I needed help Getting Pregnant

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I needed help having a baby

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Don and I had been happily married for a year when we decided that it was time to start our family. Then we tried for almost a year to get me pregnant without any luck. We still made love at any time we wanted to just for fun but when I calculated that it was my fertile time we would make a special effort by doing it as often as we could, adjusting the room temperature, keeping my bottom elevated after Don came so all the sperm went to the right place and anything else that we had heard about to help. I could tell that he was getting frustrated and I felt that he was blaming me for not getting pregnant.

I suggested that we go see a specialist to find out if there was a problem but Don could not accept the possibility that he could have a sexual problem and would not agree to go. Finally one night I collected a sample of his sperm after we fucked and went by myself. The doctor said that he could not give a definite answer without a fresh sample but from what he could see he felt that Don had a very low sperm count and was probably infertile. I thought about telling my husband but I felt that it would crush his ego and make him feel like less than a man so I kept it to myself till I decided what to do.

For weeks I thought about what I would do. We could not have the doctor do anything because Don would know, even if I did not tell him and it was just because he saw the medical bills. Finally a thought came to my mind that I almost dismissed as not a possible solution. What if I had another man get me pregnant?

The more I thought about it, the stronger the idea became in my mind. I started looking on-line at the sex ads. I singled out ads from guys that were much like us in skin, hair and eye color. I would not want to give birth to a baby that nobody would believe was Don’s. I researched the ideal age for a man to get a woman pregnant and what the odds were that I would get it done from a one night stand. I was talking myself into doing it.

I decided that I needed as many sperm as possible swimming their way up my passage to find my egg as possible and what if one didn’t make a connection or what if the guy I picked was also infertile? My mind came up with the answer even though I could not believe that I would actually do something like that. I decided that I needed to let more than one guy fuck me and fill me full of sperm.

I was not a virgin when we got married and Don knew it. I had slept with two boyfriends prior to meeting Don but I had never done anything like what I was thinking about doing and I was not sure I could do it but whenever I thought about it, I would get a funny feeling and I would soak my panties. Then I would fuck Don like a mad woman and come quickly and easily.

Yes, I was going to go thru with it. I made up my mind. Don had told me that in two weeks it was opening day of trout fishing season and wanted to know if it were OK with me if he went up in the mountains with a couple buddies for a couple of days of trout fishing. I said sure. Later I checked my calendar and the timing was perfect. I would be at the peak of my fertile period while he was gone.

The next day I got on the internet and selected five ads to respond Gaziantep Oral Escort to, to be able to select a couple guys to help me with my plan. I used a fake name and told them that I was looking to have my first fling with more than one guy. I told them that I was twenty-three with long natural blond hair. I said I was five foot four and 122 pounds with 32C boobs that did not sag. That was all true. I made up the name Amy. I thought a couple of them would probably agree. Things did not go exactly as I thought they would. Four of them excitedly said yes. The fifth said he already had a hook-up arranged for that night but he wanted to stay in touch to get together some other time.

Now I had a dilemma and as I thought about what to do, I could feel my fluids dripping down the inside of my thigh as I thought about it. I got my nerve up and said yes to all four of them. I did not sleep that night. I lay in bed thinking about what I was getting myself into and wondering if I should back out. As the morning sun came in thru the window I decided I was going thru with it. I e-mailed all of them and told them about there being four of them. They all wrote back and said they were excited about it. One of them had a timeshare condo out on the lake and he booked two nights. He said that it was a one bedroom unit but that there would not be much, if any, sleeping happening anyway.

The day came. I kissed Don goodbye at 6am and wished him good luck fishing. I took a long shower and put on a sexy outfit consisting of a short skirt and a thin, almost see thru blouse with a very open neck line. I did not put on a bra. I could see my nipples making bumps in the front of the blouse. I wore a very small pair of red panties. About all I packed were a couple more pair of panties and my smallest bikini.

At 11, Phil met me at the corner store where I told him I would be. I did not want him knowing where I lived. He was driving a classic 1964 red Corvette roadster. We had hardly pulled out of the parking lot before his hand was under my skirt and high up on my thigh. He had to remove it several times as the car was a stick shift. It was an hour’s drive to the lake and before we got there, his hand had worked its way inside my panties and he had rubbed my clit till I had had my first orgasm. I hoped my cum did not mess up his upholstery. Before we got out of the car, he gave me a long hard kiss and told me that I was even more beautiful than he had expected and that he was sure that we would all have a great time.

The other three were all in the condo and we made our introductions. My heart was pounding and the thought of backing out went thru my mind but after a beautiful kiss from each of them, I knew I was going thru with it. Rob went to the kitchen and came back with beers for all. Pop, pop, pop, pop, pop went the pull tabs. I was asked if I wanted a glass but I said no. We sat around the living room and chatted. I spread my legs so they could get a good look at my crotch and the tiny panties that just barely covered my pussy. The first sexual thing was said when Rick mentioned that he could see that it looked like I shaved my pussy. He was right. Hank said that a shaved cunt was all the more pleasurable to eat and everyone laughed.

