In Ancient Alexandria Ch. 01

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The slave girl kneels on the floor by a corner of the bed. She holds a wooden bowl in her lap. The bowl contains some pieces of fruit and nuts. She is wearing only a scarf tied about her hips. Her gaze is directed to the floor.

The slave girl is not happy. Since she came to my house, she has been the supervisor of my lady’s bedchamber. Last night, there was a transgression of the rules and now the slave girl waits to be questioned and judged. I am the lord of this house.

I walk into the room. The slave girl silently raises her bowl and keeps her eyes directed to the floor. As I pass the slave girl, I take some nuts from the bowl and eat them as I talk to her.

“Do know why you are here? Just nod your head if you understand. Good. Imagine how I felt when the captain of my guard came to me last night to tell me that he had discovered you in the guards’ chamber at the front gate. You had taken the seed of eight guards and left them near to fainting. When the captain walked in, you were on your knees before a ninth guard sucking his cock as if you were a mad woman.

“Do you know what would have happened if one of my enemies had chosen to test my defenses when half of my guards were hardly able to stand? My head would be on a pike outside the wall right now. The heads of all my family would be displayed beside mine and your pretty head would be right there as well.

“Why did you do it? Did one of my enemies promise you freedom or gold?”

The slave girl slowly shakes her head from side to side.

“No? Really? Did the guards ply you with wine or threaten you with a beating?”

The slave girl again slowly shakes her head from side to side.

“Indeed. What then? Look at me, girl. You have my permission to speak.”

The girl lifts her head. Her eyes are shining.

“My lord, I could not help myself. I had not seen, spoken to, touched a man for a year. All my days and nights were spent in your lady’s chamber. Last night I looked out the window & saw the guardroom’s door was ajar. I slipped out after my lady had fallen asleep. My hunger drove me.”

“Gods, girl, your hunger could have been the death of us all. I should send you south by the next caravan. I should let you apply your hunger to skiapods and manticores in the wilderness and see how you fare with their rough passions.”

The slave girl gasps and turns her eyes to the floor once more.

“But I may choose another fate for you. If your talents are as remarkable as the guards report, you could serve in another post in my house. When I give banquets, it would amuse my guests to have a slave girl under the table, crawling from one place to the next, entertaining each as they desire. We shall see. Put your bowl down and stand before me. Let me see all of you, girl. You shall be tested. You must be silent, my lady sleeps in the next chamber and it would not do to awaken her.”

The slave girl trembles as she removes the cloth that was wound around her hips. It was her only garment and now she stands naked in front of me. Her skin is very fair. Her hair is long and falls in curls to the middle of her back. She did not understand what I meant when I said that she would be tested and she is afraid.

“Hold your hands out in front of you,” I say gently as I sit on the end of the bed, “you must be prepared.”

The slave girl meekly complies. I open a chest beside the bed and draw out four leather cuffs. They are brown and studded with brass. When I buckle the first cuff on the girl’s arm, she is startled by how heavy the restraint is and how soft the cuff’s lining makes it feel. She then holds very still while I fasten the second cuff in place.

“Drop your arms, girl. Now, put your right foot on the edge on the bed.”

I then fasten a leather cuff, a match to the ones on her wrists, around the slave girl’s right ankle. I repeat the procedure with her left ankle. The slave girl does her best to stand motionless, her arms at her sides, her feet together, her eyes properly cast down, before me. Even thought she still has the free use of her arms and legs, the thick, heavy cuffs make her feel trapped. They remind her that she is a slave, property to be used as I desire.

As the slender, naked slave girl strives to control her emotions, I smile to himself as I plan her test. The night will be long.

“Girl, I will have more answers from you. You have my permission to speak when I ask you a question. You will look into my eyes when you speak. I can see whether you tell the truth or if you tell lies from your eyes. I should not have to remind you that it will go ill with you if you lie to me. Look at me, girl. Do it now.”

Fearfully, the slave girl lifts her gaze and meets my eyes. She blinks and then tries to hold her eyes steady, tries to keep her breathing even and slow.

“Girl, you said that for the entire year you have served in my lady’s bedchamber, you have not known the touch of a man. Is that the truth?”

“Yes, my lord.”

