Insatiable at Work Ch. 11: TTN

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Part 1

I was on my way to Tara and Bryan’s, for the evening…it was Thunderdome Threesome Night! When I arrived, I heard music in the back, and figured they were on the patio, drinking. Passing through the gate into the backyard, I said “Is this where I can find the Thunderdome?” but nobody was there. I noticed the door was open and they were glasses laid out on the counter. It looked like dinner was even set out and read to go.

I walked into the house and closed the door behind me when I heard a very familiar exchange coming from the bedroom. “That’s it, Hon…keep doing that…don’t stop…don’t stop…yes, yes…its perfect!”

I quietly peeked into the room to find Bryan’s head between her legs, and bobbing up and down. She was always wet and willing…he was workin’ her over… With that in mind, I decided to surprise them…at least that was my plan. I pulled my pants off and left them in the hall. My cock was hard as a rock and arcing out from my groin. They were so amazing to watch…steamy and sensual comes to mind; so I did just that. I found myself entranced, watching them in the mirror; she rocked her hips up to give him better access, she grabbed for his head and pulled him tighter. Reaching down with her fingers, she spread the lips wide to fully expose her clit; Bryan grabbed it between his lips. Her face was blushed with red as she whispered, “I’m gonna cum…mmmm…yer gonna make me cum…soon…really soon!”

“Don’t stop…don’t stop…Hon…don’t stopppp!”

Working her pussy towards orgasm, his head (and tongue) was moving as much as Tara’s thighs would allow. She went stiff when her orgasm came, and her legs locked around him. “Mmmm…yesss…yesss…yessss!” She let out some long extended trailing moans, and then slowly collapsed onto the bed. Bryan lifted his head from her pussy, breathing hard and getting some much needed air.

He occasionally bent over to give her clit a small lick or nibble, as she recovered. She softly, nudged his head away from her pussy, as she came down from the orgasm. I saw her smile sweetly at him, still resting his head between her spread legs. I could hear bits and pieces of a quiet conversation, but I clearly heard Tara whisper, “…Do you think we have time?”

“Sure,” he answered, “Rob said he’d be here around 8, we probably got 20 or 30 minutes. And Honey, I’m so fucking horny, it’ll probably take me only 5″…Tara giggled a little.

“I know what you mean…I can’t get enough. Thinking about it makes me horny, too. We both look forward to seeing him. I really love it when I can have both my boys, together…and those yummy cocks,” she playfully grabbed him and stroked it a little.

“So…what do you think…my turn? Babe, I fuckin gotta use your mouth.”

“Sweetie, I love that thought…you can fuck me…use me…you can do anything you want to your little girl.”

I moved back to where I could see the mirror and watched as he stood up next to the bed. He faced the bed and his cock rigidly stood upright. She walked, on her knees, across the bed towards him. She reached out and grabbed his dick…he filled the room with moans, as she stroked and ran her hands over it. Dropping down, she swirled her tongue over it, and then stretching her mouth, wide, she engulfed the bulbous, purple head. Working her lips downward until most of it was buried, she held it inside, pulsing, hot and hard. Bryan closed his eyes in bliss, as she moved up and down over his manhood. Fuck this was hot…I just kept watching and couldn’t seem to stop. The moaning was so intense, I had to start stroking.

Bryan pulled out and leaned down to give her a long lingering kiss. He raised back up and she lunged forward, taking it back into her mouth. Taking control, he held her head between his strong hands and slowly entwined them with her long hair. He worked his cock in and out of her mouth, pushing it deeper.

Watching him fuck her face, I was having a really hard time remaining quiet and unnoticed. It felt so good to stroke; I wanted to moan with them. I wanted to play…!

He pulled his dick from her mouth and looked up and down, over his wife’s amazing body before declaring “I gotta fuck you…lay back and let me fuck my little girl.”

She smiled up at him and raised herself to peck a small kiss on his cheek before lying back on the bed. She scooted herself up on the bed with her head on the pillows and then reached her arms up towards him. He climbed toward her and she spread her legs, welcoming him with her creamy thighs. I saw her reach down and guide his cock into her pussy; his muscular ass clenched tight as he thrust his hips forward. She let out a loud moan, “Aahhhhh, that’s good…feels good.” I could see that he was buried, deep, and pounding hard!