Hank then slid off his chair onto the floor and put himself between my legs, spreading them even wider than they already were. “I want the first taste”, he said as he pulled the thin fabric aside and put his mouth to my pussy lips. His tongue parted my lips and brushed across my swollen clit. I moaned and lay my head back on the back of the couch. The next thing I felt were hands on both of my breasts. I looked and there was a guy one either side of me, each cupping one of my tits. Within seconds they had pulled my blouse off over my head and their hands were replaced by their lips.

“OK guys, I don’t think any of us need to be wearing any clothes right now, do you?” Soon there were five naked people in the room. I looked at their bodies. I had made a good selection. They were all hard bodies with nice packages and all their cocks were already at attention. “OK guys; stand side by side in a line.” If I was going to do this, I was going to do it right and without any reserve. I lied and told them that I was on the pill so nobody needed to wear a condom and I told them that I really loved to feel cum blasting into my cunt so although I was happy to suck their cocks, I wanted them to always come in my pussy. There was no argument.

I moved forward on my knees. I took a cock in each hand and wrapped my lips around the third. The fourth guy came around behind, reached around and started rolling my hard nipples between his thumbs and fingers. I knew I had made a good decision in agreeing to do this. It was going to be a fun afternoon and night and hopefully I would return home pregnant. If I did get pregnant, none of them would ever be told and I would let Don think he had gotten the job done.

We spent several minutes like this. Stroking two hard cocks while sucking another and having a fourth guy playing with my titties and rubbing my clit. Every minute or so they would trade positions so everyone got his share of the fun. Finally the guy who was behind me at the time took hold of my hips and told me to get my ass up in the air and spread my legs.

Now I was still on my knees but my ass was up. I was not sitting on my lower legs like I had been. He lay on his back and slid his head between my legs. His tongue parted my pussy lips and ran across my clit causing me to jump and moan. Without intending to, I bit down on the cock in my mouth, not hard but enough to make the guy tell me to be careful. As my sexual excitement built, I got more enthusiastically pleasuring the three cocks in front of my face. I jacked faster and sucked harder and deeper.

The one that had been licking me got up and got on his knees between my legs. I felt the tip of his manhood slide between my labia and position itself at my opening. I was now very wet and when he pushed forward he had no trouble entering me and sliding full depth into my quim. I squeezed my vaginal muscles tightly around his shaft and felt his cockhead rubbing the walls of my fuck tunnel as he slid in and out of me. I had never felt this sexually excited and it showed when I shoved my head forward, taking the cock in my mouth into my throat. It was something I had never done before, even with my husband. The few times I had tried to do it, I had gaged and stopped.

Soon after he started fucking me, the guy put his thumb against my ass hole and started rubbing it and pushing to get it in my shitter. I reached back and slapped his hand away. I pulled my mouth away from the cock I was sucking and told them all that that hole was off limits and then went back to our fun.

“I’m gonna come”, said the guy who was face fucking me.

I quickly pulled off and somewhat demandingly almost shouted for him to change positions. “Quick, get your cock in me. I want to feel your cum shoot into me. Everybody, cum in my cunt when you come. I want you all to fill me full with your spunk.” They quickly changed places and as soon as his cock entered me it started spurting. I felt his cock surge four times. Each time I felt a stream of baby juice shoot into my unprotected cunt. I thought to myself, “Swim little sperm. Find your way to my eggs and give me a baby.” The pleasure of the sexual feeling combined with my strong desire to achieve pregnancy caused me to have an orgasm stronger than any I had ever had in my life.

Over the next hour I had an uncounted number of orgasms and each of them came inside me twice. There was so much cum that I could not hold it all and it was just dripping down my thighs. There was one time when the guy in my mouth did not pull out quick enough and his first shot went in my mouth and the next two landed on my face. I had to wipe a big glob of cum out of my eye. My cunt was full of baby seed so I did not complain. He said he was sorry and we all laughed.

We decided to rest and we all went to the pool. I did not want to dilute the cum that was filling me so I stayed out. Then we went for a nice meal at the resort’s restaurant. When we got back to the room we were all in the mood to get right back at it. This time it was my idea to have each gut on his back on the bed while I rode his prick like a cowgirl on a bucking bronco. Each time I rode one guy I was sucking another but again I asked them all to come inside my pussy. My tits actually started to hurt from bouncing around so much. I fully satisfied each of the guys and I couldn’t have be more satisfied, happy or worn out. Finally our get together came to an end and after cleaning up a little I got another ride in the corvette back to where I had been picked up.

The next day Don came home. He had a great fishing trip and brought home several trout for us to eat. That night I made sure that we fucked twice so if I was pregnant, the timing would be right for him to be the father. He commented about how sexy I was in bed that night.

A few days later, after checking the dates that I would next be fertile, I contacted the guys and asked if they were up for a second round of fun. Three of them said yes and we made it a date. That was just a short time before I found out that I was almost surely pregnant already. For just a minute the thought crossed my mind to call off the get together but I remembered back about how enjoyable it had been to give myself to the guys and the mutual pleasure we all had. I kept our date and several more after that. They were shocked when they saw my growing baby bump but I told them I was surprised but OK with it and we continued meeting every so often

I gave birth to a beautiful girl and Don was delighted to have finally given me the start of the family that we so wanted. We talked about how many children we wanted. I said, “Several.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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