointment, there would be no eggs on this journey. The sperm would only follow the viscous river and down a waterfall though Bostancı Suriyeli Escort a long trip into a different pool and dead end, that was my stomach. As Derek finished draining his balls into my mouth, I swallowed all of his cum and sucked on him more until nothing remained. At that point, I looked up at him with his cock in my mouth, now softening up. I released my tight grip from his balls and let his cock pop out of my mouth. I reached up and with the back of my hand, gently wiped my chin of saliva and sperm that somehow managed to escape from around my lips.

“Thank you for the treat,” I uttered playfully.

“Nobody gives better head than you Melanie,” Derek complimented me.

“Are you sure? Not even one of the other girls you’re seeing?” I say with a pathetically sad look.

“But I haven’t been seeing anyone else in weeks,” he told me.

“I’m glad, because you can have me anytime you want baby,” I replied.

I knew damn well he was lying, but I allowed myself to partially believe him, despite seeing the evidence for myself. Without having any control over my feelings, his charm overpowered me and commanded me to listen to whatever he said. I was hopelessly falling for this guy and I want him all to myself.

We went out for awhile and Derek bought me dinner. As we left the restaurant, I got horny again and leaned over to Derek and unzipped his jeans, pulling them down enough to grab his cock and put it in my mouth. The windows in his car were tinted, but you could still see though them and as we are driving, we stopped at a red light in the right lane, next to another car. At first, the people in the next vehicle didn’t notice anything, because it was dark and hard to see into the car. Quickly though, the woman in the passenger seat caught a glimpse of my head bobbing up and down and you could see her immediate reaction. She was an older woman, probably on the way home from dinner with her husband. Derek, always being the wiseass, decided to roll the window down and expose us to their direct view. For the first time, they could see that he was black and the head bobbing up and down on his cock belonged to a blonde woman. I don’t know if that turned Derek on more, or that he had that much self control, but moments after the folks are shocked by seeing our interracial sex act, Derek blew a huge load in my mouth. In the interest of really giving them their money’s worth, I raised my head from his lap and looked the woman in the eye and opened my mouth, showing her the huge gob of sperm on my tongue that Derek just given me, and proceeded to swallow it, then lick my lips right after. The woman looked horrified by all that. I’m sure she’d be calling me a piece of shit, trailer trash for the next year, but I didn’t care about that. I just had myself another Derek black cum-shooter and I was a very naughty, but very happy girl. The light turned green, Derek rolled the window up, and I returned to my seat for the ride home with a big grin on my face.

Derek pulled my dress off of me, and jumped out of his clothes right there in the living room. I instinctively layed down on the floor and spread my legs wide for him, not wasting any time. I needed his big cock inside of me badly. It had been days since he had last fucked me. His cock was rock hard now and with a quick rub up and down my pussy lips, he had plenty of lubrication to thrust himself into my pussy. On his knees, he rammed his cock furiously in and out of me, my body thrashing about like a rag doll; Bostancı İranlı Escort I loved every moment of it. Derek was smashing his cockhead into my cervix repeatedly, driving me to a cataclysmic orgasm within the first 15 minutes of our fucking. The sound of air and pussy juice squishing and rushing out of me filled the room. My pussy lips were desperately trying to grip onto his cock and conform to his shape. With each withdrawal from my pussy, my lips were stretching away from me a good inch, mercilessly being dragged to follow the thick cock assaulting them. His hard penis felt incredible as he thrust inside of my body over and over for what seemed hours. I came several times, violently contracting around Derek’s cock, never slowing him down a bit. I’m sure that I lost consciousness a few times while I orgasmed, but that didn’t stop Derek from pummeling my little pussy. He had pushed my legs as far back as he could. I was wrapped up like a little ball under him and I was able reach down and use my hands to caress his cock and his balls in an attempt to make him come for me.

Derek’s body tensed up and he rammed into me even harder just a few more times.

“Oh baby, I’m coming, I’m coming!” He managed to tell me.

A very comforting feeling overcame my senses after hearing that. My body was on autopilot and prepared itself for the event that would soon follow by relaxing every muscle I have so that it could receive Derek’s cargo. My own body wanted this as much as my mind did. It just seemed like such a natural thing.

“Come inside me baby. I want you to cum in my pussy,” I answered.

While keeping a firm hold from behind his balls, like cradling a kitten, Derek thrust into me one final time, burying himself all the way inside, with my hands pressing his balls to my asshole. I could feel his cum blasting into my womb, like warm water running down your back in a hot bath. His sperm seeped into every hidden cavity deep inside my body as it leaped out of his cock, which was also blocking any escape. We lay like that for a while. I craved the comfort of his manly build crushing me under his weight. I felt very safe with Derek inside of me, not wanting the moment to end. I was in love with him, but didn’t let him know just yet.

Derek climbed off of me, his cock making that familiar “pop” sound as he pulled it out of my pussy. I was always sore after he fucked me, but it was a good kind of pain. As always, I pulled my legs up to my chest and looked down at my pussy, inspecting the damage he had done to it. My lips were still spread apart, like curtains, revealing the large hole Derek’s huge cock had left behind. His semen was just starting to leak out from the depths of my pussy, spilling out onto the floor. I attempted to block the flow with my hand, as I got up from the carpet, but the amount of cum was too great and it gushed into my hand and dumped out and dripped all over the floor with every step I made on the way to the bathroom.

I’m pretty certain, as certain a girl could be, that Derek was completely satisfied with me. I actually started to believe that what he said earlier, about not seeing other women was true. How stupid I am, I thought to myself. I saw the fucking panties right there on the carpet with my own eyes. Some other bitch obviously left them there after offering up herself to Derek also. But my mind was in another state, probably still low on blood flow from all of the orgasms he fucked out of me. I was convincing myself to believe him and I wasn’t going to mention the panties to Derek. Instead, I grabbed them and put them in my purse. My new mission was to focus all of Derek’s attention on me, instead of some other girl’s. I’m a selfish bitch, and I wasn’t about to have him putting his cock in any other woman any longer. He was all mine. I just needed to convince him of that.

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