Isaac Moves in New Circles

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Pleziewska “Plum” Kronislaw watched with fascination as her cousin Isaac kind of danced naked, his legs apart as his uh, paramour, Mesquite DiMarco used Isaac’s Zippo lighter-

…The flame hovering just under Isaac’s engorged testicles to distract him as he masturbated.

“I hope this doesn’t make you feel terribly uncomfortable, Plummy” Mesquite said, smiling at Isaac’s curious relative.

Mesquite, a sort of brassy minx had carrot colored and quite teased hair and big lips.

“No, Isaac has always been really up front with me about his um, issues.”

This made both women snicker, though Mesquite didn’t stop holding the flame just under poor Isaac’s empurpled scrotum.

Isaac, for his part, was trying to keep the sexual interest in his cock going, and it certainly was…he was terribly aroused while also a bit distressed by the searing testicular pain…The flame actually didn’t burn his skin, but it was dangerously close.

“Really, Mesquite, Isaac was in a bad way when he called you to come visit, and it’s so good you’ve been staying with us.”

It really was, apparently. Isaac had been Mesquite’s submissive boy-toy or something back in Southern California, and he’d moved to Buttermilk Falls and then poor Isaac went through some kind of breakdown withdrawal from his dominant chick in Cali…

“Is there anything I can do?” Plum had asked her sweet cousin as he’d held his head in his hands when she’d first arrived.

When Plum had come to stay, she didn’t tell Isaac this, but Isaac’s brother, James, Jr. called “Beetle,” had paid her way to Buttermilk Falls.

It seemed to be a rescue situation!

What was amazing to Plum had been, Isaac and Beetle were the geniuses of the family…if anything Plum’s folk had been the airhead poor relations.

But Isaac and Beetle had been neighbors, and they’d always doted on cute little cousin Plum.

And they’d always bailed her out of jackpots, and lent her money, picked her up when her drug-dealer boyfriends were acting up…

And they’d certainly shielded Plum from the slings and arrows of high achieving relatives!

And she’d helped them, Beetle and Isaac, to get laid, get invited to parties since they were such sweet but geeky guys.

But truly, she owed Isaac a rescue…

“Isaac’s into some really weird shit.” Beetle had told Plum.

“Please, just go there, keep an eye on him. You know he’s always been a little in love with you-“

“Just like you, Beetle!” Plum teased.

Beetle blushed. “Yes, I guess. But I’m married to someone sane now-“

“Your wife has always hated me.”

“Cousin Plummy, it’s just because you don’t dress modestly-“

“Like a nun. Agnes wants me to dress like a nun.”

“Well, you won’t have to deal with Aggie at all, just go stay with my brother for a bit, and help him, before he, you know, goes over the abyss. He’s got a great gig at the college there. We don’t want him to lose it.”

Again, Plum felt she owed Isaac so much, she was the unsuccessful dreamy one…

But now she could succeed in saving Isaac…poor, perverted Isaac.

Now they were sharing a flat together until she found a job.

“It’s just that I’ve been either serving a dominant man or woman who’s run my life since I Ieft college. I can’t deal with all this…space. This freedom.”

This fascinated Plum, who had spent a bit of the past 20 years in and out of prisons, drug rehabs and nuthouses…

But then Mesquite had shown up and Plum had let this strange girl in, and Meski had been so charming. They’d talked for about forty-five minutes before Isaac got in…

He’d run to Mesquite with joy, and then Mesquite had turned cold, or NUTS, and she’d backhanded Isaac, screaming about how demanding he was, making her cross the country for this bullshit.

“Take down your pants. Give me that belt!”

Isaac had objected that Plum was here, but Meski had thrown him across the couch, his pants being yanked to his ankles, and she’d whipped him viciously with his own belt.

“Your (WHACK!)cousin deserves to (WHACK!)see you like this, being beaten (WHACK!)on his bare butt like an (WHACK!)insolent child!”


Then Mesquite had pulled a deadly looking flogger from her bag and given Isaac some lashes that seemed to make his belt seem almost irrelevant.

“You want to (WHACK!)interrupt my life, make me take (WHACK!)

this stupid trip because of your (WHACK!)neurosis, you insolent (WHACK!)


But finally Mesquite calmed down, she looked at poor Isaac lying on the couch crying, his welted buttocks heaving with the pain.

She’d rolled up the whip and dropped it in her bag and gently pulled Isaac up, as Plum watched.

In a sweet, gentle voice, Mesquite said, as she put her face so close to his,

“Baby, I know you can’t make it unless someone reminds you what a sad little wimpy bitch you are.” Then Mesquite gave Isaac a huge kiss.

