Jane’s Happy Endings Ch. 10

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“Why does everyone get a turn with Jane except me?!”

The frustration built up as Monica walked around her apartment. “I want a sexy massage from Jane!” she said to herself. “Ashley gets a massage and a spanking from her. Veronica gets SEVERAL massages from her. When will it be MY turn?!”

The short Latina was sexually frustrated and only Jane could fulfill her needs. She spent too many nights fantasizing about the young Asian intern. Monica even had Ashley and Veronica emulate their sexual experiences with young Asian woman, but it wasn’t enough. Monica wanted the real thing, and nothing else would suffice.

“How do I get a massage from her? She is booked for the next month! I can’t wait that long!” The hot little Latina racked her brain but was having trouble coming up with a plan. “My only hope is to become friends with her at work, and MAYBE she will give me a massage outside of her busy schedule.”

She was not sure if it would work. Monica knew that Jane was a smart girl and would probably suspect something if she acted too nice. But the Latina knew she had to try something. Fantasizing and masturbating to the young intern was no longer good enough for Monica. She NEEDED the real thing.

As Monica lay in her bed, staring up at the ceiling, she sighed as she became lost in her own thoughts.

“What do I have to lose?”

The next day, when Jane arrived at work, she was greeted by a warm muffin at her desk. The young intern was confused because she was always the first one in the office. Who could have beat her there and who would leave breakfast on her desk?

“Good morning Jane,” said a voice from behind.

Jane turned around and saw Monica walking towards her desk. She noticed how beautiful the short Latina looked that day, wearing a white button up with a short black skirt. Monica was also wearing thigh high stockings and black high heels.

“Good morning Monica,” the intern responded. “You look really nice today.”

“Aw, thanks!” said Monica. “You’re so sweet!”

“You’re in early today, aren’t you?” Jane asked.

“Yeah, I’m a bit early,” responded Monica. “But I wanted to get into the habit of getting here early. Also, I wanted to get you breakfast.”

“Really?” Jane was surprised. “So, I’m guessing you’re the one who left this muffin at my desk?”

“Yes, and I also got you a cup of coffee,” said Monica, with a smile. She handed ta warm latte to the young intern.

“Wow, really?” asked Jane. She was taken back by how unexpectedly courteous Monica was acting. “Can I ask you something? Why are you being so nice to me today?”

“I was just thinking about how hard you work. You’ve done so much for us as an intern. I just wanted to do something nice for you,” said Monica.

Jane smiled and felt appreciated. However, Jane understood that favors do not just come out of nowhere. She had worked hard for everything she ever got out of life. Jane was curious to find out what Monica hoped to achieve by doing her these favors.

“Is there anything I can do for you this morning?” the intern asked.

“No,” responded Monica. “I’m fine, but I’ll let you know if I want your help with anything.”

“Okay Monica. I’ll be here all day if you need anything.”

“Hey, one more thing,” said Monica. “You look really cute today,” she said with a smile.

“Really?” asked Jane, trying not to blush. “I thought I looked a bit messy today. I was pretty tired this morning.”

“No, you look really good,” said Monica.

Before Monica walked away, feeling pretty good about the impression she made, Jane made an interesting observation about her. The young Asian intern noticed that Monica was biting her lip while complimenting her.

“She bit her lip when she told me that I look really good,” Jane thought to herself. Suddenly, a thought popped into her mind. “Is she attracted to me?!”

Jane tried to find reasons to dismiss the idea. “There’s no way. I’ve worked with her for a while and she has never seemed into me before. Why would she start now? What changed?”

Then it hit her like a ton of bricks. “The way she bit her lips, she’s thinking about something. Wait! Veronica or Ashley must have told her about the massages I gave them!”

The young intern was not embarrassed that Monica might have found out. She was more surprised that Monica seemed so interested. Jane was also very curious about all the positive things the girls must be saying about her. She used to be so insecure, so to know people are saying positive things about her brought excitement. Jane did not want to get too ahead of herself. She decided to run a few tests to see just how interested Monica actually was.

The Asian intern found Monica in the break room about an hour later. Monica was alone, getting herself a cup of water.

“Hi,” said Jane, surprising her coworker.

“Oh, hi!” said Monica, surprised to see Jane.

“What are you up to?” asked Jane, with her hands behind her back.

Monica suddenly blushed, seeing how cute Jane looked. “I was just getting Eskort some water. Would you like a cup?”

