Indoor Beach Party Ch. 02

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Author’s Note:

This is a continuation of the story Indoor Beach Party. Although this story stands on it’s own, you get a better sense of the characters if you read them in order.


He awoke lying on his back with the sun on his face. His little kitten had wrapped her naked frame around him. Her hand was on his cock massaging it gently. Well at least now he knew what woke him up.

“Good. You are awake, I’ll be right back.” She bent down and kissed his cock as she got up. After she had brushed her teeth she stopped in the door frame and posed seductively, her nakedness half in shadow and half illuminated by the sun streaming from the window. It was going to be another very hot day, he thought admiring her curves.

“See anything you like?” She postured seductively.

“Come over her and let me show you how much I like”

They made love for what seemed like hours. Sometimes it was slow and gentle, sometimes hard. There was a mutual sharing of one another’s bodies. Not a word was said. They communicated their desires through touches and moans, trading pleasures. They built each other up slowly, and when they finally came together, she was on top with their bodies pressed together.

After their breathing died down and his cock started to slip from her pussy she leaned up on her elbows and asked, “How did you end up naked in the closet?”

He was immediately nervous, but they always shared everything so he told her whole story. He started with Samantha’s initial suggestion and spent a great deal of time whispering to his wife how each woman had touched him. He finished with his promise to Samantha that a punishment was forthcoming. His cock had become rock hard in the retelling and she was grinding her pussy against him. They talked about what Samantha deserved as they ground against one another. As their breathing increased, talking was becoming more difficult. She pulled his cock into her warm canal and they fucked hard and fast; both coming quickly.

Sophia agreed that a punishment was in order today and their pillow talk fleshed out a plan as his cock slowly slipped from her pussy. They got up and threw on grubby clothes for cleaning. The air conditioning was still broken so for her that was a cotton tank top and stretchy shorts. For him, by mutual agreement it was tight pair of boxer briefs that were a bit translucent. He usually wore them as underwear but with a causal onlooker might consider them workout gear. His muscular ass was well framed and his cock was completely outlined.

It was 10 o’clock when they got up and started preparing a buffet style breakfast: yoghurt, berries, cereal, and fruit salad. Those few that stayed grabbed a quick bit an left for their own air conditioned houses to sleep off the remaining effects of the previous nights party; everyone except Samantha. She always felt a responsibility to help clean up, since she was usually a significant contributor to the mess. Samantha also wore a tight fitting white ribbed tank top that her nipples strained to poke through. On her bottoms she wore a tight pair of workout shorts that she had folded the waistband down so that they rode very low on her hips. She started vacuuming as he picked up garbage, wiped down surfaces and put everything back in their place.

He went into the kitchen where Sophia was washing dishes. He picked u pa a towel and started drying them. He wrapped one hand around her hip sliding his hands over her pubic mound. “Are you sure you want to do this?” She turned and grabbed his cock through his shorts.

“Yes, right now more than anything.” She turned and left him to finish the dishes. Samantha had finished the vacuuming and had come into the kitchen with a handful of dirty glasses. She dumped them into the sink and started washing. Sophia came back into the kitchen wearing a flowery summer dress.

“Ok I’m off to my spa appointment. Oh and I think afterwards I’ll do some shopping. This heat wave convinced me that I need some more summer stuff. I’ll be back just before dinner.” She kissed her husband on the cheek and left.

He and Samantha washed in silence for a few minutes. “Is she really going to be gone all afternoon?”

“She’s going for the works; a facial, pedicure, manicure and then a massage. It’s been booked for months. You should have heard her complain about how she had nothing to wear. She’ll probably try to break the bank account.”

Samantha smiled knowingly, “We ladies of quality do need our regular upkeep.” Samantha swept up some bubbles in her hand and threw them at his face.

“Hey!” he said and threw some bubbles back. It turned into a bit of a water fight and both were getting splashed all over. “Enough!” xslot he finally said. Her top had wet spots all over it making her nipples glow through transparent fabric. The skin of his chest glistened with moisture. A little rivulet of water had made a section of his boxers transparent, the tip of his cock clearly visible. She coyly went back to doing the dishes then innocently dumped a cup of water into his crotch.

