James , Louisa Go to Paradise

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James and Louisa trod carefully through a dense, heavily wooded buffer zone and emerged onto a breathtaking stretch of white, sandy beach with the shimmering green of the Atlantic Ocean beyond. It looked like paradise.

Apollo Beach, one of the most pristine stretches of oceanfront on Florida’s west coast, was wonderfully isolated and entirely devoid of looming high-rises and tacky boardwalks. The day was bright but brisk, and the ocean breeze was salty and bracing.

“So, where is everybody?” asked Louisa.

“It’s a little chilly today, plus it’s midweek,” James replied. “I understand it gets really crowded on weekends.”

Louisa nodded and pulled her white tank top over her head, exposing her surprisingly large but relentlessly pert breasts. Her rosy pink nipples quickly stiffened, responding to the gentle breeze. She then casually slipped out of her loose-fitting jogging shorts and removed her panties.

James admired Louisa’s body as she gazed toward the horizon while wrapping her long hair into a ponytail. Although she was only five feet tall, Louisa wasn’t particularly dainty. She was round and soft – the way women were supposed to be, in James’ view – and her skin was alabaster white. Other than the incongruously bushy triangle of dark hair at the junction of her thighs, she was baby smooth.

James felt his manhood stir and swell slightly, and tried to concentrate on something else, anything else. It was, after all, considered bad manners to stroll along a clothing-optional beach while sporting a throbbing boner, however unimpressive that boner might be. At forty, he was twenty years Louisa’s senior. Big and sturdy but never particularly buff, he was painfully aware that nothing about his middle-aged physique would evoke admiring glances among the more youthful beach denizens. And his flaccid penis, while respectably thick, was not long enough to swing and dangle when he walked. It’s more of a jiggler, he thought, as he willed his impending erection into retreat.

That was one reason the lack of company came as a relief. James didn’t relish the thought of Louisa, who had been a virgin when they met, viewing herds of lithe, muscular twentysomethings dashing about, their outsized organs arrogantly flopping and flailing as they chased Frisbees along the shore. True, they were soulmates – but James knew Louisa was reveling in her newfound sexuality, and for novelty’s sake, might well be open to a purely physical encounter with a well-endowed stranger.

“Okay, clothes off,” Louisa ordered, a movie-star grin spreading across what James called her apple-pie face. That smile – so perfect, so sweet – was often all it took to bring him to arousal. Now, despite James’s best effort to suppress it, that was exactly what was happening again.

Once, while she had been clandestinely masturbating him as they sat side-by-side in an all but empty art-house cinema, his climax had been unusually slow to build, perhaps as a result of trepidation over being noticed. Just as he was about to touch her wrist and reluctantly advise her to give up, she had turned to him, kissed him gently on the earlobe, and whispered, “I love you.” The combination of her soft whisper and her warm breath was all it took to push him over the edge, and the shattering, unanticipated eruption that followed had soaked her fist and splattered his shirt from stomach to shoulder.

Most of all from that night, however, James remembered Louisa’s smile – wide, white and luminous even in the dark. She had smiled at the first blast of semen, and had continued smiling as she squeezed and coaxed the final drops from his swollen glans. It was a smile that combined delight, arousal and no small degree of smugness at her uncanny ability to force his atypically reluctant penis to do her bidding.

As he relived the so-called “Casablanca Handjob,” James quickly pulled his Sun Records tee-shirt over his head and slid out of his khaki shorts, almost stumbling as his feet became entangled in a stubborn leg hole.

Louisa giggled as she observed James’ misstep before snaking an arm around his waist. If she noticed that he was semi-erect, she chose not to comment as she pulled away and trotted across the sand to the water. She dipped a size-five foot in the frothy surf, then returned. “I’d never stuck a toe in the ocean before,” she explained with a shrug.

“Do you, ah, want to go in?” asked James, knowing the cold water would effectively put a damper on his impending hard-on – or at least hide it from public view.

“We can, but you’d have to save me from drowning, you big, strong man,” Louisa said in a teasing voice. “I never learned to swim.”

“Oh. Well then, we can just take a walk.”

The pair strolled along in silence for a few minutes before she poked James in the ribs. “I’ve got a question. How on earth do people go to nude beaches and not get mind-numbingly horny?”

James chuckled and bid Louisa to look ahead and to the right. “That’s why.”

