Jamie’s Encounter Pt. 02

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“Take them off.” Alex instructed as she flung her keys on the side in the lobby, not turning to look at Jamie.

Jamie began taking her heels off and put them neatly on the shoe rack by the door.

Jamie went to follow Alex who was walking up the stairs, her red manicured fingernails seductively stroking up the banister. Alex stopped and spun round, almost knocking Jamie backward down the stairs.

“No. I meant…everything.” Alex’s face showed zero emotion. Her arms were folded across her body coldly. Jamie wandered if Alex was still mad at her for being too forward.

“Everything?” Jamie repeated, her voice barely a whisper, not wanting to aggravate Alex any further.

” Everything. ” Alex demanded, her expression unfaltering.

Jamie was stood on the bottom step right by the front door. She knew Alex shared her apartment with a couple of other women from her work and she felt nervous about getting naked when anybody could be around.

Jamie was stuck to the bottom stair, her feet felt like they had roots, she could not move them. Was Alex being serious? Jamie had thought she was so ready for this, but this was a bit much for sweet Jamie who did, at a push, feel naughty letting Joe take her from behind.

Alex came down to Jamie’s level, her face right up close to hers. Jamie marvelled at just how beautiful Alex really was, but dared not touch her in case she got angry again although every part of Jamie wanted to just grab hold of Alex and kiss her, feel her breasts, touch her pussy, rub up against her.

“Take them off.” Alex repeated, reaching out Onwin and ripping Jamie’s white buttoned up blouse clean off her back in one, baring Jamie’s white lacy bra.

Jamie looked at her ruined blouse on the stair in shock, then she looked up at Alex who was simply staring at Jamie’s small breasts with a blank expression.

Jamie wandered frantically if maybe she did not like what she saw? Jamie reached behind her back and un fastened her bra quickly, letting it drop to the floor. Jamie looked at Alex’s face for a reaction as her breasts bounced back, her tiny nipples were dark and hard, erect, aroused.

A smile crept across Alex’s face and a sense of relief flooded through Jamie.

Alex knelt down and took one of Jamie’s nipples in her mouth. Jamie gasped in surprise as Alex gently took her nipple between her teeth, biting down and grinding on it, she went hard then gentle, gentle then hard again. Pleasure and pain went straight through Jamie like a shot of adrenaline.

“Ohhhhhh” Jamie moaned, grabbing the banister for support as her knees buckled beneath her. As Alex was nibbling her nipple, Jamie could feel her pussy begin to throb, she could feel moisture oozing out from inside her into her knickers.

Alex took Jamie’s other breast in her hand and began massaging it, playing with it, grabbing it forcefully, her fingernails digging into her flesh. Alex pinched Jamie’s other nipple, pulling it,tweaking it, flicking it, flick, flick , flick,then pinched it so hard that Jamie cried out.

“Ohhhhh!” Jamie pushed against the wall with her other hand, hardly Onwin giriş able to take it. Jamie’s pussy felt how it felt when she was grinding on top of Joe,It felt like she could cum any moment but she didn’t want to, she wanted this feeling to last all night. Jamie would have to find some self control but it was so hard when all she wanted to do was to climax.

Alex lifted her head and looked up at Jamie, a look of pure sex was etched across her contoured face.

Alex licked her lips seductively and bit her bottom lip. Alex buried her face straight between Jamie’s breasts, took them both in her hands and began rubbing them all over her face. Jamie held the back of Alex’s head, pushing Alex’s face deep into her breasts.

Alex slowly pulled away and placed her hands on Jamie’s tiny hips. Alex eased off Jamie’s pencil skirt, looking up at Jamie as she did so, until it was round her ankles.

Jamie stepped out of it willingly, desperate to expose her pussy in the hope Alex might touch her there.

Alex, to Jamie’s absolute pleasure, put her face into Jamie’s soft white cotton knickers and took a deep breath in, breathing in the scent of her friend’s pussy, greeted by the little patch of dampness, before pulling them down.

Alex, who was usually so composed and never gave away anything to anybody, just for a moment seemed completely taken aback. Alex looked at Jamie’s pussy admiringly.

Alex had seen a fair few in her time, but this was the most beautiful pussy she had ever seen. It was so neat, her slit was tiny, her clitoris was tucked perfectly inside, it was so… pretty.

Alex felt impelled to kiss Jamie’s pussy and inquisitively pulled Jamie’s lips apart, exposing Jamie’s dark pink, moist clitoris.

Alex softly licked up and down Jamie’s clitoris, up and down, up and down, lick, lick, lick. Jamie pushed Alex’s head into her pussy with both hands, so that Alex’s face was completely buried between her friend’s legs.

Alex began to suck on the hood of Jamie’s clit, rubbing her face right into her pussy, getting Jamie’s pussy all over her face.

Jamie dug her nails into Alex’s scalp, her body starting to shake as she got ever closer to finishing.

Then Jamie began, with somewhat a sense of urgency, thrusting into Alex’s face. She tilted her head back and moaned deeply. She could feel herself losing all her inhibitions, her head swirling with a mixture of martinis and sexual overload.

Alex pulled away, wiping her mouth with the back of her hand. Jamie looked down at Alex, her face was glistening with her pussy juice. Jamie felt her clitoris go hard and throb like it had its own heartbeat … seeing herself all over Alex like that, wow. What a turn on! She was so close!

Alex stopped abruptly as if she had gotten carried away with herself and stood up, so that she was towering over petite Jamie.

Jamie had still not moved from that bottom stair, but looked quite possibly like she was on the verge of a full blown orgasm.

But Alex had not even really started.

Alex turned around and still fully clothed herself, proceeded to climb the stairs, saying absolutely nothing, obviously expecting Jamie to follow.

And Jamie, a little like a lamb to the slaughter, finally found her legs worked again and followed her upstairs into the unknown.

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