I Thought We Were More Ch. 07

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He got out of bed and they both showered together. Jacob could not get over how stunning she was. She looked even better in the shower than she had when they were having sex. The water made her skin glisten and he could see every muscle and every curve of her body.

Her stomach was flat and strong with the smallest little belly button. Her breasts were not large at all and yet they seemed to be the perfect size for her body. She turned her back to him and he could see her small yet round ass.

And when she bent over to pick up the shampoo he could see her pussy peeking out from between her butt cheeks. It looked even better from behind, where the lips seemed to pucker together and looked even larger. He wanted to reach out and touch her but he knew she was in pain. She looked back and caught him peeking at her.

Afterwards they stripped Alex’s bed of the sheets. She got a fresh set of linens out of the closet and they made the bed together.

Alex slept with her body pressed tightly against Jacob all night long. In the morning she went to get out of bed and groaned softly. It was enough to wake Jacob up. She walked with difficulty to the bathroom and Jacob sat up in bed.

“Are you ok?” he asked.

“It just hurts…a lot.” She said wincing.

“Have you never…” Jacob trailed off.

“Not with something like that. Before last night I had only had a finger or two. Usually just a finger.”

“Are you going to be ok?”

She smiled. “Yeah, I’ll be fine. It may be a week or two before we can do something like that again though.”

“That’s fine with me.”

He looked over at the clock. It was 3am.

She went to the bathroom and came back into the room a moment later. Neither of them had put clothes on, even after making the bed. As she walked naked to the bed Jacob couldn’t take his eyes off of her.

“See something you like?” She asked sitting down next to him.

“Oh you bet.”

“I wonder.” She said looking thoughtful. “It hurts on the inside, but that doesn’t mean you can’t touch the outside of it.”

“Would you like me too?”

“Yeah, but you can only touch the lips. Anything else will probably hurt me.”

“Is that going to feel good?”

She smiled at him and laughed. “Oh my friend, how little you know about the female body.”

She lay down on the bed and he got on top of her on all fours and began to kiss her on the face and neck. She leaned her head into every kiss and came back at him with a force that told him she really did want him to touch her.

He worked his way down to her breasts where he began to lick and suck each one of her nipples one at a time. He took each breast in his hand and squeezed them slightly as he continued to work over her nipples with his teeth and tongue.

Then finally he moved down and sat comfortably between her legs. He moved her legs so that they were on either side of his hips while he sat there Indian style. Then he pulled her bottom up into his lap so he could get her pussy as close to him as possible.

“So I can only touch the lips?”

“That’s right.” She said.

“And that is going to feel good to you?”

She nodded, keeping an amused smile on her face. “If you do it right you can make me cum, but you will have to do it right and it will take a little time.”

“Wow, I learn something new every day. I thought you at least had to touch the clitoris or the g spot to make a girl cum.”

“That’s only the boys that don’t know what they are doing.” She said with a wink. She was challenging him.

He looked down at her vulva which couldn’t be in a more perfect spot for him to touch it. With her bottom in his lap it seemed to lift her pelvis even closer to his stomach so that he could easily get to her with both hands.

“Oh you’re going to need this!” she said suddenly scurrying out of his lap. She moved to the top of the bed and reached into her nightstand. She produced a small bottle of K*Y lube and handed it to him. Then she Antep Escort Bayan grabbed a towel off the floor and placed that across his lap. Finally she slowly maneuvered herself back into the position she had been in before.

Jacob held the lube up over her lower body and expertly drizzled a little bit of it onto her crotch. “Just the lips,” He said to himself. Her pussy looked even more amazing from this angle.

Both of her large outer lips sat parted slightly so that he could see everything between them. Her inner lips poked out from beneath the larger ones ever so slightly and drew his eyes up to her clitoris. Currently she was only slightly turned on and her clit only peeked out just barely from underneath its hood. The lube he had dropped onto her had spilled across the larger lips in a few small droplets but his gaze traveled down to the slight opening of her vagina where more moisture was trickling out.

He reached down with both hands and took each of her outer lips gently between his thumbs and index fingers. He began to roll them in his fingers and to his delight, Alex’s head fell back and she closed her eyes. “Oh, god,” she said softly. “That is perfect.”

