Jason’s Secrets Exposed Ch. 01

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I should not have been surprised that my husband had been keeping secrets from me. After all, we all have our secrets. What angered and amazed me was that he had a secret fantasy life about which I knew nothing. Not a clue! As a lady who has always been open and honest, The thought that Jason could keep such a thing from his very own wife shook my world. But the changes in our lives since I found out have been nothing but positive, and I have found something in me that I never suspected was there.

My name is Alexis Santavi. My husband and I have been married for 7 years, and we have no children due to a fertility disorder. Our story is similar to many; we met at a bar, were attracted to each other, we dated, and eventually wed. We have an active social life with our big families and lots of friends. Not being encumbered by family responsibilities has freed us both financially and socially.

Jason doesn’t have any really bad habits. His greatest vice is his weekly cigar, and he drinks only socially. I could honestly say we were good for each other and were happy.

Our sex life was always decent, but rather vanilla-like. Nothing too adventurous, although I would have been willing to try just about anything. Jason seemed a bit shy about sex, even after we had been married, and he never seemed to want to push any envelopes. I was okay with that, but I often wondered what else was out there.

One day while Jason was out playing softball with the guys, I was doing the monthly bills. I was looking for an electric bill, but I couldn’t find it. Knowing that Jason had electronic copies of the bills on his computer, I went upstairs to look for this one. I assumed that there would be a folder called “Bills” or something similar, but I couldn’t find anything obvious. I saw an icon called “Jason’s files” and clicked on it. There were so many folders and subfolders that I was ready to just give up. I then noticed a folder titled “SF/BD” and wondered what it could be.

I clicked on the folder and my life changed.

There were hundreds of subfolders inside and, as I opened them and looked at some of the files inside, I was astonished, to say the least. Jason, apparently, was a fetishist, as well as an aficionado of some rather esoteric xslot sexual practices. I spent the next 2 hours, spellbound, as I looked through hundreds of pictures, videos, and stories.

“Why didn’t he tell me?” I wondered. I would have to confront him, being very angry. I also felt that Jason had broken his trust with me. After all, I loved him. Couldn’t he have trusted me enough to share this with me? I shared everything with him, and I now felt totally betrayed. “When he gets home,” I thought, he will have hell to pay.

A couple of hours later, Jason returned. He and the guys had stopped at the bar for a few beers after the game.

“Hello, honey. What’s for dinner tonight? I’m going up for a shower and then a nap before we eat. How was your afternoon?”

I was ready to scream, but an idea took hold in my mind.

“We’ll have chicken cacciatore tonight, love. Go take your shower.”

“Thanks, Alexis. You’re the best.”

The idea that I had was to not confront Jason immediately, but to spring something on him when he least would suspect it. I had to have a plan and take my time executing it. Smiling, the thought occurred to me that this just might be fun.

* * *

Several weeks later, I went on a little shopping spree. I had done my research on the Internet and I was ready to put my plan into action. I stopped at an adult store and, though a bit embarrassed, bought my chosen accoutrements. On the way home, I stopped at the local tobacconist and bought a box of Arturo Fuente Opus X’s, Jason’s favorite cigars. I would spring my plan the next day.

After a night of restless sleep, I woke up, had my breakfast and bid goodbye to Jason, who was leaving for work.

“See you tonight, Alexis.”

“Bye love. Save some energy for tonight–I have something special planned.”

“What is it?” he asked.

“You’ll just have to wait until tonight, my love.”

“Ooh, sounds interesting, my mystery woman.”

I smiled as he closed the door.

* * *

Having planned the night’s events over and over in my mind and practiced one skill that I acuired, I realized that now it was do or die. I was not sure how Jason would react, but I knew I had to go through with this. And xslot Giriş Jason was going to find out how I felt about his keeping secrets from me. Oh boy, was he going to find out!

By the afternoon, everything was ready. I was in great anticipation for the rest of the afternoon. Finally, Jason arrived home and got ready for his customary pre-dinner nap.

“Wake me in around a half hour, love. Oh, and why are you wearing that bright-red lipstick? Are we going out or something? Is this part of your secret plan?” he laughed.

“Oh, we’ll be sharing secrets pretty soon, Jason. Enjoy your nap.”

Jason went to the bedroom, undressed, and got in the bed. Minutes later he was sleeping like a baby. I waited to hear his light snoring, just to be sure, and then I acted.

The first thing I did was to quickly shackle his hand to the bedpost. He was half awake by the time I got to the second hand.

“What the fuck…”

“Just play along my love. Close your eyes, your surprise is not quite ready.”

“Okay, Alexis, but this is a little weird. Whatever you’re up to, let’s get on with it.”

He closed his eyes and I quickly bound his feet to the other bedposts. Jason opened his eyes, starting to look a little worried, and started to protest. I quickly put an end to that with the gag I had purchased. He began to jerk around, trying to free himself. I said “Trust me Jason. Just trust me.” Although he looked scared, we both were aware that, at the same time, he was rock hard. I looked directly at his magnificent manhood and smiled.

“I’ll be right back, my love. Don’t go anywhere.”

I then went to the spare bedroom, where I took off my clothes and replaced them with a sexy set of nylons with a garter belt and a sheer bra. I then completed my sartorial transformation by putting on my new high heels. I looked at myself in the mirror and saw a transformed woman. I then walked across the hallway to the den for the finishing touch. Opening Jason’s humidor, I extracted one of the Fuentes and, as I had been practicing, brought the cigar to life. When I was satisfied that it was well lit, I took a few puffs and then dangled the smoldering beauty from my mouth. Looking again in a mirror, I said to myself, xslot Güncel Giriş “Damn. That is one fucking hot lady.”

I returned to the master bedroom, in which the “master” was still bound and gagged. When he saw me walk in, he looked shocked. And maybe terrified.

“I’ll take your gag out, baby, if you promise not to say anything. Deal?”

Jason nodded. I took out the gag, and he immediately yelled “what the fuck.” His quick reward was a hard slap to the face.

“I told you, no talking. It’s your turn to listen.”

I took a drag from the cigar and blew the smoke in his face. Jason coughed and started to speak again, and he was immediately rewarded with another hard slap.

“Jason, please tell me what “SF/BD” means.

He reddened and said, “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

I grabbed his throbbing dick and told him that if he lied to me again, I just might break it off.

“I guess you found my files.”

“You’re fucking right I found them, you asshole. And I looked at every single one over the last week.”

I blew another puff of cigar smoke in his face.

“Who would have known that you think ladies smoking cigars are sexy? Isn’t that something that you should have shared with your wife?”

“I didn’t think you’d understand,” Jason replied.

I smacked him in the face again.

“And who would have thought that you would like to be dominated, that you would like to be enslaved? Certainly not your wife! You little cocksucker. Our marriage was based, in my mind, on honesty and openness, and you kept from me a central part of who you are.”

I took a puff and blew more smoke in his face.

“I’m sorry, Alexis. I’m …”

“You have no idea how sorry you’re going to be, you pathetic pussy.”

“Alexis, please …”

I slapped him again.

“Listen, Jason, and listen closely. I am about to make all of your fantasies come true tonight. And for the rest of our married life. You are to address me as “Mistress” and speak only when spoken to. You will do as I say. And you WILL do so, one way or another.”

“Can we take this a little slower, Alexis? This is a little scary.”

“I told you to call me ‘Mistress’. You will do as I say or you will be very sorry. What’s the use of having fantasies if you never pursue them, you pussy. No, we’re not taking things slower.

“OK, Alexis.”

Another hard slap to the face. “Yes, Mistress would be the proper response.”

“Yes, Mistress.”

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