It’s Been So Long

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Big Tits

The house was quiet for the first time in a long, long time. My wife had gone upstairs to get ready for bed and I took it upon myself to click the television off. I wanted to take advantage of the time and catch up on some reading. I was nose deep in War and Peace when I heard the shower shut off. For a second, I considered going up to our bedroom in an attempt to catch her naked. Then I considered the fact that I would be making an attempt to forego foreplay. It had been a long damned day, so I decided not to even make the effort. Maybe it was laziness, maybe it was fatigue, but at the end of it all, I just didn’t seem to have the drive in me to make a play for impromptu sex.

My eyes were going fuzzy with the passing lines of the book, so I marked my place and closed the pages. I was burned out and I knew that I would not be able to regenerate any bit of energy without a good night of sleep. I sat the book down, stretched through an aching breath, and heaved myself out my spot. Then I trudged up the stairs to our bedroom.

The bathroom door was still closed, so I went to the guest bathroom where I kept a spare toothbrush. I scrubbed my mouth clean and returned to the bedroom. As I breached the doorway, my eyes found their way to my wife standing next to the bed. She was wearing a light green and blue, silky, mini-length nightgown that lifted her breasts into glorious mounds. The center of her lingerie loosely hugged her waist and the skirt-like fabric at the bottom fell over her hips and the tops of her thighs. I looked further down the length of her legs and found that she was wearing her patent leather, platform heels.

She was stunning enough to have caught me in complete surprise and the energy that I thought had escaped my body suddenly returned. My cock was immediately hardening against the insides of my jeans, so I moved closer to her with every intent of taking her then and there. She moved slightly forward to meet my kiss and our tongues began dancing in and out of each other’s mouths. She tasted sweet as if she had eaten a piece of candy just to give me that much more delight.

“My God, you are sexy,” I said as I leaned back to look her over once more. I let my hands slide up and down her back then they slid down to her ass cheeks. In doing so, I felt the waist band of her panties and I found it peculiar that she was even wearing underwear.

She grabbed the bottom of my shirt and began to lift. I released her ass from my grip and allowed her to begin to undress me. First went my shirt. Then she undid my belt followed by my jeans. The backside of her hand rubbed my hard on as she lowered my zipper. Then, in a fluid motion, she went down to her knees as she pulled my pants down my legs. Almost immediately, she engulfed my cock with her soft and warm lips.

I felt my cock get harder in her mouth; harder than it had been in ages. It ached to become stone against the softness of her tongue and I felt a drop of pre-cum build at the tip of my member. She did not miss a beat as she sucked slowly up and Demetevler Escort back down again. All I could do was moan until I twitched.

I think she knew how close I was to cumming because she stopped her oral love making and stood in front of me. I huffed in protest, but was caught off guard by the look in her eyes. Then she smiled as she said, “I’ve got something for you.”

Before I could question as to what she had in store, she parted her legs just enough for the front of her lingerie to spring forward. She grabbed my right hand with her left and wrapped my fingers around her eight inch, latex cock.

“You sneaky bitch,” I said playfully, but impressed by her ability to hide such a large strap on from me. The waistband of the panties I had felt was not that of a pair of panties at all. It was actually the straps of a leather harness. Then she commented, “I was afraid you felt the buckles when you rubbed my back,” and she smiled again. I had not felt the buckles and I was truly surprised.

“I don’t know about this baby,” I said as I rubbed her cock and she rubbed mine. “It’s been a long time since you’ve fucked me.” She squeezed the middle of my shaft a little and promised that she might be gentle.

“Tell you what,” I paused as her soft hand found a sensitive spot, “why don’t you take this off.” I tugged on her rubber dick and continued on. “I’d like to fuck you first just to make sure you get yours. Then you can fuck me and give me mine.” She had no objections and was swiftly out of the harness.

I turned her back to the bed and laid her down roughly. She fell back and the bottom of her nightgown flopped upward. Her legs splayed open and I wasted no time. I kissed the inside of her thighs first, but did not focus too much energy on getting her hotter. I could feel the heat from her pussy and I wanted to taste her. I dove in and buried my tongue into her. I flicked her clit and licked her lips before kissing my way up her stomach. Then I kissed her breasts and moved to her neck. All the while, I plunged my right middle and ring fingers into her. She moaned as my rough hands penetrated her depths and I felt her muscles grabbing desperately at the center of my hand. I loved the feel of her pussy and proceeded to tell her about how good she felt in my hand.

“Please,” was the only word she could muster between kisses and finger thrusts and “please” was the only thing I needed to hear. I placed the tip of my swollen cock at her lovely opening and I pushed into her hard and deep. She screamed out, “Holy fuck!” as I forced myself in and that made me want to fuck her even more.

A bit of compassion came over me and I allowed her a second to adjust. Her pussy muscles went into spasms, but finally relaxed. Her relaxation was my cue and I began to move my hips back and forth rhythmically. My ass flexed with each push and I buried myself as deeply as I could give and as deep as she could take. I started off with the intent to firmly make love Otele gelen escort to her, but I found myself fucking her harder and harder with every thrust. Before I knew it, she was hanging off the other side of the bed and I was still pounding at her insides. Moans and gasps filled the air just before she lifted her head. She reached down with both of her hands and dug her fingernails into the flesh of my ass cheeks. Her grip made me push harder into her as she began to convulse under me. I felt her hole gush with her cum and all I could do was smile.

