It Began as a Simple Request…

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It began as a simple request for my girlfriend, Karen, to touch my penis. It had been a couple of weeks since our last sexual encounter and we were now sharing a bed in a cabin in the mountains. Both of us had had a very nice day highlighted by a hike to a mountain lake. Both of us had showered earlier in the evening and the conditions were favorable for us to get together sexually but the question was how to start — hence the simple request.

Karen was a little skeptical of my request, most likely suspecting, correctly, that my intentions were for more intimate sexual activity, but she never-the-less carefully reached out and touched my hardening penis. The touch of her hand on my penis was wonderful and my penis was soon steadily moving towards full arousal. After a half-hour or so of gently stroking my penis, which included some fondling of the tip, I reached around her, and placed my hands on her wonderfully firm bottom. Karen loves massages and I focused on her butt muscle, which is reasonably close to more interesting sexual parts, so I slowed down and concentrated on giving a slow, deep massage.

At this time, I was massaging her through her pajama bottoms. Testing to see if a change in her interest level had occurred, I tried to reach my hand under the waistband of her pajama bottoms but was met with a tied drawstring. In my enthusiasm to get my hand under her pajama bottoms, I inadvertently pulled on the wrong drawstring end and made a knot. Karen deftly took over and unknotted the drawstring in short order, indicating a growing interest having a deeper sexual encounter, bahis şirketleri at least in my mind. I then reached my hand under her pajama bottoms waistband and felt, for the first time in this encounter, her bare bottom. It felt fantastic. I was now fully hard and began messaging her bottom with renewed vigor. I slowly extended the massage to exploratory touching between her legs and encountered the sparse pubic hair on one of her outer labial lips. At that point, Karen indicated some reluctance in proceeding further by moving my hand away from its new found location, so I retreated back to a bottom massage.

After several more minutes of massage on and around her bottom, I asked her if she would like me to go down on her. Her response was an immediately “Yes!”, followed by her quickly slipping off her pajama bottoms. There was no doubt that Karen was now ready for more intimate contact. Karen repositioned herself to lying on her back while I reoriented my body with my head between her legs. My mouth was located over her beautiful vulva with it’s sparse covering of light brown pubic hair. I knew from prior oral sex contact with Karen that she prefers slow, indirect contact with her vulva when oral sex is first initiated, otherwise interpreted as no direct contact with the clitoris, yet. In honoring this preference, I proceeded to lick, with the tip of my tongue, a small pocket in the flesh in Karen’s vulva which she had pointed out to me in previous oral lovemaking. This area is located on Karen’s vulva right above the clitoral hood and directly below the upper convergence bahis firmaları of her outer labial lips. Karen responded, immediately raising her hips to more fully engage my tongue on this specific area.

About an hour was spent gently massaging this special area with the tip of my tongue. Also included was the cleft between her outer labial lips and the folds of her inner labia on both sides of her vulva, with the occasional very gentle probing of her clitoral hood with the tip of my tongue. During this time, Karen began experiencing growing sexual arousal as indicated by her louder, more frequent vocalizations and increasing wetness. I took this opportunity to enlarge the region that I was licking and began to gently probe her vaginal entrance with my tongue. I then spread my tongue wide and licked from the vaginal opening up to the clitoral hood, paying special attention to the inner labial lips and the partially hidden clitoris. Karen responded with abandon, rotating her hips to meet my tongue as it swept around her vulva in a series of random patterns over her clitoris and inner labial folds. In short order, her groin muscles tensed sharply as I gently kissed and sucked her clitoris. She then let forth a very loud vocalization leaving no doubt that she was in the throes of a powerful orgasm.

This major climax was followed in short order by three or four lesser, but still strong, orgasms. This, in turn, was followed by a series of smaller orgasms as I kept my now stationary tongue gently but firmly pressed against her extra-sensitive clitoris. She then grabbed the back of kaçak bahis siteleri my head and firmly pulled it down, pressing my tongue against her clitoris. Every few seconds she would have another fleeting orgasm which was followed by a slight release on the pressure she was applying to the back of my head. This was followed by another round of pressure, a tiny orgasm, and then pressure release. After about ten minutes of this intimate level of contact, she lifted her torso up and removed her pajama top, exposing her breasts. She then requested that I move up and hug her. Of course, I did as she wished but not before I sucked deeply on her now visible nipples on my way up. My face, at this point, was very wet from her secretions and we kissed deeply, letting her share some of the same oral sensations I was experiencing.

Then she did something delightful. Karen carefully reached between my legs and gently positioned my penis along the length of her vulval vestibule, roughly defined as the “valley” delineated by the area interior to the inner labia. The head of my penis was placed on her clitoris. She then began to gently push her vulva against my motionless penis, and rotating her hips slowly. She enjoyed a series of even smaller orgasms of steadily decreasing intensity while we continued hugging in this fashion. Karen slowly began returning to reality.

As we slowly untangled our bodies, I took the opportunity to whisper that I was going to give her vulva one more kiss. I told her that I was going to suck the nipples on her breasts on my way down to her vulva and then, when I arrived down there, I was going to start at her vagina and drag my tongue up between her inner lips to to her clitoris. Karen softly vocalized in anticipation as I then proceeded to do exactly what I had just whispered to her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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