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You motioned with your eyes for me to make my way over to the secluded corner booth. I grabbed my gin and tonic and was on my way; I slipped by suited men and min-skirted girls, drifted on cigarette smoke and perfume. There you were seated with a lonely scotch on the rocks. You lent a sly grin and your blue eyes glimmered as rain glided down the red tinted glass. You were gorgeous.

“Sit down.” You motioned.

Your voice always melts me. Seated happily, you took out your pack of cigarettes and made an offer I refused.

“Well do you mind if I do?” Thoughtfully asked.

The flame reflected itself off your thin black rimmed glasses, and all I could think about were your lips. That soft pout of your lower lip as you took the first drag off the cigarette. You said you’d been having a bad week. I smiled and sipped my drink. My eyes darted right and left checking to see if anyone had noticed us in our tiny corner booth.

I decided to be daring and changed position, so I could be closer to you. I moved before you could offer protest and object to my right hand being on your left thigh; just above your knee it rested. I took pleasure in knowing I had you blocked into our little corner; no escape allowed. You were mine.

I giggled and moved that hand inward closer to your crotch. You playfully scolded me.

“Now you’re just being naughty.”

You took down the remainder of your drink in a courage gathering kind of way and asked the obvious.

“So, you wanna get out of here?”

I hadn’t really thought it would rain and you had forgotten your umbrella in your car. Needless to say we were soaked when we finally found where you’d parked.

I ran my fingers through my wet hair in hopes of slicking it all back, because everyone looks better wet. I caught my first glimpse of a wet you and bit my lower lip. Fuck, you’re beautiful. You smiled and made comment on the situation as you fiddled for your keys in your coat pocket. You cursed. You were drenched with rain. I reached for your hair and tucked a little lock behind your ear. I traced your ear with my index finger, moved down cheek and gave your white collar a tug.

Your search stopped and you turned toward me, latched firmly onto my waist and brought me close. The first kiss was hard and full, my body slammed back onto the cold door of the car, and my purse fell to the ground. Your weight pressed firmly on me. Your hand cradled my neck. I kissed back with force, Şanlıurfa Escort our lips fighting for control. I could feel every ounce of passion releasing from me, and you gratefully returning it in full.

I needed to feel more of you against me, so I wrapped my leg around you, and brought you down harder against me.

We came up for air, and a breathless you made a suggestion.

“My place, yes.”

The car doors slammed shut and we were dry and safe. I tucked my arm into yours and rested my head on your shoulder. We sped quickly through dimly lit, wet streets. I watched you work the gearshift and fingered your Swiss Army watch.

I raised myself up in my seat and positioned myself closer to you. I traced your ear again giving it a playful tug and moved my lips in close for a gentle kiss. I licked your neck and you moaned. Breathy and wonting, I let known my intentions.

“I’m aching for you. Really, really aching for you. I need you, bad.”

The last few words were spoken with a kind of desperation. I fingered the buttons on your shirt and slowly felt my way down, my hand on your thigh just about to touch the prize.

The engine stopped and we’d reached our destination. You pulled the keys out of the ignition and turned full attention to me. Reaching for my thigh and giving my garter a snap, you leaned in for another full kiss and brought me as close as the car interior would allow.

I could feel your heat. I looked into those aquamarine eyes of yours and surrendered utterly. I was yours and you knew it completely. You grabbed hold of my still wet hair, forced my head into your lap, and whispered seductively.

“Here, let me take this out for you.”

I heard your belt clink and your zipper went down. The prize was mine to gaze on in all its beauty.

I licked the top first, allowing myself to gently tongue your circumference, tickling you and teasing you before plunging you deep inside my mouth. I loved the feeling of you in the back of my throat.

A moan escaped your lips.

I licked you up and down, lubed you well and again took all of you in my mouth. When I came up for air, I took you in my hand and worked you steadily before going down on you again. Another moan of approval and I was encouraged to continue my work.

Faster and faster I worked, and only paused every so often to offer full attention to the tip of you. You were gorgeous and large and slick. I longed Şanlıurfa Escort Bayan to taste you. I wanted your precious liquid to fill my mouth, but you begged me to slow and finally to stop.

“Don’t. Wait, wait, wait… you’ll make me cum, and I don’t wanna cum just yet.”

