It Happened Again Ch. 04

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The alarm went off at the usual time. Ugh, Monday morning and a work day. I slept well. The activities of the weekend came back into my head with a vengeance. I’m now a man that enjoys sucking cock. First Bob’s and then Randy’s. Thinking back, I couldn’t believe how easy it was to become submissive, taking they’re instructions without hesitation. I could have stopped both encounters but deep inside I wanted that experience and now I have no regrets on what I did.

I got into the shower allowing the water to wash my thoughts away for the moment. I needed to focus on work. Bob was a supervisor of another section of the same unit,so we had daily contact with each other. Shouldn’t be a problem though as we were professionals and the job always came first. Finished the shower and then the shave and started brushing my teeth. Why does my jaw ache? Moving in from side to side, it definitely had dull throb. Oh shit, too much cocksucking, especially Randy’s cock where I had to stretch those jaw muscles to fit more of Randy’s cock down my throat. Damn, I’m getting hard thinking about sucking him. Gave a couple of tugs on my cock to reinforce the feeling and decided that was enough as I needed to get to work early.

My phone rang as I was walking to my car. It was Bob. “Hey John you at work yet?”

“No just getting in my car now. What’s up.” Said that on purpose. He laughed.

“The boss called and he’s not coming in today so I’m in charge. Need you to bring me a bold roast Grande from Starbucks on the way in and drop it by the office.”

“You got it boss, be there in twenty.”

Bob was next in line as the Unit boss and loved being in charge. He was a good supervisor and I liked working for him.

Arrived with his coffee 25 minutes before the start of the duty day. All the supervisors came in about 30 minutes early so they could get a start on the day before the workers came in. Walked through his office door and said “Morning boss, here’s your coffee as ordered.”

He smiled “Looking sharp this morning Sergeant, what’s on your agenda for the day?” He took a big slurp and winked at me. “Thanks John, I needed a stronger coffee this morning, going to be a busy day.” He looked at me like I was naked getting ready to get on my knees again when he said “I’ll be around by your section about nine this morning. Will you be there?”

“Yes sir, my technicians will be working so I should be the only one in the shop.”

“Good, I’ll see you then. Now get your ass to work and John, thanks again for the coffee.”

Three hours before I see him. Damn, the time’s going to drag. Impure thoughts filled my brain as I drove to my office. Surely he doesn’t want to do something at work.

Reviewed the work for the day and did all the other morning routines that bosses do before the troops come in. We were busy with new inspections for the past three weeks. The work was away from the shop in another maintenance area so most of the day there was just me. Today would be no different. Got the morning work assignment issued and gave everybody the normal morning briefing and the day started as usual. Two more hours passed with normal stuff that bosses do. I was surprised that the morning was passing so quickly with computer work and phone calls.

At 8:30 Bob called. “Hey John, are you available? The morning meeting ended sooner than I expected and I’d like to drop by now.”

I liked how he used the word “available”. Did I hear an infliction in the his voice for something other than business?

“Sure boss I’m available now and whenever you want.” Two can play this game and I’m recognizing that I’m flirting.

“See you in five then.”

He walked into my office and sat down in the chair across the desk from me. He left the door open which was okay as there was always background noise from shop that masked conversations in the office. I did notice that he had a very good start on an erection.

“I think your happy to see me aren’t you Bob?”

“Fuck you, I’ve been fighting this erection ever since I got up this morning. I thought about asking for a blowjob when you came by this morning but there’s too much foot traffic in my area. Thought about closing my door and jacking off but the phone kept ringing. Shit John, all I can think of is you sucking my cock. Are your guys gone?”

“Yes, do you want me to suck you here?”

“Sure do.”

Bob shut the door Gaziantep Anal Escort and I got down on my knees, undid his pants and pulled down his zipper. Damn, he’s commando at work too. His hardening cock sprang free and it was in my mouth a second later. This was no time for a long drawn out cocksucking session. I sucked bob’s cock fast and hard. In an out of my mouth with a hand action on his balls and shaft.

“You’re a great cocksucker” Bob said in a subdued voice. “Ooh.. Ooh.. Ooh, that’s it John, keep that up, I’m close. Suck that cock you cocksucker.”

I could feel him start to tense up. His cock fit my mouth so perfectly that I hadn’t experienced any gagging although I was taking all of his cock. Then it happened. I heard Aagh… My mouth filled with his ejaculate. I couldn’t handle it all with my first swallow. My mouth filled again and I started gagging and I pulled away from his cock only to be rewarded with a shot of cum on my cheek and then another on my chin.

I composed myself, took his cock back into my mouth to clean him off. His softening cock felt good in my mouth. I withdrew his cock and rubbed it over my face picking up the cum on my cheek and the remaining cum on my chin. I took him into my mouth again for one last cleaning.

“Damn fine blowjob Sergeant, but you’re a mess. You’ve got cum on your uniform and on your face. Now clean yourself up.”

Bob was stuffing his cock back into his pants while I was on my second wad of tissues wiping his cum from the front of my uniform shirt and from my face.

