In the Highlands of Turi

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I had come for a short visit to my parents-in-law’s farm 160km from the capital, principally to oversee the work being done on the portion of farming land we had been allocated on a temporary basis. I also wanted to try if I could sound out my mother-in-law about some problems I had with my husband.

My phone vibrated twice on the bedside table. I read the two WhatsApp messages. “Praise the Lord,” I responded. It came from a friend of ours, a singer in the choir. Since I had come here, he made a point of sending me an early morning greeting every day. I dived under the covers to check my phone for them as soon as I awoke. He had a very poetic way of phrasing them, too.

“I have swam the River Night without incident and climbed ashore onto Today,” he went on, “What about you, sweetheart?”

The previous day he had promised to share an idea with me, which left me very curious, and with a feeling that if I pursued him on it I would take some irrevocable step. I felt like I would be jumping off a cliff-edge, yet that I would be safe with him.

In the last few weeks my feelings towards Tom had undergone a substantial change. Now here in this environment they were changing yet more. Maybe it was the clean air, the wide-open spaces, the sounds of the flocks of sheep or a combination of all three. I was more ready to take the risk of a deeper friendship with this man, which was very unlike me. I had been married for almost 14 years and had never felt anything like this about any man before. My finger twitched with emotion as I teetered on the edge unsure whether to take the plunge.

“I would like to hear what your idea was about, and perhaps give it a thought.” I used this stiff formal way to give him room to turn away if he wanted to, but in reality I was dying to know.

“Aren’t you coming back to the city on Monday? I want to suggest that you leave on Sunday afternoon instead. On your way, you stop off at my place, then we would go together to the choir practice on Monday.” Just like that. No introduction or preparation. I was right that I was on the threshold of something big.

Now it was not just my thumb but my whole body that was trembling with anxiety. I did not know what to reply though something deep inside me wanted to accept his invitation. There would be no turning back if I did, however. The talk with my mother-in-law was not a roaring success, when she seemed to take the bahis siteleri side of her son. Naturally, I thought bitterly. Turning these things over in my mind, I found that it took me until evening to bring myself to respond to Tom.


The bus slowed down as it approached Oniko, and I edged towards to the door. As I bent to see how close we were I realised we had arrived and caught sight of him looking up at the bus windows as if he could see me. My breath caught in my throat. Soon I would be in his arms!

When the bus stopped and the door opened I climbed out. I looked towards where I had seen Tom but he was already on his way to me. We hugged hungrily and I was glad that it was almost dark so that not too many people would see us. He bought us supper at a rather nice restaurant and we took a taxi to his house. When we got to his gate, I asked him why he had to spend money for such a short distance. He merely looked sideways at me and gave me a smile.

He held me close as soon as we got into the house, kissing me until my every nerve tingled.

In his bedroom I noticed the sheets were freshly laundered and the rest of the room neatly arranged, everything in its place. He undressed me in a leisurely way, hanging my clothes on hangars in the wardrobe, but left my panty and bra on. He took his off efficiently in the same way. He held me from behind, running his hands all over my front, tummy, and breasts while kissing my neck. This drove me so crazy for him that I almost did not recognise myself. I had never felt such hot desire in my life. What the hell was this man doing to me?

We lowered ourselves onto the bed and, still kissing me all over he unclasped my bra and looked at my breasts in an almost worshipful way. His hands touched them one after the other. There was something delicate about his touch that made thrills of pleasure to wash over me. Then he lowered his mouth onto them! Stars exploded in my field of vision. I felt his hand on my navel, making me squirm. It kept going southwards while the assault on my nipples reached a peak. He pulled one nipple into a warm mouth, at the same time as his hand covered my vagina over the panty. My legs parted without waiting for any permission from me. He pulled the nipple and released it suddenly. I screamed, felt a cruel heat rush through my body and was aware that something had escaped my vagina making my panty canlı bahis siteleri even wetter than it had been. What is this man doing to me? It is not as if it is my body any more!

