Janet’s Milk: The Next Generation

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Janet stood in the cool kitchen pouring herself a hot cup of coffee. She cupped her hands around the mug letting the warmth seep into her hands. She took a sip of the black coffee and let the bitter liquid slide along her tongue and down her gullet, suffusing her body with heat. As her body started to warm up, she felt a familiar tingle in her breasts. She looked down at her chest. Her soft, pink terrycloth robe started to stretch as her breasts filled with milk. She slid one lapel of the robe aside and lifted a heavy breast out.

For a 44-year-old woman, Janet was still truly blessed with a stunning figure. Her firm breasts rode high and proud on her frame. Fittingly, her bust measured 44 inches now. She had been much bigger at certain times in her life, but she could practically control her size at will. She squeezed and massaged her teat and started to tweak the nipple. It rose and hardened majestically and started to leak milk. She lifted her coffee cup to her breast and pinched and tugged on the nipple, stimulating it and herself beyond belief. The nipple shot milk into her cup of coffee. She set the cup down and squeezed her breast back into the now tighter confines of her robe.

After covering her breasts back up, she started to slide her hand down her stomach toward her pussy. Her pussy was tingling from the warmth of the coffee in her belly and the stimulation that her breasts had experienced. She used her hands to part her robe under the belt that was tightly cinched around her curvaceous hips. One hand crept in and slid the crotch of her high cut panties to one side. Leaning against the counter, she started to rub two of her fingers against her thick pussy lips. She could feel herself getting wetter and wetter as she pleasured herself. As her index finger rubbed her labia and slipped into her pussy, her thumb zeroed in on her clit. She diddled her clit and started whimpering in pleasure. Although her husband Rick had fucked her silly the night before and earlier this morning, Janet was a woman of practically insatiable needs.

All of a sudden, Janet heard the pounding of feet on the stairs. Slowly and regrettably, she pulled her hand out from between her legs and grabbed her cup of coffee off the counter. She leaned against the counter with a self-satisfied smile on her face as she sipped her coffee. Bounding into the kitchen with as much exuberance as only an 18 year old can muster, Janet’s daughter Erica greeted her, “Hi, Mom!”

Janet leaned close to her daughter, and Erica complied by giving her mother a peck on the cheek. Janet’s smile remained self-satisfactory but started to beam with pride. Erica certainly did take after her mother. The only difference between mother and daughter was that Janet’s hair was practically raven black, and Erica’s was almost a snowy white blonde. That, combined with Erica’s deep, penetrating blue eyes and practically 6′ tall stature made Janet joke with her husband that he probably had some Nazi in him somewhere.

While Erica may have towered over her mother, she still took after good old mom everywhere it counted. Erica’s Amazonian stature contained as many curves as the Autobahn. Wide curvy hips swung around to a full, pert, heart-shaped bottom. Janet got a good view of her daughter’s rear-end as she opened the refrigerator door. Her daughter’s behind swung back and forth to a tune that only Erica heard. Erica grabbed a jug of milk out of the refrigerator, swung around, and closed the door with her foot.

Erica straightened up to her full 6 feet and walked over to the table. Janet could tell that reaching into the refrigerator had had its normal effect on her daughter. Erica’s hard nipples practically ripped holes in her white t-shirt. Erica poured herself a tall glass of milk. She reached out with the empty jug and shook it. “I think it’s time to make some more milk, Mom.”

Janet took a sip of her coffee. “You know that you can always do it yourself dear.”

A dreamy, distracted expression passed across Erica’s face. Her voice echoed her facial expression. “Or have someone help me. I can probably find some volunteers at school,” she sighed.

Janet smiled to herself. Yes sir, her daughter certainly took after her mom. While Janet’s body was a dream, Erica’s body was an honest-to-goodness miracle. Janet had always been busty, and pregnancy helped her out in ways few men could ever believe. During pregnancy, her breasts bloated up to a size that would put some porn stars to shame. Surprisingly, Janet’s milk came in long before she ever gave birth. Janet then discovered what a copious milk producer she was. She was producing up to a gallon a day, and when she delayed emptying her breasts; they would easily swell to the size of basketballs.

It was soon after Erica was born that Janet discovered something else. There were times that she could control her milk production and her breast size. If she concentrated, she could really bust some bras.

