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I didn’t hear her come out of the bathroom and enter my study. I was too focused on what I was writing. After working with Jay on the software design through a week and weekend filled with nights which stretched into mornings, I badly needed something to relieve the stress. Not only the stress from getting this document done, but with working with Jay. Not that she’s stressful. Not in a work way anyway. Stress and the chocolate milkshakes we made as we were wrapping up made me careless. Well, not the milkshakes themselves, but the Kahlua we added to it. Perhaps a little too much Kahlua. Also, we had taken off our shoes and bare feet on carpet doesn’t make any noise. So when she excused herself, I hurriedly pulled up the story I was writing. I like to write about women who’ve interested me. Maybe write about isn’t entirely accurate. I write my fantasies about them down. I was stupid enough to bring up that story and try to outline a few things since sex has always been a great stress reducer for me. Even if not actually doing it, the thinking of it is. And after that time working with Jay, I needed some sort of relief from that itch I was feeling. I needed it badly .

When she let out a soft, surprised “Oh!” I felt as if I jumped out of my seat though I didn’t actually move. I stopped myself from reaching for the keyboard to switch to another window. It was too late for that. My face turned red and my mind raced to find some explanation, anything. Nothing came up. What could I say? So I swiveled in my chair to face her with an embarrassed smile, my face still red,.

Her face was red too, a soft match to the redness of hair and that made her even prettier. “I’m sorry, ” she said softly, her eyes averting the computer monitor and averting looking at me. I couldn’t look at her either so I stared off to the side someplace.

“No, I’m sorry,” I said just as softly. Then there was nothing else I could think of to say. I mentally sighed and resigned myself to telling her the truth.

“It helps me relieve stress,” I mumbled, still looking off to the side. I paused. “I’m sorry. I . . . I hope you don’t think I’m a perv. It was stupid of me.”

She took a quick glance my way. “I’ve never read stuff like that. Not – not that I haven’t experiences, but I just never had.” I looked at her and I could see in the way she stood she was struggling with herself.

“I’m sorry,” I said again, agony creeping into my voice. She’s thinking badly me of – a guy who likes to write porn, to write his fantasies. And now she’ll avoid me as much as she can. She’ll find ways to avoid having to work with me. I was feeling empty. Resignedly, I swiveled my chair to face the monitor and my hand reached for my mouse to delete the story. It would be gone, never to be finished.

I heard a low “No, don’t.”

I swiveled around to face her again. Her eyes still weren’t looking at me. “I’d like to . . . I’d like to finish reading it,” she said in a very low voice, a shy voice.

I got out of my chair and let her sit while I moved to the chair by the desk, staring at a wall. I was churning inside for what seemed like hours, but Jay’s a fast reader so I knew it only seemed that long. I glanced at her and could see she had finished and was just sitting there silent, tense. I looked away again, my eyes shut, afraid to see.

“It’s not finished,” I said to the wall, wanting to draw out her reaction, to get the storm over with.

“Someone you know?” Jay asked.

“Yes.” Then I added. “But it’s not real, not something that happened. Only what I wished did.”

I heard the chair move away from the desk and heard her swivel to face me.

“Is it me, Nick?”, her voice low and hesitating.

I felt trapped. I wanted to lie. I was ashamed to let her know. But I couldn’t lie, not to her.

“Yes,” I said, ready for her rage. There was silence. I looked at her. Her hands folded in her lap. Her eyes looking at the floor. Her face showing a struggle, but not anger.

I got up and went to her, kneeling in front of her. I unfolded her bursa escort hands, taking them in mine, kissing one, then kissing the other. And each time I did, I felt a small tremble. I looked up at her downcast eyes and saw a glistening from small tears. I straightened up so our faces were level, leaning to press my lips against her right eye, then the left. Then her nose. Then her lips. Sweet. Soft. i felt a small tremble through her body.

Hunching again, I lifted the edge of her t-shirt, kissing the soft skin that I exposed, pulling the edge higher. Her hands moved over mine, gently clasping them. I stopped. Her hands moved to take hold of the bottom of her shirt and she pulled it over her head, dropping it on the desk. She wore no bra, but I knew that all too well.

I knelt there looking. Her long hair flowing over her breasts, allowing only hints of their roundness, offering only glimpses of her pink nipples. The red of her hair contrasted with her white skin, with the blue of her jeans. Leaning forward, I took one in my mouth, my tongue playing over the soft nipple. Then taking it between my teeth, bit gently. She gasped.

I left her breast and her nipples to reach for a chocolate milkshake. Trapping some in the straw, i let the drops fall onto her nipple. Then I greedily licked it, sucked on it, feeling it harden in my mouth, tasting the chocolate, the Kailua. Her hands went to clutch the chair’s arm rests. I wanted her to feel how much I wanted her, how much I wanted her body. I sucked harder, taking as much of her breast into my mouth as I could. I wanted it all. I wanted all of her.