Then, Mesquite had disrobed and Isaac had spent two hours eating her out, right xslot there in the living room.

It turned out that Isaac had a weird little plastic doohickey on his junk and Mesquite still had the key for that…

But she’d not given him permission to whack his Willy…

“I’ve been keeping it until Isaac found someone I could send it to, but he’s not going to get jerk-off privileges yet, poor boy.”

But now, after a ten day visit, Meski had unlocked Isaac and was letting him wank himself. Every now and then, when it looked like he was getting close, Mesquite pushed the flame up to his nuts, and he kind of calmed down, or heated up…

Isaac, for his part, was glad that his pretty cousin was staying with him as he tried to negotiate his new environs in Buttermilk Falls. He wasn’t sure what he’d do after Mesquite left again, but at least he wouldn’t be lonely.

Isaac had told Plum about his leather interests in the past…and she’d been so cool about the whole thing, though he suspected Beetle had primed her.

“I’ll stay a while, too.” Plum said gaily. “There’s usually a Starbucks or an art-supply place, or candle shop or bookstore to work at wherever I go.”

But having his cute twenty something cousin Plum installed just didn’t make it, and Mesquite had been summoned.

Now, Plum was seeing her scholastic cousin naked and punished regularly for the duration of Mesquite’s visit.

It had been very humiliating for Isaac who had always found Plum, who was a little Goth, so enticing and mysterious.

Isaac’s face reddened now as he felt his cousin’s eyes on him as he masturbated faster, trying to keep his balls away from the rising flame of the Zippo lighter.

“Oh, please, Mesquite, let up with-“

“Please what?” Mesquite asked Isaac innocently, as she waved the lighter a little closer, but not quite enough to set his pubic hair on fire.

“Shall I lock you back up, if you don’t feel like beating your meat?”

“No, I really need to cum, it’s been months since you let me back in California.”

“Hell, I have to go home tomorrow, Lawrence is still waiting for HIS orgasm, maybe I can just give the keys to Plum and she can make you beg HER.”

“Oh, Sweet Jesus, no, “Plum said, giggling helplessly. God, Meski was fun, but how could poor Isaac put up with this shit? He spoils her to death, all this week, he took her to dinner at the Buttermilk Bread Kitchen, the Collonade, La Patisserie…all the classy, expensive joints in town!

Fuck, he takes me to Denny’s!

Mesquite told Plum yesterday that some time back, Isaac even took her to the Greek islands, she got to live it up a bit.

And this is how the ungrateful bitch responds., but my lame-ass cousin seems to be lapping it up!

“See, you have to keep Isaac here cleaning and serving, not blowing his cash on sports betting, wondering if the field goal is forty-five yards in the wind and whether there is a fumble or a scrimmage or whatever it is that makes him lose money with the bookies.”

This was true, he’d not been gambling in some time, and this had been a big problem of Isaac’s in the past. And Isaac had lost weight, and looked great under the femdom regimen…

Mesquite had finally laughed in satisfaction as Isaac finally shot his load onto the floor while dancing so his balls would safely avoid the flame from the Zippo lighter held under his nuts.

“See, now he’s all done now, and while we’re gone we lock Isaac in the lav.”

Plum and Mesquite were going shopping. Mesquite needed a jogging bra or something.

Now that Isaac was no longer horny he began objecting to being secured in the bathroom.

“Please, don’t make me go sit in the toilet, Meski, I can just watch TV or go on the net, huh?”

As Plum watched, Mesquite locked Isaac’s chastity device back on his cock. “Now turn around, shmuck, lets get the cuffs on.”

Isaac found himself spinning as he objected. He knew though, it could be so much worse. Mesquite locked her husband of thirteen years, Lawrence in kneeling stocks when she was out of the house on Lawrence’s days off from work…

That is, when Lawrence wasn’t scrubbing the house!

“P-please, Mesquite. I hate shopping, despise it, but I’ll go with you, buy everything. Can’t I just at least look at my phone in the bathroom if I must be in there? You’ll be gone for hours.”

Now Isaac was jumping up and down with his hands behind his back in a tantrum, his limp dick in his cage bouncing around.

Annoyed, Mesquite took up a sofa cushion and whacked Isaac across the face, hard.

“You entitled little shit.” she said between gritted teeth as Isaac stood there, dizzily.

“I just let you finish yourself, get a nice orgasm after four months, and now you’re a white male again, giving orders?”

“No, it’s not-“

She hit him again with the cushion. “You want me to take the cane from over there and give you a whipping before we leave, you’re not even horny, it will be pure punishment.”

