Indian Family Desires Ch. 03

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Please read the first part as to how Rashi finds out about the hidden desires of her husband, Dev towards her daughter Megha, and that her son, Dhruv insatiable thirst towards her. Needless to say all characters are 18 years and above…


Things between Rashi and Dhruv gather steam, as Dev let things happen…

Hearing his mom moan, Dhruv gets more aroused and any fear that he had is now gone. “Ma…please… did I made you…” this time his other finger slid inside from the sides of her panty, touching her bare pussy.

The stickiness on his fingers as he slowly moved his two fingers, rubbing her. His other hand bunching up her dress right up to her waist.

Rashi is swirling between ecstasy and shame, “Dhrruv..stop it” she moans closing her eyes. Her resolve to stop him is dissolving slowly. She held his hand to stop him but couldn’t. It was weirdly arousing to be explored by her young and innocent son. The thought that she would be his first was even more arousing but also embarassing at the same time.

“Stop what ma…. this?” – and he pushes his finger inside her pussy, slowly fingering his mom. The room is completely silent except for her moans… “You liking this ma… am I too fast,” – he stops waiting for her response.

Dev is still in the kitchen and he waits for both of them to cross that threshold so that even if he comes, they couldn’t care less.

Rashi marsbahis güvenilirmi couldn’t help but moan as his small finger easily slid into her. “Yes.. mmm..” she moaned and almost let her guard down for good. She folded her legs bringing them closer to her body. Her fingers ran through his hair now and the thought of stopping him is lost in her desire.

“How do you know all this” she asked biting her lip with her eyes closed, as his own son fingered her.

Dhruv doesn’t answer her but pushed his hands under her ass, as he tried to pull her panties down.

“Ma… lift your ass,” – he said it very calmly as his fingers dig on her curvaceous ass. He tries to yank them down but it’s still stuck in Rashi’s thighs.

Dev hears his son and wife and want to come in but stops himself thinking too early, too early.

Rashi lifted her ass still wondering how her young child who’s so innocent knew all this stuff. She didn’t think of stopping him anymore. But she was embarrassed and turned on because of it. The thought of she being fucked by young guy and that too her own son is so arousing. In no time her bare pussy was exposed to her son.

Dhruv, like a professional pulled her panties down as he raised himself more on his knees and then softly blowed on her pussy.

“Ma… you smell good”- he looked at her smiling as if he has laid his hands on marsbahis yeni giriş a treasure. He bends down and gives her a lick with his tongue.

“Dhruvv” she blushed listening to his comment. It was oddly satisfying and arousing to hear a sexy comment from her novice son. She still wondered how the hell he was so good at that age. May be her son wasn’t as innocent as she thought but that’s for another day. She ran her fingers through his hair and taking his hand placed it on her breast making him squeeze it.

He responded by squeezing her tight breasts and as her fingers run through his hair, he pushed his nose more in her pussy, rubbing his tip over as some stickiness gets on his nose tip. “Ma… like a perfume,” – he looked back at her and then thrusted both his fingers in her pussy.

“mmhh.. good” she moaned as he squeezed her breast. His fingers slid in with ease as her pussy was leaking her juices even more. “Anhh.. take off your pants” she said unable to control her desire and lust.

Dhruv heard his mom, and his dick was already straining under his shorts. He stood up, lowered down his shots as his thing sprung up. But for a moment he was now confused, should be just fuck his mom who was sprawling right in front of him or her should let her suck it first. So he stood frozen.

She saw him take off his pants and his hard cock flung up. He has a good cock marsbahis giriş for his age. The hint of pubes growing showed he’s turning into a man. She got up and touched his hard cock pulling back the foreskin. “You are turning into a man..” she smiled and kissed his cock. It didn’t take long before she took his entire cock into her mouth sucking it slowly. Deep down she felt like a dirty bitch for sucking on her son, who’s still so young. But she couldn’t care less. She has already past the point of guilt and filled with pure lust. Her hand cupped his balls massaging them.

“Uhh….uhhh….ma,” – Dhruv moaned loudly and then started to move his ass. His hands cupped her head and his legs bucked forward and his hips started to move faster.

Dev feels it’s the right time to come in and he walk out of the kitchen like a cool customer, to see Rashi sucking his dick and Dhruv holding his mother head tightly.

“Rashi….”- he almost shout for effect. Dhruv opens up his eyes and is startled as his grip loosens on Rashi.

She’s almost startled coming back to her senses. “Dhruv…” She said in a low voice. Her hand still holding her son’s balls. She was startled but she somehow felt okay, afterall she knew her husband was lusting for their daughter. “I.. we.. ” she didn’t know what to tell, or may be she just put a convincing act. She waited to hear her husband out.

Dev glared at Dhruv and then looked back at his wife. But before he could even react, Dhruv, held his mother head back again and started to pump his cock down her throat. He didn’t care what was to happen but for now he was too horny and he couldn’t care less.

Dev stood there transfixed.

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