Infara Ch. 02

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Lukas watched the clock in his 6th period class. It seemed like the last period always took the longest. The first week of senior year went just as expected. However Cole had somehow convinced him to join the football team with him. He could see the reasoning behind it. They were both big guys and most often got mistaken for college students. He and Cole played basketball while they grew up together and it helped them for the better.

He wanted the day to be over already. He had all his real fun at night. He could leave the house without sneaking and not come back for days. His mother would never notice. But alas, his night creeping would have to wait. Along with convincing him to join the football team, Cole smoothed talked him into going to a local café with him, his interest for the week and one of her friends. Who unfortunately were both cheerleaders. For their bullshit school Carnelly high. Go dons.

He was in no kind of mood for preps. Especially perky blonde ones. They seemed to draw to him like moths to a flame but they always left him alone once they got “zapped”. Except for Cassidy Marsh. He shivered at the repulsing thought of her. Ever guy at their school had been with her in one form or another. But, she always insisted that they were meant to be.

He had heard that a new girl had decided to challenge her for cheer captain and was most likely going to succeed. He wanted to meet this new girl. She had some serious heart. Any girl who wasn’t scared of Cassidy and could cut her down to size was brilliant in his book.

The bell rang that signaled the end of the day. He walked across the street to Reina’s, the café he was going to meet them at. It had no set menu and the woman who owned it would make anything and everything you wanted. But, most wanted her stuffed hamburgers or fish tacos. She was friends with Cole’s mom Rebecca so she knew of Lukas’s and Cole’s “conditions.” She always served them rare meat but in low key ways. She was another person who he trusted immensely.

Lukas slide into an empty booth only to be joined by Cole shortly after. He was Half-African American and half Caucasian. He had dark hair and hazel eyes that would be called inviting and warm by the opposite gender. He was tall, around 6 feet and light brown skin. He had a slight southern accent like his mother and an out-going personality to match. Again, he was the complete opposite of Lukas.

“Hey man, your girl is killer.” Cole said. “For a cheerleader she’s not that bad.”

Lukas rolled his eyes. Coles “catches” were always a waste of his time. They never understood any of his interest. The one thing he loved most in this world was Star Wars and video gaming. Whenever he tried to get rid of Betturkey any girl he would just talk about that and they would be bored to tears. He was about to leave when he saw Cole’s date come in. He recognized her as Natasha Cisnelli. A blonde with bright blue eyes and subtlety curvy body. Everything about her was petite. She was a sweet girl, but her voice put him on edge. He couldn’t stand to hear her squeaking.

His heart nearly stopped as he laid eyes on her companion. She was a cocoa skinned beauty. She was the most beautiful girl he had ever seen. She had long, loose wavy hair and long dark eyelashes that fanned against her cheeks. Her teeth were a pristine white and she had a cute little rounded nose. He scanned her body. She was wearing a loose blue dress that reached mid-thigh and was just tight enough to show off the killer curves she had. They were immensely defined. She had brown wedges on that weren’t too high and not too low, but they made her legs look brilliant. She had a coke bottle body. She wasn’t skinny by any means, but she was fit. He could tell she had a nearly flat tummy making her breasts and butt look that much larger. She had a face girls would kill for. She made Natasha look ordinary.

He loved the way her dress made her skin pop. Beneath her maple colored skin was a slight red tint. It was the most beautifully awkward blush he could imagine. But she kept their eye contact as if she was unafraid. However he could tell she was. They began walking over to them and the way her hips swayed when she walked and her dazzling smile was too much for him. He could feel his fangs start to elongate and his eyes began to burn. ‘You have found her human.’ His demon stated calmly. “I have to leave.” Lukas stated to Cole without dropping their continuing eye contact.

Cole looked at him quizzically. “Why?”

“I found her Cole.”


“My mate”


“I guess.” He said as he stood up and walked towards them. He rushed by and tried not to claim her as he caught her scent. She smelled like lilacs and fresh green apples. He breathed her in deeply and hurried out.

~ ~

“What the hell Cole? What’s wrong with him?” Natasha asked. Athena remained silent. She felt odd. The way he looked at her was animalistic. And when their eyes met it was like something snapped inside of her. She felt beyond odd.

“He’s just having some kind of personal issue.” Cole said brushing off the subject and grabbing Natasha’s hand and kissing it, making her giggle. Athena rolled her eyes. She didn’t want to be around the two alone. “I’m just going to head home then. See ya.” She said and made her way out.

