Janet Ch. 04: Sir Edward

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Hi. My name is Janet. As you know, from my first three instalments, I’m an enthusiast for sexual pleasure. Some would call me a slut but that’s not how I see myself. I think of myself as a free spirit taking and giving pleasure where and when I can. Nobody is exploiting me and I’m not exploiting them. Not often anyway. Though some are hurt a bit that I don’t want more of a relationship with them. I’m sorry boys; it’s just that I don’t want to eat in the same restaurant every night.

Edwin and I – you remember Edwin, the world’s best pussy-eater- are in some sort of relationship now. But he is a free spirit too and we are not about to buy a semi in Southgate and have babies. Trust me girls, if Edwin had pleasured you, you would remember him.

Anyway, today’s memoir is an exception to the rule. My friend, Sue Barron, was very grateful to me for introducing Toby to her. It’s been a lot of years since she had enjoyed anyone his age (with the sexual strength and stamina that youth brings) and his evenings and lunchtimes with me had developed his skills enormously. And, despite the age gap, Sue it seems provides something that Toby really likes. I’m very happy for them. With Edwin in my life my need for Toby has declined. We still check in occasionally and I’m pleased to report that Sue has tamed some of his impatience.

I digress. Sue and I were chatting over a glass of Pinot a couple of months ago and she told me that Sir Edward, our MD, had the hots for me. She didn’t actually say that but that’s what she meant. “Your name gets mentioned considerably more than most of the HR managers and since the ball last month it seems to crop up even more. I think it provides….opportunities…for you to, er ….progress.”

My ball dress had certainly caught the attention of a number of my colleagues that night. And of several colleagues’ husbands and boyfriends. I ended up that night in the arms of the North Western regional sales manager, who was also there by himself and had a handy room at the Mardlin. Which was OK. Not the greatest of lovers but good fun and discreet and back off to Preston out of the way the next evening. But of much more interest were the business cards from Alison’s husband and Bridget’s new French boyfriend. And the snatched ten minutes with Paul from Marketing while his wife was with a group of girls on the dance floor. Who knew that he had such a lot hidden away in his trousers. At the first opportunity I mean to get to know Paul and his boy a whole lot better.

I have nothing against Bridget but her Frenchman seems very very cute and very very interested in getting to know me. Alison on the other hand is an absolute bitch who I loathe with a passion. It would be a gross misuse of my position in HR to get her sacked but borrowing and bedding her hunky husband will give me and him a great deal of pleasure.

“I think you should find reasons to come down to my office a lot more. I’ll let you know when he’s around and not too busy.”

Which was not something I had really considered before. Not that I had anything against using my charms to develop my career. My first job I got purely on merit but my next move, up to London, had certainly been helped by ‘sleeping with ‘ the interviewer. The interview was at four and the girl from HR was idly chatting while we waited for the third panellist to arrive. “Will you travel back to Gloucester this evening?”

“No, I’m staying overnight so I can see a couple of agencies in the morning.” Whoops. I probably shouldn’t have said that “Naturally I’m really hoping I get this job, but … since I’m in town….it just seemed…..”

“Very sensible. It always pays to have options and alternatives.” Mr Callaghan paused. Weighing the options and plucking up courage. “Staying with friends?”

“No, I’ve booked in at a hotel round the corner from here.” Now I weighed the options. “I was going to stay at a Premier Inn but a friend suggested I stay at the Lion. He said the food’s good and the lounge was nice to sit and relax.”

The interview went OK. Mr Callaghan, the department head, seemed keener on me than the other two. But it felt reasonably positive. Jenny said they had others to see and would be in touch and I said how enthusiastic I was and Mr Callaghan wished me well while looking at my chest. “I do hope we meet again” I said. And wrote ‘7?’ on the pad in front of me. Jenny escorted me out.

I changed into something less demure, more casual, and installed myself with a small glass and a book in the lounge at 6.50. Bless him, at 7.01 precisely Rob Callaghan walked in. At about 7.31 I demonstrated that casual on the outside could mask raunchy underneath. At 7.41 he agreed I would fill the job vacancy perfectly and at 7.42, as I agreed he could fill me, the randy old goat took wicked advantage of me. And then again after dinner. Again about 2.30 in the morning without even asking if I was awake (I was) and a final time in the shower before breakfast. almanbahis adresi Who would have thought he had it in him.