“No, that’s okay,” said Jane. “I just wanted to thank you for the coffee and muffin this morning.”

“Oh, no problem Jane.”

She slowly walked up to Monica and gave her a soft hug. As she embraced her coworker, she could hear Monica letting out a subtle moan. Monica’s heart raced as she finally felt the touch of her younger coworker. Jane slightly tightened her embrace, pulling Monica in by her small waist.

Monica let out a stronger moan and took a deep breath near Jane’s ear. She carefully pressed her body against Jane’s as she hugged her back. When the intern finally let go of her embrace, Monica let out another deep breath, not realizing that she was holding her breath.

The cute little intern walked off, about to leave the break room. As she took a step out, she looked back at Monica. Her Latina coworker was still frozen in place, blushing as she bit her bottom lip again. Jane was more confident than ever. “She wants me!”

Growing up so shy, Jane had never felt this confident about another person lusting over her. “I bet she wants a sexy massage,” Jane thought to herself. She loved the feeling of being lusted after so desperately. She decided to tease Monica, hoping to extend the feeling of her desirability.

As the workday came to an end, Jane said goodbye to all the ladies. But before the intern left, she made sure to find Monica one last time.

“Hey Monica,” she said, with a smile.

“Hi Jane!” responded Monica. “Are you heading home?”

“No,” Jane answered. “I head straight to the massage parlor after work.”

“Wow! You work so hard, don’t you?” said Monica, impressed with the young intern’s work ethic.

“Thanks,” said Jane. “But I have a problem today.”

“Oh yeah? What’s wrong?” asked Monica.

“One of my clients had to cancel her massage today,” said Jane. “So, now I have an empty slot in the middle of my shift.”

“Oh, really?” said Monica, as her heart began to race.

Jane pretended to be upset. “I wish I could find someone to fill that slot! Do you know anyone who would possibly be interested in a massage?”

Monica’s heart was about to pump out of her chest. She fantasized about getting a massage from Jane for so long. Monica could not believe this opportunity fell in her lap. “I…I…can!” she muttered out.

“You?” asked Jane, pretending to be surprised. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to pressure you into volunteering.”

“No! I want it!” said Monica, before she realized how desperate she sounded.

“Are you sure?” asked Jane. “I don’t want to take up your free time.”

“I’ll be there!” Monica said, with a small moan.

The Asian intern smiled at Monica and thanked her for taking the free slot. As they went their separate ways, Jane grinned to herself as she realized how fun it was to tease Monica.

At the massage parlor, Jane waited patiently, knowing that Monica would show up. She saw the desperation in the Latina’s face. She could read her body language. Jane did not know what she was going to do but she knew she was going to have fun with Monica.

There was a knock at the door. Jane opened it to see Monica standing there in her work clothes.

“Hi,” said Monica, nervously. “I’m here for my massage.”

“Thanks for coming,” said Jane.

“I love your outfit,” said the Latina, blushing as she looked Jane up and down. The Asian masseuse was wearing a blue sports bra and tiny black spandex shorts. It was the first time Monica was able to see Jane’s tight little body. She was once again biting her lip.

“Thanks,” said Jane. “Are you ready for your massage?”

“Yes!” Monica said, hoping not to sound too desperate this time.

“Great!” said Jane. “Now take everything off except your panties.”

Monica was quick to rip her skirt off in front of the small masseuse. After unbuttoning and removing her shirt, and removing her bra, Monica stood there in nothing but a small white cotton thong.

Jane approached the Latina, taking a second to appreciate her curvy body. Monica was much shorter than Veronica and Ashley. But despite being smaller, Monica still had nice curves and a voluptuous fat ass. As Jane looked her up and down, she could tell how much the Latina craved her touch.

Jane loved the feeling of being desired. She was going to enjoy every second of it. She began to talk dirty to Monica in her own head. “Don’t worry Monica. I know what you want. And I don’t mind giving it to you. But I’m going to make you earn it.”

Jane instructed Monica to get on the massage table. The Latina’s beautiful breasts bounced as she walked over and laid herself down. Jane was now the one biting her lips as she stared down Monica’s round ass.

As Monica closed her eyes and placed her head down, the Asian masseuse lathered her hands with warm massage oil. Jane started the massage by spreading the warm oil all over Monica’s back, leaving it glistening in the light. Just the simple touch of Jane’s small hands already had the small Latina turned on.

