Infidelity Gets Out of Hand Ch. 05

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When I got home my wife was sitting on the couch with a glass of merlot. She was wearing her black knee high boots with her smooth leather pants tucked into them. These pants had no pockets but they did have a zipper through the crotch. She had on a black leather blazer and I couldn’t tell if she had anything on under it. She had her black leather gloves on and had her hair up and her make-up done with dark red lips and smoky eyes.

“I laid out your outfit on the bed. Go get dressed.”

I did what I was told without saying a word. When I got to the bedroom I saw it all laid out: black leather chaps, black leather shorts with snap-on codpiece, black motorcycle boots, black leather zip up turtleneck, black leather hood and gloves. I dressed as quickly as I could and got back down stairs. Her glass was empty and she held it out.

“Get me more wine.” She said and I quickly did as I was told. I hurried into the kitchen, refilled her glass and carried it back to her where she was waiting in the chair. She took a sip and pointed down; I knew what she meant. I immediately got down on my knees and began licking her boots. I sucked on her 5 inch heel and she squirmed. She allowed me to clean both of her boots before kicking me back, landing on my back on the floor.

I laid on my back, awaiting instruction and she sat down on my face smothering me. I could tell she was still working on her wine as I could hear her take a few sips and then put her empty glass down on the table. She arched her ass up a little and unzipped the crotch in her pants.


I did as I was told. She rode my face with her hands Starzbet on my chest for support. I could smell the mixture of her wet pussy and her leather and I was hard as a rock. I licked and licked and she squirmed and rubbed her pussy all over my face. She was moaning more loudly every moment.

“You’re doing a good job of giving me what I want. If you’re lucky I might give you what you want.” She then arched her back and came all over my face.

“Clean me up.” I not only licked all her cum off of her pussy but gave her asshole a good tonguing too as I know how much she loves that.

She climbed off of me and stood me up. She sat back down in the chair and grabbed the remote control for the stereo. “Dance for me bitch.”

I hated stripping for her but I did as I was told. I shook my ass in front of her face and received numerous spankings. I then turned around and started grinding my codpiece in her face. She reached up and unsnapped it letting my hard cock spring free. She grabbed my cock and rubbed her thumb over the tip and collected the precum on her finger and seductively licked it in front of me. I started smacking her in the face with my cock and she was trying to catch it with her mouth.

She stood up grabbed me by the mouth with one hand and grabbed my cock hard with the other. “You are here for my pleasure only. Do not forget that.”

“Yes Mistress.”

She shoved me back on the ground and then sat back in the chair. “Lick my pussy now!”

I licked her pussy again and this time she came quickly. She turned around and got on her knees. I entered her from behind Starzbet Giriş and due to her wetness I slid right in. She seemed a little looser than normal and I assumed she had warmed herself up with her big vibrating dildo before I got home. I grabbed her hips and started thrusting. We were both sweating in our leathers quite a bit before we started fucking and we were only sweating more now.

She unbuttoned her blazer and I reached my hand inside to cup her beautiful tits. She was wearing a leather cincher and nothing covering her tits. I fondled them as I thrust and she was arching her back and cumming down my cock.

She pushed me away, flipped over, slid down and through her legs up in the air and I re-entered her with my balls slapping against her asshole as I pushed my cock all the way inside her pussy. She stuck her finger in my mouth and I sucked on it as I had both her legs in my hands and trying to get my cock as deep inside of her as I could. She came again and screamed, “Fuck!!!! Fuck my wet pussy!!! Fuck!!!!”

She pushed me away again and walked me over to the wall where she faced the wall. “Fuck my asshole. When I tell you to cum, I want to feel that big cock throb and squirt into my ass.”

“Yes Mistress.”

I stood there and pushed her up against the wall, her flat against the wall and me flat against her, shoving my cock into her ass, us sweating in our leathers, my mouth kissing the side of her neck as I felt her asshole clamp down on my cock squeezing all the cum left in my balls out of me. Just when I thought I couldn’t take it anymore and was going to Starzbet Güncel Giriş have trouble not cumming, she turned her head and said, “Squirt fucker. Fill me up with your spunk.”

I unleashed and came hard in the second asshole of the evening. As I pulled out, she shoved me on the ground and squatted over my face, my cum dripping onto my hood. She pulled my jaw open and my own cum dripped from her asshole into my mouth. She then fingered her ass collecting what cum she could and shoved it in my mouth. I sucked it instinctively. She turned around and wiped my mask clean and pushing the cum into the mouth hole. I licked this up too and spun my tongue around the outside cleaning myself as I knew she would instruct me to anyhow.

She then leaned forward and as my reward licked my cock clean. She kept licking and after a minute I got hard again. She kept sucking me, licking my shaft, tonguing my balls and working her finger around to my asshole. As she did this, I began licking her pussy and asshole again. I got so into it I lost track of time momentarily and I felt another orgasm cumming. As she pushed her finger into my ass all the way and started finger my butt I came hard into her mouth and she came simultaneously all over my face.

She got up, turned around, faced me, opened her mouth to show me my cum, swallowed it, licked her lips and laid down on top of me. We both laid there, I took off my hood and we laid there silently in our leathers, our hands still moving non-stop over each other’s body.

The next morning I got to work early. The previous night’s activities at me spent. I didn’t even want to thank about sex that day. So when Emma walked in wearing a black see through blouse with a small leather vest covering the necessaries and a short black leather skirt with black panty hose and black patent heels I knew I was in for trouble.

“I have an assignment for you John”…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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