Innocent and New

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I am innocent and new to all this, but I find it strangely exciting.

I was always taught to never touch myself, or to even think about my body.

I never had anyone I could talk to, about things, so I just had to accept what I was told.

I am not really so innocent, actually, I have been kissed, and at the prom, my date kept after me for hours, talking, kissing me, cuddling with me, he was so sweet, I actually let him ‘feel me’, just over my bra, but under my sweater, and he got me really excited, he put my hand on his penis, in his pants, and after a while, his pants got all wet, and he was talking about things like “Blue Balls”, and that if he didn’t get relief, he could die, and I guess I kinda believed him, because I massaged his penis until he squirted white stuff all over the dashboard & windshield, and then he kind of got angry, I never did find out what he was so angry about, he just wouldn’t talk to me, and took me home.

He didn’t even try to kiss me goodnight.

He said he would call me the next day, but he never did.

That was last year, I graduated, and got a job to help with my scholarship, just for extra things, like food & clothes.

I was lucky, I attended a University near home, so I can bus home every evening, after work.

I was only taking 4 classes, so I could work about 6hrs a day.

I work in an arts supply store, really kind of a warehouse/store, and I keep the books & inventory & stuff like that.

One day, Greg, one of our customers who owns his own supply store, was in my office trying to find out why we had charged him for some stuff he said he never got, and he kept coming around behind my desk and leaning on my chair, reading over my shoulder, and he didn’t seem to interested in finding where the problem was, he kept touching my hair, and rubbing my back & shoulders.

He wanted to take me to dinner, or coffee, but I told him I don’t date, I’m too busy with school & work.

I guess I’m kind of cute, golden brown hair, kinda curly, it’s below my shoulders, but it keeps out of my way, I’m petite, well, slim anyway, I weigh about 110lbs, and am 5’7″.

I also wear these large frame glasses, Greg says I’m “so cute” in them.

Anyway, he smelled nice, and we were looking out the window at the lake in the distance, he was behind me, still rubbing my arms, he said I smelled ‘sexy’, and I asked what kind of smell that was, and he said “Clean, like pure cold air in the winter”, ” or fresh mountain air, in the spring”.

He was asking if I wore perfume, because he really liked the way I smell, he put his nose in my hair, and kept saying nice things, and his hands were on my sides, and my belly, and it felt soo good, I guess I leaned back against him, and he started running his hands over my breasts, down my sides, he would squeeze my butt, but he had to squeeze his hand between my butt & his body, to do it, and he would rub his body against my butt, and it really felt nice, and he would press on my pelvis, you know, my lower belly , and say things like “you have really nice strong muscles”, and he wanted to paint me, but I told him I don’t know anything about painting, I just keep track of things, like money, inventory, stuff like that.

Greg said he would teach me everything, he thought I could become a model, and people would want to paint me & watercolor & chalk me.

I never heard of being ‘chalked’, but if Greg said so, I believed him.

We closed the warehouse, and had a warm drink at the restaurant, but we Ataşehir Escort didn’t eat there, he just talked to me about modeling, and how I could earn lots of money doing it.

We went to his studio, which is in his apartment, really a warehouse he as converted into a studio, he has all kinds of paintings, several of women, & a bunch of them unfinished.

I asked why they were unfinished, he told me the models stopped modeling for him, he could not afford to pay them as much as they started earning, he was just an amateur, he didn’t sell his paintings.

Anyway, he had me sit in a chair, and he drew a couple of chalk drawings of my face, and what he called “open drawings”, that were not complete, just outlines, he said just to find out what kind of poses I was suited for, and he said I was not suited for just facials, or sitting, he said I have the kind of body that needs to be drawn, that my talent could not been seen, unless I posed as he instructed me.

He had me take off my sweater, and then my pants & shoes, and had me cuddle in a chair, but after an ‘open chalk drawing’, he said I would have to take off my bra, and lie back with my breasts on my arm, looking at him, as if he were my lover, and I tried my best, but he said it did not look convincing, that I looked like I was just posing, not natural at all.