In Erenköy Escort the distance, an elderly couple ambled toward them, naked but for tennis shoes and baseball caps. As they neared, James noted that the man sported a massive beer gut and his torso, front and back, was matted with steel gray hair. His donkeyesque penis was marred by a withered foreskin that encased the head and formed a puckered, discolored tip, not unlike that of an ill-used funnel. The woman’s pendulous breasts lolled over her own grotesque belly, which sagged so badly that her womanhood was entirely concealed. Just as well, James mused.

“Well, I guess not everybody who goes to nude beaches is hot,” Louisa said as the couple passed them by, nodding a greeting.

“True, but the old guy had a big dick,” James replied.

“It was big,” Louisa agreed, “but can it do this?” She reached for James’s own organ, which had diminished at the sight of too much grandmotherly flesh, and gave it a squeeze and a tug. Within seconds, he was rigid.

“Jesus, if anybody sees us, we’ll get thrown out!”

Louisa put on a face of chagrin. “I’m sorry – I’ll be good,” she promised, but James skimmed a hand over her rear and said,

“Don’t be too good.”

A few more yards further down the coast, they approached a second couple, both muscular and tan, who were the antithesis of the Ma and Pa Kettle lookalikes. Glancing at the woman, a lithe blonde who appeared to be in her twenties, Louisa was instantly aware of each and every one of her own body’s flaws, and pawed through her tote bag to avoid meeting her eyes when they passed. Though she knew she wasn’t overweight, she felt her curves were better suited to centuries gone by, and was not yet accustomed to having them on display.

James reacted similarly when he caught sight of the man, whose body was smooth, bronze and, chiseled. He was hairless – a body wax, James speculated – except for a neatly trimmed tuft above the base of his penis, which dangled heavily and swung lake an elephant’s trunk with every step. James held a folded towel in front of his erection as they approached.

“His thing was impressive,” he remarked when they were out of earshot, certain that Louisa had noticed.

“Then his girlfriend should be very happy.? But she can’t be as happy as me.”? Again, Louisa took hold of James’ manhood and rubbed her thumb over its tip. But this time, she did not heed his protests, which were short-lived anyway. “It’s getting cloudy and everybody’s heading for home. Come on!” She grabbed him by the arm and they hurried to the woods’ edge, James’s erection bobbing uncomfortably as they jogged.

Traversing a dune, they knelt side-by-side and kissed furiously while running their hands over each others’ smooth, sun-warmed skin. Louisa inched lower, towards the straining, frustrated hard-on that she had so effortlessly caused, and gave it just a whisper of a touch, causing it to twitch in anticipation.

Then, with a carefree flippancy, she turned her attentions north, licking a trail from James’s navel to his sternum, and dotting the rest of the path to his mouth with kisses. He gave a muffled groan, then broke the kiss to push Louisa onto the ground with exciting and uncharacteristic aggression.

With a firm hand, he cupped her, and then slipped a finger between the rosy folds to find her hidden skin, already glossy with wetness. Good, he thought, and began to stroke her firmly; she ground against his hand in response.

Then, abruptly, James ceased direct stimulation and lowered his head to kiss Louisa’s creamy inner thighs, carefully avoiding contact with her pubic mound. After a moment, he moved to her lush womanhood and drew his tongue from her heavily lubricated opening to her little bud so lightly that she couldn’t tell if the sensation was caused by his touch or by a teasing, if well-directed, breeze.? After gently, briefly kissing her engorged clit, James sat back in the sun and grinned at his little trick. Wild-eyed, Louisa groggily raised her head and begged him, “No, don’t stop!”

“Why shouldn’t I?? Tit for tat, after all.”

“I’m sorry, James. Please, please make me come.”

He appeared to ponder the matter for a moment before replying, “All right, but you have to promise to finish what you started when I’m done.”

Her agreement faded into a low moan as James covered her womanhood with his mouth and began to swirl his tongue over her. It only took a few moments of such activity before her body began to tremble and stiffen with impending release. As she clutched at fistfuls of sand, she came with a gasp and a cry. Her legs gently falling closed, she lay still with her eyes shut for several moments, a soft smile on her parted lips.

Gradually, her breathing returned to normal and her heart rate slowed. The feverish orgasmic flush that covered her body faded, and her rock-hard nipples softened, then retreated. Post-climax spasms sent small electric surges through her Göztepe Escort loins, causing her to unconsciously slide a hand across her belly and gently place a calming finger on her still-quivering clit.