There was only one problem, if you wanted to call it that. She couldn’t always control it. Sometimes, Beylikdüzü escort without even thinking about it, or when she got really turned on (which was pretty frequently), her breasts were swell with milk and pulse with her heat. She couldn’t control herself in those moments. The only thing to do was relieve herself in whatever way she found. Luckily, she had a husband that was more than willing and able to help her in these moments. He was even so good as to purchase her a Sybian orgasm machine that could help relieve her “tension.” She also had her friend, Lydia, who was always willing to her “little moo-cow” out.

Her daughter was different. She had never been pregnant yet was able to produce milk like her mother. She also had total control over her milk, and her breasts. Erica had discovered her chesty abilities at the age of 12. Janet had been walking past the bathroom when she heard a muffled scream. She threw open the door and found Erica lying in the bathtub with fountains of milk spurting out of her breasts. Erica looked up at her mother with a big, proud grin and said, “Mommy, look what I can do!”

Erica had reached out and grabbed her nipples and the milk stopped. Then, she closed her eyes and Janet gaped as she saw her little girl’s adolescent bosom start to swell. Her daughter’s breasts grew larger and larger until they dwarfed even her mother’s bountiful bosom. Erica opened her eyes again, and concentration appeared in her eyes. Slowly, her breasts started to recede back toward her breastbone. When they reached the size of oranges, they stopped.

Janet’s jaw almost hit the floor. She jumped into the tub and practically smothered Erica in a big hug. “Oh, baby! Momma’s so proud of you! You’re really going to be popular with the boys, you know that?”

That may have been the first time that Janet got to see her daughter’s willpower over her own breasts. As Erica moved through adolescence, she experimented much like any teenager would. One day when Erica was 15, Janet walked into the house from shopping and found Erica sprawled on the den floor, her breasts the size of beanbag chairs, but much more firm. Erica was beaming with pride. “Have you ever seen a pair of boobs as big as this momma? I’ll bet no one has!”

Janet was struck dumb. After a few moments, she finally gained speech back. “Erica! How did you do that?”

Erica lay there under her massive breasts and stroked them absent-mindedly “Well, momma, you know how I’ve always been able to make them grow and shrink? Well, I decided I wanted to see how big I could get. I started to inflate them really fast, but it started to hurt. I started to go more slowly until finally, here I am!”

Erica reached out to touch her nipples, but they were just too far away from her hands so she went back to stroking her breasts. She breathlessly said, “It feels so good, Momma. I’m so HUGE!”

Janet could feel her breasts start to throb and pulse. She knew it was wrong, but the sheer enormousness of her daughter’s bosom was turning her on. She could feel her breasts start to grow. Her bra straps were starting to dig into her back. The front of her shorts were starting to dampen. She wasn’t wearing any panties of course.

Erica knew her mother was getting hot. She knew one way to help her out. “Momma, I want you to suckle my big boobies. You did it for me all those years. It’s time I did it for you.”

Janet was taken aback momentarily. Could she do this? A split second later, she was taking ripping off her shorts, T-shirt and bra. She could barely get her shirt up over her swelling melons. As soon as she took her bra off, her engorged nipples started to leak milk. She got down on her knees and crawled on all fours across the carpeting, dripping milk along the way. She crawled up to her bosomy daughter and lay on one of Erica’s pillowy breasts. She grabbed one of Erica’s nipples. It was as nearly as big as Rick’s cock! Her husband was one of those men who was gifted with an enormous phallus.

Janet put her daughter’s nipple in mouth and started to suck. Erica reached out from behind her giant chest and stroked her mother’s hair. “That’s it, Momma.”

Janet felt the hot, wet jet hit her mouth and the back of her throat. She drank deeply from her daughter’s breast. She had had breast milk before. When she was pregnant, her breasts were large enough that she drank her own milk from her breasts all the time. This milk was different though. It seemed like Erica’s milk was even sweeter than her own.

As Janet nursed, she was swept away on a wave of pure pleasure. Seemingly of their own accord, her arms snaked down to her pussy and started to rub and play. She plunged three fingers deep into her steaming gash and started pumping them. She was in such a state of acute horniness that she orgasmed quickly. Her arms kept thrusting though. Soon, she started tire and grew sleepy as her belly filled with milk. Her hands slipped out of her pussy, up towards her stomach. What had previously been a soft, flat belly was now Beylikdüzü escort stretched taut from all of the milk inside her. Janet’s eyelids started to flutter. Erica’s nipple popped out of her mouth as Janet fell asleep. Erica nestled Janet’s head against her breast. “That’s it, Momma. Go to sleep. You’ve earned it.”