“That must have been very difficult for you. A young girl such as yourself, alone at night, sleeping on a xslot narrow pallet in my lady’s chamber, nobody to warm you. Nobody to caress the tender flesh I see before me. Many girls would have yielded to temptation and would have given themselves pleasure on those long, dark, quiet nights. Did you do that? Did your hands find their way to those ripe breasts I see before me?”

“My lord, I cannot…”, the slave girl stammers, a blush spreading across her cheeks.

“You can and you will tell me the truth. Tonight will be hard for you and if you try to evade my questions again, it will become much harder.”

“Yes, my lord…..I did touch my breasts in the early mornings, when I could tell my lady was asleep. I was so hungry that I dared it.”

“That is better, girl, you will do well to always tell me the truth. Now, I have a task for you. Show me what you did. Show me how you gave yourself pleasure.”

The slave girl catches herself before her protest is voiced. She feels her heart beating wildly with fear as she slowly lifts her arms and folds her hands over her breasts. The blood rushes in her veins and her skin feels hot. Her fingers cup her breasts and lightly massage the soft flesh. Her breath comes faster as her fingers press more strongly. I hold her gaze, then my eyes drop to her chest. I watch the slave girl’s nipples swell and grow erect as she pinches and pulls them. My phallus stirs beneath my tunic. I feel it becoming longer and fatter. The girl’s body begins to slowly sway. Her lips part and, without thinking, she moans in the pleasurable sensations she is giving herself. She notices that I am staring at her breasts. She sees my tongue dart out and moisten my lips. Her eyes drift closed as she becomes lost in the passion.

I raise my gaze and see that the girl has shut her eyes. I reach into the chest beside the bed and remove a leather strap. I flick it out and the strap’s end stings the girl’s thigh like an angry hornet. Her eyes fly open in shock, but she remembers to keep her hands on her breasts and does not cry out. A tear descends from her eye as the sharp pain in her thigh slowly begins to fade.

“I did not tell you to close your eyes. That was your first taste of what awaits you tonight. How do you feel, girl? Tell me everything!”

“My lord, my skin is burning. My hands are merely teasing my breasts. I can only be satisfied by the touch of a man. My heart is pounding. My thigh aches, but it is a sweet pain. I feel I could lose my mind as I stand here before you.”

“Is that all, girl? Is that really all you feel? Spread your feet apart now. More, more, that’s it. I know the scent of a woman’s pussy when it becomes wet, when it is yearning to be caressed by a tongue or filled by a hard cock. I can smell that scent now. I can feel the heat from your yoni. You should have told me everything, girl. Take your right hand and move it down to your pussy. I’m glad you follow our custom of removing the hair down there. It makes it easier for me to see what you are doing. Curl your fingers under you. Now use the palm of your hand and your fingers to rub your pussy. Slowly, slowly, be gentle, I do not want you to get too excited. Keep looking at me. That’s good.”

The slave girl’s mind is reeling. She is standing before her lord, playing with her pussy and moaning like a bitch in heat. She is soaking wet and is finding it difficult to stay on her feet.

“Very good, girl. Keep looking at me. Tell me what you feel.”

“My lord, my yoni is on fire. The amrita is pouring out of me, drenching my fingers as I touch the entrance to the Jade Gate. I feel my juices starting to run down my thighs. I feel as though I am going insane. I am burning.”

“Fascinating, “as though you am going insane”. Really? Do this, girl. Take one finger and slide it into your yoni. Move it as far inside as you can. When that finger is completely covered in your pussy juice, draw it out and hold your hand before your face.”

The slave girl groans as she reaches into her fire. Her chest heaves. Her breath catches. Her knees tremble. She coats a finger with her amrita and raises her hand.

“Now, girl, lick your finger. Clean it very carefully and pay close attention to how it tastes. You will describe it to me when you are done.”

The slave girl is beyond embarrassment now. She brings her hand up, parts her lips, slowly pushes her tongue out and licks just the tip of her finger. She shudders as yet another wave of arousal runs though her. She’s tasted herself many times before, learned to enjoy the complex nature of her amrita, come to love how her body reacts to eating her own juices, but she’s never done this before anyone else. The slave girl almost faints, but steadies herself and continues to lick her finger until every trace of amrita is gone.

“Well, speak, girl.”

“My lord, it is sweet, it is salty, it…. , it…… My lord, I am sorry, I have no words that can describe it. I am sorry.”

“You cannot describe it? I think I shall have to sample it myself. Wet your finger again, girl, and present it to me. Do it now.”

