I’ve Been Ditched

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Hello, my name is Barbie and I’m what I would call “sexually adventurous”. Others would (and have) called me many other words. A few examples would be exhibitionist, tramp, cumbucket, slut, whore, cumslut, slave, fuckdoll, and (a personal favorite of mine) meat.

I have been used in so many ways that I don’t think I could even begin to remember them all. I’ve been a party favor, a door prize, and a simple cum receptacle. I’ve been set loose in rooms full of men and women who were there simply for my personal enjoyment, but have also been restrained with my pussy and ass in the air to be used by anyone who wished, in any way they saw fit.

Looking back, I can honestly say that many of my decisions weren’t the wisest choices, either for my safety, health, or mental well-being.

I have many times been at risk of suffering injury, disease, or disfigurement, not to mention arrest for violating public decency laws.

I’m also sure that there’s a school of psychiatric thought out there that would say I’ve severely damaged my self-esteem and mental well-being by subjecting myself to (and at times being subjected to) the acts of degradation, humiliation, and even torture that I have. Some would most likely say that there were underlying disorders that caused me to do such things.

They may be correct, but then again some of them are a little nuts, too! I once dated one (well, he fucked me alot) who had some weird combination voyeur/Dom fetish who would order me to display and sexually use myself in high-risk public situations while he took pictures from a (safe) distance. On the good side, he taught me that fucking your therapist wasn’t a good idea. Well, not always. That brings me to todays story.

Imagine being stripped and then handcuffed behind your back, a bottle of lube pressed into your hand. Not so bad, right? It was a rainy night, around 8 p.m., 80 degrees or so out, typical for a Florida summer. So there I stood in his office, naked and cuffed with lube in hand and figuring I was in for a bound ass fuck. Nothing too crazy, right?

Next thing I knew I was in the car, and then being put out of it at the edge of the road in front of a Walmart. I was informed that there was a steel rake with a padded handle in the bottom of the shallow roadside ditch, about 15 feet from the curb and 5 feet from the sidewalk. and told that I wouldn’t be allowed back into the car until I’d gone into the ditch, found the rake, and fucked myself in the ass with it to the point of orgasm.

He then went and parked in the parking lot, presumably to be close enough to grab me and go if things went bad. I really do think he just wanted to watch my humiliation but be able to run off and ditch me (yes, bad pun) if things went south.

So there I was crouched in a storm run-off ditch with a couple of inches of flowing water in the bottom of it, soaking wet and a little muddy because I slipped trying to crouch and run down the bank. The good doctor had thoughtfully embedded the times of the rake into the ground, keeping it from moving horizontally but with the handle able to be moved vertically. I was trying to figure out how to get this rake handle off the ground and into my ass without either standing upright (putting myself on full display) or going “face down, ass up” and drowning myself.

Mind you, this is a commercial area with street lights, traffic, and the occasional pedestrian (though not much of the latter that evening with the rain falling).

I knelt bursa escort down until I could get my hand on the rake handle and then slid my legs back one at a time until I was laying down on my belly. It wasn’t graceful by any means and I ended up with a wet face, but I finally managed. I had to keep my back arched to keep my face out of the water, but at least managed to get rake handle on top of myself into the crack of my ass.

Unfortunately, I had dropped the lube in my slip down the bank. “Oh, this is going to suck!”, I thought to myself. At that point I noticed the not-too-unpleasant feeling of the flowing water splashing against me, running across my pussy and ass. I could feel it coursing past, caressing my holes and beginning to excite as well as gently open my pussy.

Now let me tell the men amongst you, water is not a good lube. Hot tub and pool fantasies should for the most part be just that. It strips out natural secretions and generally detracts from the whole experience! Of course, beggars can’t be choosers!

Spreading my legs as much as I was able, I reached below the handle to my little rosebud. Using my palms to spread my cheeks, I started rubbing my hole in circles as I began to work my index finger inside, pushing through my outer ring. Once I started to relax some I was able to get a finger from my other hand inside, allowing me to pull myself open. I could feel the cool water flowing into and across my anus, soothing and massaging my hole. Figuring it was time to commit or quit I worked on what my next move would be.

Bringing my knees up slightly to try and lift my ass a bit I felt the water lapping at my chin. I simply couldn’t arch my back more and get my ass high enough to get the handle aligned while still keeping my face out of the water. Lacking other ideas, I took a deep breath and went for it.

When my face went under I felt the tip of the rake slide down and into place, right where I needed it to be. As I felt it press against my asshole, I managed to roll my hips forward enough to push the tip slightly inside. By relaxing and pushing “out” to open myself I managed to work about an inch into my hole before panic started to take hold.

Fighting the urge to lift my head and possibly dislodge the handle before getting it in far enough, I jerked my knees up forcefully. This slammed me back onto the rake HARD, causing several things to happen at once.

One, I slammed what was about 4 more inches of hard-padded rake handle straight up my ass, along with grass clippings, leaves, and whatever other detritus was flowing with the water.

Two, I dragged my chest down several inches across the bottom of the ditch. I could feel my nipple rings yanked up forcibly as they caught on the grass and weeds growing there.

Three, I gasped (and probably screamed) underwater, and promptly ended up with a mouth full of water.

The pain in my ass as well as in the pit of my stomach? That was exquisite.

The earth yanking on and abrading my nipples and the feeling of drowning? Not so much.

Panicking, I arched my back as much as I was able, lifting my face from the water. In doing so I pushed myself even further back onto the hard shaft, sliding it even further inside of myself. I could now feel the end of the rake pushing against my inner sphincter, which through years of play and fucking myself in the ass with dildos I know to be about 6 inches in. Feeling it push against me, fighting to reach my deepest bursa türbanlı escort recesses, sent me from mildly aroused to wildly needing to get off in no time flat! Using my feet to inch myself forward some to relieve that pressure, I decided that if I was going to do this, I’d do my best to do it right.