He told me to stand up, stretch, bend over, touch my toes, the floor, turn this way & that, and he helped pose me, he would run his hands over me, telling me I needed to really feel what he was drawing, and he had me take off my panties, spread my feet apart about shoulder width, and hold each of my breasts in my hands, as if I were offering them to my lover.

I tried, but he said it just didn’t look real, he would have to teach me how to really feel it, and to just hold the pose, he came to me, put his hands on my hips, brushed my lips with his, bent & put his hot mouth on one of my breast nipples, and gently played with the nipple with his tongue, then he did it with the other breast, and telling me not to move, he ran the fingers of one hand across my hip, belly, and fondled my pubic hair, it really felt wonderful, he was teaching me soo much, I was getting all excited with what I was learning.

He ran his fingers thru my hair, he told me to think of it in special terms, that thinking of it in a certain way, would make my image more believable.

He told me to think of my pubic hair as ‘pussy hair’, my vagina was a ‘pussy’, I have ‘tits’ and an ‘ass’.

He caressed me all over, telling me what a ‘sweet ass’ I have, he kissed my lips, my neck, he licked, kissed & sucked my skin, all over my body, my ass, tits, thighs, and pussy, as I held the pose.

My pussy was getting wet, he said because my body was starting to believe, and I had to admit, it really felt like I was believing in something new & strange, and very wonderful.

I loved the feeling of my juices running down my thigh, Greg said I was the juiciest Model he had ever known, he was really enjoying teaching me everything he could.

He would step back, and chalk a little, licking and sucking the fingers he had put in my pussy, he said he could taste my talent, and asked if I wanted to taste it too, and of course, I told him ‘yes, very much’, and he would rub his fingers in my pussy ‘juice, he called it’, then let me lick it off his hand.

He told me my body was beginning to believe, but my eyes need more training.

He told me to kneel on the canvas, and take his belt Kadıköy Escort loose, unbutton & unzip his pants, take them down around his ankles, then his shorts, hold his shirt up with both my hands, and take his penis, his “cock”, into my mouth, and to believe he was my lover, an to make love to his cock.

I didn’t know how to do that, but I tried, he would tell me to lick up the length, slide it into my mouth, slowly slide my lips as far down to his ‘nuts’ as I could, swallow, and slowly pull back, playing with his cock with my tongue, swirling it around & around, as I raised my lips, then the next time, I was to turn my face up, and run my lips & tongue down his cock, just the underside, then try to wrap my lips around his cock as I raised my face up again, then take it into my mouth again, go down & see if I could get the head into my throat, he said the best models could ‘deep throat’, and I should learn to do that too.

I tried, I really did, but after maybe 15 or 20 minutes, he spasmed, and shot some white stuff out his cock, he said it was ‘cum’, and tasted good, just a little salty.

I should learn to swallow it when I ‘sucked cock’.

Greg said all the really good models do, so I tried.

I didn’t like the taste much, but Greg said I should pretend I did, so I practiced all night on him.

After he shot his cum, he said my eyes were starting to look like they were starting to believe, but needed more work.

He had me stand up again, and spread my legs, and he put his fingers in my pussy again, but they wouldn’t go too far, only a couple of knuckles, and it hurt when he pressed, so he said there was only one way to fix it, I would have to let him fuck me in my pussy.

I didn’t want to, but he said that only top models are fucked, and if I wanted to be a top model, I’d have to be fucked too.

So, of course, I let him.

He had me lie down on his bed, it was really nice, he started licking my pussy, and I really liked that, but he had a hair get stuck in his throat, and hacked & coughed & finally had to eat a piece of bread to clear it.

He said I would have to let him shave my pussy, that it would look better anyway, and he took some pictures of me in different poses, before he shaved me, so I could see the difference, after he shaved & fucked me.

The shaving really felt kind of funny, but it was all really nice, first a hot towel, which was a little too hot, and he kissed & licked my pussy to make it feel better, while the towel cooled, but it got too cold, & he had to microwave it again, then while the towel softened my pussy hair, he had me suck his cock again, and I have to admit, I was getting a little better, I could even take it into my throat without gagging too much, but he said that was ok, he really liked the feeling of my throat closing on his cock when I was gagging, so I didn’t feel too bad that I had a hard time controlling the gag reflex.

