Jane’s Happy Endings Ch. 08

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Please read chapter 7 before proceeding.


Jane and Veronica rushed into the apartment, barely able to keep their hands off each other any longer. Veronica quickly led them into her room and slammed the door shut. They stripped each other down to their thongs and began kissing passionately.

Jane noticed Veronica was wearing her favorite panties. The baby blue ones with a wide black waistband that Veronica wore the first time Jane gave her a happy ending at the massage parlor. Veronica knew how much Jane loved that thong and wanted to wear them again for her.

Veronica took Jane and lifted her in the air. Jane wrapped her legs around Veronica as the Latina placed her on the bed and continued making out with her. As the two beauties rolled around, kissing each other deeply, Jane placed Veronica on her back and rubbed her wet pussy.

“Oh, fuck!” screamed Veronica. She wrapped her arm around Jane’s waist and grabbed the Asian’s cute little ass as she continued to kiss her.

Jane stuck her hand inside Veronica’s thong and gently flicked her clit over and over with her index finger. Every time Jane flicked Veronica’s clit, the Latina squirmed and moaned as she begged for more. Jane stuck her tongue deep inside Veronica’s mouth as she rubbed her pussy faster and faster. The Latina desperately kissed her back, as she rubbed the Asian’s hot little ass.

Jane moved from Veronica’s lips to her neck, sending chills throughout her entire body. As the goosebumps appeared, Veronica squirmed uncontrollably and moaned for her mami to keep pleasuring her.

“You like that baby?” Jane sensually whispered in the Latina’s ear.

“Yes mami!” moaned Veronica. She moved her hand under Jane’s thong, placing her fingers inside the Asian woman’s cheeks and rubbed her tight little anus.

Jane moaned from the sensation in her ass but was determined to make sure Veronica was the one receiving the most pleasure. Jane continued to kiss the Latina’s neck as she stuck her finger inside Veronica’s soaking pussy.

“AY MAMI!” moaned Veronica, closing her eyes as she crumbled to Jane’s touch. Veronica continued to rub Jane’s anus as she forced her lips to the Asian’s nipple. Veronica loved fingering Jane’s ass and sucking on her tit.

Although Jane was moaning from the pleasure the Latina was giving her, Veronica was the one enjoying it more. Veronica loved being a good girl and giving her mami as much pleasure as she could. As she squirmed and moaned uncontrollably from her G-spot being stimulated, Veronica continued pleasuring Jane’s tit and ass until she couldn’t pleasure her any longer.

Veronica let go of Jane’s nipple to let out a deep moan. An orgasm made its way through her body and exploded as her pussy erupted and flinched uncontrollably. She held onto Jane’s ass as the Asian continued fingering her pulsing wet pussy. Bits of Veronica’s juices squirted out as the Asian continued to stroke her G-spot, causing the Latina to flinch even harder.

The two coworkers continued to kiss passionately, as Veronica slowly returned from cloud nine. “That was fucking amazing!” she finally muttered,

“I have a surprise for you,” whispered Jane, as she stopped kissing the Latina. “I need to get something. By the time I’m back, I expect you to be fully naked.”

Veronica was confused, but she loved how demanding Jane was being. “Yes mami,” she immediately replied. She watched Jane leave the room as she removed her soaking wet thong.

Jane reentered the room holding the strap-on she previously purchased. Veronica was shocked to see the shy Asian carrying the sex toy. Jane wanted to give her the pleasure she truly deserved.

“I saw this in a sex shop, and I thought of you,” said Jane.

“Ay mami!” Veronica moaned. “You didn’t have to get that for me. I love the way you make me feel, even without a toy.”

“I know,” responded Jane. “But I thought we could both enjoy me fucking you with this.”

Veronica smiled and was truly happy that Jane bought the strap-on to give her more pleasure. “Okay mami,” she said. “I want you to fuck me with it.”

Jane climbed into the strap-on and tightened it around her body. She got on the bed and leaned back against the base board as she instructed the beautiful Latina to get on top and ride her. Veronica was willing to comply, as she straddled Jane like she was giving her a lap dance.

As Veronica brought herself down and received the strap-on into her pussy, she immediately realized the pleasure she was about to experience. The Latina began bouncing up and down on the strap-on, moaning as she held onto Jane’s shoulders.

Jane loved watching the Latina’s ass bounce up and down on her dildo. She grabbed onto Veronica’s fat ass with both of her hands. As Veronica continued bouncing up and down, Jane pulled the Latina’s cheeks a part and began fingering her ass at the same time.

