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my Mistress and i are in the woods. It is dark and a full-moon resides in the heavens. W/we have just opened the Magickal Circle and i am about to be initiated as a Magickian and slave to my Mistress/Priestess. W/we will soon perform O/our rituals together as O/one and invite O/others to join O/our newly founded Coven.

i am bound and my head is bowed. my hands are tied, by a rope behind my back. i wear a blindfold, my cock-ring, and nothing else. my Priestess invokes the appropriate Names and invites the protection of the 4 Archangels. The Ritual begins…

She takes the Sword of Initiation and taps me on the head three times, and i kneel at Her majestic feet. She then takes Her place on Her throne, in the middle of the Circle. She begins to recite the words that describe my place at Her feet. She tells me all of Her rules and Her demands and asks me if i am willing to abide by these and if so, will i take Her mark…

i respond that i am and await the mark.

My Mistress/Priestess stands and walks toward me. She orders me to stand and remain still. i feel the wonderful sensation of the needle Betturkey as it slides through my tender left nipple and wince as my new silver ring is clamped shut.

She now leads me to the altar.

i am released momentarily from my bonds and bent over the altar where my hands are re-tied to the altar’s legs.

i tense in anticipation of the strap…

It falls and i moan. i then am ordered to count out the next 26 strokes. i count as the strap bites into the flesh of my ass, thighs, and my back. The hot leather welts my flesh, my cock is throbbing in restraint, and my new nipple ring throbs… It seems like an eternity, but my whipping finally is over.

i then feel the tender fingers of my Mistress, teasing my quivering asshole. i listen to the familiar sounds of the leather harness being strapped on by my Mistress and smile inwardly for this special moment.

She walks around to my front and roughly pulls my hair, while forcing the enormous rubber cock past my lips and into my mouth. She begins to slowly fuck my mouth as i try to get Her cock as wet as i can. i lick Betturkey Giriş it and drool on it, knowing that this is the only lubrication i will be afforded when She decides to fuck me.

The time has arrived…

She pulls Her cock from my sucking mouth and walks behind me. She demands that i beg my Priestess for the opportunity to take Her most solemn gift into my asshole. i beg and plead for Her to give me this honor and with one slow, yet deliberate thrust, my Mistress slides Her cock into my asshole. She the proceeds to fuck me. Deeply and methodically, my Mistress fucks me…pulling my hair and making me tell Her that i am Her whore and Her slave and that i will obey Her every command. With tears of joy in my eyes, i repeat these words, over and over until She says the one phrase that i am yearning to hear.

“Cum for Me my slave!”

The ritual is done. The Ancients have blessed U/us, for without any external stimulation, (other than my Mistress’ cock buried in my ass), i cum. i cum hard and long, filling the Sacred Goblet below, with my semen.

My Mistress Betturkey Güncel Giriş withdraws and removes Her harness. Walking back to my front, She unties the ropes that have burned their imprint onto my wrists. She orders me to stand and She places a new leather-studded collar around my throat and removes my blindfold. She smiles at me and kisses me deeply, Her tongue intertwining with mine, as the tears slide down my cheeks.

She then orders me to lie on my back. i lay down upon the hard Earth as my Mistress removes Her robe. She parts Her magnificent thighs and lowers Her wet pussy onto my face. She begins to grind Her pussy all over my face while i try to lick and suck as much of Her Holy nectar as i can. Settling down, She places Her sex directly on my mouth and i begin to suck and lick, hungrily, until Her pussy spasms and She cums all over my mouth.

She then relaxes and i feel the flow of Her Sacred golden liquid gushes into my sucking mouth. i swallow all of Her piss and She stands…She picks up the goblet that contains my semen, and She slowly pours it into my mouth and onto my face.

She closes the Circle and puts Her robe back on. She leans down and licks a small bit of my cum off of my cheek and tells me goodnight. She then walks away, leaving me at Her altar for a night of reflection and meditation.

“Goodnight my Mistress”, i whisper into the darkness.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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