Irresistible Desire

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The Semaphore Tower beauty spot lies on the A3 London to Portsmouth road near Wisley in Surrey.

By day it is popular for quiet walks on the many woodland pathways or coffee & cake at the entrance café. At night the several car parks are busy with exhibitionist couples & cruising gay men. This is the forbidden pleasure that draws me again & again.

My excitement increased as I drove the 14 miles to this busy ‘dogging’ site.

I was dressed in a t shirt & light jogging trousers with no underwear. Just knowing that I could be stripped quickly was part of the erotic thrill of my secret adventures.

My urge to seek these night time encounters & the insatiable arousal that it brings, always begins with the desire for a man, the allure of the danger of capture as I exposed myself & the irresistible draw to venture into the darkness of a public place at night.

I knew that there would be a sexual liaison with a stranger because the closer I got the more wanton & ‘available’ I became, wanting to submit to anything that was asked of me, this caused ‘butterflies’ in my stomach & my pulse to quicken as I turned off the main road & into the entrance to the car parks.

I drove slowly down the slight hill to the lower car park, there were five cars, all unoccupied, their owners cruising in the woodland.

I reversed into a space & turned off the lights. I adjusted the car seat back a little so that I could stretch out, I slid my hand down & lifted my balls out over the waistband of my joggers, the elastic holding them snugly at the base of my cock, I stroked myself gently & quickly became fully hard. I pulled my shirt up to expose my nipples & began pulling & pinching them. The sharp little spikes of pain sending delightful electric pulses down to my cock.

With the erotic anticipation of what may befall, I prepared to leave the car to take a walk through the woods. I paused when I saw headlights in the upper car park, they arced across the parking spaces as the vehicle slowly drove down through the connecting road to where I was. I sat up, still caressing myself & teasing my nipples. The headlights illuminated my car & I knew I was completely visible in their glare.

The car pulled up a couple of yards to my right, the driver’s door adjacent to mine. With my eyes acclimatised again after the bright lights, I could see a jacket hanging in the back of an expensive Audi. The man sitting in the front was looking over at Avrupa Yakası Escort me, smiling. He was attractive, clean shaven with glasses. I guessed his age to be mid to late fifty’s. He seemed pleased with me I returned the smile, opened my door & swung my leg out. I paused, my legs wide apart, so that the cars courtesy light would let him see my hard cock jutting out from the top of my joggers. I got out slowly, my heart pounding as I focused on his gaze that was fixed on me.

Using the remote button on the key fob I locked the car door, then leaned back against the car, running my hands over my chest & stomach & brushing my palm over my tight balls.

I could see through his window that his hand was in his lap, he was squeezing himself as his eyes moved over me. His door opened & he stepped out, his erection obvious. We were of similar height, about 5’10” he was perhaps a little heavier.

He stepped closer & firmly grasped my aching cock. The coolness of his palm was wonderful as he gripped me & pushed my foreskin back. I wanted him to wank me hard & fast right then, but I didn’t speak as I savoured the moment of surrender.

“Mmm! We are going to have to attend to this young man” he said.

Although I didn’t feel particularly young at 33 years, but I enjoyed him establishing the ‘senior’ position & the dominant role. He squeezed my shaft firmly & pulled me. The sensation was ecstasy! I let out a sigh of delight. I stood up away from the car, yielding to the force of the fist grasping the base of my cock.

I reached down & stroked the bulge of his erection, feeling the shape of him. His balls filled my hand as I stroked & caressed him through the pin stripe material of his trousers, my fingers tracing the outline of his constrained cock. His grip on me tightened as his other hand slipped down the back of my joggers to feel the plump cheeks of my bottom. His breath on my face & the smell of his cologne was intoxicating.

More movement in the upper car park made him let me go. Taking a step back, he looked into my eyes & fixed me with a lustful stare. I think he knew I would do exactly as he expected!

Without words he turned to follow the path from the car park, we moved into the woods. My heart pounded & my cock swayed in the night air as I walked closely behind him.

Taking a couple of steps from the pathway into the foliage, he stood against the trunk of a fallen tree & turned to me. The Avrupa Yakası Escort Bayan clear night sky & moonlight through the canopy showed his passionate expression & aroused state.