I felt my panty being peeled down my legs. I was now perfectly naked with another man. I had never done this with other than my husband. Why did it feel unthreatening? What have I become?

His mouth left my breasts and was roaming on my lower chest, then my stomach. Where was he going? This question had no time to form properly before fingers were on my nipples, rubbing, squeezing and twirling them.

With shock I realised Tom’s mouth was sucking my vagina! Ngai! How can anyone do that? Yet it felt so good.

“I will lick you completely clean,” he mumbled between mouthfuls of my flesh. He chewed softly on my labia, stuck a tongue into my hole. I was no longer aware of where I was. Then he moved up and clamped onto my clitoris. Oh, my God! I had never felt anything like that. My whole body stiffened, the heat enveloped me again and more juices ran from my centre. My mouth was wide open in a silent scream. He slowed his movements to lick me gently clean again, which felt simply wonderful.

“My love, you taste sooo-oo good!”

He slid his body up to bring his wet lips to mine, kissing me hungrily. I could feel his hard manhood against my thighs.

“What does my ‘down there’ taste like? Just tell me,” I pleaded with him.

He said,”There is something like fish, some sweetness faintly like sugar and other flavours I cannot describe.”

He licked his lips again. With a start I realised that his first kisses must have contained some of my juices. Even more shocking was the realisation that I had liked the taste!


Tom made me lie sideways facing him, lifted my leg over his body and hooked it on the back of his thigh. Reaching around our bodies he inserted his cock into me again. He had fucked me (Khai, the words I use nowadays!) so masterfully that I had climaxed multiple times, a first for me. Each time I came I felt his cock still hard inside me and we would start new movements, of which he seemed to have an infinite supply. Now, without so much as a word between us, I swung my hips in such a way as to pull his manhood deep into my vagina and out again. I even found myself swinging them so that he entered me from side to side touching me in all corners. At the canlı bahis same time he kept his eyes glued to mine in such a loving gaze that I felt as if I were being swallowed up into him.

His one hand was rubbing my sensitive nipples while all this was going on. He began making moves in rhythm with my own so that his cock dug even deeper into me. Somewhere inside there he touched something he had not reached before. I moaned loudly which seemed to the cue for him to lower his mouth onto my nipples. When he sucked and squeezed it with his lips, I exploded again.

When I cooled down we had a little pillow talk. I told him that do not ever want to be without him in my life. I wish that I had met him before. Married to him, I would never want to sleep in a different bed from him. But “I wish” is the language of losers.

“Instead of wishing for what we will never have, why don’t we work out our love in a way that will not disturb our current lives. We both have children, don’t we, Darling?”

I could hardly believe he had latched onto my most pressing concern. “Oh, Darling you are so sweet! Yes, I would not want to disrupt my children’s lives. Some are still in school. Since my life with their father can hardly get any worse, there is no need to cause the children more trouble than they already have to bear.”

He chuckled softly. “Like what? A marriage proposal?”

I punched him in the shoulder.

“Besides I have my standing in church, what with being deacon, and Guild member, working towards full membership. Without your sensible approach to all this, my acceptance into membership in the Guild would be seriously threatened. Thank you so much!”

His final proposal was that since we saw so much of each other through our choir activities, it would be fairly regular. Should we need to set a secret rendezvous, we would do so during those times we attended practice, removing any need for dangerous phone calls, or messages which can so easily fall into the wrong hands; everything would be done in person.

I kissed him hard on the lips. But that had the effect of sending both of us up the ladder of desire again. I rolled over onto my back in the submissive pose called by some the ‘missionary position’ to welcome him into me and to give me that special brand of loving that he has introduced me to. Where have I been all my life? Where had he been?

Gentle reader, do you wonder that we are already planning a long overland journey to Kampala, onward to Kigali, and maybe even to Bujumbura? What bliss to spend two weeks in the company of this gem that has been brought into my life by I-don’t-know-which forces?

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