Jane massaged Monica’s shoulders, pressing her thumbs deep into her tissue fibers. Monica moaned, realizing how badly she needed a good massage. Goosebumps appeared as Jane worked her way down to Monica’s back. She rubbed the Latina’s hot little body down, pressing deeply against her back.

Monica kept her eyes closed, praying that Jane’s small hands would get closer to her ass. She could not hold it together anymore. The Latina client moaned as she felt Jane’s hands going up and down her back.

Jane then rubbed her hands up and down Monica’s sides, lightly grazing the side of the Latina’s breasts. Every time the masseuse’s fingers would slightly touch her breasts, Monica would feel tingles, making her hope for more.

As the Asian massaged further down her client’s back, she let her palms graze the top of Monica’s cheeks. “Would you like oil on your legs?” asked Jane.

“Ugh, yes!” moaned Monica.

Jane started on Monica’s upper thighs and rubbed the oil all over her legs. As she massaged up and down, Jane could hear Monica’s breathing get deeper every time her hands got close to her ass. Jane let her fingers go slightly against Monica’s ass cheeks before pulling them away and moving down to her feet.

Monica moaned out, upset that her ass had not yet received the attention she hoped for. As the Latina began fantasizing about having her ass massaged, her train of thought was interrupted.

“You have such cute little feet,” said Jane.

“Oh!” Monica jumped. “Thank you,” she said, with a giggle.

Jane massaged Monica’s feet, individually, giving them some much needed care. It’s not that the small Latina did not enjoy it, but inside she was begging for Jane to focus on her tush.

Finally, Jane applied massage oil on her hands and lathered up Monica’s hot bottom. The cute little Asian could feel the goosebumps forming all over her client’s ass. Monica moaned loudly, unable to hide it from Jane any longer.

Just as Jane noticed her cute client’s moans, she flipped the Latina over to her back. Monica was surprised at the way Jane handled her so easily. She could feel how wet she was and could only imagine what Jane would do to her next.

Jane massaged Monica’s sides from the front, making sure to brush them against her beautiful breasts. Monica kept eye contact with her masseuse as she breathed deeper and deeper. With every brush against Monica’s breasts, Jane inched closer and closer until she finally had her full hands massaging the Latina’s chest.

“I hope this is okay,” she whispered, as she stared into her client’s eyes.

Monica squirmed underneath as her rock-hard nipples felt the warmth of Jane’s oiled hands. “It’s amazing,” she whispered back.

Jane began focusing on Monica’s nipples, intermittently giving them little pinches and twists as she gave her a full-on breast massage. The Latina moaned as she squirmed in pleasure on the table. She tried everything in her might to stop herself from playing with her own clitoris while Jane massaged her breasts. A few times Monica let her hand slide inside her own panties and feel how wet they were, but she stopped herself hoping Jane would not notice.

The confident masseuse noticed everything. She could read Monica’s body language and hear her moans. Jane knew that Monica wanted her badly and she loved it. She decided to fully control the naughty Latina.

She massaged the rest of Monica’s front, focusing on her legs and hips. Jane passed by the Latina’s pussy several times, only brushing it in the slightest if at all.

Monica wanted it so badly. She knew it could only be a matter of time before Jane fulfilled all her fantasies right then and there. “Please!” she screamed on the inside. “Please Mami!”

Unfortunately for Monica, Jane was about to take this to a whole new level.

She brushed Monica’s inner thighs, inching ever so closely to her wet pussy. As Jane’s subtle teases looked to finally close in on the wet Latina’s pussy, she placed her hand directly on Monica’s crotch. Then Jane did the most devious thing she could think of.

She quickly took her hand away and said, “Looks like time is up.”

“UGH!!” moaned Monica, in frustration. “What?!”

“Sorry Monica,” said the mischievous masseuse. “I have to get ready for my next massage now.”

Monica squirmed around as she moaned louder than before. “But… but!…I didn’t want it to be done!”

“What’s wrong?” asked Jane, with a smirk on her face.

The Latina had her hand on top of her panties, feeling how soaked they were. “I thought…ugh…nothing, never mind… I’m just…I don’t know!” Monica stumbled over her words, more frustrated than ever.

“I don’t get it,” Jane responded, playing dumb. “Did you want something else?”

“Ugh yes!” fussed Monica. She could not contain it anymore. She had to find a way to swallow her pride and ask. “I wanted… I thought you were going to touch me…I wanted you to.”

The cute Asian stood before her and giggled. “Oh my! What made you think I was going to do that?”