Once they got serious and focused, I took a chance and quietly pushed the door open enough to stick my head in and look directly at the bed. Bryan had moved his arms down her body, holding her hips steady as he pumped bursa escort into her. I heard her whisper, “Fuck me, honey. Fuck me good!” Tara had one hand around his waist, and the other was stroking through his hair. Her eyes were closed as she rocked her hips to meet him. She was into it…having that cock fuck her deeper and deeper…she wrapped her legs around him, to draw him closer.

Bryan had settled into a steady, thorough fucking. His breathing was deep and even, and sprinkled with little moans and grunts. I had what could be described as a front-row seat, I could even see her lips, clinging to his dick as he withdrew…then welcoming each of his thrusts, ending deep inside her belly.

I had decided to sneak up and prank Bryan.

I looked at Tara’s face just as she lifted her head and opened her eyes. She was moving her body with his thrusts, and just glanced across the room. The sexy smile, when she realized I was watching, was interesting and telling. She was clearly excited to have me there…in the room, as a voyeur. Her husband was doing an amazing job, but I sensed it was even better, with me watching. I know I was enjoying it. Without making a sound, I placed a finger over my lips, gesturing quiet.

Then, I pointed at Bryan and mouthed the words “want to surprise him,” and I turned to show her my palm rubbing over my ass. She knew exactly what I meant, flashed a quick smile and returned her attention to fucking…she let her head drop back onto the pillow with her eyes closed again. She opened her legs wider and drew her knees up around his waist, maintaining the rhythm of their fucking. Soon her eyes opened, again…she looked at me then started moving her hips in a sexy, circular motion, really picking up the speed. My presence really excited her, because everything got louder and more dramatic. She had really opened herself to where Bryan had access to all the pussy his cock could handle. The impact of that cock slamming into her got louder and louder, as did the wet, squishy noises, coming from the wetness. She closed her eyes again, and in his ear, “Fuck me Honey, fuck me good. I love fucking your cock. Fuck me, you’re gonna make me cum again”

“Please cum in me…cum in my pussy…I wanna feel all your cum inside me! I want yer juice in me!”

I quietly approached the bedside and reached out to stroke his beautiful, tight ass…it was rippling and flexing with the thrusts into his wife. Its underpinnings were so muscular, but his skin was soft, smooth and pale. It was magnificent to watch in action, but it felt even better to touch and hold it. So focused on humping his wife, a significant amount of time elapsed between my advances and his reaction. Finally he jumps a little, “What the fuck!”

“What’s wrong, dude…just admiring a buddies’ ass!”

“You jerk…you startled me.” We all laughed,

“Sort of the point, Dude.”

As he resumed stroking into his wife, I rubbed, kneaded and squeezed his ass. I gripped the hot, mounds with my hands, flexing so my fingertips pressed into the flesh. They felt so muscular and tight. I straddled him and ran my hard dick up through his butt crack and over his tail bone…I kept taunting him by thumping myself over him…he said something about lube. I think he really expected me to take his ass and fuck him. It felt like he wanted it; we both wanted it, but I never went that far…I didn’t feel we were ready…yet. So…I leaned in to feel his hot, rippling body against mine. His back was rubbing my chest and my dick pressed into his ass. I teased him for some time, just rubbing my hard dick over his body. He grabbed for his wife’s big breasts; while the thrusts continued, he groped and squeezed at them.

I ran a finger through the cleavage between his cheeks, teasing the tiny, tight, puckered anus. The tip of my finger dipped inside, wriggled in his ass for a moment, and then withdrew. I put it back in and it felt like his ass was on fire. I bent my finger to rub the prostate and pumped deeper and faster, he let loose with long, extended groans and moans.

“Mother fucker! …do that…keep doin that…fuck…fuck…it feels good.”

He was going nuts and I knew it wouldn’t be long. There was no rhythm any longer, he was just wildly stroking and fucking…I was pushing him over the edge with my finger.

Suddenly, he lifted himself up and yanked his cock out. Tara knew what was in store…she closed her eyes and waited for the precious reward. She loved to feel that cum warm her body. Bryan grunted and his cock exploded, in orgasm. He delivered a serious “money shot” in several hard blasts that spanned her pussy and breasts. He pumped himself dry and, with a groan, he collapsed next to her on the bed, his cock still twitching.

“Honey, get yourself over here…I need both my men.”

“You sort of like having me watch…don’t you?”

“Ohhh…I love it! I always like watching you stroke that big thing…its beautiful.”