He worked his way up and down each lip, massaging the soft, spongy tissue like a masseuse would, except on a much smaller scale. He watched as the lips grew larger and slightly more firm as he worked the tissue with his fingers.

He could tell she was really getting turned on. Now her hands reached out on either side of her as she grabbed a hold of the sheets. She began to push her body closer to him. She even arched her back lifting her pussy even closer to him. He let his fingers work their way into the inner seam of her outer labia. This seemed to turn her on even more.

Her hands gripped the sheets even harder. He moved to the smaller inner labia. Now his fingers stroked the smaller lips and grasped them ever so slightly. They were so much thinner than the outer ones and he had to grasp them ever so gently to keep them from squeezing out from between his fingers.

He moved his fingers up and down the length of her vulva, sometimes focusing his attention on the part of her lips that were closer to her clitoris, and sometimes bringing them back down closer to her vagina. Time seemed to go by slower than he could ever imagine. If it were anything else he would have been bored to tears. Instead he showed sage-like patience and kept the same routine going for what seemed like 30 minutes.

“God I have never felt an orgasm creep up on me so slowly.” She finally managed to gasp. “I feel it in every part of my body right now.”

Her body clenched and her shoulders began to twist. She wriggled from the left to the right and back again.

Her abs clenched and released causing her to body to scrunch up and then become very long and stretched out as she raised her arms up over her head. All the while Jacob kept a grip on both of her larger lips and continued to work them despite the amount of shaking she was doing.

Just when he thought she was subsiding she kept on going. The towel that was in his lap was now soaking wet. She hadn’t squirted but she was steadily trickling, and her bottom stayed planted firmly in his lap.

Finally after what seemed like an eternity her body came to a rest and she lay there still. Jacob looked down at the half of her body that was still resting on his legs. He took his hands off of her. He realized there was nothing left he could do to keep her going.

Right away the first thing he noticed was that while the rest of her body was still, her labia seemed to have a slight twitch to them. She had long since stopped climaxing and yet her body continued to convulse. From his viewpoint he could see the twitch start at the entrance to her vagina and seemed to cause the rest of her vulva to pull inward slightly.

The other thing he noticed was that her pussy was so full of blood that the entire area around her vulva and inner thighs was bright red. She lay there for a long time without moving. Pretty soon she was asleep.

“Alex, hey Alex!” Jacob said poking her on the shoulder. He had managed to get out from underneath her butt. He let her sleep for a little while but now it was nearing 7am and both of them would have to go to class soon.

Her eyes opened into tiny slits and she smiled up at him.

“So was it good?” he asked smiling back.

“Sometimes it is good to have an orgasm that hits hard and fast, like if a girl is going down on me and she uses her tongue very quickly. But the fast ones usually subside as quickly as they come on. The Labia are not as sensitive as the other parts you mentioned earlier. If you can bring on an orgasm just by touching them it takes a lot longer to hit and lasts a lot longer as well. The same effect can be had by touching the more sensitive parts but doing it very, very slowly.”

Jacob had been listening to everything she was saying but the first part was what hit him the most. She had said when a GIRL goes down on her. For some reason the word hit him in the wrong place. It just didn’t sit well that she was still talking about girls as something that turned her on sexually.

He decided to let it go for now and quickly turned his attention back to what she was talking about.

“Yeah that was pretty amazing. I didn’t know you could cum for so long. And then you conked out like a dude.” He laughed after saying this part.

She smirked at him and began getting dressed.

Clair wouldn’t even look at him in Calculus class. He caught her eyes on him several times but just as he was about to look back at her she would jerk her head away from him. Their professor prescribed them a huge helping of homework. He handed out a stack of worksheets that were due on Friday.

Music theory was as easy as Jacob thought it would be. The class was set up like a computer class except everyone had an electronic musical keyboard in front of them. All day they went through scales and keys. Then they would listen to modern and classical music that was in the same key and discuss how the songs had the same tone.

History was by far Jacob’s least favorite subject. This professor also gave them a large chunk of homework by telling them they had to read all the way through Reconstruction in their texts. This equated to almost 4 chapters. He plodded back towards his apartment and was intercepted by Alex just as he reached the complex grounds.

“Hey!” she said running up to him. “I have a surprise for you!”

They ducked into her apartment and she turned on a couple of lamps.

