I Needed the Money

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They always say that payback’s a bitch but they don’t really know. I know what a bitch it can be because it tried it’s best to take my life apart at the seams. I thought I had put him behind me, figuratively. Not literally like he would put himself. He just wouldn’t stay gone though. In hindsight I suppose it’s obvious that it wasn’t his fault, not really. It was my fault. I guess I should start by introducing myself instead of confusing you with all of this other garbage though.

My name is Kirsten Stamos and I dated a man named Sean Renaud almost my entire adult life. He’d been with me through thick and thin but he wasn’t marriage material. He wasn’t a bad guy just that wasn’t part of the way he saw his future and it was the only thing I could see in my own future. I wanted to be married; I wanted to see myself in a wedding dress and with the wedding ring. It kinda feels silly now that I’ve done all that but the only thing I’d wanted since I was a little girl was to be married. When the chance happened, when I met a man who was willing to marry me I took it and I left Sean behind.

I can’t say that it was a mistake. My husband is a wonderful man and he makes me so happy that I can’t imagine a life without him. It’s just that after so many years I have a hard time with my life without Sean as well. It was early into my first year of marriage that I was in trouble. About two grand in debt and there was only one person that I could call. He didn’t only asked two questions, how much and how soon which was all I expected him to ask. He set his terms at the same time. He wanted the one thing that I had never given him while we were together. He wanted to fuck my ass and I agreed. It was either that or let my car be repossessed.

I think he enjoyed making me wait for him to call me. As much as I love him he’s got a horrible streak of cruelty in him and he enjoys making people suffer and he had to be loving the fact that even after I was married I needed him to get through life. It was nearly a week later when he made the call and told me where to be and when. It was a spot that we had spent a lot of time at before, mostly fucking so I didn’t have a hard time finding my way to the spot.

Its’ true that you never really stop loving someone. The moment I saw him all the memories of our romance came flooding back and I wanted to hug Çankaya Escort him. I almost forgot that he was basically blackmailing me and that he was going to be fucking me in the ass. He was just standing there as handsome as ever, he’d shaved for our “date” and even dressed up in a nice button down shirt. As soon as I was out of the car he stepped up to me and wrapped his arms around me and pulled me into a deep kiss and it was like going home. I remembered how strong his arms were and how wonderful they felt around me.

As soon as be broke the kiss he handed me an envelope that with the money that I needed, just over a thousand dollars. Then he reminded me that despite what a jerk he was that he did love me. I was free to go if I wanted. He’d sworn long ago that he would always be there to protect me and to help me with anything. I didn’t actually have to do anything if I didn’t want to. Even now I’m not sure if he knew what I was going to do before I did it. He’s good at reading people, maybe he knew that I wouldn’t be able to accept the money without giving him something in return or maybe he knew that I had to keep my word. The thing is that maybe he really does still love me and that was all there was to it. That when he told me that him knowing that I was ok was the only thing that mattered he was telling the truth. I doubt it but a thousand dollars is a lot of money to spend getting into your ex’s pants if there isn’t something there.

I should have let him go. I’m married now and that means that I’m supposed to be loyal to him and that includes only letting him touch me but I wasn’t going to leave a debt unpaid. That’s what I’m trying to convince myself of, I think the truth is that as much as I didn’t want him fucking my ass I did want him.

He was really going to leave to; he was getting back into his car when I kissed him. Married life is wonderful and I love my husband but there is something to be said for having a little variety. He just tasted so great that I was instantly lost in him. He still remembered every spot from before and it was only a second before he broke away from my lips and started seeking them out. I cried out when he nipped at my shoulder, and shuddered as his fingers lightly scratched the small of my back. I felt my legs turn to butter Keçiören Escort when he gripped my ass and lifted me onto the hood of his car.

Then it was my turn and I started by ripping his shirt open sending buttons flying every direction revealing his smooth chest beneath it. He’d put on some weight since the last time but that’s okay, I actually like my men with some meat on em. I kissed down his chest lightly flicking his nipples with my tongue while I worked on getting him out of his pants. As soon as I got his belt and buttons undone I went back to work on his shirt as my feet slide his pants down to the asphalt. The only thing between me and his cock was a pair of black boxers with Donkey Kong on them. Then they were gone as well.

I’d kinda forgotten how big he really is. It’s not that he’s porn star huge but he’s nearly eight inches long and so thick that I can’t quite close my fingers around it. I felt a few familiar butterflies dancing in my stomach as I wrapped my hand around it for the first time in a little over two years. It was warm and hard and pulsing. It was actually getting harder and harder and I wasn’t doing anything but holding it. When I heard him whimper I knew I was going to utterly blow his mind.

I know its part of being with the same person all the time but my husband doesn’t want me the way he did right then. Of course he hadn’t when I’d been dating him for the majority of eight years. Right then though he didn’t want me, he needed me. I could feel the hunger coming off him in waves. He was barely able to keep himself from ripping my clothing as he pulled my shirt up and over my head and then nearly turned my pants inside out getting them off of me. It just makes a woman feel sexy when a man wants to devour you the way he did.

The moment he had my panties off he started kissing along my inner thigh and working his way towards my cunt. Back when I was with him he used to make me shave it, now I keep it trimmed. Not bald like he’d like it but short enough that he could kiss me there without getting hair in his mouth. I don’t know how that man got so fucking good at eating girls out but goddamn. Even right now as I’m writing this down I’m getting little shivers from the memory. It only took him a few minutes to get me to the point where I was Etimesgut Escort clawing at the hood and squeezing my thighs around his head. I would have cum if he’d gone on any longer but stopped right when I was at the edge.

Then he sank his cock into me in one stroke. I felt like I was going to split in half. I was almost going to slap him but then he hauled me back into a kiss and I remembered just how much he needed me right then. I forced him to hold still for a moment while I adjusted and then I let him go. His car was rocking back and forth; he was grunting I was moaning. Anybody for a mile would have known exactly what was going on and someone probably did. I didn’t care. As he fucked me like I hadn’t been fucked in ages I wouldn’t have stopped if a crowd had shown up to watch. He was barely able to stop himself before he came.

That was just so he could calm down and get a position change. He twisted me around so I was leaning over the car, crushing my tits against the cool metal while he entered me from behind. Pinned between metal and man flesh I came for the first time that night and something snapped. I had to have more, I pushed back again and again determined to drive him even deeper into me. I knew when he dug his fingers into my hips that I was going to have bruises when this was over and it was going to be worth it.

He pushed me screaming into another orgasm before he started prepping for what he’d actually come for. My ass. He started off just playing with it while he fucked me, pushing him thumb in and I gotta admit. It felt good. Something about that taboo of anal play just gets me going and he knew it. He knew that snarling all those profane things in my ear was getting me off. He took his time slowly stretching me out and then he was ready and he gave me one last chance to get away.

I didn’t. We switched so he was sitting on the car and I mounted him and slowly slipped his greased pole into my ass. It wasn’t like this the last time when he’d been to young to know that he needed to prep me. This actually felt nice, especially when I got him far enough in that I could grind my clit against him while I rode him. It was almost disappointing that he didn’t last very long once he got into my ass. I probably could have gotten him hard again if I’d really wanted to but it was getting late and I needed to be home before I was missed.

He held me for a few minutes then gave me a kiss for the road and reminded me of something I already knew. He loved me and would always love me and if I ever needed his help just call. Then he told me something I didn’t know. He was happy I found a man to marry because as much as he loved me he wasn’t going to.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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