The car doors slammed. My heeled boots on the pavement lent an almost crunching sound to the atmosphere. Your key hit the lock and turned. You threw your keys on the nearby glass table and kicked closed the front door. All this as you held firmly on my waist almost dance like we were as you completed the tasks.

“Sorry, the place is a bit untidy at the moment.”

I didn’t care and you said it only because you always said it to all your guests.

Another kick opened the bedroom door. You gave a quick flip of the switch and we had light. You took me quick, so quick that I had little chance to take in my surroundings.

“Come here” you whispered.

I unbuttoned your shirt and, in-between kisses, loosened your belt. You brushed my hair away from my face. I kneeled before you, slowly removed the belt from its loops and gave your zipper a final downward tug to free you at last. You stood naked before me.

“My turn.” Spoken slyly as you kneeled down to join me.

The dress had been hinting at my assets all night. I showed you plenty of cleavage and the dress being on the mini side of things showed off my long legs. The dress in black had been worn specially for easy access, with its zipper all the way down the front.

You kissed me again and we both watched as you carefully unzipped me all the way.

“Gorgeous. Fucking gorgeous.” You purred.

You felt me; my firm round breasts. You squeezed them and pushed them together. You put your thumb in my mouth and I sucked greedily. I let slide that thumb and you traced down my lip, to my chin, down my neck till you reached a now very erect nipple; you teased and pulled and pinched it between your long fingers. You moved me to the edge of your bed and kneeled before me. Your hands moved quickly to my outer thighs back to the inner thigh till finally they rested on my knees. Our eyes met, I felt drunk on lust, as you pushed me back on your bed. You licked me from the ankle up, ending it my giving me a hard kiss on the mouth. With curiosity you reached for my cotton panty covered snatch. I loved your hand roughly feeling me through the cotton, stopping every so often Escort Şanlıurfa to finger the pink bow that lay at the top. You looked at me lustfully.

“It’s so warm and wet down here, Are you’ ready for me? It feels like you are.”

I was ready to burst. I needed you bad. I had to fuck you. My mouth clasped on your lower lip; that pout of a lower lip that had been begging to be sucked on all night, pink and soft and full those lips. I sucked on it, bit it gently and face you another hard kiss, wet and uncalculated.

“You’re mine.” You whispered wickedly.

With that line you entered me, grabbing hold of my right shoulder as if bracing me; comforting me like a virgin girl getting her first fuck. I love that feeling of being filled up after you’ve been really fucking aching for it. You drive yourself in and out so perfectly, the power of you, and the in and out. You feel so good. Your hand brushes my cheek and you kiss my mouth. I look deep into your eyes and lend a moan. My pussy’s so slick and you grind harder and harder into my wet snatch.

“You’re so fucking tight.” You moan in appreciation.

I concentrate on your in and out motion and beg you up so as to see you diving in and out. I like to watch.

“Oh God, that looks so fucking good.” I seethe.

A moan from your lips, and our friction builds. I grind myself hard into you fucking you back while you ride me. Your hand slides down and finds that special place by the hipbone and the pelvic bone, you press down on that most sensual of spots and I feel overwhelmed. I grind harder into you in gratitude and fuck you back with everything that’s left of me.

You slide a finger in my mouth and I suck greedily. You breathe heavy in my ear.

“Touch yourself. Put a show on for me. Make that pussy cum for me.”

I give my two fingers a lick and down that go. I spread my cunt lips apart wide and rub that clit furiously faster and faster, and I can feel myself tightening around your cock.

“That’s it. Show me. Make that pussy cum.”

I feel my orgasm building; coming from deep within, flowing through me. I call to God.

“Oh God! Fuck! Ah! I’m cumming! I explode from inside. I feel as if on fire and a wave of heat passed through me.

You pound into me harder and faster. I want you to cum.

“Fuck me. Fuck me harder. Harder.” I beg.

My words bring you there, you steal one last kiss and then the last moan is delivered. You pull yourself out, letting your creamy liquid spill all over us. It hits my neck, slides down the side of my breast, leaving a small pool on my stomach.

Together we lay back on the bed and eyes meet once more. A smile escapes you.

“Hi, I’m Will.” You stammer shyly.


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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