Sitting beside her, James stroked Louisa’s hair and waited for her to recover from what had been, in their lexicon, a “screamer.” With his free hand he touched his thickening glans, feeling the lubricated tip and spreading the seepage. God, he was ready for her.

Leaning down, he lightly kissed her.? “Are you okay?” he asked, fully realizing that it was a rhetorical question.

“Jesus, that was huge,” she replied, opening her eyes and moving her hand from her moist slit to her right breast, where it rested for a moment before she sat up and brushed her hair from her face. James took the beach towel he had carried with them and unrolled it beside her.

“Here, lie down on this,” he said. “It’ll be a lot more comfortable than the sand.”

“I could have been lying on a bed of nails and not noticed during all that,” she replied, smiling and reaching for his raging erection.? “Now, I wouldn’t want you to get burned down there,” she said, squeezing and then releasing him. She fumbled through her canvas bag, removed a tube of sunscreen and squirted the oily, coconut-scented liquid liberally on her palms. “Now, it’s your turn.”

James stretched out on his back, his member pointing backward toward his navel and casting a deceptively long shadow across his belly.

Sitting cross-legged beside him, Louisa gripped him with both hands, one atop the other, and slowly, excruciatingly began to pump up and down, the oil allowing her palms to slide easily across the shaft and the head.

“Tell me before you come,” she whispered as her grip tightened. “I want to feel you shoot it inside of me.”

“I’ll try,” he replied, the words seeming to stick in his throat. Louisa then changed her stroke, interlocking her fingers and quickening her pace. “I can’t last long when you’re doing that.”

As he felt the inevitable explosion approach, James turned his head and looked beyond Louisa, who was clearly enjoying the sight of her dainty fists pistoning his thick, six-inch hard-on.

There, standing on a dune behind Louisa and slightly to the left, was a woman. At a glance, James could see that she was long and lanky, with small breasts and short, fire-engine red hair. Her hands were on her slender hips, and she was smiling.

“Louisa! Quit it!” he gasped, reaching for her arm and gripping it in an effort to end her ministrations before it was too late.

“What’s wrong?” she asked, stopping abruptly. James gestured over her shoulder and Louisa turned to look. But he had passed the point of no return; as Louisa realized they had company, she gasped and released him. But he had already begun to blast streams of hot jism, ribbons of which found their mark on her stomach and breasts.

Without thinking, and desperate to finish his interrupted orgasm, James’s own huge hand replaced Louisa’s and he pumped crudely and frantically, causing another shot of semen to spurt forth, this time with only enough trajectory to form a milky pool in his navel.

“It’s perverts like you two who spoil places like this for the rest of us,” the woman said as James squeezed and tugged. Her tone was jovial, but her presence was unwanted. James, now spent, looked shamefaced, while Louisa glowered at the intruder, seemingly unfazed by the splashes of come that now formed rivulets and slowly trickled down her body.

“The place seemed deserted. It’s not as if there’s a Kindergarten class building sandcastles three feet away.”

Smirking, the redhead turned on her heel, picked up a green, neatly-folded beach towel and began to walk away. Then, having provided them with a clear view of her small, firm rear end, she made an about-face and addressed Louisa in a businesslike tone.

“You should reverse that move of yours; instead of starting at the base of his cock and moving up to the head, you should grab him at the top, then slam your hand down. You should hear the guys moan when I pull that one!”

“Thanks for the tip,” she replied crisply, then reached over to tuck the sunscreen back in her tote bag.

The redhead edged closer and said insistently, “No, try it now. I had fun watching you guys and didn’t mean to interrupt.”

“We certainly couldn’t with you standing there and looking at us.” Louisa waited for James to add his outraged voice to the exchange, but he was silent. She turned and looked at him, her eyebrows raised quizzically. But, having recovered from the initial surprise and having assessed the potential of their situation, he only smiled and shrugged. She also noticed that his organ had lost none of its rigidity, despite having just emptied what seemed to be a gallon of semen.

“He really made a mess on you, didn’t he?” the redhead asked with a grin. “Too bad you weren’t a little faster. You could have Acıbadem Escort caught it in your mouth. But in your defense, I think you got a little distracted when I showed up.”