“You seem really excited.” Jacob said sounding questionable.

“Well, all of this is so new to me. So many things to try.”

“What sort of things? All of what?” Jacob asked.

She moved towards him and pressed her body into his chest and stomach. “Take off your clothes and lay down.”

He slowly took his clothes off as she instructed him.

“I have been thinking all day about how good you made me feel this morning. I want to return the favor.” She said as he was pulling his shirt over his head.

“Have a seat. This is going to take awhile.”

He sat down and she reached into her night stand and pulled out a handkerchief. She casually tied it around his head so that he was blindfolded.

“Step one in increasing pleasure: Eliminate one of the senses.” She said in a seductive voice.

She pushed him down on his back. She positioned him so that he was laying with his head up towards the top of the bed. He couldn’t see her anymore but she took off her clothes now as well.

She walked over to the side of the bed closest to his left hand. She reached down and lifted his hand off the bed. Then she leaned closer to him and placed his middle finger against her soft pussy.

“Do you know what you are touching?” She asked.

“I think I have a pretty good idea. Not many things get wetter as you touch them.”

She smiled. “But today isn’t about you touching me. Today is about me touching you.”

She climbed onto the bed and perched herself in between his ankles. She began to kiss his legs from foot to mid thigh. His penis, which was already becoming erect from him touching her, was now fully at attention. It stood tall and pointed straight towards the ceiling.

She crawled up towards his face so that she could kiss his mouth and then down his neck to his shoulders and arms. She then began to kiss her way down his chest and stomach. His breathing had become faster and his penis was beginning to throb ever so slightly. Finally she started in on him.

“I am going to try to make you come as slowly as you made me. I hope you have the patience and time.”

Jacob smiled. “I think I can wait for it.”

“Good. I’m not going to tell you what I am doing, but I am sure you will figure it out.”

She started with his balls, licking them up and down. She was slow at first, but she began to lick faster. She loved the way his body shuddered at first then seemed to relax and go with the flow.

Next she slowly licked from the very base of his shaft all the way up to the underside of his head. She had done some reading and knew this was the most sensitive part and for the time being she was going to avoid this area.

She licked up and down the shaft over and over again going as slow as possible.

Then she climbed out from between his legs and leaned over his stomach. From here she could lick up and down the top side of his penis and even the area where his pubic hair would have been. All the while his body clenched and unclenched and his breathing became heavier.

She dragged it out concentrating her tongue on his shaft. She knew that this would never make him come, but it wasn’t her intent at the moment either. She would get him there in due time.

She reached into the night stand and pulled out some edible lube. She put a little drop of it on her index finger and sat back down between his legs. She reached out with her lubed up finger and placed the drop right on the opening of his penis. Then she grabbed his shaft with her other hand and began to rub his head with her slickened finger.

She did it gently at first, drawing a circle around the front side of the head. Then she put more pressure on him by pulling his whole cock against her finger with her other hand. He was now letting out short bursts of breath every now and then while continuing to breath heavy.

“You had better not come yet.” She said. “I didn’t think this would do it for you.”

“I have never had anyone do it like this. That is amazing.”

She realized that she was getting very turned on herself. She wanted to make him come. Just the satisfaction of it would satisfy her for the moment. She decided to move on with the final phase of her little game.

She leaned forward while still holding his shaft with her right hand. She brought his penis right up to her face and there she began her finishing move.

Slowly and only using the tip of her tongue she began to lick the underside of his head. She did it so softly at first that she heard him moan just a little as she worked. Then she began to make it more intense. She started by using more and more of her tongue with each lick.

Soon she was licking him like she would a lolly pop but she made sure her tongue was focused on his frenulum. She grabbed his shaft with both hands in order to press him firmly against her tongue with each lick. His shoulders began to heave. He began to groan.

Instinctively she clamped her lips over the entire head of his penis. The moment she had been waiting for had arrived. All at once her mouth was full. She swallowed and then swallowed again. She was worried she wouldn’t like the taste but for some reason it just wasn’t that bad.

She leaned back away from him and gazed down at his smitten form. At the moment Jacob could not move. Euphoria and endorphins rolled through him like butter melting over his body.

She was just starting to get up out of bed when the front door opened and Rose walked in.

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