J is for Jared’s!

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For Master, as always…

jennaslave was exhausted, JaredMaster had been insatiable the past few days, and in the last two nights she’d hardly slept at all. she fretted over asking him to leave, but in the end she decided to wait a little longer. He was clearly enjoying Himself and she didn’t want to tear Him away, so she made her way to the bathroom to freshen up. In only a couple of moments she heard a quiet knock at the door.

“Are you alright my love?”

jennaslave opened the door to the concerned look of her JaredMaster’s handsome face.

“i’m fine Darling, just a little tired,” she answered softly.

“Let’s say O/our goodnights, then, and I will take You home.”

He kissed her lips with gentle urgency then led her by the hand to thank their friends for the lovely evening and bid them goodnight.

In the car, He kissed her again with lips full of need and hunger. He removed her dress right there in the driveway, and laid her seat back to look at her. her skin shimmered like satin in the moonlight and He thought of taking her then and there. she’d been exceptional tonight in every way. He’d laid out her clothes for her that evening, and since He’d provided nothing in the way of underwear, she’d worn nothing beneath her dress. All night long when He’d brush against her, He was aware that the only thing between His flesh and hers was the thin membrane of her black silk dress. He delighted in the fact that her big nipples grew rigid when He looked at her from across the room, pushing against the fabric of the dress for all to see. Just a look of knowing between them could bring about the response He’d trained in her.

The choker she wore was new. He’d given it to her that very evening before they left home. It was thin hoop of silver that held a diamond drop in the form of a “J.” To the rest of the world it meant jenna. But the two of them knew that a capital “J” around jenna’s throat meant “Jared’s.” In the box, nestled against the black velvet backing it had shone brilliantly, but now He thought it paled in comparison to His jennaslave. she had been such a good girl these past few days when His need for her had been non-stop. Not once had she indicated a desire that was not His own, and tonight as she lay naked in the seat next to Him, He knew her only thoughts were of pleasing Him. He also knew He should let her rest tonight, but the fire that her willing submission stoked in Him would have to be put out first.

He pulled in the driveway at their home and jennaslave sighed contentedly. Here is where she was most happy. Here, where she could serve her Master openly, is where she was most content. At the party she would have eagerly done anything He’d wanted of her and been proud of it but JaredMaster, her sweet Possessor, chose never to use her service publicly. Instead, He treated her like a princess… doting on her and lovingly adoring her for the entire world to see. There were, of course, times when she served Him publicly, but the rest of the world was none the wiser of it. Even tonight, He’d taken her out onto the back patio of their friends’ home and pushed her to her knees to fuck the warm wet throat of His lovely cum slave. And, oh! What a slave she was to His cum. She craved it as an alcoholic craves the next drink. It was her sustenance… her reward for being a good girl, and when He’d fed her His glorious gift as she kneeled before Him in her silk evening dress tonight, she’d felt the pride well up in her body. It was this way that she felt she earned His public displays of adoration. Her unbridled willingness to please Him brought about His infinite love for her.

She’d been lost in her daydream of the patio and the vivid memories of His long hard cock forcing it’s way into her throat as they sat in the driveway and was completely unaware that He had been sitting there watching her and waiting for… something. What? Her fatigued brain searched desperately for an answer but her body had learned to serve in ways that astonished even her. Without conscious awareness of it, her mouth took over.

“How may i serve You, Master?”

“Open for Me.”

jenna’s thighs parted as her heart began to beat faster.

“That’s My good girl,” Jared spoke at nearly a whisper. He opened the folds of her pussy and smiled at the glistening wetness that the memories of the night had formed between them. “What were you thinking about just now? ” He asked.

“i was thinking of serving You on the patio tonight,” she answered breathlessly.

“Did you enjoy Your treat?”

“Oh, yes, JaredMaster.”

“I can tell,” He said smiling as He ran His finger inside her and felt the fullness of her G-spot. “Now, I want you to stay here, just like you are until you see the bedroom light come on. Don’t close your legs; don’t touch yourself xslot in any way. When the light comes on you may come inside and up to our room.”