Louisa didn’t answer as she fished a handful of tissues from her bag and began wiping away James’s sticky emission.

“Yeah, I’m sorry about that, babe,” James said, knowing full well that Louisa enjoyed watching him ejaculate and feeling his come on her body. “I was about to warn you so you could climb on, and then our friend here showed up.”

The redhead walked from her perch on the nearby dune to where they sat. She kneeled by Louisa and stuck out her hand, which was distinguished by long, thin fingers and bright red nails.

“I’m Nikkie,” she said as Louisa instinctively offered her tiny hand in return. Then, realizing her palms were still slick with semen and lotion, she withdrew and muttered an apology.

“Hey, no problem,” Nikkie insisted. “Come and coconut is my favorite combination. It’s the kind of perfume I wear.”

Louisa couldn’t help but smile at this odd, sprite-like character, who seemed to find nothing untoward about barging in on an oceanside sexual encounter. She could have been a teenager, judging from her taut physique, pert breasts and gangly demeanor. But a few barely noticeable laugh lines around her bright green eyes indicated that she was older; perhaps thirty. It was impossible to tell for sure.

But she was certainly cute, Louise had to admit. Her smile was huge and friendly and her slightly upturned nose was dotted with freckles. Her complexion was fair, although her shoulders were reddened from the sun. Was she a natural redhead? Louisa couldn’t tell, since her pubic area was as smooth as the rest of her body.

“I’m Louisa, and this is James,” she finally said, as politely and nonchalantly as possible under the decidedly awkward circumstances.

“It’s a pleasure,” Nikkie replied. “But I was serious about what I said before. I want you guys to keep on doing what you were doing. I was getting pretty worked up watching you. After you’re done, Louisa, maybe you’ll share your guy with me. Or maybe you and I could put on a show for him.”

“Well, I don’t know about any of that…” Louisa hadn’t finished her sentence when James got to his feet, his glistening hard-on still jutting outward.

“Louisa, you and I have talked about this kind of thing before, and you said you’d be willing,” James reminded her.

They had, in fact, speculated about a threesome with Louisa’s friend, Sarah, a six-foot-tall bisexual who had, only half-jokingly, dared them to join her in bed. They had declined at the time, but both were intrigued and vowed to give it serious consideration if the opportunity again presented itself.

“That’s true,” replied Louisa, whose own trepidation was being replaced by arousal. “Maybe we could start out slowly and see what happens.”

“Fair enough,” said Nikkie. “First, I think you should suck him off. He’s got a nice cock for oral; circumcised and not too long. I’ll bet I could deep throat him.”

Louisa bristled a bit at the comment. James had never complained about her oral technique, but that was something she’d never been able to accomplish. “I think he likes it the way I do it,” she replied.

Kneeling in the sand, she found herself eye-level with James’s manhood. Gripping the base with her hand, she leaned forward and gently kissed the tip, sending shivers throughout his body. She began slowly, pumping steadily with her hand while her lips firmly encircled the glans. Uncertain of working before an audience, her eyes darted to Nikkie, who was watching with a poker face, and then to James, whose expression was far more pleasing. Encouraged, she increased her speed and adjusted her grip to allow herself to take another inch, and then one more, into her mouth.

After a few more moments, she removed her hand and slid her lips toward his pulsing base. James moaned, but a crack of thunder surprised them both and his manhood dislodged from her mouth before she could, for the first time, navigate its length and engulf it completely.

Nikkie giggled as Louisa resumed jerking him off, nervously assessed the darkening sky. “Maybe we ought to call it a day,” she suggested, but their companion shook her head.

“You look pretty sweet, but I don’t think you’ll melt. There’s a covered pavilion just a little ways down. Come on!”

The raging elements always brought out Louisa’s wild side, and perhaps a little driving rain and lightening were all she needed to let herself go and have some fun. Ultimately, she had nixed the idea of a threesome with Sarah because, if it didn’t all proceed with the precise choreography of a Busby Berkley number, she could never face her friend again. But she would never have to see this redheaded stranger after today – unless she wanted to.

They hurried down the shore to the pavilion, where James sat atop a picnic table. Expecting Louisa to regain her perch between his knees, he looked at her with curiosity when she instead sat beside him and rested her arm over his shoulder. “Suck him off,” she instructed Nikkie with unusual authority. “I couldn’t have done it much longer anyway, and he deserves a good time.”

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