“OHHHHH!” Veronica moaned out, feeling Jane’s finger inside her. She bounced even harder, feeling pleasure going bursa eskort bayan up both of her holes. “YEAH MAMI!”

Jane loved sticking her finger deep inside Veronica’s tight ass hole. She knew that Veronica was enjoying herself by her loud and the way she held on for deer life. Jane noticed the Latina beginning to bounce even harder on her strap-on, so she began to spank her ass to encourage her to twerk even faster.

“You like riding me like this baby?” asked Jane, continuing to finger fuck Veronica’s ass.

“I love riding you mami!” screamed Veronica, as she twerked harder and harder.

“Yeah baby, you like it when I finger your ass too don’t you?” said Jane, in a sensual voice.


Suddenly Veronica placed her hands on Jane’s shoulders and looked up towards the ceiling. “I’m going to cum!” she moaned out.

“Cum for me baby!” begged Jane, as she watched Veronica’s hot tits bounce up and down. “Cum for me please!”

Veronica’s body froze for a split second as her second orgasm of the night was about to explode through her body. “OHHHHHHHHHHHH!!” she screamed, as the tension released all at once and waves of pleasure flowed through her entire body. Jane felt Veronica’s tight ass hole clench up and almost swallow her finger. The Latina tried to regain her composure but was unable to stop letting her eyes roll back as the orgasm’s effects continued to release from her head to her toes.

Though Veronica was exhausted from cumming so hard, she still wanted more from her beautiful Asian friend. As she began kissing Jane, Veronica wrapped her legs around the Asian, bringing her down with her. Jane was suddenly on top of Veronica. She began fucking her missionary style, ramming the strap-on in and out the Latina’s soaking wet pussy.

Veronica was taller than the tiny Asian woman. While Jane continued to fuck her, Veronica was able to reach around and finger the Asian’s ass hole. Jane’s back and forth motion helped the Latina’s finger work its way easily into her tight little anus.

Both girls moaned desperately from the pleasure, but Jane was the one now about to reach a climax. The feeling of Veronica’s finger surprised her little anus and the base of the strap-on rubbed nicely against her clit. Jane began kissing Veronica passionately as she thrusted her thick strap-on in and out of the horny Latina’s body. Both women enjoyed the simultaneous stimulation as Jane’s body rocked back and forth nicely with Veronica’s finger still in her ass.

The moans turned into screams as Jane came closer to reaching her climax. Veronica sensed the Asian woman getting closer and forced her finger deeper inside her ass. Jane let out a high-pitched moan as she reached the point of no return. An orgasm flowed through her and she shivered in deep pleasure as Veronica’s finger continued to pleasure her little ass hole. The juices began to flow out and Jane’s clit was so sensitive from the base of the strap-on, forcing her to stop thrusting.

Though Jane’s body was fatigued, she wanted to continue fucking the hot Latina. She quickly moved off Veronica’s body and forced her to turn around. Jane then guided Veronica’s body up to her hands and knees, allowing her to stick her tongue against the Latina’s tushy. She desperately wanted the taste of Veronica’s voluptuous ass on her tongue.

Jane sensually licked up and down Veronica’s pink anus, causing her to moan for more. After getting the Latina’s ass hole nice and moist, Jane then forced her tongue deep inside. The Asian showed no mercy, forcefully jamming her tongue repeatedly inside Veronica’s ass. Jane loved feeling the insides of Veronica’s anus. She shook her head, motorboating the Latina’s beautiful ass as her face was slapped by Veronica’s fat cheeks.

The beautiful Latina closed her eyes and screamed for her mami to continue tongue fucking her ass. Jane’s warm tongue gave her a deep pleasure that she never experienced before. Veronica then felt her hips being grabbed as the strap-on once again entered her pussy. The smaller Asian began fucking her doggy style, thrusting her harder than ever before.

“Oh fuck!” screamed Veronica. She was shocked that Jane was now fucking her so aggressively. It turned Veronica on, feeling the smaller woman manhandling and taking charge of her.

Jane then grabbed a hold of Veronica’s hair and spanked her as she continued fucking her from behind. Veronica screamed out, “AY MAMI!” as she enjoyed being dominated by the shy woman.

As Veronica was about to reach yet another climax at the hands of Jane, she suddenly felt the Asian woman stick her thumb up her ass. Veronica flinched and moaned deeply as she felt the double stimulation on her bouncing ass.

The sight of Veronica’s large ass bouncing on the strap-on was amazing to Jane. She focused on the Latina’s ass hole as she pushed her thumb deeper inside. Jane wiggled her thumb around, grabbing the walls of Veronica’s ass hole and hooking them towards her.