Janet thought back on that day. When she had woken up, she was still so horny from the experience that wore out the batteries on the Sybian. When Rick got home, she practically raped him. It took almost two days for her to be almost satisfied. What a two days they were, too!

Erica finished her milk and stood up. Her T-shirt barely stretched past her large boobs. It showed off plenty of her flat, toned, and tanned stomach. She had on a pair of dark blue tiny shorts. When Erica stood up to her full height, Janet could see the just the subtlest little hint of cheek peek out from underneath.

Erica went into the living room and grabbed her bag off of the chair. Janet followed her. As Erica opened the door, she leaned over and gave Janet a peck on the cheek. “I have cheerleading practice tonight, Momma, so I’ll probably be late.”

Janet replied, “That’s fine, dear. I’ll leave dinner for you.”

As Erica stepped onto the front porch, Janet heard a car pull up. She looked out the door to see a bright red convertible mustang idling in front of the house. On the driver’s side sat Jack, Erica’s boyfriend. Erica ran down the steps, her long legs carrying her a country mile. She ran up to the car and tossed her bag in the back seat. She vaulted over the door and landed, surprisingly graceful, on the black leather seat. She leaned over and gave Jack a passionate kiss. She ran her tongue along his as she ran her hand along his thigh to his crotch. After what seemed like 10 minutes to Janet, the two seniors disengaged and Jack stamped on the gas and zoomed away.

The wind sent Erica’s luxurious blonde hair cascading behind her. She closed her eyes and let wind whip across her face too. Jack said to her, “Do you need a ride home after practice, hon?”

Erica came out of her reverie and turned to Jack. “Could you please? That would be terrific. That way I wouldn’t have to beg anyone else for a ride. You wouldn’t believe some of the things that guys want me to do to them just for a ride home. They’re just lucky that I like doing those things!”

The ever-present spark of lust in Jack’s eyes started to slowly increase. “Tell me about it, babe.”

Erica grinned naughtily. Jack liked hearing about Erica’s trysts and sexual escapades. He even liked to watch sometimes. “Well, sometimes all the boys want is just some milk, but sometimes, some of them get a little kinky.”

Jack was now understandably curious. He didn’t ever remember Erica getting involved in anything too kinky. “Like what?”

Erica started to get turned on just at the thought of what she did with Reggie. Her long tanned thighs started rubbing together. She slid a hand into her shorts and started playing with herself. “Well, it seems that Reggie has a bi streak in him. In order to get him to drive me home, I had to promise to put on a strap-on that he has, fuck him like a woman, and as I was fucking him, he wanted me to grow my breasts so that by the time he came, they would be bouncing and rubbing on his back. Isn’t that strange?”

Jack’s hardening bulge was about to pop his fly. He looked at her with sincere disappointment, “Oh, come on, babe, why didn’t you tell me about it? I would have loved to have seen that!”

Erica kept rubbing her pussy as she turned and threw Jack him a pouty look. “It was kind of a spur of the moment thing. I’m sorry. If it happens again, I’ll let you watch.”

As Jack pulled his car up to the school, Erica took her hand out of pants. She lifted her hand up to her nose and took a big deep sniff, reveling in the smell of her juices on her hand. She bent over into Jack’s crotch and gave his pant-covered hardness and long, deep lick. Then, she gave him another long, involved kiss, patted his crotch, grabbed her bag out of the back, and leapt from the car.

She turned back and looked into the car. She saw that her lick and caress had forced Jack’s mighty 13″ man-meat to totally burst through the crotch of his pants. It stood out in the breezing wobbling back and forth. “Now, I don’t want you taking care of that thing until I’m ready to do it.”

Jack groaned as Erica slammed the door and sashayed into school, shaking her pert, round ass like a maraca. Jack popped his car into drive and sped off for home. He was going to have to go home and change his pants if he was going to make it through the day. Damn it! He was going to have to start wearing ironclad underwear around Erica! These were the third pair of pants that Erica made him rip open this month!