“Shit Bob, I didn’t plan for a load that big. Should have had a towel handy. Hope these wet cum streaks dry on my shirt before my guys return.” With cum on the wads of tissues and my shirt, the small office smelled of cum. I told Bob I needed to flush the tissues to get rid of the evidence. I washed the cum streaks on my shirt with a little water. It made the wet stain bigger but it cut the smell. When I came back Bob was sitting in a chair.

“Talked to Linda last night. She and the kids are coming back from Oregon late Tuesday night. Seems she won’t be staying there when I go to Korea. Can’t get along with her step-dad so she’s staying here when I’m gone. That fucks up our fun time too.”

“That sucks. But we still have a day and half if you need me again.”

“That’s just it. Linda will give me separation sex when she gets home and I have to have a load built up or she’ll may suspect something. So we’ll have to stop until things go back to normal.”

“Okay, it’s your call but when we start back, I don’t think blowing you routinely in my office is a smart thing as we’re flirting with “Murphy’s Law.” Besides, I can still smell your cum on my shirt.”

“Okay, I call you later and don’t be such a wuss. You know you like that smell.”

I watched him leave the shop. He was right, I liked the manly smell of his cum and the smell was still in the air. Decided to get some air freshener from the rest room. As I went around the desk, I noticed a quarter sized blob of cum on the rug. Yep, Murphy is out there. Got some more tissue, wiped up the cum and off to the toilet. Sprayed the office and everything is back to normal except my semi-erection. I’m horny and need a release.

I got back to the computer doing government work but all I could think of was sucking Bob’s cock and now my cock was fully erect. Thought about jacking off in the rest room but decided to give Randy a call. Oh well, if I go back, I’m opening Pandora’s Box. I’m back sucking his cock but he’s sucking mine. And then there’s the kissing. Do I really want to kiss him again. With all this going on in my head, the answer is made by my cock. It’s harder now and aching. Yes, I want all those things.

I called Randy on my cell. He answers on the second ring. “Hello”.

“Is this Randy?” I didn’t recognize the voice. “Yes”, this is Randy, Who’s asking?”

“It’s John from last night.”

“Thanks for calling. I was thinking about you and it’s all good things. You gave me a great blowjob last night. One of the best I ever had.”

“Okay, don’t stretch the truth to far. I’m calling cause I need your help. I need a release. I have a raging erection and I was going to beat off but I wanted to get back with you cause I enjoyed our time together.” “You want to come over now?”

“Yes, is that okay? I’ll call my boss and tell him I need to take an early lunch. I can be there in 15 minutes.”

“I’ll be waiting. Come through the garage again.”

I locked the shop and called Bob to tell him I was going home to change my shirt. If something came up he could get me on my cell. I made it to Randy’s in 12 minutes. My erection was at half-mast. Anticipation was off the charts. As soon as made it through the door of the garage, the door started it downward movement. There was Randy at the house door shirtless, barefooted, wearing a pair of cutoffs.

“Good to see you again. I’m glad you called.”

I walked up next to him and he didn’t move. Instead, he reached out and grabbed by the shoulders, pulled me in and kissed me again. He was aggressive at first, but sensed my shock and made the kiss softer and more passionate. My body responded to the change and opened up to him, allowing him to dominate the kiss. His tongue probed my lips looking for an opening. Within seconds his tongue made it through my weakening defenses, my mouth opened and our tongues met. He was a great French kisser. All my years of kissing women, I had always took the initiative. Not now and I was enjoying it immensely. My cock was back to its full erection. I rubbed my erection on his thigh and he kissed me harder. I was fully in his control. He grabbed my hand and brought it down to his cock. I stroked through the jeans and then found the button and then the zipper. No underwear. His cock was as hard as mine. It felt so good being kissed and stroking a hard cock. I didn’t know what to do. Continue the kissing and stroking or get on my knees and suck his cock. I didn’t care, I was good either way. Then all of a sudden he pulled away.

“Let’s go inside and you need to get naked now.”

We got inside and it took forever to get out of my uniform. Boots, socks, pants, shirt, shorts and a T-shirt. His hand went straight for my cock and he started kissing me softly again. His hand was massaging my cock with a light grip and release action. The combination of the kissing and his hands were too much as I lost my load. Three eruptions went over both of our bodies. Cum was everywhere. He finished the kiss and stepped back to look at me.

“God John, that was quite an orgasm. Look at all the cum. Come on, let’s shower and wash it off.”

He took my hand and walked me backed to the master bathroom. His walk-in shower was remodeled and had two sunflower shower heads on the ceiling with multiple shower head sprayers on the walls. There were dual shower controls. He turned both on. The water was warm instantly as he had a supplemental water heater in the bathroom and the water was thermostatically controlled. He showed me how to adjust everything and the cum was removed in an instant.

Randy got some body wash and started washing my back and then kissing my neck. The pulsed sprays and him touching me was very relaxing. My cock was starting to recover as the sensations that Randy was administering had its affect. Randy moved his hands down on my ass, kneading the cheeks with increasing pressure. It felt wonderful. Then a moment of reality. His soapy hand entered my ass crack and found my anus. I jumped as it was very sensitive at this point. Randy backed off and rubbed my cheeks again.