Mesquite kicked Isaac in the balls xslot Giriş as Plum gazed in wonder.

“And of course we’re going to take your credit card, the Visa Black, you’re paying for everything.”

She kicked Isaac again in the nuts and he fell down, moaning. Mesquite dragged him up, grabbing his left nipple.

“You’re going to sit in the goddamn john, on that cold floor and think about what a shit you are.”

Mesquite picked up her purse and ruffled around in it, and brought out a couple of cruel looking clamps, connected by a slim chain, and looped a heavy Yale lock through the chain and then clipped the clamps onto Isaac’s nipples, dropping the lock showily.

Isaac gasped and tears rolled down his cheeks, silently. But he knew she meant business, and tried to run in the bathroom, only to be dragged out of it by his ear.

“No, not that bathroom. You can sit in the little toilet and one-shower bathroom down the hall. Get the rug out of it, Plum, he doesn’t deserve anything soft to sit on.”

As Isaac moved miserably, he realized Mesquite had gone behind him and gotten the cane after all, and was whacking his bare ass as he jogged, sobbing into the restroom.

And Plum had taken the rug! She gave him a sympathetic look as he passed her, but Cuz was getting it, she really was.

“And, before I forget, bend over-” Mesquite grabbed Isaac by the hair and dragged his head down, and he felt a long-ish butt plug being shoved not so gently up his hidey hole.

“Don’t cinch your butt, it’s too fucking narrow in there. I didn’t get you sodomized enough back home, clearly enough.”

As soon as his anus was filled, Mesquite tripped Isaac neatly and he fell over, but then was shoved back so he was sitting on his ass.

Then Mesquite spat in his face and shut and locked the bathroom door.

“See, my Nana does this with her dachshund” Meski said to Plum as they left the house, hopping into Isaac’s BMW Mini Clubman convertible and pulled out.

“Does what with her dachshund?”

“She locks him in the bathroom when she goes out, keeps him out of trouble, no shitting on the dining room floor, or destroying sofa cushions. The dog barks it up in protest, but eventually he calms down.”

Now, sitting on the frigid bathroom tiles, his wrists uncomfortably locked behind his back…

And the bite on his nipples from the lock-enhanced clamps, Isaac felt his cock lengthening and expanding as he absorbed his humiliating punishment.

Jesus, if I only still had the belt off, I could rub my dick against the tub or maybe the sink, that would give me a good edge…

Mesquite was so hot as was Cousin Plum!

But, Isaac would be sitting here bored, for at least three hours and frankly, he was just a bit chilly as well.

What would he do while the girls were gone?

Isaac would have to interview various dominants when he got out of the john, of course. My butt’s freezing now!

Isaac thought he should try to stand to warm his butt up.

Why are bathrooms so cold? If they’d been back in Southern California, in Mesquite and Lawrence’s house, Mesk would have cuffed his ankles together, or even put his nuts in a Humbler, so he couldn’t move at all.

I mean, I could stand a little in a Humbler, but my back would be horribly bent over.

And it’s so you know, shivery in here.

I bet Mesquite turned the heat off when they left, or at least way down.

Mesquite was a bit evil, in a cute way.

Once, back when Isaac was still doing business seminars for U.S.C., he’d spent the entire weekend at Mesquite’s house servicing Meski and her friends of both sexes with his mouth, as was Lawrence, Mesquite’s husband.

The women had stroked Isaac’s and Larry’s cocks unmercifully with their hands, tits and feet.

When the first evening was over, and everyone had gone home, Lawrence had placidly allowed Mesquite to lock his belt back on.

But when Mesquite and Lorraine, Lawrence’s 19 year old daughter from his first marriage, a hot little honey blonde…

They’d approached Isaac, and Lorraine winked at her stepmother as she’d locked the cuffs on Isaac’s wrists, while Mesquite began wrapping the belt around his waist

And, the chastity belt just set Isaac off, and he burst into tears, so frustrated.

Ignoring Lawrence’s warning look, Isaac had screamed “Why do I have to go to bed without being allowed to orgasm…I worked so hard today to entertain you ladies.”

So the women had stopped just before locking Isaac up. Lorraine escorted her father to bed and, smiling sympathetically, Mesquite had pushed Isaac into the bathroom, his cock still un-locked and quite hard.

Mesquite had helped Isaac to lie down on his back in the tub, and Lorraine had joined her there.

Wow. Isaac had gone down on each of them about five or six times, and he so thirsted, looking at Lorraine’s shaved snatch.

They looked so sympathetic!

Lorraine carefully stepped in the tub, standing naked over Isaac’s stiff penis and she began rubbing xslot Güncel Giriş his dick with her toes.

