It’s Too Darn Hot – Day 05 (1 pm)

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One handy thing about having no Friday afternoon classes, other than being able to get an early start on the weekend, is being able to start my laundry at noon. This is no small thing: with almost 100 students in the dorm, and only four washers and three dryers, competition for the

machines can get ugly at times — and it would be even worse this week, with the power plant explosion shutting down the laundry room for three days.

I was alone when my clothes were going through the wash but when I came downstairs to take my stuff out of the dryer, I heard a couple of voices. I looked inside and saw Cathy and Cyn, from the sixth floor. I only knew them by sight, but I’d heard some interesting rumors about them. Now understand, there were plenty of gay students on campus, and nobody really cares one way or the other, but the girls were unbelievably hot.

For some reason I decided to stay by the doorway out of sight while they loaded their clothing into a washer. “Oh right, as if you’d have had the nerve to,” Cathy said.

Cyn dropped four quarters in the washer and it began filling with water. “Maybe not, but I’d have stripped down to my bra.”

“You’d go outside in just your bra?”

“Sure, why not?”

“Fine,” Cathy said, grabbing the bottom of Cyn’s shirt, pulling it off, and tossing it into the washer. Cyn watched it getting soaked along with the rest of their clothing. “Bitch,” Cyn said.

“Nice bra,” Cathy said.

“Very funny,” Cyn said, grabbing Cathy’s shirt.

Cathy tried to push her away. “Cyn, no, it’s not funny, I’m not wearing a bra.” Cyn stopped for a moment, Cathy let down her guard, and then Cyn quickly grabbed her shirt of and threw it into the


I thought I’d gone to heaven.

Cyn was sexy as hell in her semi-sheer red bra. Cathy topless, well, there are no words.

I was wearing fairly thin cotton shorts, not the best thing to hide a growing erection. The Casibom fact that I kept brushing my hand against my cock, without even thinking about it, wasn’t helping either. I knew the only smart thing to do was to leave immediately and come back for my clothing later.

“Oh great,” Cathy said, watching her shirt begin the soak cycle. “Now what?”

Cyn placed her hands on Cathy’s breasts. “I’ll keep them covered for you.”

“That’s not… what… mmmm.”

“We never got to finish what we started in the shower this morning,” Cyn said softly.

“No,” Cathy said, “not here.”

I could see Cyn pinching Cathy’s nipples. “Maybe we should have this morning. So what if Gregory heard us. He wouldn’t have minded. We could have let him watch us.” She placed one hand under Cathy’s skirt. “Oh, you like that idea, It would turn you on knowing Gregory was watching, wouldn’t it?”

“Yes,” Cathy said softly.

“I’ve seen you staring at boys’ cocks, you naughty girl.” She unhooked her own bra and let it fall to the floor. “I need my tits sucked.” Cathy did as she was told. “Mmm, this is much better than waiting. Think about how… how hard Gregory’s cock would be, watching us. Maybe… maybe he’d take it out, would you like seeing that?”

Cathy took her mouth off Cyn’s breast just long enough to say “Yes,” then Cyn pulled her head back into position.

“You still want to wait?” Cyn asked. “You tell me when you want me to lick your pussy right here in the laundry room. Maybe… Maybe if Gregory were watching us, he’d start stroking his cock. I bet you’d like that. I think any guy watching us from the doorway would want to take out his cock and start stroking it, don’t you?”

I was busted. Cyn must have seen me. At that moment I’d have given my left nut to step into the laundry room and jerk off in front of these

two hot women, even if their interest in my cock was secondary at best. But what if I were Casibom Giriş wrong, and Cyn really was really only talking about this Gregory guy?

Cyn pulled off her shorts, grabbed Cathy’s right hand, and pulled it up against her panties. She unclenched Cathy’s mouth from her breast and kissed her hard, and moaned as Cathy’s fingers pushed into her pussy through her underwear. Cyn reached back under Catthy’s skirt and began stroking her as well. The kisses became noisier. My hand was in my shorts now, stroking an erection that was threatening to become painful.

Cyn pulled her face away from Cathy’s. “Ready to have your pussy licked right here in the laundry room yet?” Cathy hesitated, and Cyn said, “What if a guy with a big, hard cock were watching us, jerking off? Would that do it?” The girls kept stroking one another’s pussies as they spoke.

“Yes,” Cathy said, “god, yes.”

Time to take a chance, I thought, stepping all the way into the room and standing in front of the girls. I pulled my shorts down to just above my knees, freeing my cock, and began stroking it. Cathy’s eyes went wide with a combination of surprise, fear and excitement. Before she could react, Cyn eased her onto a chair, removed her panties, knelt down, and buried her face in her pussy.

I moved closer to them. I’d never seen a live pussy before, and I couldn’t really see it well now with Cathy’s skirt and Cyn’s head blocking my view, but this was plenty good enough: two of the hottest women I’d ever seen, both of them topless, one of them wearing only panties and the other wearing only a skirt, having another woman

licking and sucking on her.

Cathy continued to stare at my cock as I jerked off. I think my life would have been complete if, while Cyn was eating her out, Cathy had gestured for me to come closer, then grabbed my cock and begun sucking on it — but let’s be reasonable here: lesbians, after all.

Though I swore Casibom Yeni Giriş that in years to come, when I relived this moment in my mind, it would end with her sucking my cock until I came in her mouth.

And of course she’d swallow every drop.

But back to reality, which was plenty good enough, while Cathy watched me jerk off, I watched her tits shake as Cyn sucked her, and I watched Cyn thrust her face into Cathy’s pussy, and I watched Cyn’s panties stretch tightly over her ass. I could make out the folds of her pussy

— and in my fantasies I’d sink my cock deep inside that pussy as she continued to lick and suck her roommate.

“Come closer,” Cathy said. I hesitated, thinking for a moment that I was just imagining this. She gestured with her hand, and I approached her. She grabbed my cock, already on the verge of cumming, and it immediately reacted to its first touch by a beautiful woman by spurting all over her breasts and upper body. I’d never come that hard

before or since. As soon as my semen hit her body, she screamed as she came. Cyn kept going at Cathy’s pussy, to prolong her orgasm for as

long as possible.

My knees weak, I pulled my shorts back over my cock and slumped down on the chair next to Cathy’s. I wasn’t so tired and spent that I

didn’t notice I now had an even closer view of all four lovely breasts (two of them slick with my cum). Cathy slumped down as well and it

took all my strength not to touch her.

Cyn put her own shorts and bra back on, and handed Cathy her skirt and panties. “Not a word to anybody,” Cyn told me firmly. “Or else you’ll

never get to watch us again,” Cathy added.

“Cathy!” Cyn said.

“Don’t worry,” I said, “I won’t tell a soul. Shit, who’d believe me anyway?”

Cyn smiled and said “Oh, and there’s a price you’re going to have to pay.”

“A price?”

She gestured at the washing machine, where their shirts were still moving around in the soapy water, then went to the dryer and pulled out two of my t-shirts. She tossed one to Cathy and put the other on herself. “You wouldn’t want us to have to run around topless all day, would you?”


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