“I just… I just thought…”

Jane pretended to be confused, as she made a cute face at Monica. “What do you want?” she asked.

“I wanted… ughh,” Monica didn’t know how to explain it. She was left with her hand rubbing her own pussy as she continued to stumble over her words.

The cute masseuse placed her finger over Monica’s lips, shushing her. “Shhhhhhh, be quiet,” Jane said. She then placed her hand on Monica’s hand. “Don’t say another word,” she whispered into the desperate woman’s ear.

Jane stared into Monica’s big brown eyes and whispered, “I know what you want.”

Monica stared back into Jane’s eyes. She moaned as she realized Jane was rubbing her hand that was in front of her pussy. She moved her hand hoping that the masseuse would rub her pussy instead.

Jane stopped and placed both hands on Monica’s thighs. “I’m going to make you work for it.”

The hot little Latina tilted her head back and moaned. “What do you mean?!”

“This massage isn’t over,” whispered Jane. “I’m going to finish your massage tomorrow night.”

“Oh God!” moaned Monica. “Really?!”

“Yes,” she said with a grin. “Make sure your apartment is clean for me okay?”

“Yes Mami,” said Monica, in desperation.

Jane then placed her lips close to Monica’s, teasing her into thinking she was going to get a kiss. As Monica desperately moved in for a kiss, Jane backed off and grinned at her.

“Your time is over,” she said. “I’ll see you tomorrow,” Jane said, with a wink.

Still frustrated, Monica got up and put her clothes back on. As she said goodbye and began to leave, Jane called out to her. “Oh, one more thing.”

“Yes?” Monica asked.

“You’re not allowed to masturbate.”

A rush of anxiety went through Monica’s head. “How did she know I was going to masturbate?” she thought to herself.

“You’re not allowed to cum until I make you cum,” said Jane. “Is that understood?”

“Yes Mami,” said Monica. She was so frustrated and knew she was going to have a tough time restraining herself. But Monica trusted that Jane would make it all worth it.

That night, Monica struggled to refrain from touching herself. She fantasized about Jane all night, thinking about all the possibilities that might happen.

The next day at work was even worse. Every time she saw Jane, Monica could feel herself getting wet and horny for her. Jane could sense the frustration and continued to tease her whenever the opportunity came.

Jane made cute faces at Monica when nobody else was looking. She subtly brushed her hand against Monica’s ass when they crossed paths. Jane even purposely bumped into Monica, causing them to hold each other for a second as she tried to make it look like an accident.

The cute intern knew she did not have to say anything. The Latina was already horny and desperate for her. But when nobody else was in the room, Jane approached Monica and whispered into her ear, “I hope you obeyed my orders last night.”

Monica closed her eyes and took a deep breath. “It was difficult, but I didn’t masturbate last night.”

“Good girl,” said Jane. “I know it’s difficult, but you won’t be sorry.”

That left Monica more desperate than ever. As the workday came to an end, Monica went to her apartment and prepared for her massage. She cleaned everything and put on a sexy outfit, hoping to please the Asian woman. She wore a red silky top with matching shorts. Underneath she wore a little red thong.

Time could not have passed any slower as Monica lay in bed, waiting for Jane to arrive. She was so close, but it was still difficult to refrain from masturbating. She couldn’t remember the last time she was this horny.

Finally, it was time. Jane arrived, wearing a tight black tank top and tiny gray short shorts. “Your place looks great,” said Jane, as Monica let her inside.

“I cleaned everything for you,” said Monica, proudly.

“Good girl,” said Jane, as she placed her bag on the floor.

Monica loved Jane’s confidence. She was much different than the shy little intern that she used to be. Monica knew that she would never boss the intern around again. The intern was the one calling the shots now, and that was the way she liked it.

“Take me to your bedroom,” Jane ordered.

“Yes Mami,” responded Monica.

As she led Jane to the bedroom, Jane smacked her bottom. Monica squealed in delight, as chills went throughout her entire body.

“Let me lay out some rules,” said Jane, causing Monica to gulp. “I’m going to massage you however I want. You MUST let me know if you are about to cum. I will then decide whether I want to let you cum or not.”

“What?!” Monica exclaimed. “But I’ve waited so long! I might have to wait even longer?”

“Trust me, baby,” said Jane. “You won’t be sorry.”

Jane slowly stripped Monica down to her little red thong. She then placed the Latina on the bed, laying her on her back. She then straddled Monica’s front and massaged her breasts as she stared into her eyes. “I believe this is where we left off.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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