My hand reached for the other breast to feel its softness, cupping it with my hand. I took the nipple between two fingers and squeezed, a small squeeze to offset the hardness with which I was sucking on her other nipple, on her other breast. Her moans grew louder and I was lost in their song.

Then I switched, coating the other nipple with drops of chocolate milkshake, sucking on it, hard, very hard. Her hands gripped the chair rests tighter. She slouched down the chair, trying to escape, trying to give me more. Two fingers gently massaged the other nipple, easing the hurt I had made. I felt the hardness in my mouth. I felt the hardness between my fingers.

My mouth moved to kiss her stomach, my tongue flicking against her belly button. I unsnapped her jeans and pulled down the zipper. Jay lifted her hips as I pulled her jeans all they way down. I slid them off her slim legs, and off from her ankles.

I straightened to kiss her. It wasn’t sweet and soft this time. Her hands started to unbutton my shirt, letting the two sides drape down when all the buttons were undone. Her hands reached in to brush against my smooth chest, feeling their hardness, her fingers brushed against my nipples, teasing them. She leaned forward to kiss my chest, then my nipples. She took one in her mouth and gently sucked on it, then the other. Her hands moved to my shoulders and she slipped my shirt down and off before she unsnapped the top of my jeans. Sliding the zipper down, Jay reached in and felt my cock through my underwear. It was still soft, but she rubbed with her hand, making it harder and harder.

I parted her legs, looking at the blue wisp of her panties. Kneeling in front of her, I turned my head to kiss her knee, licking it lightly. Then I made a light trail down the inside of her leg with my tongue. My face brushed against a wiry red hair sticking out from the material. I kissed her through the light fabric and pressed my tongue against the hidden crack, pressing the fabric in.

Then it was too much. I didn’t want anything on her so I slipped her panties off. I kissed the other knee, my tongue brushing up her thigh. She opened her legs more, inviting me. My tongue pressed against the crevice of her cunt, not even a blue wisp in the way now. There was a faint taste of her, a faint smell of her. I didn’t want faint. I wanted her. I wanted wet.

Jay was impatient too. Her hands wrapped in my hair, pressing me bursa ucuz escort to her, her legs opening more, begging. I pushed my tongue against her pussy lips and then flicked up, brushing against her clit. Taking one of the lips in my mouth, I sucked the soft fold gently in, tasting more of her now.

Then her clit. My tongue flicking over it, around it, teasing it before licking her slit, tasting even more of her as there was more to taste. Jay’s hands gripped my hair tighter as she arched her back, giving herself to me, wanting, needing. And I couldn’t stop. I needed to tasted her. I needed to smell her. I needed her.

She arched her back again and pressed me tightly into her. I heard a low moan as she grinded herself into my face, lifting her ass off the chair. Faster now, her breathing ragged. Then a furiousness, a desperation, her legs straining. A long, low, moan. Her hands loosened and she drifted back into the chair.

My face was soaked, the room filled with her scent. I stood up. Her head was bent back, her eyes closed, her face flushed again. I bent over and kissed her, using my tongue to coat her lips with her juices, letting her taste herself. Her eyes opened and she smiled.

Standing, she took my hand in hers and said in a low voice, “Where’s the bedroom?”

I led her out of the study and into my bedroom holding onto my jeans so they wouldn’t fall. She stopped me at the edge of the bed and knelt on her knees. She hooked her fingers over the top of my jeans and over the top of my underwear, pulling both down at once. I stepped out of them.

I was hard. Her face rubbed against my hardness, her eyes closed. My hands tangled in her long hair and I guided her face, wanting every inch of it to feel my hardness. My cock rubbed against her cheek, her lips, her nose, her eyes. I pushed her head down so she could feel my softness, the softness of my balls before feeling my hardness again. When my cock brushed against her lips again, she opened her mouth and took me in. I shut my eyes and felt a warm wetness surrounding my cock. She started sucking. I felt I was being pulled into her. My hips bucked forward and I let out a small cry at how good it felt.

She took my balls into her mouth, sucking gently on them. Releasing them, her tongue brushed against the base of my cock and moved upwards to the tip before taking my cock in her mouth again. Her eyes, golden brown, innocent, looked up at me. I held her head steady and began thrusting, making her gag, a little drool running out her mouth.

“I’m going to fuck your face.”

Her eyes, still innocent, looked up at me.

“Do you want me to?”

Her eyes looked at me, still innocent, but now showing a wanting. She nodded shyly, nodded as much as she could with my hands knotted in her hair, my cock in her mouth. I pushed deep, slowly, enjoying the feeling of my hardness going into her mouth, moving her head in time to my slow rhythm.