But that was then, and this is now. So I made it my business to deliver the recruitment statistics personally to Sue, for her boss’s attention, the following Tuesday. Sue, in her new role as procuress, had made sure he knew I was coming and he had told her that he had some questions so would she make sure that I didn’t rush off. “Good afternoon. Janet, isn’t it? Miss Anselm?”


“Oh, I’m sorry, I just… I thought.. I understood you were single. Anyway, you’re our head office recruitment specialist?

“That’s right Sir, I am single these days but I just feel that once a woman is out of her twenties… and yes, I manage our recruitment, here and at a couple of the other offices. I gather you had some questions for me?” Sue was right. He was attracted to me. But this was a big fish. Angling for big fish and pulling them in takes care and time. Let’s get the work stuff out on the table first.

“Maggie” (that’s my director) “speaks very highly of you. And Andrew Bowman from Preston was saying at the Sales meeting that you were an asset. Have you done work outside the recruitment field?”

An asset eh? What sort of ROI was Andrew expecting? He hadn’t invested much in me yet!

“Yes, certainly. I like to think of myself as …fully rounded.. as a manager.” I thought describing myself as a smartly curvaceous HR professional might be going too far at this stage. “Not payroll of course but all the aspects calling for …personal interaction. I like to think I’m good at …handling people. You have to take care of people in business but sometimes you have be firm too. To stay a bit detached; not to pry into their private lives.” Not just an elevator pitch for me. I strongly believed that whether a colleague was married or not, in a relationship or even bisexual, was not really my concern.

“That’s good to hear. There are always opportunities in this company for managers with a positive approach. Now, these figures……..”. And that was it. No flirting, though I did make sure that my back view was displayed to best advantage as I left. I had dressed carefully in a skirt that flattered me. And black tights of course. Men like black. Especially older men.

Sue and I made sure that Sir Edward’s path and mine crossed several times over the next month. And in the meantime I paid special attention to the recruitment needs of marketing. A new department was opening at Edinburgh as we paid more targeted attention to the Scottish market. Paul and I had to go there for three days of interviews. I could have sent Maria but I thought this one deserved my personal attention. We flew up on Monday afternoon and met our local agent for an early dinner. By nine we were in bed -well, on the bed – in his room. We would still pay for two rooms to keep up appearances but Paul sorted something with the desk so we got to share a suite.

Paul does have a lot to offer a girl and he offered it to me a lot over our four nights there. That first night was fantastic. I had chosen my underwear (crimson just for a change) with especial care to provide lots of play value. His came off pretty quickly. I couldn’t technically, in view of our snatched liaison at the ball, claim that ‘great first feel of his cock moment’ but it was good to get reacquainted and to do so properly. On my hands and knees, still half-dressed and very aroused from our six hours of verbal warm up and twenty minutes of groping and stroking and kissing I let him push my loose silky panties to one side and push into me. Big is not essential but big can certainly be lovely and I was more than ready to have Paul stretch me and fill me right up.

We had a successful week and made some good hires. And enjoyed lots of great sex. Mostly with each other! On Wednesday afternoon we were interviewing Megan. 28. Hot as hell. Very interested in the job and shamelessly throwing herself at Paul. I thought we might play her at her own game so I went off into some bullshit routine about functions and partners and how important it was not to let the company’s image down and Megan told us all about her lovely lawyer boyfriend who played rugby and how we would love him as much as she did. So when we suggested that we meet him for dinner as a sort of third interview she rather disappointedly said yes. She clearly thought her play for Paul had got her nowhere. I thought it all depended on how fit her boyfriend was.

Dinner was interesting. Two young, and normally confident, professionals who were both rather nervous. Megan clearly wanted the job and was a perfectly good candidate. There was little to chose between her and Anne, except for her body. Which was lovely. Duncan was lovely too. Paul and I were both interested and we knew that, this afternoon, Megan was too. So would Duncan be interested in me and were they both able to flirt in the presence almanbahis adres of their partner?

Paul paid Megan lots of attention and I did my level best to distract Duncan. But she kept nervously glancing over at him and her style was clearly being cramped. She and I went to wash our hands together. On the way back I steered her into the bar for a quick chat. “I think your Duncan is a very attractive young man Megan. Is he very jealous and possessive too? I’d hate to see anything stand in the way of you following up on your earlier presentation to Paul.”