Meanwhile, Erica walked into homeroom ten minutes after the bell rang. It wasn’t that she flouting the rules. Erica was a dreamer. She just went coasting along the breezes of life. If she got to her destination Escort Beylikdüzü late, it wasn’t a big deal. If she got there on time, that was so much the better. Luckily, all of Erica’s teachers were male, and even the ones that hadn’t had cum for her were still in awe of Erica’s god-given beauty. If she did something that got her into trouble, all she would ever have to do would be to grow her breasts a couple of cup sizes and the problem was solved. That was usually how she managed to get through most of her educational career.

She didn’t really have to expand her bust this day, though; it was just an average day. She didn’t get into any trouble or cause any problems. The assistant principal had come up behind her to give her a lecture about the dress code and how her shorts were in violation of it, but by the time he made it around to the front of her, he forgot what he was going to say so Erica managed to make it through the school day without any hassle.

She wrapped up her day the way she always did, with cheerleading practice. She was the star of the squad. Because of her unique ability, she was able to shrink her breasts in order to make the acrobatic moves easier, but then she was able to make them swell enough during their regular cheers that she was able to hypnotize every guy in the audience with her jiggling.

She walked into the locker room and threw her bag onto the bench in front of her locker. She looked around and didn’t see anyone. All the girls must already be out on the field. She opened her locked and grabbed the bottom of her T-shirt. As she went to pull it up over her firm sweater puppies, she felt a pair of strong arms wrap around her waist.

The owner of the arms started thrusting his crotch into Erica’s ample derriere. Erica knew who it was just from his dry humping. It was Reggie.

She wriggled out of his arms and pulled her shirt back down. She yelled, “Reggie, what are you doing here? You scared the life out of me!”

Reggie sheepishly looked at Erica. “I’m sorry, but I just wanted to surprise you. I really enjoyed our time together the other day and I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciated it.”

Erica knew how much he appreciated it. He had showered his appreciation all over the place. She could also tell how much just talking about it was exciting him. His crotch was bulging with excitement.

She gave him a peck on the cheek and rubbed his hardness. “I know you liked it. You know, so did I. I would love to do it again.”

Having her hand on his crotch was lighting a fire in Erica’s loins. She hadn’t been with a man since Jack had fucked her before he went home last night. It had been almost a whole day since she had gotten off!

Erica moved her mouth up to Reggie’s ear and whispered breathily into it. “What do you saying about doing it again now?”

He didn’t even have a chance to agree or disagree before she had grabbed his cock through his pants, took his arm in hers, and led him to the girls’ showers.

All of sudden, Erica’s boobs grew exponentially. They shredded through the T-shirt she was wearing and rode high and perfect on her frame. She took the speechless Reggie’s head and pushed it toward her breasts. Her breasts continued to grow and the nipples started to leak milk. Reggie stuck out his tongue and started to lick Erica’s nipple.

As Reggie nursed at Erica’s perfect white globe, Erica snaked her hand into Reggie’s pants. She slid her palm under the waistband. His cock was still only semi-hard. She started to stroke it.

He removed his mouth from her nipple and said, “You’re not going to get me off that way. You know how I like to get off.”

He pushed him away from her so hard that he fell on his butt. “And where the hell am I supposed to get a strap-on?” she said angrily.

“Well, I dunno. Maybe you can just finger or lick my ass or something? We can 69!”

Erica smiled again. While it wouldn’t totally take the place of a hard cock in her pussy, Reggie eating her out would certainly get her off. She kneeled and pushed him onto his back. She practically tore off his pants and hers. She swung her body around until her neatly trimmed pussy was hovering right over his face. She was so turned on that she was dripping juice onto his face.

Erica slid two fingers into her mouth and coated them with her own saliva. Then, as she moved her mouth over his cock, she slid the two fingers slowly and carefully into Reggie’s ass. He groaned with pleasure.

As Erica fingered Reggie’s rectum, Reggie was using two of his fingers to spread Erica’s thick, wet pussy lips. He took long deep licks of her labia as he used his thumb to rub her clit. He drove his tongue deep into her pussy and drank deeply of her juices, feeling the warmth flow down to his belly. He nestled his chin against her pubic bone as he ate her out.

Reggie was turning her on so much that Erica started to squirm on Reggie’s face. Damn, but this boy gave some good head! He didn’t do that the first time they were together! As Erica luxuriated in the pleasure Reggie was giving her pubic region, she though back to their first time when she fucked Reggie. Although she had only told Jack about the sex romp, she hadn’t told him how much she had been turned on by the thought of penetrating a man.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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