“Hey!” He grabbed her wrist and they wrestled and struggled until his superior strength had her bent forwards over the kitchen table, his wrists around hers. “Are you going to promise to cut this out?” he asked.

“No, I won’t promise anything,” she smiled seductively.

“Stay put!” he said with authority and left the kitchen. She quickly stood up, removed her top and pulled down her shorts so that the top of her pussy showed at the front and the most of her ass was exposed. She bent forward at the waist with just her wrists on the kitchen table. She was squeezing her thighs together squirming.

“What’s going on here?” he asked as he returned.

She saw a short section of rope in his hands and smiled. “I’ve been a bad girl and need to be punished.” He quickly secured her wrists to a table leg so that she was still bent over. She tried to move her wrists but the heavy oak table didn’t budge.

He paused admiring his handiwork and her mostly exposed body. He cleared his throat. “Just so that we are very clear here, what are you expecting to happen right now?”

Samantha licked her lips, “I’ve been a very bad girl and need to be punished in any way you see fit. I’ve been trying to seduce you for days and I don’t care what happens if I get to feel that beautiful hard cock slamming in my pussy.”

“Oh really now!” said Sophia holding from a behind, a video camera trained on Samantha’s face. “You are such a slut. I can’t wait to show all our mutual friends what you are like. It’s a good thing I forgot my purse.”

Samantha looked panicked, “Please, NO! I didn’t mean for it to go this far.”

“Yet here you are, tied to my kitchen table, mostly naked, begging to be fucked by my husband. Some friend you are. I can’t wait to show this to everyone.”

In a quiet voice Samantha started sobbing, “Please, I’ll do anything.”

“Samantha, here’s the problem. I don’t trust you anymore. You’ll throw yourself at my husband and as much as I trust him, last night proved that you have no boundaries. I think it’s time to teach you some.”

“What are you going to do?” Samantha asked with a ray of hope in her voice.

“You are going to get your wish, well the first part anyway. You are going to be punished, but in my way. And after that we’ll see.” Sophia put the camera on the counter, leaving it on, and adjusted it so that Samantha’s whole body was in the frame. She then spun a chair around backwards and sat down, her legs on either side of the backrest. She started to munch on some leftover popcorn.

Smack! His hand landed on the top of Samantha’s ass just above her shorts, then another, and another. Her breasts swayed.

“Stop.” Sophia said. “This won’t do, take off her shorts. She needs to be naked for this.” Without ceremony, he pulled her shorts to her ankles exposing the white cheeks of her ass and thighs. Even with only a few smacks the contrast between the pink part of her upper globes and the lower parts were remarkable.

For 2 min he covered her ass and back of her thighs with slaps. Everywhere glowed a light pink. Samantha was squirming in her bounds. “Open your legs” he commanded. Sophia’s hand had slipped under her dress and she fingered herself through her underwear. He worked on Samantha’s inner thighs matching the pinkness everywhere. Samantha’s legs were starting to get jumpy.

“Stop.” Sophia asked. She got up off the chair. “I want to do it.” She stood behind Samantha and swung her arm in a wide arc landing her hand on right in the center with a loud smack.

“Keep your wrist and elbow looser,” he instructed.

Smack. “Like that?

“Yes but you don’t need to use such a big arc, you are actually losing speed”

Smack, smack, smack, smack. “This is fun! Look at her ass giggle.” Samantha started to whimper quietly.

Smack, smack. “Ow, my hand is starting to sting; I can’t imagine how her ass feels.” Sophia rested her hand on Samantha’s ass which was squirming uncontrollably. “Her skin is so hot to the touch.” Smack, smack. “My hand hurts, you do it”

“Why don’t you get a ping pong paddle?” he suggested

“Ooohhh, great idea!” Sophia said and she went into the basement.

Samantha’s hips was still squirming and tears were streaming down her face, “I guess I deserved this. She’s really angry isn’t she?”

“She xslot Giriş was ready to strangle you in your sleep this morning, but I talked her out of it.”

“You told her about last night?”

“Yes, but I suggested another way. You probably won’t be able to sit for a week.”

Sophia returned carrying two ping pong paddles. “Ok Studly, how do I use these things?” offering him the blue one.