“Play with yourself,” I ordered her.

Her hand moved between her legs. I began to pump harder, taking her mouth, making it mine. Looking down, I saw her mouth closed over my cock. I held her head still now, my thrusts hard and deep into the wet warmth of her mouth. Her body was squirming from her fingers working on her cunt. But soon I had to stop. The tingling was building up in me, in my balls. I didn’t want to cum yet so I stopped.

Pulling her arm to get her to stand, i turned her towards the bed, leading her there, telling her to get on, get on on her hands and knees. My hands went to her waist, pulling her towards me as I stood at the edge of the bed, Leaning forward, holding my cock, I let the tip of my cock brush her cunt, touch her slit, pushing in up to the head, then taking it out before rubbing it along her slit. Again and again, sometimes a little deeper, but never completely in, always teasing.

“Please,” she pleaded.

A little deeper this time before I pulled it out

“Oh, please.”

“Please what? What do you want Jay?” The bursa elit escort tip of my cock in again, stopping, then a little more, and a little more before I took it out.

“Oh, please, Nick. Please. . . “


“Ohhhh, yes, please. Fuck me, Nick. Please fuck me.”

Impatient too, I pushed hard, filling her, feeling the tightness of her cunt give way to the hardness of my cock. Her head was bent, her long red hair spread on the bed, her body jerking forward as I rammed my cock in, my hands around her waist pulling her back. I leaned forward to pull one of her arms up so I could take her hand in mine, to move it between her legs, and pressed her hand flat, touching my cock with it. I wanted her to feel my cock fucking her. I head it there then I took her finger and rubbed her clit with it. She didn’t stop when I let go of her hand.

Leaning forward a little, I bunched her hair in my fist and pulled her head up. She was facing a mirror and I wanted her to see how she looked. I wanted to see how she looked. Her face was flushed, all innocence gone from her eyes, only a need showed in them.

She was wet, very wet and I seemed to be getting harder, my cock stiffer. I kept her head up so she could see how she was being fucked. Her moans filled the room. The sound, the squishing sound of her wetness as she was fucked filled the room. Her scent filled the room, the scent of her lust, her need, of her pussy juices. The room was filled with her.

But it wasn’t enough. I wanted more. I wanted her to feel more. More of me. More of my cock. So I stopped and eased her flat onto the bed then turned her onto her back, her legs parted over the edge of the bed. I lifted her legs up and put them over my shoulder, moving her hand to my cock so she could guide me in.

She placed the head of my cock against her slit and I entered her again. I grabbed her hands and placed them over her head, trapping her with her legs over my shoulder and her hands held down. And then it was hard – a hard fuck. I wanted her to feel my cock in her, to feel it filling her, not just her cunt, but her whole being. Her eyes closed. Her mouth opened, unable to make a sound, unable to even get a moan out.

I could feel the rigidness of my cock. It felt as if something solid was pumping into her cunt and she was coating it with her wetness made from her need for it and unable to do anything else but to take it. Our bodies were shimmering with sweat.

Her breathing became ragged again and her ass moved off the bed to fill herself with more of my cock. But not yet. I slowed. My cock moved slowly in and out of her. Then even more slowly.

She opened her eyes.

“Please, Nick,” she softly sobbed.

“Please what, Jay?”

“Please, Nick. Let me cum.”

I moved even more slowly.


I whispered in her ear, “Who are you cumming for?”

“For you, Nick. For you. Please let me.”

Faster now. I fucked her hard again, making her take my cock deep, pulling out to the tip, then pushing hard back in, my balls slamming against her ass, that wonderful sound of her cunt being fucked. Over and over. I wanted her to cum for me.

She started moaning again, loud now. Her ass bucked off the bed. There was an urgency showing in her face. I didn’t stop. I couldn’t stop.

She raised her head to look at herself, her legs spread and open for me, at my cock, slick and coated with her juice. She watched herself being fucked, then dropped her head back and let out a small scream, a loud moan as her body shivered. A small tear fell down her eye.

I still couldn’t stop. I let go of her hands and she wrapped them around my back, clinging to me. I was the one in a frenzy now. The one in need. Slowly I felt it, a small tingle in my balls which spread to my cock. Then it grew and pushed up until it burst and I filled her pussy with my cum. My cum mixed with her pussy juices.

I lay there, on top of her, catching my breath, feeling my cock soften. When it was too soft to stay in her I turned onto my back, taking her in my arm, but she moved her head down to take my soft cock into her mouth, tasting us. Then she moved up to kiss me, letting me taste us.

I held her as we fell asleep. My last thoughts before drifting off was of the story – one which I didn’t have to finish now.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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