Now I’ve played with my own ass a lot, and know from experience that I can take a double-ended dildo all the way inside of myself. The differences between those experiments and this were that the dildo wasn’t as big as the rake handle (which is about 2 inches in diameter), I had plenty of lube (as opposed to swampy ditch water), and that the dildo was flexible!

Not one to shy away from a challenge because of minor details, I began the arduous task of getting my knees underneath myself without doing irreparable damage to myself in the process. After some awkward moments and a lot of rolling side to side I did get my knees up underneath me. Ah, now I could actually fuck myself rather than floundering around like some sort of uncoordinated “slut on a stick”.

Stretching my bound arms out behind myself to keep from falling forward, I got up on my knees so that I could get an angle on the shaft. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t get an angle that worked without starting to fall forward into the water.

By this point I was so into what I was doing that I had completey lost track of the fact that I was at least potentially exposed to a public roadway. Slowly I fought to get to my feet, getting first one and then both feet under me so that I went from kneeling to a crouch. This made the angle worse, and without thinking I slowly stood while bent forward, backing onto the hande so as to not let it slide out of my now-hungry ass.

I wanted to be fucked. I needed to be fucked. I wanted it hard, I wanted it rough, and I had the means to get it. Raising my body until my torso was at about a 45 degree angle to the ground, I backed up until I could feel the rough tip of the handle pushing against my inner ring again. Rolling my hips forward and back until I found the precise spot, I pushed back until I felt myself being forced open deep inside.

While my body attempted to tense up and block the intrusion, at this point I was so driven and crazed by the need for release that I pushed as hard as I could to open myself. As I felt my inner self open up slightly I moved my body back and down with as much force as I could muster. In an instant I felt the head of the handle push through, stretching me like I had never felt before.

As the rake broke through it went from major resistance to none, causing me to lose my balance slightly and slip backwards further onto the shaft than I had intended by about 4 inches. I could feel a strange sensation similar to my stomach being pushed on, and in the harsh light from the parking lot I could see a slight bulge that was the tip of the handle about 3″ above my navel.

At this point the rain was falling harder, which I suppose in hindsight was good because it was sure to reduce visibility. At the time it was not a concern because I began rocking myself forward and backward, fucking myself on a good 12″ of hardwood handle and stippled rubber grip.

As I slid up and down the handle, I could feel myself building up slowly. That familiar warmth spread through my me, building and building. I began to push myself harder, taking longer strokes and slamming back to drive the shaft as kestel escort deep as I could into myself. As I took it deeper, I began to take small steps backwards, increasing the vertical angle of the shaft as well as my own.

Reaching the crest of my arousal and feeling the waves of intense pleasure mixed with pain wash through my abdomen, I thrust backward onto it as hard as I could. As I buried the handle deeper than I had ever thought possible, I began to cum so hard that my knees went weak. Oh no! For lack of a better idea, I pushed hard with my toes in an attempt to lift myself some as I pitched forward.

Falling forward with no balance or way to catch myself I went straight to the ground with the rake buried probably 14″ deep in my now sore and abused asshole. Face first, right into the water. Arching my back was a bit impossible with the rigidity and depth of the pole penetrating me so I started kicking to move myself forward in an effort to slide off of the handle.

Finally I managed to move enough to get it out of my inner ring, which allowed me to arch my spine and lift my face from the water. Ah, breathing, nice! I lay there gasping for air, trying to find some sort of equiibrium. Now I just had to get this garden tool out of my ass and I’d be fine!

Using my knees I pulled myself forward off of the rake and then rolled onto my my back, my cuffed hands off to one side. As I lay there with the rain beating down on me, I could feel the cool water running across my poor hole. It felt so amazing, almost therapeutic as it ran over and around. I wanted more.

Planting my feet I lifted my ass enough to get my hands under me. Slowly I slid two fingers from each hand into my hole, spreading myself to allow the water to flow inside of me. Lifting my knees to my chest, I spread myself as far as I could. As I lay there enjoying my own little dirty water asshole massage I realized that I could reach just far enough to pull the cuffs under my ass to my front! Dammit!

Well, after a little leg contortion I managed to do just that. A surge of energy came over me. I felt victorious in making it through this little challenge and thrilled by what I had done and how hard it had made me cum. Slowly, I got up and made my way up the parking lot side of the ditch. The good doctor was waiting there in his car for me. Getting into the car, I noticed he had thoughtfully spread a blanket over the seat (most ikely to protect it from me). I was a mess!

I immediately held my hands out and he removed the cuffs. As we were driving away, he said little. I was too wrapped up in my own head to say much of anything, so I reclined the seat back a bit and lay there enjoying my post-orgasm calm.

On arriving back at the office parking garage, he pulled in next to my Mustang. Seeing my car all I wanted to do was get in it and go. I suddenly felt completely detached from the situation, simply wanting to be free of it. Opening the door I jumped out and reached the side of my ride. I grabbed my spare key box from under the fender, hit the unlock and jumped in, still naked.

Starting the car, I simpy got out of there as fast as possible. I just couldn’t be there another minute. I’m sure the doc had a full evening of fucking my sore little asshole planned, but I was just over it. The guy was okay, but I guess that I was confused and figured that enough was enough.

Well, that’s about all I have the time for today. I never did see the good doctor after that night, but he did send me a package with my clothes and personal items via UPS along with a little note saying he could no longer effectively be my therapist.

And I’m the one that’s crazy?

Who even thinks of making someone do that sort of thing?

Thank you for reading.

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