“Ah, I needed that so bad!” she exclaimed. Then she let her grip loosen from my ass and gave me a light slap on both cheeks. “I think it’s your turn.”

I hesitated. “Alright, but be gentle.” I begged. She answered with less assurance than I expected. “I’ll be as gentle with you as you were with me.”

I slid back and let myself fall out of her soaked cunt. I moved off of the bed and grabbed her hands to help her sit up. Then I stepped out her way as she stood. She grabbed the strap on from the top of the nightstand where she had left it and she proceeded to step into it. She was still wearing her lingerie which added an extra bit of sensuality to the mix. The fact that she was wearing a strap on underneath it made it even hotter.

She fixed the buckles into place and refocused her attention back on me. I stood in front of her with my back to the bed. I leaned in for a long and passionate kiss, but I was distracted by the rubber of her cock rubbing against the skin of mine. The aura about her was intoxicating and she suddenly became more aggressive with her posture. Her hands rubbed up and down my back then over my ass as we kissed. Then she placed her hands on my chest and pushed me hard back onto the bed.

I chuckled with excitement, but was brought back to when she told me to give her my hand. I held it out to her, palm up, and she told me to get ready for her. She poured a generous amount of lube onto my hand and did the same into her hand as well.

As if posturing myself to be fucked was the most natural thing for me to do, I propped my feet up onto the edge of the bed. Then I reached down between my legs, bypassed my cock, and moved my hand to my ass. The position I was in, knees up and feet at the edge, allowed my ass to open wide as I spread the juice over my hole. I placed the tip of my middle finger at my opening and I pushed inward. My ass resisted my very touch because it had been so long since we had played in such a fashion.

“Um, I think this is going to hurt,” I said as I felt my asshole clenching against my fingers. My pulse thumped against my digit and I waited to relax a little before moving in and out of myself. I took a deep breath in and exhaled completely in hopes of relaxing a bit more. It worked and I let my ring finger glide in next to the middle. My ass clenched again and I went through the process once more.

As I fingered myself, getting ready to be fucked, Balgat Escort I looked down to my wife. She had since wrapped her fist around her hard on and was jerking off while watching me play with my ass. “Do you like what you see,” I asked with a coy tone and she nodded. “Then come and get it.”

She did not have to be enticed further. She instructed me to slide further onto the bed and lift my legs. I did so and she was quickly in between my open thighs. I felt the tip of her monstrous phallus at the center of my hole. Then she pushed forward. I gasped as she force the head into me. “Gentle!” I pleaded and she was gracious enough to give pause. She waited only a second longer. My asshole was still twitching at the invasion when she pushed the full length of her shaft into me. “Ah!” I yelled out as the front of her hips met the mounds of my ass. Buried into me completely, she hooked her arms under my knees and lifted my legs higher. This gave her more access to my hole and she pushed in even deeper. Pain seared through my body before the absolutely full delight of being penetrated kicked in.

“Fuck me,” I moaned. She complied with the request. My legs were still bent at the knee and draped over her arms as she began to rock back and forth with her hips. The dildo slid out of me nearly to the tip and impaled me once more as she returned. She started slow at first, but built into a hard and swift pace that continually knocked the wind from me with each of her thrusts.

Her breasts hovered just above my stomach when she leaned over me. She was in full force as she pounded my ass. Then, just to show me she was completely in charge, she raised back upward. She grabbed my ankles to lift my feet high above her shoulders, and she pounded harder and deeper. “Do you like the way I fuck your ass, bitch?” The words slithered out of her mouth the way you hear in a porn flick. It made pre-cum bead on the tip of my cock. I watched it drip from the head as my hard on bounced around at each slap of her hips against my ass.

“May I cum?” I begged as if I had any control over when my cock was to explode. “No,” she heaved into me. I felt my face go red with anticipation. I could barely breathe. I wanted so bad to jerk off into relief. My wife apparently was having too much fun fucking my ass. “Please?” I begged once more.

“Cum for me,” she commanded. I licked a wad of saliva into my hand and moved it to my cock. “Oh fuck, I’m so hard,” I was amazed at how hard I actually was. I loved the feeling of a rubber cock in my ass while I stroked my member in the same rhythm of her poundings.

She fucked me faster and I rubbed faster until I began to spurt. The first hot stream hit the bottom of my chin and fell across my neck. The ensuing blasts covered my chest and stomach until my orgasm subsided. My wife pushed one last hard pump deep into me to make sure that every last drop had come about. She was successful in milking me dry, so she slowly extracted her cock from me. Once she was out of me, I felt just how stretched my ass was from her ruthless fucking. I felt abused in a way that I had not felt in a long time and it made my cock twitch one last creamy bit.

My front was coated with cum and my asshole was slathered with lube. I was a mess of ecstasy and all I could think to say was, “I love you.”

We cleaned up and went to bed just to get some of that much needed rest.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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