“Use a quick snapping motion with very loose wrists and light pressure, like this.” SMACK.

“Ow ow ow ow,” Samantha started.

“Ok let me try.” SMACK.

“Oh shit that hurts,” Samantha wailed.

“Be quiet you,” he chastised. “Honey, use less arm. It’s just a flick of the wrist.” SMACK.

“Like this?” SMACK

“Better.” They alternated, each landing a blow on the cheek next to them for about 10 additional strokes. Samantha’s ass was bright red all over, tears were running down her face her hips were trying to escape the fury being unleashed against them.

“Please stop! Ouch. I’ll do anything. Ouch. It hurts!”

“Ok I think that’s enough of the paddle for now.” He said as he put the paddle down. He used his hand for a few strokes right at the crease of her ass and thighs in a lifting motion that caused Samantha to jump at every strike. He stopped leaving Samantha to sob and squirm from the pain and heat coming from her ass.

They admired their work, “Nice color,” Sophia commented as Samantha continued her squirming.

“Do you see the stream of wetness between her legs. She’s so turned on right now.” He reached between her shivering globes and wiped his hand against her sopping wet pussy. Samantha moaned. “See?”

Sophia reached between her legs, “Wow does my pussy get so hot to the touch?” she asked looking at the moisture on her hand.

“It gets hotter, usually.”

Samantha was sniffling quietly as her two tormentors admired their handiwork.

“What’s next?’ Sophia asked.

“Well this kind of punishment doesn’t seem to be working, let’s try something else.” He untied her from the table leaving her wrists together and led a meek Samantha to the spare bedroom. He got her to lie down on her back on the bed and secured her hands above her head. Sophia came in with their toy box. A blindfold was put over Samantha’s eyes and her legs were spread wide and secured to the bed corners.

“My god, her pussy is a gooey mess isn’t it?” Sophia commented looking at Samantha’s open slit.

“Yep. It’s time for us to get to work.” They each grabbed a vibrator and started working them all over Samantha’s body getting close to her breasts and pussy but never actually making contact. Samantha’s body responded immediately trying to get as much contact with the little devices as possible. Each new touch was in a different place. He put down his toy and grabbed both of Samantha’s breasts squeezing them firmly and massaging them roughly. Samantha arched her back pushing the globes into his hands. Sophia gentle touched the tip of her vibe to Samantha’s clit.

Samantha moaned, “Oh god yes!” Sophia continued to work the vibe against Samantha’s clit in light little touches that was driving Samantha wild. Her breasts were being expertly played, fondled and teased. Her orgasm seemed inevitable when suddenly all contact stopped. “What?!” she exclaimed, her body writhing against the sheets. “Please, don’t stop!” She lifted her head from the bed her breath in short shallow gasps. “Please let me come!”

They watched Samantha’s frustration, together. “Hey studly, you should leave for bit, I’ll come and get you.” Sophia said. After the door closed she stripped off her sun dress and panties and straddled Samantha’s head.

“Ok, my little slut, lick my pussy and do it well or we’re going to start playing paddy cake on your ass with the paddles again.” She lowered her pussy on Samantha’s face. Samantha licked her hungrily. “Mmm that’s nice.” Sophia let her eyes close to focus on the sensations. She would never be doing this normally but she was in lust with the power she had over Samantha. “That’s it lick my clit, suck on it. Make me come all over your face.” What nasty words, she thought. Samantha was doing a wonderful job. Her tongue had just enough pressure and was darting and teasing bringing her closer to orgasm. She was so horny. Sophia had been fucked twice in 12 hours and was hungry for more. She came quickly almost drowning Samantha with the gush of her own desire. She got up unsteadily and left the room.

Whispering to her husband, “Ok do what you want with her but neither of you are allowed to come. Also I don’t want your cock in her pussy. I’m going for a nap. Wake me up in a bit”

He entered the spare bedroom and noticed that Samantha’s xslot Güncel Giriş face was slick with moisture. Samantha was licking her lips trying her best to clean herself off. He bent over her and kissed her. Samantha hungrily kissed him back, driving her tongue deep into his mouth. “You taste just like my wife’s pussy. Mmmm”

“Please, fuck me. Make me come. I’ll be your little fuck toy. You can have me whenever you want. You can fuck me deep in the ass; whatever you want.”

