James Meets Kate and Brenda

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As told by James…

Some friends of mine told me that I had to visit this new club. They said the music was loud and the chicks were hot. And they were right. My first night there, I met up with two beautiful women, a shapely blonde haired, brown eyed hottie named Kate and her very sensual brown haired, blue eyed friend, Brenda. I first saw them on the dance floor, dancing with each other. They were playing that lesbian game so many chicks play today. The kind that gets guys like me so worked up. You never can tell if two girls dancing together are really lesbians or just two friends trying to get guys’ tongues wagging. It seemed to work me up even more than the other guys there… at least I thought so. Probably because I was still a virgin and anything sexual going on around me got me really hot.

I danced with both of them that first night for probably an hour. I didn’t even know their names and they were dancing very sensuously with me. They rubbed their asses and their tits against me through through already hot and silky clothes. Part of me wondered if they were just leading me on… but I seemed to be the only guy they were interested in… until they said they had to leave. They took off pretty quickly. I promised myself that I would come back the next night. I had to get to know these girls better. That night, I masturbated to thoughts of them dancing with me and with each other… then I thought of what it would be like to fuck them. Either one on one Anadolu Yakası Escort with either of them or in a threesome.

The next night, they were there again. We met up on the dance floor and got down for about a half hour… Then Brenda, the brunette, had to go. She gave Kate a kiss, again, nothing to gauge the real nature of their relationship and told her to call if she needed a ride.

Kate and I went to a booth and got to know each other better. We finally learned each others’ names and ages. I was 22 at the time. Kate was 25. Brenda was 24. Kate and I danced some more then she invited me to go outside with for some fresh air… that’s when she asked me if I would drive her home. I remembered Brenda saying only to call if Kate needed a ride. Could this be my lucky night? Was I finally going to lose my virginity to this sexy 25-year-old blonde with an amazing body? My cock got hard just thinking about it and made it difficult to take my seat in my car as I drove her to her apartment.

She invited me into her place and we sat down on her couch… she started to make out with me and when she began to unbutton my shirt, I had to tell her.

“Kate, wait. I have to tell you something… I’m a virgin.”

She looked at me and smiled, “Are you serious?” she asked.

“Yes,” I said. “I hope that doesn’t ruin it for you.”

She sat back and smiled. “Not at all… actually, that’s kind of exciting. I don’t think I’ve Pendik Escort ever been with a virgin before. Hmmm. I can train you up right.”

We both laughed at the thought, then she got a little more serious.

“What have you already done, James?”

“You mean with girls?”


“I’ve done a bunch of stuff, just never had sex really.”

“Have you ever had a blow job?” She asked.


“Wow… have you ever gone down on a girl?”

“No. I haven’t done that either… I’ve wanted to though.”

“I’m sure you have,” she said with a smile. “So what have you done?”

“Well,” I said, remembering some of my earlier experiences. “I’ve finger banged a couple of girls… made them cum.”

“That’s good to know,” she said, smiling.

“I’ve also gotten hand jobs from girls and I’ve titty-fucked a couple of times… I really liked that.”

She smiled again and crossed her arms, propping up the cleavage of her beautiful D-cups. “I bet you’d like to titty-fucking me, wouldn’t you?”

I smiled and said, “Oh, yes…. I’ve sucked on girls’ tits before too… and I’ve dry-humped girls too… or grinded with them, whatever you want to call it.”

Kate got on her knees beside me on the couch and said, “James, I want to fuck you… but I want it to be the best, most memorable experience you’ll ever have, so I’m not going to fuck you tonight.”

I was a little disappointed to hear that, but was still Kurtköy Escort turned on by the way she said it and by the way she seemed to hover over me on the couch.

“You’ve got some experience, that’s good. Did you make all of those girls you fooled around with cum?”

“Yes,” I said, with some pride.

“Well, I want you to make me cum,” said Kate and she straddled my lap, letting her skirt bunch up around her waist. She pressed her already wet pantied crotch against the hard lump in my pants. “I want you to grind with me, James.” She started to rub up and down my hard on. I brought my hands toward her breasts, straining against her blouse, but she took my hands and held them aside as she continued to rub against me… She started to moan and she leaned down to kiss me. I could feel her pussy lips through her panties and my pants, wrapping against my shaft. I also felt her clit as she pressed it against me and rubbed it up and down my cock through my pants. She was moaning with every stroke against me… I wasn’t sure how long I would last. She continued to kiss me and rub against me. We were like two teenagers, making out fully clothed, getting each other off, wondering if someone’s parents or brother or sister would walk in on us.

Kate really got into grinding on me and was screaming out in pleasure. Finally, she came. I could feel her juices soaking through her panties and through my pants onto my cock. She then kissed me and said, “I’m going to save the rest of you for later. Go home and finish yourself off and we’ll see where this will go from here.

We exchanged phone numbers and I went home. I jacked off to the thought of her grinding against me… wondering what it would be like to really have sex with her.

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