“Yes, Sir.”

Then He took her dress and went inside while jenna waited for the light. She tried to focus on what He’d told her rather than the flame He’d fanned in her with one stroke of His finger. she wanted to dive into her cunny with both hands and fuck herself to oblivion but that would earn her a whipping for sure. she was trying very hard to please her JaredMaster in every way. she’d even asked Him to whip her for pleasure a few nights ago, because she knows how very much He enjoys lashing her. They’d wound up on the balcony. He’d bent her over the table and tied her wrists to the banister and her ankles to the table legs. she had enjoyed the whipping as much as JaredMaster and by the end of it she was begging Him to fuck her. The memory of the cool breeze that floated across her flaming ass made her clit throb and she cursed herself for going down this memory lane when she was trying so hard to be good.

Jared was relieved to have made it inside without taking His sweet slave in the driveway. He hungered for her insatiably and His restraint was breaking down. He wanted her every waking moment and the mere sight of her naked body with the moonlight dancing over her in the car was enough to break down His resolve and have Him mounting her like an animal. He was Master. She looked to Him for strength and comfort. He could not let go of His control. He would make her wait for a while and in doing so, He would regain Himself.

He loved to make her enter the house from the car naked. He liked to watch the way she held her chin up and walked to the door as if nothing whatsoever was out of the ordinary. It was as though all the world was naked, not just her. But tonight he intended to capture this beautiful image permanently. He walked through the foyer in search of the camera with the knowledge that after tonight, He would be able to call up the image of His jennaslave in the moonlight anytime He wanted to.

jenna was breathing hard now in anticipation of serving her Master. Where was the light? What was taking Him so long? Instantly she was aware of her nipples hardening with desire. He enjoyed exercising His power of control by making her wait. Her thumping clit was maddening. The longer she waited the more she wanted Him, which was the point, was it not? Her breathing turned to near panting and the cunny which did not belong to her, but to Him, was now dripping with anticipation. Wait. Wait. Wait.

When He finally remembered that He’d used the camera last to photograph His jennaslave bound helplessly to the banister on their bedroom balcony, He knew right where to find it. He’d put it on top of the tall lingerie chest in their bedroom that night when He’d finished photographing her. He was tempted to review the photos of her bent over the patio table with arms stretched to each corner and tied to the banister beyond the table, while her legs were spread wide and each ankle was tethered to a table leg. What a glorious whipping that had been! When He’d finally tired of thrashing her, she was begging Him to fuck her. Helplessly bound and whipped to a frenzy all she could do was plead for His cock. He’d given it to her too. He fucked her silky pussy for a long hard time but it wasn’t until He took her ass that they were both fully sated. He restrained His urge to review the photos of His sweet slave sprawled across the table with bite marks on her shoulders and stripes on her ass, and instead went to the window to check on her through the telephoto lens.

What a good girl! She lay exactly as He’d left her, reclining in the seat, naked except for the choker and the very high pair of heels He’d asked her to wear, thighs apart with her hands resting obediently to each side. How long had she been waiting now? Long enough… He flipped on the switch.

The glow of the light nearly sent jennaslave over the edge. When she opened the door and stepped out of the car, she was awash with the warm salty breeze off the ocean. It made her head swim. Walking toward the door she saw her JaredMaster step out with the camera in His hands. The wind blew her long brown hair around her shoulders and neck and she felt for a moment like the most beautiful woman in the world. What was this power He had over her that made her feel things she’d never imagined herself feeling? How was it that she could no longer remember her life before Him? And then she knew. Before Him, she was not living. She had not been the person that she was meant to be. It was only in finding the other half of her soul that she had begun to live. She belonged to Him in every way and until He had come into her life, she’d simply existed, but had not lived.

