In the Dead of Winter Ch. 03

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Darkness surrounded Lua.

In the middle of The Mistress massive bed she sat Indian style.

Her hands in her lap and her eyes shut tightly.

Mrs. Bateman was near but had not yet accompanied her on the bed.

Lua could smell her though.

The Mistresses scent wasn’t like anything she’d smelled before.

It was hard to find words for it but it was like the most overpowering yet prettiest smelling perfume a woman could buy.

It seemed to be driving Lua’s senses wild.

There was also a strange throbbing between her legs that wouldn’t let up.

She’d felt less intense throbbing before but only in the most intimate moments of her life.

Moments when she felt the need to touch herself late at night.

Lua had deliberately ignored the temptations because she’d been taught that masturbation was an act of the devil.

She didn’t understand but at that moment she wanted nothing more than for Mrs. Bateman to touch her between her legs.

To make the ache cease.

Suddenly the mattress dipped at her right side and Lua jolted when Mrs. Bateman’s arm wrapped around her just below her breast.

“What are you thinking about?”

The Mistress asked as she pulled Lua into her lap with ease.

“I don’t know.”

The girl admitted, afraid to confess the sinful thoughts that ran rampant through her mind.

Mrs. Bateman chuckled while burying her face in Lua’s unruly curls.

“You don’t know, huh?”

She continued laughing.

The girl shook her head no timidly, Looking down into her lap where Mrs. Bateman’s hands gently intertwined with hers.

“Why are you rubbing you’re legs together?”

The Mistress asked, Setting her chin on Lua’s shoulder.

Embarrassment Casibom washed over the young girl in an instant.

“I don’t know.”

She answered, Dropping her head in shame.

“Does it make you feel good?”

Mrs. Bateman whispered into Lua’s ear.

The young girl furrowed her brow and shook her head once more.

“It makes the ache stop.”

The Mistress smiled against Lua’s cheek.

“Do you know what causes that ache, Sweet girl?”

Lua struck silent not knowing the answer to the question she’d just been asked.


The mistress pushed.

“No mam.”

The girl stated bashfully.

Mrs. Bateman huffed.

“It’s desire, Baby.”

“It’s you yearning to have someone touch you, To have someone put their fingers inside you and stretch you open.”

Mrs. Bateman softly explained as molten lava coursed through Lua’s veins.

“Yearning to feel the warmth from someone’s mouth on that pretty little pussy.”

Lua was trembling involuntarily now but not from fear this time.

“Do you want me to touch you, Lua?”

Her mind raced.

It was wrong.

No, it was right!

Her mind was telling her that it was wrong.

To lay with another woman was one of the biggest cardinal sins.

But her body had never felt so right.

It was like her mind and her body where a battlefield of different emotions fighting one another.

“Do you want to feel my fingers sliding in and out of your pussy?”

“Stroking your walls, Stretching that sweet hyman of yours.”

Mrs. Bateman’s mouth was at Lua’s ear as she spoke.

Her teeth sunk into the girls earlobe and instantly goosebumps rose on Lua’s skin.

“Good girl.”

Mrs. Bateman cooed, Holding the girl against her tightly.

“You’re Casibom Giriş so responsive.”

The ache between her legs had now shifted to a burning sensation and she bit her lip and curled her toes trying desperately to fight it off.

“Tell me what you want, Lua.”

The Mistress insisted.

“I can’t make it better if you don’t tell me how.”

Lua’s hands grasped the bedsheets furiously and the burn down below was so severe that she was on the verge of tears.

She couldn’t understand what was happening to her body, The feeling didn’t seem natural anymore.

“Touch me.”


Lua forced out as hot tears began streaming her cheeks.

“Where, Lua?”

The Mistress said almost tauntingly.

“You gotta tell me where.”

Lua whimpered helplessly, The muscles in her legs sore from being pressed together.

“Down here.”

The girl admitted motioning in between her legs.

“Don’t be coy, Lua.”

“If you want me to touch your pussy say that you want me to touch your pussy.”

Mrs. Bateman grunted into Lua’s ear as she held her still from the uncontrollable squirming.

Tears were falling into her lap now as she fought the urge to touch herself.

“I want you to touch my pussy.”

The girl whispered in a state of mock defeat.

Immediately without hesitation Mrs. Bateman’s hand coursed down the front of the girl’s sweatpants and into her panties.

Lua gasped, Her hand flying up and gripping Mrs. Bateman’s wrist as if trying to stop her.

“There you go.”

“Don’t fight it.”

The Mistress soothed as she rubbed Lua’s womanhood gently.

Lua’s body relaxed a grade into Mrs. Bateman.

“Does that feel good?”

The Mistress whispered into the girl’s ear.

Lua nodded, Still grasping tightly Casibom Yeni Giriş to Mrs. Bateman’s wrist.

Subconsciously the girl was pushing herself into The Mistresses hand, Grinding as hard as she could against it.

It seemed that her earlier embarrassment had been lost to the wind.

Gulping, moaning and gasping she tried desperately to find her morality but the feeling of Mrs. Bateman’s fingers lightly strumming her clit made her lose her mind over and over again.

Mrs. Bateman’s other hand grasped Lua’s breasts and The Mistress quickly found her nipples through her thin T-shirt.

Throwing her head back she moaned deeply into the air as The Mistress gently flicked her nipples.

“This is what happens when you don’t wear a bra, baby girl.”

The Mistress said pinching the girls nipple so roughly that it sent even more shock waves through her body.

“Gives me easier access to these sweet little buds of yours.”

Lua was beginning to feel as if she were reaching some sort of peak.

As she began to buck and squeeze her legs together against Mrs. Bateman’s hand.

“Come on baby.”

The Mistress spoke.

“Cum all over my fingers so I can lick it all up.”

Loud guttural cries echoed throughout the large room as Lua felt the power of her first orgasm tear through her body.

A feeling of euphoria blanketed her body and her toes which were curled finally relaxed.

One of her hands which was fisted in the bedsheets loosened.

And her eyes sauntered nervously up to Mrs. Bateman’s.

Grinning like the Cheshire Cat Mrs. Bateman removed her hand from Lua’s panties and into her mouth.

The young girl quickly hid her face in the crook of Mrs. Bateman’s arm as shame washed over her again.

The Mistress chucked.

“Are we still being bashful?”

She continued to laugh as Lua peeped up at her through her long dark lashes.

“You taste-“”

Mrs. Bateman paused, Leaning down into the girl’s ear.

“So fucking sweet.”

“I think I may have a couple of cavities now.”

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