He silenced her with a long slurp of his tongue against her pussy ending at her clit. She groaned loudly. He worked his dexterous tongue all around her pussy; sticking it deep inside her, flicking back and forth around her clit always slowing down or stopping of she got to close. “Please I need to come. I’m desperate. Let me fuck you. I’ll ride you like you’ve never been ridden before. Please make me come.”

Her constant begging was starting to annoy him a bit so he decided to change tactics. He climbed on the bed straddling her chest. He leaned on his hands lifting his hips until he was doing a straddle push up with his cock lined up with her mouth. “I wonder how many push ups I can do today,” he said as he dipped his cock into her mouth. She swallowed him hungrily. He pushed up just a little leaving the tip still in her mouth. “That’s one”. He lowered himself a little further, she gagged slightly then he lifted up still leaving the tip in her mouth. “That’s two.” After a few more he got a feeling for how deep he could go. She was panting between strokes. “You know, when I was younger I could do 100 push ups with out any problem.” He continued driving his cock into her mouth. It was so carnal. He varied pace and depth sometime with a lot of little strokes followed but a deep one. She occasionally tried to twist away and he would back off a bit.

He felt himself getting close to coming and he got up. Samantha was panting heavily. He immediately dove his tongue back against her pussy. She groaned. “I still have a lot of push ups in me so if you aren’t quiet, I’d love the exercise

For almost an hour he teased and tortured her never allowing her to come. There were tears out of the corner of her eyes she was so frustrated. His tongue was getting tired. He went to wake his wife. “What’s next?” he asked. She whispered her next to him. “Oh that’s excellent. I’m so horny”

They went back into the spare bedroom. He untied Samantha’s arms and retied them by her sides. Sophia removed the blindfold. Samantha blinked in the light. Sophia sat on her chest facing Samantha’s feet and stuffed a large dildo in Samantha’s pussy. Samantha grunted. A small vibe was turned on its lowest setting and Sophia started playing with it again Samantha’s clit. Samantha tried to squirm. Sophia raised her hips until she was on all fours, her husband straddled Samantha’s head. He put the tip of his cock against the opening to his wife’s pussy.

“This is what you are missing,” Sophia announced as she worked the vibe around Samantha’s clit. “Doesn’t my husband have a beautiful cock? It’s so hard and it feels so good. Samantha tried to turn her head but it was held firm by his knees. He pressed forward slowly and Samantha was forced to watch his cock split Sophia’s pussy merely inches from her face. “Oh my god he’s huge. Ugg.” She shivered. “Come on show this slut what a good lover you are.”

Needing no further encouragement he fucked his wife for all he was worth. Occasionally his balls would slap against Samantha’s face. Sophia’s hips were driving back into his with every thrust. Her attention against Samantha’s clit was lost in her own passion. They lasted as long as they could both wanting to torture Samantha with what she could never have. They came together in a long extended orgasm that sent streams of white fluid shooting from Sophia’s pussy all over Samantha’s face, cheek, and pooling down her neck. They collapse forwards uncaring if they crushed Samantha. His cock slowly retracted leaving a pool of stick fluid seeping from Sophia’s pussy onto Samantha’s breasts.

He got up first; followed after a moments rest by Sophia. It was now early evening. Samantha pussy was engorged and red from being toyed with for hours. Her ass was still on fire from the paddling. She was covered in spunk on her face and chest. Sophia returned and put her arms spread eagle to the corners of the bed. She pulled out a thin leather belt that she slipped between Samantha’s legs, in the crack of her ass and around her hips. To it she attached a small plug. The vibe was inserted into Samantha’s pussy and the belts were tightened.

Sophia looked directly into Samantha’s eyes. “There is a little cup covering you clit and a small vibe in your pussy. They are both on their lowest settings. You won’t be able to come. The batteries shouldn’t last much more than six hours. Well maybe eight. Have a good evening.” Sophia left the spare bedroom to find her husband already asleep on their bed. She wrapped herself around him and fell fast asleep.

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