The xslot Giriş camera flashed over and over again while she ascended the stairs to their room. It continued even as she knelt before Him and waited for her instructions. Finally, He put the camera down and pulled her to her feet as His hungry mouth devoured hers. He did not have the patience or the resolve tonight to prolong His pleasure, He wanted her now. He feasted on her lovely mouth as He helped her remove His clothes, then He pulled her to the bed atop Him and parted her thighs with His own. “That’s it, baby… open for Me…” came the command on ragged breath as He plunged His rigid cock deep into the wet fervent cunt of His precious jennaslave. her cry of pain and pleasure only fueled His desire to consume her completely. He pumped harder and harder, as deep as His long hard cock would go and when that wasn’t enough, He grabbed her hips and pulled her down onto it with all of His might.

jennaslave thought she would faint from the exquisite pain of her Master’s claim. her head was swimming with each deep thrust of His long hard cock into her slick wet pussy. In this position she could barely take the whole length of Him. she was certain that each thrust would be the one to push through the back of her womb and even more certain that she wouldn’t stop Him for anything in the world. It hurt so good, and she needed Him as much as He needed her. she shook with desire as their hips slapped together loudly and, without realizing what was happening, she succumbed to the orgasm that had been building in her since He’d left her waiting in the car.

The fatigue of the past few days came heavy on the heels of her orgasmic wave and jennaslave lost herself in the glorious warm rush of love and contentment. she lay atop her Master and gave herself to it as she ground her hips and breasts against His warm hard body. she basked in the glow of her own sweet release as she chanted her “thank You’s” again and again into the hollow of Her JaredMaster’s throat.

she had nearly reached the land of dreams when the searing pain at the back of her head jerked her from it’s sweet embrace as clearly as Jared jerked her up by her hair.

“jenna! Oh, jenna! What have you done? I have been so pleased with you… so proud of your service! How could you do this now?” JaredMaster’s voice was pained and angry.

“i’m sorry, Master! Please, forgive me?” she pleaded even though her head had not cleared enough to muddle through to complete awareness of her failure. But as she reached a fully upright position by the hair of her head she felt the warm wet rush of her orgasmic juices as they flooded from her pussy. In that moment, as the white light of pain cleared when Jared released her hair, she was wrought with guilt for putting her own needs before His. she had cum, not only without permission but without concern for His pleasure. But worse than that… she had disappointed Him.

Tears flowed freely down her cheeks as He turned His head to the side and refused to look at her. Each drop that spilled from her eyes to His chest, scorched His flesh. she was exquisite when she came but He knew that the delight He took in the feel of His beautiful jennaslave’s release did not absolve her of what must be done, and it was all He could do to utter His next command, “Get the whip.”

jennaslave hurried to obey, eager to receive her punishment and once again the adoring gaze of her JaredMaster. She was twisted with guilt at having failed Him after all this time of pleasing Him. Being tired was no excuse. He was her Master and He gave her everything she could possibly desire and more. The very least she could do was serve Him properly. she knew she deserved every lash that she had coming.

Jared sat on the edge of the bed trying to decide what to do. He knew she had to be punished. He even knew she wanted it, but sometimes punishing her just seemed wrong. How could He take the whip to her, when He knew that all she’d done was to succumb to the pleasures of their Loving? her body, her very design was for His pleasure, and He was fully aware that His pleasure was the very depth of her needs. Everything that excited and aroused her was in serving Him. If His cock grew hard at the sight of her kneeling naked body, she felt it within her soul. If His body called for her release she was powerless to stop it, and was that not what He’d been doing? Then He thought, if they could just start over, He’d do all He could to keep from coming to this point… this moment when He must punish her.

jennaslave was kneeling down at his feet holding the whip in her hands, waiting for His decision when He realized He could start over. He would make her ride him again, and this time He would not allow her to fail.

“Who are you?”

“i xslot Güncel Giriş am my Master’s possession. i am His jennaslave.”

“What belongs to Me?”

“All of me.”

“Yes! And does that not include the desire that forms itself within you?”

“Yes! Yes, Master! All of the pleasures that this body knows are Yours alone!”