Megan knew exactly what was meant. “This would be new ground for us” she said with a grin. “I know he’s never been 100% mine, and I’m sure he realises I play away sometimes but we never talk about it. We’ve never been near this scenario before. How does it play?”

“I lead Megan. But you have to keep up; to mirror , if you feel sure of yourself leapfrog sometime. But following’s OK if you keep close. He needs to know you’re OK with him surrendering.”

Back at the table I stepped up a gear with Duncan. In our conversation, with my hands across the table and with the toe of my stocking beneath it. Poor little fly. Quite unable to comment when Megan touched Paul’s elbow or his hand or stepped up her flirting. When he playfully smacked my hand for expressing my ‘very naughty thoughts’ about rugby players she had no hesitation in asking Paul if he was having naughty thoughts too. “How could I fail to while I’m sitting opposite someone so ….tempting?”

“Paul! I don’t think you’re allowed to say that sort of thing. Or be tempted? Though she is very lovely. I’m sure Duncan wouldn’t say anything so bold. Even if he did find me tempting. Which I’m sure he doesn’t. “

“Oh no. Really. I think you, … I mean you are …”. Come on Duncan. Be bold. Tell everyone you think I’m tempting, sexy, hot…” I think you’re …. lovely.” That’ll do. Could have been bolder but that’ll do for now.

“Don’t be rude Duncan, Janet’s a really attractive lady. I can’t imagine why she likes you though.”

I reached over and touched my fingertip to the middle of his chest. “Thank you Duncan, I’m pleased you find me lovely. And I can see why Paul finds your Megan lovely. I’ll bet you make quite a …fiery little couple.”

At Paul’s suggestion we passed on coffee in favour of the nice bottle of scotch he said he had in his suite. Megan was never going to resist this move which ‘sounded lovely’ but Duncan did not respond instantly. “Come Duncan, let’s go and see what’s on offer” I said and touched his arm. Taking his hand might still be too fast.

As Paul sorted the glasses and poured, and Maria excused herself for a minute, I stood right behind Duncan. Right behind. “You think I’m lovely then? Naughty boy.” And I gave him a little smack. The sort that gets described as ‘playful’. ” I like compliments . And naughty”. Then I gave him another.

He did still check briefly that the bathroom door was closed. “I do indeed. Very lovely actually. Very … tempting.”

“You’re very sweet ” I said and moved to give him the tiniest peck on the cheek. Megan rejoined us. “Your naughty boyfriend thinks I’m tempting Megan ” I laughed “do you think I should try and tempt him?” And stood back behind him.

“If you do, you know I’ll feel bound to tempt your colleague. Though he did say he’s already tempted. “

I pressed myself up against Duncan. He would feel my breasts on his back and my hips against his bum and my breath on his neck and would smell me. I ran my hands up and down the outside of his thighs. “Tempted enough to give me a kiss? If Megan doesn’t mind”

Duncan didn’t even wait to hear her reply that he would be crazy to turn down such a charitable offer before spinning around in my arms, placing his hands on my bottom and kissing me firmly and enthusiastically. When he came up for air Paul and Megan, gave a big round of applause.

“Now its your turn to watch”. Megan sat Paul onto a chair, straddled him (which displayed an awful lot of her delightful legs) and proceeded to kiss him long and slow. Which counted as leapfrogging in my book. Paul pulled her tighter by tucking his fingertips in the waist band of her skirt.

“Sexy aren’t they” I whispered in his ear.

“I’ve never watched her kiss anyone before. Certainly not like that.”

“Exciting isn’t it? Does it turn you on? “. Something certainly did. Me pressed against him. Having kissed me. Paul’s hand pushing down the back of her knickers. The sound of their kissing. Megan’s little cry of ‘oh yes please’ as she wiggled on him. This was all going so much faster than I expected. My hands confirmed just how excited he was and made it grow even more.

He was torn. Watch the show or play with me. It’s hard to do both. But he was transfixed by the sight of hot little Megan giving herself. The back of her little skirt had risen so high we could see the shape of Paul’s hand down almanbahis adresi inside her panties caressing her. It was no surprise to find no resistance to my undoing his buttons.