“Did you like that, me touching your asshole?”

I realized that I loved it but did I want to take the next step. Again, my cock was getting harder and there was my answer.

“Yes, yes, I want you to touch me there again.”

“Where do you want me to touch you? Come on, you can say it.”

“Touch my asshole, please touch my asshole.” Well I said it, no backing down now. I know where this is headed, but I can still say no if I don’t like it.

Randy started in again. Soaped up his hands and my ass cheeks. He was on my left side now. He started kissing me on the lips increasing the passion. His right hand moved towards my asshole, he stopped and asked me to spread my legs apart a bit. Dutiful, I complied. His fingers dragged across my hole sent shivers up my spine. His next pass stopped on the target and there was gentle probing which caused my sphincter muscle to contract. The pressure of his finger increased and it slipped in without much resistance. He stopped kissing me and backed away from me to look at me. His finger firmly implanted.

“Does that feel good? Do you want me to continue? Say it John. Say you want me to finger-fuck you.”

“Yes, yes, I want you to finger-fuck me.”

He moved his finger in and started massage my prostate. Holy shit this feels great. I love this. The prostate stimulation is causing me to groan. My cock is hard and I see Randy’s cock needs some attention. I grasp it with my soap covered left hand and start moving up and down the shaft. The feeling is incredible as the soap does its magic reducing the friction so my hand moves effortlessly over his cock. Randy’s hard now and I sense his movements before it happens. My legs move further apart and I bend over with my right hand on the shower wall. Randy’s in position behind me and moves forward pressing his cockhead against my anus. This isn’t going to work I thought. I could feel the mass of head and it’s way larger than a finger. Randy then turned down the water so it wasn’t as intense.

“Just relax, I won’t force anything. Let me put on a condom and apply some KY so there’s plenty of lube.”

Looking back, I saw Randy was opening a waterproof box that was on the built in shelf. Condoms, lube and a dildo, he was definitely prepared. He put on the condom and squeezed a dollop of lube in my ass crack and onto his cock. Randy got in position again and I felt his cock moving over my hole and then pushing at my entrance.

“Now all I’m going to do is put constant pressure on your sphincter with my cock. All you have to do is relax and the sphincter will relax and my cock will move in a bit and the sphincter will relax again. We’ll do this until you are totally relaxed and I’ll enter you without any discomfort.”

Just by talking to me and explaining his plan my sphincter relaxed slightly and a felt the head of Randy’s cock move forward expanding my sphincter.

“That’s it, you’re doing great. Do you like my cock? Tell me you like my cock. My cock likes you, see you let him in a little. He likes that.”

“Yes, I love your cock. I love the feeling of your cock entering my ass.”

My sphincter relaxed some more and his cock entered to the half way point. The feeling was intense and I was enjoying this new experience immensely. Another pause and then more pressure. It’s working. I feel the muscle relax and Randy’s cock pushes past the final resistance of my sphincter. Once he was in he stopped.

“How does it feel? Do you love it? Doesn’t it feel wonderful John?”

“I love it. It’s so satisfying. I can feel the heat of your cock.”

“I’m going to fuck you slowly and I want you to tell me if I’m hurting you. Do you understand?”

Yes, I understand. Please fuck me. I want to be fucked.”

With that said, Randy started a slow deliberate motion into my ass. His cock hit my prostate and I was oohing, aahing and moaning. Back out and then in slowly. I’m taking more of his cock on each stroke. On Randy’s next stroke, he was all the way in and he stopped.

“Congratulations, you’ve taken it all. You’ve got a nice ass and I’m enjoying fucking it but I can’t move right now as I’m on the edge of shooting my load. Do you want me to cum in your ass. Take the condom off and shoot my load where you want it or do you want to suck my cock and cum in your mouth.”

I was in total bliss. Never thought being fucked by a man would feel this good. I couldn’t decide but seeing he was buried in my ass, there was no sense moving.

“I want you to cum in my ass?”

“Okay, if that’s what you want.”

He increased his pace and his cock was buried on each stroke. He lasted 20 seconds or so grabbing my hips forcefully as his cock erupted. He then moved in and out slowly now, massaging my prostate. I was erect again and with the help of my hand violently jacking my cock, I shot another load. He pulled his cock out and removed the condom washing the remnants down the drain. He rinsed off his cock and turned towards me. I reached out and touched his cock, caressing it softly.

“You have a beautiful cock.”

“Thanks, I’m glad you like it.” He kissed me but his kiss wasn’t good enough and I kissed him back harder grabbing him behind his neck forcing his lips into mine. We broke the embrace and looked at each other.

“Thanks for being gentle. I will always remember how you fucked me.”

Randy was watching me as got out of the shower and toweling off.

“You’ve got a nice ass buddy. I’d like to tap that again.”

“I think you may get another chance. I didn’t get to suck your cock today. Can I come back.”

“You can suck my cock next time. He shook his head and laughed.”

To Be Continued…

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