~ ~

Lukas ran up to Betturkey Giriş his room in Cole’s house. He did not want to be at his house at the moment. He opened his door and went over to the bed. He was about to lie across it when he saw a book sitting there with a note. ‘Cole told me what happened. It’s time you read this. You truly will do amazing things one day.’ — love Auntie Rebecca

He opened it. It was a prophecy of some sort. It was in Vampyra. It read, “The child born a complete vampire with a human parent is to one day enslave the human race and destroy anything in his way. He will be king of the demons, and rightfully declared The Infara at birth. His mate will be deemed the Valana and will help him lead the world when everything paranormal took over. Their offspring will be more powerful then every type of demon combined. They will be unstoppable as a unit.”

Lukas shut the book and sat there in disbelief. He knew he was capable of great things. But enslaving or killing off the entire human race? That was too sadistic. Even for him. He sighed and laid back on to his bed. This week couldn’t get any worse.


It was two days later and Athena could not contain her joy. She made varsity and beat Cassidy for captain. She truly was on cloud nine. She had seen Lukas in the hallways from time to time, but he acted as if she didn’t exist. Which hurt for some reason, but she brushed it off.

Today was her first day of practice and it would undoubtedly take her mind off of him. Cheer was her passion. Her reason for breathing. If she was ever down she would just do a tuck or a full and instantly feel better.

She finished changing for practice and went out to the football field. She sat her stuff down with the other girls and started stretching. When she finished she looked up at the football players and saw him. ‘God dammit. Now I have to see him here too?’ As if by magic he looked over to her. He waved slightly which shocked the hell out of her. She waved back politely and continued stretching. She could feel his eyes still on her the entire practice. This was going to prove to be a challenge.


Lukas wished practice didn’t have to end so soon. He felt renewed after all the violent activity. Feeling the air rush out of someone’s body as you violently forced them to the ground was thrilling. And watching Athena move and do what she did best was twice as exciting. She fit the captain status well.

He finished changing in the locker room and checked for his phone. He cursed himself mentally as he realized it was still on the turf. He jogged out to retrieve it. As soon as he found it he heard a scream. That scream. The one from his dreams. Betturkey Güncel Giriş His fangs elongated and he sprinted towards it.

As soon as he saw her being smashed against the wall by Brandon Uley he almost became a murderer. He grabbed Uley and tossed him 30 yards without hesitation. He watched Athena slide to the ground trying to find air for her lungs. He promptly decided it was Uley’s time to die. He began walking over to him when he heard her softly call his name, “Lukas?”

He turned to her, his eyes glowing red and his fangs hanging out of his mouth. “You know my name?” he said smoothly. His voice was like warmth and his words vibrated through her body.

Athena gasped softly. She saw his eyes shifting back to his beautiful emerald green hue and his fangs slipping back into his mouth. ‘He can’t be human.’ However she wasn’t afraid. She had this odd sense of security. “Of course I do. Lukas, what are you?”

He nearly cringed at how blunt she was. “all in due time. Damn. I don’t even know your name.” he lied. He didn’t want her to know that he already knew so much about her. He looked at her hopefully.

“My name’s Athena.” She said. She could tell he was nervous.

“You have a beautiful name. The goddess of war. She was supposedly very beautiful as well. It fits you.” He said softly. She watched his cheeks turn a bright red.

“Well, Lukas is powerful, yet sweet. It fits you.” She said back softly.

At this point they both blushed and looked at each other longingly. Neither knowing just what to say. She subconsciously started towards him. They held each other’s gaze.

She stood in front of him and took one of his large hands in her tiny one and stroked his face with the other. “What are you Lukas Vincostro?”

“Are you afraid?” He asked as he gazed down at her. Her eyes were a deep brown. So beautiful.

“No Lukas. What are you?” she asked as if she were asking him what he wanted for dinner.

He opened his mouth to speak but was cut off by uley. “Back off Vincostro, that bitch is mine.” He growled as if he didn’t just go flying. As if it didn’t even faze him.

Lukas broke from her grasp and whipped around just as he was pounced on by a big furry wolf. Athena screamed for him but fell silent as he transformed completely.

HE WAS HUGE. His hair was pitch black and his eyes were a red. His fangs fully elongated and he had the skin color of a dead man. He was attacking the wolf with equal fervor. ‘Uley?’ this was too much. She knew Lukas would never hurt her as he did Uley, but he could if he wanted too. She fell to her knees in shock.

Lukas looked over at her falling over and threw Uley off. He bit down on his shoulder forcing him to whimper. He was draining him. ‘Lukas, you’re killing him.’ He heard Athena say softly in his mind. He looked over at her still form. He dropped Uley and walked over to her, picking her up and nestling her into his arms, just as the world began to turn black around her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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