The xslot Giriş slave girl slowly returns her hand to her yoni, slides a finger inside and gathers her amrita. She draws the finger out and raises her hand to my lips. I smile as I lean forward to kiss the tip of her finger. My tongue begins to seek out the amrita and the girl shudders with passion. When I am done, I lean back and the girl lets her arms fall to her sides.

“It is a very complicated flavor, girl. You told me the truth when you said you could not describe it. You did well. We must move on now. Your testing has hardly begun. Be still now.”

I reach into the chest again and remove several pieces of rope. I stand, take the slave girl’s shoulders and turn her sideways to the bed. Then I sit and begin to loop one rope around the girl’s thigh. I make three turns around her leg and draw the rope snugly against her skin. I pass one end of the rope through a ring on the girl’s cuff and then tie a tight knot, binding the girl’s wrist to her leg. She can move her arm no more than the length of her smallest finger. When I am satisfied with this knot, I turn the girl so her other leg is before me and make a duplicate of my ropework. I then turn the girl to face me as I sit on the end of the bed.

“Get down on your knees, girl. It is time for me to sample the delights you can provide with your mouth.”

Awkwardly, the slave girl kneels before me. She notices that I have placed a thick rug on the floor at the end of the bed for her and she is grateful for this small kindness.

“Now, listen closely, girl. I saw the teeth marks you left on the cocks of my guards last night. That sort of rough play may be all well and good when you are dealing with common soldiers, but my noble friends would not be pleased with that treatment. If I had a guest from Rome here and you marked his cock like that, he would most certainly have your pretty little head removed from your shoulders.”

I pause for a moment as I stand and pull my tunic off over my head. I sit again, now naked, on the foot of the bed. My legs are spread and my phallus is rigid. It rises and falls slightly as I breath. I watch the slave girl’s eyes and am very pleased to see them widen slightly when she looks at my cock. I place my hands on the girl’s shoulders and bring her closer.

“You are doing well, girl. Keep your eyes on the cock that will be in your mouth soon. It is a fine thing, is it not? I enjoy hearing your voice. Tell me why you find my cock beautiful.”

“My lord, your phallus looks so strong, so stiff. I will happily yield my body to the wielder of such a sword. I see the gleam of a drop of the tears of the dragon shining on the tip of your phallus. My tongue itches and I feel a hunger growing in my mouth.”

“Oh, that is marvelous, girl. You are bewitching me with your words. I will miss that while your mouth is occupied with sucking my cock. It is the price I must pay, I suppose. Let us begin.”

The girl inches closer as I take my phallus in my right hand. I raise its head to the level of the girl’s mouth. I gently close my legs against her shoulders to hold her in place.

“Once you have learned the proper technique for sucking a cock, I shall bring in one of my mistresses and you shall learn how a noble woman wants you to give her pleasure. This is how I will want you to approach my male guests when you are beneath the banquet table. Listen carefully and do exactly as I command. My cock is almost touching your mouth now. Very, very gently, purse your lips and kiss just the tip of my cock’s head. Think of how softly a butterfly lands on a flower. Do it like that. Oh, that is good. Kiss my cock again and let your lips linger, just for a moment against me. Yes, that is right. Now move your head back just a fraction and let the tip of your tongue explore my cock head. Slowly, like it is covered in honey, softly lick all around the tip. Now, kiss it again and this time, let the entire head slip into your mouth. Keep your lips soft. Hold your head steady while I move my cock slowly in and out of your mouth. Let your tongue caress my cock head while it is inside your mouth. I’m going to hold still now. I want you to begin bobbing your head up and down. Take my cock head into your mouth and then let it slip out.”

My scent intoxicates the girl. Her heart is beginning to speed up again. She has always enjoyed giving oral pleasure to her lovers. She thinks I do not know how indulgent I am being by allowing her this. The slave girl is careful to keep her movements gentle.

“You are a quick study, girl. Now let my cock head rest inside your lips and softly begin to suck it. Think again of the butterfly and the flower.”

The slave girl’s cheeks hollow as she begins to suck. She can taste the tears of the dragon. They mix with the taste of her amrita. Her breath speeds in and out of her nostrils. Her head has begun to move up and down on my phallus.

“Raise your eyes, girl. Look at me. Do not stop what you are doing. It is most pleasant. I am starting to believe that you really do love xslot Güncel Giriş the feel of a cock in your mouth.”