The bursa otele gelen eskort bayan beautiful Latina reached out for mercy on her exhausted body. She was so exhausted; she didn’t know if her body could handle another huge orgasm. But her body responded by producing the largest orgasm of her life. Veronica jerked so hard that Jane’s entire thumb was swallowed by her ass hole. The strap-on was also entirely engulfed inside her. Veronica was stuck, frozen in time, as she felt the explosions running through her body.

Veronica let out one final moan as the tension released form her entire body all at once, causing her to collapse face first. She dripped fluids all over the bed as Jane slowly pulled the toy out of her wet pussy. The Latina was almost in tears from the pure joy and pleasure she experienced. She breathed heavily, panting and moaning as she tried to recuperate.

“Thank you!” Veronica moaned out, while still panting.

Jane began giggling, as she was still trying to catch her breath as well. “You’re welcome baby,” she responded.

“You’re amazing!” exclaimed the exhausted Latina.

Jane smiled and placed a small kiss on Veronica’s lips as she gently helped her off the bed and led her to the bathroom. “I think it’s time to take a shower, don’t you think?”

“Mmmm baby,” moaned Veronica. “I’m a dirty girl. I need to be cleaned!”

“Don’t worry dirty girl,” said Jane. “I’ll take care of you and I’ll even give you a soapy massage.”

“That sounds incredible!” said Veronica. She could not believe how amazing Jane was.

The naked beauties entered the hot shower and immediately rubbed soap all over each other’s entire bodies. Jane took charge of the naked Latina once again, holding her from behind. Veronica placed her hands on the wall as Jane massaged her shoulders and neck. The Latina moaned out, realizing how much she missed the touch of Jane’s massages. The masseuse slowly worked her soapy hands all the way down to Veronica’s beautiful behind, just as she always did. Jane rubbed Veronica’s ass, making suds and bubbles appear all over her beautiful behind. She then made sure to clean Veronica’s tight anus, as she rubbed her middle finger up and down the Latina’s crack.

The beautiful Asian then massaged Veronica’s large and soapy breasts as she kissed on her neck. As Jane’s fingers crept down to the Latina’s slick pussy, Veronica turned her head enough to stick her tongue inside Jane’s mouth. Veronica and Jane were suddenly in a deep make out session as Jane continued to massage the Latina’s breast and pussy.

Veronica turned around and pressed her soapy body against Jane’s. The beautiful women continued engaging in a deep and passionate make out session as their wet bodies grinded against each other’s. Jane held the Latina’s beautiful body tightly against hers. Veronica melted against Jane, crumbling to her every command.

Jane then instructed Veronica to wash and rub her down. Veronica was desperate to please the beautiful Asian. The Latina took her soapy hands and rubbed every inch of Jane’s beautiful body down. Veronica spent every second focusing on pleasing Jane’s desires to be rubbed down.

Veronica finished washing and rinsing the Asian’s cute tush. However, Jane felt that the beautiful Latina could do a more thorough job. While Veronica was on her knees facing her friend’s bottom, Jane spread her cheeks to get her anus ready. Veronica met Jane’s cute little ass hole with her tongue, making sure to take lick down every single spot she could.

The warm encounter of Veronica’s long tongue had Jane moaning and pressing her body against the see-through wall of the shower. Veronica slid her fingers between Jane’s legs and rubbed down her clit as she finished giving her tight little ass a rim job. The moans echoed through the air, louder and louder, as Veronica’s desires to please her beautiful Asian escalated.

The way Jane demanded Veronica massage her anus only turned the Latina on more than ever. She loved being controlled by the assertive Asian woman. Her mission was to please the Asian and there was no way in hell Veronica was going to stop until Jane was squirting in orgasmic pleasure.

As the anal massage reached its climax, Jane also reached hers, causing her to squirt uncontrollably in the lovely shower. Though there was already plenty of water pouring down, Veronica only desired the juices that squirted out from the Asian’s soaking pussy. She was elated to catch a few of the warm juices on her tongue as steam continued to fill the shower.

The ladies rinsed each other before finally exiting the shower and drying off. Veronica wore a sexy little night gown and provided a t-shirt for Jane to use as pajamas. The ladies went back to the bedroom where they were engulfed in the comfort of each other’s arms for the rest of the night.

“Thank you for an amazing night,” said Jane.

“I should be thanking you!”

“I would have never gone dancing bursa eve gelen escort if it wasn’t for you,”

“When you come out of your shell, I get to see the most amazing person in the world,”

“That’s the sweetest thing anyone has ever said to me,” cried Jane. “Do you really mean that?”