He undid his belt & placed his hands on his hips, I knew what he wanted, & I quickly unfastened his trousers & pulled down his zip. I pushed his shirt up to reveal his tanned chest. My lips closed over his nipple & I licked its leathery texture, my saliva flattening his chest hair to his skin. I kissed my way over to his other nipple & repeated my adulation until the little bud was firm & proud. My kisses descended down over his fleshy stomach & I squatted in front of him, my hands stroked his sides then pulled down his black briefs, finally releasing his erection. He was gorgeous, easily 7 inches with a shaft that curved up from the base, circumcision exposed a lovely pink gland that was fully revealed as I slowly pushed down the satin skin. There was a hint of after shower fragrance combined with the heady scent of his manhood as I kissed down the shaft & nuzzled into his pubic hair, covering his balls with more kisses.

I looked up & his eyes were closed. His moans & gasps of “yes, yes” meant I was pleasing him. He sat back on the tree trunk

His fingers were in my hair, holding my head as I gently sucked his delicious cock into my wet mouth. I steadied myself with one hand on the tree trunk, the other stroked his thigh & stomach as my lips slid back & forth over his velvet crown. My eager tongue swirled around the sensitive rim & into his little slit. I pulled down on his rigid shaft, the sound of my urgent sucking & his moans of pleasure filled the night air.

The rhythm was broken when I let his cock slip from my mouth, startled by another pair of hands roughly groping me. A man was behind me. It took a moment to realise what was happening. I didn’t turn around but stood up to a bent over position my excitement raised even higher as I submitted further. Their compliance in their use of me gave me more pleasure.

My joggers were pulled down, I eagerly stepped out of them, parted my legs & dipped the small of my back to offer my bottom. His rough hands ran over my hips & thighs squeezing the flesh, then slid between my legs, grabbed my balls tugging the scrotum & pulling my hard cock down.

Gentle pressure from the hands holding my head pushed me back down on their owner’s cock that glistened with my saliva, I took Escort Avrupa Yakası him back in my mouth & sucked harder & faster, wanting to taste his cream.

Anonymous fingers dug into my soft buttocks pulling them apart, stretching the skin of my arsehole, I pushed my hips back in encouragement.

My lips slid quickly over the silky knob as I stroked his foreskin up & down. He grasped my hair & gave a guttural grunt as his delicious salty spunk spurted into my mouth. I pushed his foreskin right back, my hand at the base of his cock as I held his tender gland gently in my mouth, swirling the silky fluid around it with my tongue as his climax subsided.

The beautiful cock softened & I reluctantly released him from my lips. He stood, stroked my hair & walked off into the shadows. I remained braced against the tree, rocking my hips & pushing back against the fingers probing my arsehole. I turned my head to look back at my remaining partner. He was overweight & balding with a neat beard & moustache. I smiled at him & overtly ran my tongue over my lips as I wiggled my bottom against his grasping hands.

There were two figures standing close by & watching. This heightened the thrill still further.

I focused on relaxing my sphincter as my excitement rose again. I could hear the two voyeurs shuffling closer, the sound of lubricated foreskins being pulled back & forth.

The bearded man’s knob nudged against my hole, then pushed inside. The sweet discomfort began!

I felt his warm belly against my bottom as he buried his cock to the hilt. I felt my cheeks shudder as he drove into me. With just a few thrusts he let out a cry as his cum erupted, the warm liquid filled my tunnel.

He pulled himself free & I reached back to feel the little gape of my aching arsehole & the dribble of cum that ran down my inner thigh. I turned to sit back on the tree, my legs parted as I caressed my cock back to erection.

My tubby lover tucked his glistening cock back into his trousers, zipped himself & hurried off into the night.

I was in a state of ecstasy as I wanked myself in the company of my two spectators, they were of similar age to me, and both had their trousers open & were pumping their hard cocks furiously. They were within a few feet of me as I reached my climax at last, my spunk spurted out in two hot gushes splashing into the dirt at their feet. First one then the other shot their semen onto the floor. Each sexy spectacle giving pleasure to us all.

After regaining my composure, I pulled on my joggers & walked back to my car. Revelling in my ‘just fucked’ condition.

That adventure was a few weeks ago, I can feel the desire rising again. Perhaps I will succumb again soon, maybe tonight!!

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