Eventually, I put my hand on the back of the girl’s head and take her hair in my fingers. Slowly, I pull her head back so that her mouth releases my phallus. My fire is rising now and I want to see how much the girl can tolerate. I stand and place the head of my cock against the slave girl’s partially opened mouth.

“Let us see how you like this. Keep your mouth open. If you bite me now, you shall never see another sunrise. Hold still.”

With both hands now gripping the girl’s hair, I push my cock into her mouth. I move slowly, but with irresistible force. I only stop when the girl’s lips are pressed against my crotch. I grunt with pleasure when I see her eyes still fixed on mine. I hold her gaze as I begin to pound my phallus into her mouth, moving into her throat. The girl is fighting to keep breathing. Her jaws are beginning to ache with the strain of holding her teeth well clear of my cock. Her tongue is wildly lashing my phallus as it fills her mouth. She is hoping to bring me to an orgasm. If she can take my seed now, she thinks that I may grow weary and not punish her as harshly as I had planned. I am climbing the mountain to my pleasure. With an iron will, I stop and pull my phallus from the slave girl’s mouth. She whimpers, she was as lost in passion as I was. She knows now that I plan to pace himself, to take my time as I explore the possibilities of her body.

“That was remarkable, girl. You do have a talented mouth. There will be nobles all over the country singing your praises after you practice your skills on their cocks. I almost lost control like a boy plowing his first wench. I’ll have to be very careful with you. It is time to move on to other challenges now. Here, get up on your feet again.”

The slave girl is unsteady for a moment. I hold her shoulder with one hand and pinch her right nipple with the other.

“I need you to pay attention to me now. Can you hear me?”

The slave girl shakes her head and then nods in response.

“Step here to the edge of the bed and bend over. Let your shoulders fall to the bed. More your feet a little farther apart. That is good. Now be still while I prepare you for the next part of your test.”

I take a small jar from the chest and remove its lid. It contains oil pressed from olives grown on my farm outside Pisa. I dip a finger into the jar and step to the girl’s side. With my left hand, I gently spread the girl’s ass cheeks. The soft light from a wall sconce reveals the girl’s tiny, clinched anus. I laugh when I see the muscle quiver.

“Girl, surely you did not think that I would content myself with your mouth and pussy and leave your ass untouched? My lady has never allowed me into her bottom and I must take my pleasure where I may find it. Will it make you feel better to know that you will be neither the first nor the last slave in this house that I have buggered? I will not simply plunge my cock into your ass and rape you. That would be very uncomfortable for you and your ass will feel better around my cock if you are enjoying yourself. You need to get accustomed to having something pushed into your ass and left for a while. First, I’ll use my finger and get everything nice and slick. I am barely touching your ass now. I can feel it trembling. I will slowly rub my finger across your ass for a moment. Back and forth, back and forth, letting the movements become smaller and smaller until the tip of my finger is resting right against your anus. Now I will slide my finger just into your ass, and bring it right back out. Now that did not hurt at all, did it? Of course not. I will just keep sliding one finger in and out until you start to relax that pretty little ass of yours. Keep breathing, girl. If you faint, I will just call in two of my guards to revive you and we shall begin all over again.”

The slave girl is trying to focus, trying to ignore the heat building in her yoni again. My finger is massaging the ring of her anus, sending waves of sensation through her body. Her breath is rapid and shallow. She is panting like a hound that has chased down a gazelle. The girl wants to keep silent, but she moans when I remove my finger and then slowly push two oily fingers together into her ass. I spread my fingers deep inside her, twisting and bending them. Every muscle in the girl’s body is taut, is trembling. I laugh when her back arches like a drawn bow as she twists and turns under my grip.

“I think you are ready for the next step, girl. Relax, this plug is going up your ass and it will stay there until I decide to remove it.”

I pull my fingers out. The girl then feels a smooth, rounded object being pushed through the ring of her muscles. The plug is ivory. It is finely polished and has been rubbed with oil to make it slick. The small head widens into the plug’s body and the girl’s ass is forced open as the relentless pressure continues. Just as she is about to scream, the plug suddenly narrows and her anal muscles clamp down on the plug’s small neck. The girl can feel its rigid length in her ass. It feels very foreign. Nothing like this has ever before been pushed up through her ass. I tap the plug’s protruding base with a finger and the girl’s body shakes at the strange sensations.

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