“Get up.”

Unsure of His command, jennaslave assumed her “kneel up” Position.

“All the way up, you’re going to ride Me again. You’ll ride Me until I cum even if it takes all night, do you understand, jennaslave?”

“Yes, Sir,” jenna answered as her mind reeled with questions.

Jared took the whip from her and stretched out again on his back.

jennaslave climbed atop His cock and took all of Him at once, forcing her sore swollen cunt open and all the way down His hard shaft, and letting out a whimper as the merciless head bumped into the now bruised depth of her tender womb.

“Lock your fingers behind your head and don’t move them until I tell you to,” He grunted as He adjusted the whip in His hand. “Now… ride!” This command was followed with a hard lash across her tits. She squealed at the feel of its fiery tongues but lifted her hips to let them fall against her Master again and again. she felt every inch of His beautiful cock gliding into her and every slam of the rock hard head against the limits of her petite pussy. Like a battering ram, the fierce supremacy with which He gave her His cock wracked her body with pain and divine pleasure as He whipped her tits over and over to keep her grounded in service to Him. Each lash of the whip across her breasts reminded her that she was serving her Master even as the walls of her cunt began to grow slick with need.

The tight swelling of her cunny was now throbbing convulsions as the muscles sucked and pulled at her JaredMaster’s beautiful cock. The pain she felt when she met each of His deep thrusts with the roll of her hips was no longer agonizing but amazing, and each thrash from the whip no longer made her cry but instead brought forth a multitude of moaning “thank-You’s.” Even when the blows landed in the same place time and again and she felt the thongs would open her flesh and make her bleed, she never moved her hands from the back of her head because Master’s eyes feasted on the way the whip painted her red. She felt His need in her very soul, and while her tits were aflame with fiery stripes of punishment, her scorched nipples grew hard and ready for her Master’s mouth.

This was her purpose. How could she have settled for the delights of her own pleasure when His were so much more fulfilling to her? she rode blissfully on the edge of orgasm again but this time it was His! What she felt growing inside her this time had originated in her JaredMaster. It was His need, His desire that was washing over her and she was swimming in it’s bliss!

Jared could no longer think clearly. The glorious sight above Him as His precious jennaslave received Him was mind-numbing. He had whipped her magnificent breasts until they were no longer striped but one solid crimson hue and not once had she moved her hands to protect herself. The luscious cunt that had, at first, fought against His second taking, was now sucking the cum from the depth of His balls and through the long shaft of His cock as he struggled to contain it as long as possible. Finally, He dropped the whip and pulled her hands down on either side of Him to prop her so that her engorged nipples were at the mercy of His hungry mouth. He sucked and bit at them as He moved His hands from her hips to her shoulders to pull her into His new rhythm. He knew she could feel the tightening in His balls and groin, because she let go of the tension that had built in her from the whipping and the fierce taking, and when she did He reached further inside her than He had ever been.

He took what belonged to Him without a single thought for anything but the ecstasy He felt. Somewhere far in the distance as the flood of His lust spilled into His precious possession, He heard something that should have been His own voice but was unrecognizable to Him screaming, “Mine! Mine! Mine!”

Jared reached the surface of His pleasure pool and slowly opened His eyes. His jennaslave, still impaled on His cock was trembling and chanting, “i belong to JaredMaster. my pleasure is His. i belong to JaredMaster…” She had drawn herself into a tight ball of unreleased passion on top of Him. Jared wrapped His arms around her and very softly whispered in her ear…”That’s My girl.” Then He rolled over as she clung to Him and forced her legs fully open again with the grinding of His hips. Jennaslave began to relax beneath Him and let Him settle fully inside her once more.

He kissed her tenderly as He stroked her hair with His hand and her sensitive slit with His softening cock. When he felt the last of the resistance fade from her body, He rhythmically rocked inside her as He nestled His lips close to her ear and softly spoke to her, “Cum for Me jenna… Cum for Me.”

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