With Bryan recovering, bursa escort bayan I moved in to take his place and poked at her twat. “Ohh Rob, I need that…been waiting all week for you…we both have. Haven’t we, Honey?”

“We have…dude, I’m gonna watch, now.”

“Ahhh that dick…it’s perfect…yessssss,” as I spread her legs and drove deep into her belly. She was wonderfully tight but the fucking she got, made it go easy…easier than usual.

We went at it for a long while, but I finally, I pulled her up on the bed to fuck from behind. Bryan moved down between my legs and watched me fuck his wife…he enjoyed watching…but I knew he wanted more…

“That’s it dude…fuck her…fuck her…fuck, it’s so fucking hot. Yea…I like to watch it disappear into her tight little puss…fuck’er…mmmm.” He ran his hands over my ass, feeling the flexing muscle, taut from thrusting into his wife. “I love your ass, too…you’re hot to watch…fuck’er, dude…fuck my little Tara.”

I knew exactly what he wanted…so, I pulled out and shoved it into his mouth…he groaned, as I pumped as deep as he could take it. “Dude, taste your wife on that dick…you love that girl juice. You like it on my cock…don’t you?”

He answers with a moan and mouthful of cock.

“Ohh Rob, I hope you know how much he loves that…we’ve talked about it all week…fuck him…fuck him…he wants it bad…I know he does.”

Fingering herself, she gave in and begged, “Fuck Rob…I need some too…put it back in…please honey, I need it, too?”

I pulled out and rammed it back into her pussy…still tight and gripping me, she squealed when I hit the bottom. I fucked her to a long steady chorus of sexy moans and chatter. Watching me pound my dick into his wife, Bryan got up and stroked himself.

I knew she was close, but, we wanted to give her more…more satisfaction. I think we surprised her by diving between her legs. We both licked over her and flicked at her little bud; it was bright red and pulsing towards our goal. Our tongues entwined over her, swapping her taste between us. It was way beyond a fantasy for all of us. “Tara, Honey, go ahead…cum…cum for us…we want it.”

“Give it to us, Honey.”

Now, I don’t remember who was doing what when she started to cum…all I remember is working her, together, till she was bucking and moaning her way through a long drawn-out orgasm. It was one of several that evening; she recovered quickly and I knew she ready for more…she was so fucking horny. Insatiable would be the perfect adjective…for all of us, that evening.

I stood and demanded, “I need to finish…service me…go down on it.”

They both grinned and gladly took to their knees. They wanted it so bad, the thought that they could pleasure me together, drove them wild.

She rubbed her hands over my hips and down along my inner thighs; wrapping her hands completely around the base, she licks and sucks her prize. After a few strokes, she took it into her mouth and flicked her tongue over the swollen head; it was hard, but soft and velvety smooth to touch. She licked it all over, from the base to the very tip; taking her time with slow, thorough sweeps over the slit. My dick, and her lips, gleamed with a shiny mix of pre-cum and saliva and droplets of crystalline pre-cum kept forming. Smiling at us, both, she licked one from the tip and sat back a few inches.

Again, she moved her hands up over it, to study and feel every little detail of the rock-hard shaft. She explored it with her lips and tongue, tugging the balls and watching the cock bounce and weave. I remember she worked like this me for a long time…I wanted her to do it…I love it when her sexy, full lips are wrapped around me. She licks…sucks…and caresses. She fondles…and plays with it…she worships it. I remember moaning, as I guided it into her mouth. I threw back my head and surrendered to the sensuous pleasure of her throat. It felt so fucking good and her head bobbed and pumped over me; she was on a mission to make me cum. I grabbed at her head with both hands and began face-fucking. I ran my fingers through that gorgeous hair and bucked myself into her.

Bryan sat right next to her, stroking a hardon and anxiously awaiting his turn. He looked so horny and so ready…I popped it free of her mouth and moved over to him. The head was shiny with spit and free-flowing pre-cum. He grabbed and took it into his mouth. The salty warmth of the pre-cum gave him a hint of the satisfaction he wanted…the satisfaction he needed.

His tongue flicked up she licked, alongside her husband. Wrapping their lips over its girth, from each side, I was able to pump myself between their lips, simultaneously. They kissed and tongued each other with the big, swollen tip in the middle. Bryan pulled off, grinned at us, nudged his wife aside and took it all for himself. He bobbed over me and I started to move my hips to meet him, pushing it deeper.