After he came in my mouth, he got busy with shaving my pussy.

He said he didn’t like to use shaving cream, he had something much better.

When he came back from the kitchen, he had an ear of corn he warmed in the microwave, he trimmed the hair with scissors, and rubbed sesame seed oil, on my stubble, and then he pushed the corn into my pussy, he said it would help hold my pussy for him to shave more easily.

It sure felt good in there, all nice and warm, he had me hold it in my pussy, as he started shaving.

The more he shaved, the more I believed, he had Bostancı Escort to tell me several times to quit rubbing my pussy with the corncob, he was afraid he would cut me.

He finally told me he couldn’t finish me that way, he would have to fuck me first, to get me to relax.

I was sure happy about that, I was almost rubbing my ass on the canvas, I was twisting my nipples, and pulling them, and squeezing my breasts…tits, I mean, and it was really feeling good, I really wanted him to fuck me then, and I really didn’t care if it made my eyes believe or not, I just wanted to fuck him.

Ok, he had me suck his cock again, until it was nice & hard, he was rubbing my pussy & one of my tits, I was really mashing the other one, I couldn’t twist that damn nipple enough, everything just felt soo good, even the rough canvas we were fucking on.

Finally, Greg said to scoot around & put my heels on the canvas, he raised over me, & told me to put his cock into my pussy, and then to rub my clit, and boy, when I did that, it was like fireworks!

He jabbed his cock into me, but I didn’t feel anything, I was so into rubbing my clit, I didn’t even notice he was fucking me, until his pelvis started smashing into my hand, and I had to take it from between us, because he would have broken it, with the force he was slamming into me.

That was ok tho, because every time he slammed into my pussy, he hit my clit, and it was like an electric shock, each time he slammed me, I couldn’t get enough, I just wanted to fuck forever.

Slam, slam, wham, bam, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, oh, ahhhh, yum, ysss, I said every word I knew that what short & quick, to match his bam, bam, bam, into my pussy, and wow, talk about feeling good, his cock in my pussy must have gone up me into my belly, I could feel it sliding into me, when he started getting tired, and that was a real bonus, to feel it sliding into & out of my pussy, it was just too good, I wanted to lick & as he was fucking me, I wanted to suck it down my throat, and gag on it all night, it was just soo good, my tits were on fire, the air touching me was like liquid excitement, the rough canvas was better than any feeling I had ever had in my entire life!

And it just went on, and on, and on, and when Greg got too tired to fuck me, and he slumped onto my body, well, I just rolled him over, and with his cock still inside me, I got on my knees & started fucking him, it was just gorgeous, it was wonderful, the best I have ever felt in my life, I pulled, pinched, twisted my tits, slapped my own ass, my thighs, scratched my legs, it was the most intense time ever.

I never wanted it to end, but eventually, Greg’s cock spurted his cum into me, and his cock stayed hard, but he pushed me off, he rolled over into a fetal ball, I couldn’t get to his marvelous cock, I remembered the corn, and I fucked it into me until I had the most marvelous feeling yet, like I had died, and I could see the light, and feel the light, and even hear the light, it was so intense.

I guess I fell asleep, I woke the next morning, Greg was still sleeping, and he wouldn’t let me touch his cock, and I have to admit, it sure was red, I started fucking the corn again, but he got mad again, and told me to leave for a while, so I had to, but I got the best deal, I left the corn in my pussy, it was too long, it stuck out but my panties held it in, and my muscles did the rest.

Boy, I didn’t know I had muscles in my pussy, but they sure are tired this morning.

Not too tired to hold onto my new lover tho, I sure love the ridges of the kernels.

When I got home, I finished shaving my pussy, it wasn’t easy, but I did it, and I was so excited, I had to fuck myself with the corn again.

Oh, and the corn? I ate it.

It was delicious.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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