“I think he likes it Megan. I think they both do. Do you mind if I borrow this one for a while?” I didn’t wait for an answer. If Duncan wanted me , and I was pretty sure from where his hands were that he did, then nobody else was going to argue. I didn’t have to drag him to one of the bedrooms and I didn’t have to persuade him to unbutton my dress.

But he was a little nervous. Or a little distracted? “Don’t you want me baby ” I sang. “Or are you thinking about Megan.? I think she can look after herself. Paul can certainly take care of her.” And I, Mr fit rugby player, am going to take care of you. Young, fit, seriously stiff; what’s not to enjoy? The only hurdle to jump was focusing Duncan’s excitement on being with me rather than on thinking about his girlfriend getting fucked. On the other hand who cares. A horny man is a horny man. “Thinking about his hands in her knickers still? Don’t. They’ve in a little heap on the floor now with her skirt and she’s got her hands full. Paul has plenty for a girl to play with. Maybe she’s even started to suck it. Your little Megan on her knees getting Paul all ready. There’s lots of me to play with too darling. Shall I keep my undies on while I give this guy a kiss too” and I pushed him back down onto the bed and knelt between his legs. I began to feel he was responding to what I was doing rather than to what was going on in his imagination.

I think we both wished we could watch the others but this wasn’t that kind of party. Duncan had surrendered fully to me, happy to be the passive beneficiary as I pulled his trousers, socks and underpants off. As I took my first grasp of his penis, which you’ll recall is one of my special moments, and my first taste he lay back in his half open shirt and let me take control. I started slowly with my tongue but the urge to close my lips around his tip was strong. I held him tight, lips clamped on his ring, tongue pushing at his tip, sucking and teasing and running my tongue over and around him. I lost count quickly of him telling me how lovely it was and pushed down to take him deeper and work on his shaft. His hands were on my head playing with my hair but he didn’t need to pull me onto him; I could manage that perfectly well all by myself. It felt like win win. Megan was going to appreciate the extra size that Paul had to offer while I was already delighted by the rock hard firmness of this young man.

That was all the head young Duncan was getting; for now. This iron bar has other tasks waiting for him. He only protested a tiny bit. I pushed his legs apart before they crushed me and crawled up over his body, to kneel over him. As I undid the last buttons on his shirt his hands came to rest on the exposed white bands between my panties – pretty, lacy, pale blue – and my stocking tops, fingertips tucked in under the straps holding them up. I let my blue covered breasts hang before him and let him play. I don’t spend the money I do on smart lingerie items just to take them straight off. Men love to play with my undies and I love them doing it.

I was content to let Duncan play, his fingers getting more inquisitive with the very minute, sliding along the straps, down inside my nylons, around the legs of my panties. Then inside them, exploring my bush, running the length of my wet slit and slipping inside me. Investigating, exploring, claiming them but seeking to please me. Which he was. His hands were exciting me. This eager, tender young man wanted me and was stimulating me to want him. “Take them off” I directed and raised myself to allow him to follow my command. I was about to remove my bra as well while he tugged them over my hips but realised there had been no attention at all to my breasts. Never mind. I would stay half dressed. It works in the movies and it would work for us. Blue bra, blue suspenders and smooth black legs. But no drawers. If I was a man I think I would want to fuck a woman like that. I like to think of myself as ultra sexy and it was time for Duncan to fuck me. I needed to be taken right now and lowered my hips onto him, spreading my legs and letting him push up into me. Firm but gentle, relishing the experience of making it with a new hot wet predatory older lady. He paused as his head lay inside my lips, then eased through that wonderful moment of penetration with a new partner and thrust deep into my waiting embracing syrupy pussy. Fully buried he held me tight to him and rested as I clamped my love muscles around his pole. His hands probed between my cheeks and kept me in the chosen position. Then we rocked and danced and pumped for a long time. He danced and I came and my juice flowed and he jerked and pushed and I came again. Good control Duncan, good technique, good boy. “Now come for mamma. Let it go. Show me”. He did. A few final quick pumping thrusts and a full tank unloaded inside me and mixed with mine. A long throaty growl of satisfaction as he lay back and let me collapse onto him. But he did not collapse as so many do. That big stiff prick stayed big and stiff and buried deeply into my centre.

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