“Of course, I do,” answered Veronica. “The world deserves to see the amazing person that’s been hiding in her shell for so long.”

“I was always so shy,” said Jane. “You give me the confidence to do anything I set my mind to.”

“You don’t have to by shy with me,” said Veronica.

“You don’t have to be shy with me either,” responded Jane.

“Oh, and what do you mean by that?” asked Veronica, with a smile.

“You can ask me for anything you want,” said Jane, with a wink. “Any time you want.”

“Thank you mami.”


The drunk Latinas rushed to Ashley’s room, desperate to demonstrate exactly what happened at the massage parlor.

“So, you came in and demanded a free massage?” asked Monica.

“Yes!” exclaimed Ashley. “But she was so stern, and she refused!”

“Show me what she did to you!” begged Monica.

Ashley was excited to demonstrate the spanking that Jane gave her. However, Ashley was truly all bark and no bite. It was awkward for her to strike Monica’s ass, even if it wasn’t meant to be harmful. As she began spanking her friend’s ass, she noticed Monica moaning louder in pleasure.

Ashley began to gain confidence with every smack on Monica’s thick ass. Her spanking became more natural as she enjoyed delivering punishment to her friend’s beautiful tushy. Monica never realized how much she could enjoy receiving a spanking and Ashley never realized how much she could enjoy giving one.

“That’s so hot, how Jane spanked you,” moaned Monica, as she received her smacks.

“It was even hotter than this,” said Ashley, to Monica’s surprise.

“How so?!” asked Monica.

“She pulled my dress up and spanked me in my thong,” Ashley responded.

“Oh fuck!” said Monica. “That is hot!”

Ashley then grabbed Monica’s leggings and pulled them down, exposing her black thong. Monica was shocked that her dear friend would do such a crazy thing. Monica blushed as she placed one hand on her thick ass.

“That’s how I felt!” Ashley pointed out. She then smacked Monica’s ass, surprising the little Latina with the stinging blow.

“AY!” screamed Monica. She was more turned on than ever as she wiggled her ass with each spank.

“I can’t believe she did this to you!”

“I know!” exclaimed Ashley before spanking Monica’s ass again.

“What did she do to you next?” asked Monica, dying for more.

“She pushed me on the table like this,” Ashley said, as she forced Monica onto the bed.

“Oh!” moaned the shocked Latina. “God, she was so aggressive, wasn’t she?!”

“You have no idea!” shouted Ashley, before grabbing Monica by the ass and shoving her finger into her little anus.

“AHHH GOD!” moaned Monica. She always fantasized about being taken advantage of like this but was too proud to ever pursue it.

Ashley pushed her finger deeper inside Monica’s ass, remembering the sensation of Jane’s finger wiggling inside her own tushy. Monica moaned out like never before, accepting her friend’s finger inside her anus. Ashley then pulled her finger out and demanded Monica take her clothes off, just like Jane did to her.

“Yes mami!” cried Monica, as she stripped down to her little black thong. “What happened next?!”

“Well, she used a strap-on, and made me give her a blowjob, remember?” answered Ashley. “But I don’t have a strap-on to make you suck.”

Although Monica, was slightly disappointed, she was ready with a solution. “I can just lick your pussy instead!”

“That’s a great idea!” Ashley exclaimed. She stripped down naked, ready for her wet pussy to get licked by Monica’s hot tongue. Ashley grabbed Monica by the hair and forced her down to her knees. As she forced her friend’s face into her pussy, Monica shoved her tongue against the juicy clitoris.

Monica moaned just as loud as Ashley, as she enjoyed flicking the Latina’s clit with her tongue. Ashley lost her ability to keep her composure. She could no longer pretend she was just retelling a story. She grabbed Monica and threw her back onto the bed and began licking her pussy as well.

Ashley was on top of Monica as they licked each other in sixty-nine position. Monica grabbed a big chunk of Ashley’s hot ass as she drove her tongue deep inside her friend’s pussy. Ashley licked up and down Monica’s pussy, taking time to twirl her tongue around her friend’s tingling clitoris.

The pleasure the ladies received continued to intensify as moans turned into screams. The passion of the moment caused both of the beautiful Latinas came to a sudden climax. Monica exploded in pleasure as Ashley’s juices squirted down on her beautiful face, ruining her makeup. They flinched and jerked as the pleasure of their orgasms finished running through their bodies. Ashley was a bit embarrassed about squirting all over her friend’s face. Monica was a bit embarrassed about moaning so loud that the neighbors could hear her.

Ashley finally gained the strength to pull herself off Monica. “Sorry about that,” she awkwardly said.

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