“Oh honey, escort bursa suck him…you love that big cock! I know you do”

While he worked his mouth down over me, she leaned down to take my balls in her mouth. They were heavy with seed…hanging low…the wet slurp of her sucking them into her mouth, pushed me closer. The two of them working me was always intense. “Fuck! You two’re gonna make me cum way too soon.”

I fucked at his throat, the same as I did with his wife. I pulled out to smear musk over his face but I pushed right back in, establishing a rhythm of nice long strokes. Desperately wanting to satisfy myself, now, I was fucking him a little faster and a little harder.

Tara let go and watched us go at it; she started to play with her tits and finger her wetness. She was turned on, watching me fill her husband with a cock, they both desired. Tara was ready already and holding her mouth open for her share. And breathing pretty hard, I felt it coming, “Oh fuck…gonna cum…cum…yer gonna make me cum.” I felt my whole body stiffen and ready itself.

Desperate for relief, I jerked out of his mouth and wildly, stroked the shaft. The throbbing, purple head, glistening with their spit, mesmerized and drew them closer…closer to a creamy reward.

Tara begged, “Yesss, yessss, we want you…want you to cum. Honey, give it to us. We want it.”

The first strand painted his tongue. He swallowed, as I pulled out to give his wife some. It splashed over her lips…I tried to share with them all that came after…they licked up what was dripping from me and took turns sucking me dry. That musky, smell of sex, filled the room. It was really hot to watch them kiss and clean each other; but it got even better when they raised up so the three of us could kiss and exchange the taste of sex.

We all regained our composure…a little…everyone was satisfied for the moment…not really, though, but we had to get dinner

“I’m thirsty, let’s grab a drink”

“Dude…me, too.”

Tara got up and stretched a little, “Well, that was a workout…a long overdue workout…I do feel like a shower, though.”

“Is that an invitation?”

“No, no, not this time, Honey. I want to be quick so I can come and hang out with my guys. You guys get the drinks ready and I’ll be right out.” She smiled and headed for the bathroom, “Besides, I want to be fresh for the rest of the evening.”

I turned and watched her tightly rounded ass disappear into the bathroom.

“That’s an incredible sight isn’t it?”

“It is. She’s so fucking hot.”

“Guys, I can still hear you…you’re both sweet…and thank you! Maybe start dinner…everything’s ready to go.”

“No problem…we got it.”

When we heard her turn on the shower, my thoughts wondered to her smokin’ hot body, in the shower. She’s so fucking hot in the shower, water running over her body…fuck…love taking showers with her! Even though I’d just cum, I felt my cock jump at the thought…fuck…we promised to get dinner ready

Bryan looked at me, “Dude, I know exactly what you’re thinking…nights young…we’ll have a lot more fun tonight…can you stay?”

“You’re always welcome…we were hoping you could stay the night.”

“I think I can swing that…Tina’s gone, but I do have to work tomorrow…this’s my weekend. I have to get up & go, in the morning. I have a couple tours and a class.”

“That’s Cool! I know Tara will be excited. You need to do any prep for the class, tonight…my laptop’s over there.”

“Thanks, but I think I got everything set up; just have to make my hand-outs in the morning.”


We poured some wine, talked about his work and got dinner started. Tara had made a marinara sauce and the gnocchi were on the counter…we just had to boil them. Of course, Tara being Tara, came out wearing (only) a t-shirt; it was one of mine and she wore it far better than I did…women always wear your clothes better. It just covered her and when she sat down, she proudly displayed a sexy, little muff.

We had a wonderful evening…it was a beautiful late-summer night; we rambled through the evening with amazing food, wine and conversation. We even decided to all meet at the garden next week for an after-hours.” I could sense Bryan was excited…it would be his first time at a “Meeting.”.

We had drinks in the garden…the three of us made out a little during her garden tour. She was very proud of the new border, she just finished. She pointed out that Bryan was instrumental in preparing the bed and planting the trees and shrubs. I was quick to mention that working together on projects, spoke volumes about their relationship and marriage. “Couples often discover they can’t work together…never a good sign.”

We went on to discuss incorporating a layer of spring interest, using Snowdrops, Squill and Daffodils. She reached up to show us some of the bright, red fruit of a new Crabapple introduction. Her reach hiked up her shirt and we (Bryan and I) focused on the little butt, peeking under the shirt…it quickly stole the attention from gardening. At that moment, there was nothing else in the world, except that cute, little ass.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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