Mesquite, wearing only stockings, had crouched over Isaac’s face and pushed her nyloned toes on his nose.

Isaac had kissed Mesquite’s foot in gratitude…it seemed like they would be stimulating him to an orgasm…

He came so close…

And then, just as he was going to jism on Lorraine’s foot, the ladies had jumped off…

Abandoning the supine Isaac in the tub, Lorraine had turned the cold shower on, icy of course, and they’d run out of the bathroom, laughing cruelly.

The poor man was left with the shower hosing him down for nearly an hour, before Lorraine had felt pity and sneaked back in and turned off the icy stream.

But she’d laughed, since Isaac was so aroused by the betrayal that he’d still been quite erect.

“Dude, you can use your safe word if you want out.”

But Isaac had shaken his head, reluctantly. And of course he’d had to lie in the wet tub till morning…

So soaked in the freezing droplets!

Remembering it now, Isaac became even more aroused.

“He’d really enjoyed his eighteen months, conducting seminars at the University of Southern California, and knowing Lawrence and Mesquite and their friends…

But U.S.C’s contract for Isaac’s business seminars had ended, and he knew he had to go on to his next post, at Buttermilk State University.

The contract Isaac had signed would be a two to five year thing, and it paid well.

And, Isaac had also been hired as a consultant to several businesses in the area, and that might last even longer.

He had to find someone to take charge of him, or else he’d be terribly disoriented.

Isaac still missed the old days, when he’d been teaching at the London School of Economics, servicing the large cock of Master Strathdrummond.

Or his time in Bangalore, the capital of Karnataka, India, when he’d been the tranny slut of Lady Nirosha.

That had been a weird gig,. During the day, Isaac had been lecturing at the Indian Institute of Management-Bangalore, and at night he’d been sent out in drag by Nirosha…

To prostitute himself, sometimes sucking off his own students while in disguise, very heavily made-up, kneeling on the shore of the Bay of Bengal after loud parties…

Hideous as it had been, and terrified that eh might be put in a compromising position, it had also been glorious.

What would happen here in Buttermilk Falls?

The next day, as Isaac dropped Mesquite off at the airport, he told her how much she meant to him, and Meski gave Isaac a long kiss.

“I took the liberty, Isaac of putting an ad out for you, a personal ad on Craigslist.”


“Oh sure, the people on Alt dot com and Fetlife are so much tamer. You’d be bored. I also put a physical card on the bulletin board at this funky little store on Buttermilk Boulevard, the Dungeonopolis Gift Shop.”

“Y-you did?”

“Oh sure, I wrote that you were attractive and financially generous. Plum says she will help you vet the candidates, though it’s ridiculous, of course to be able to choose the person who enslaves you.”

She kissed Isaac again and rubbed his caged cock in his pants.

“Oh well, good luck!”

At this gift shop place, Mesquite had purchased a much smaller penile cage to replace Isaac’s relatively comfortable chastity sheath.

“It will make you accessible to teasing all the time, without all the trouble of unlocking you!”

And she was gone!

When Isaac returned home that day, he and Plum didn’t say much about all that had happened.

He was clothed in front of his pretty relative for the first time in almost two weeks, and was vaguely aware that she had the keys to his new chastity tube, in a little brown envelope, hidden somewhere.

After he’d made Plum dinner, she sat on the couch with her feet on Isaac’s lap, and he rubbed them devotedly as he’d always done.

Plum’s dark morass of unruly curls shone and her tits were prime in the little gray tank top she was wearing, an odd choice for February, though Isaac had indeed built a fire.

Plum was also in faded jeans and she was thoroughly enjoying the foot massage. She knew if she held out, he’d probably paint her toenails too…he was that kind of guy.

“So, Isaac when Mesquite and I were at the Dungeonopolis Gift Shop place, this kinky joint, the manager asked me if I needed a job.”

Isaac kneaded Plum’s heel. “Well, you’re gifted at retail, Plum…running stores, shop-lifting, all sorts of related stuff…”

He thought of the time that Plum had knocked over a display case in a jewelry store, and, when the manager ran to pick it up, she’d emptied the register and hoisted off the diamond display…

And then a month later had gotten a job there, because she wanted to settle down a little.

“It’s a little different in these BDSM places, Plum, but you have now had a little experience-“

Isaac blushed, remembering how his pretty cousin had witnessed a week of nude torture and humiliation.

Reading his mind, Plum snickered. “Yeah, watching Meski twisting your nipples with pliers and shoving pickles up your ass, and those gross enemas gave me some real education, buddy.”

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