Jennifer, Allan , the Camper Van Trip

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My introduction to spanking had come some fifteen years earlier while at college (that is another story) but I was not in any way involved in the practice and had not even considered the subject since graduating. I was a senior officer in the Foreign Affairs Protocol Division and had a busy and high profile working life that often took me out of town and overseas. I was, I believe, successful, well respected and above reproach professionally. My private life was low key and had not permitted much in the way of relationships because of my being totally absorbed in my work, that I loved, and the somewhat unpredictable hours that I had to keep. It had never bothered me and I had this thought in the back of my mind that “one day” I would probably meet someone who would cause me to change all that! In the meantime I was never without an escort when I required one and always had men around who would have liked to date me on a regular basis if I had been looking for that type of association.

I guess that, technically, one could not have called me a sexual virgin either. I had one encounter in my teens and, while that had not been totally enjoyable, it certainly had not put me off for life. A relationship in my early twenty’s had led to one other occasion when I had relented and gone the whole way – with much more pleasurable results I might add – but it had been about eight years since I had had let myself become so involved as to let things come to that. I was certainly not “cold” just not willing (and too busy) to get committed to that extent just yet.

During the Winter of the year in which I turned thirty, I had taken a longer than usual period of leave for the purpose of going on an extended holiday in Europe and to do some serious skiing –a sport that enjoyed but normally had too little time to really enjoy. During this holiday I met up with Allan who was about a year older than I was – great company – not obviously on the make – and who was a person that for the first time in my life I was totally relaxed and comfortable about being with. After I returned home we kept in touch and from time to time went out to the theatre or dining and dancing. It was clear that this was quite probably the man who, if he asked me, I would probably marry and settle down with.

Our relationship progressed and, somewhat out of the blue, Allan raised the probability of perhaps getting away for a week on our own. We discussed various options and finally settled on renting a campervan and getting off the beaten track in a part of the country that we both liked and that offered the chance to just “get away from it all” for a bit.

All was arranged and Allan was to call at my home to collect me late on Friday afternoon after picking up the camper. We bundled all the gear into the back and set off out of the city in building peak hour traffic. Once underway Allan had to concentrate on the traffic and driving the unfamiliar vehicle and I just sat back and enjoyed what scenery there was until, growing bored, I started exploring the glove box etc of the van. Allan had called at his place before collecting me and, as leaving, had noticed mail in his box. He had just grabbed it and put it in the glove box of the van. I discovered this and noticed that one item was a large brown envelope, which was partly torn open. The contents were clearly a copy of a well-known and very explicit men’s magazine. I was intrigued but not too shocked. Hey, I had my favourites magazines too and receiving them by mail rather than standing in a shop queue was the way to buy. I started to thumb through the magazine and Allan did not take too much notice so I curled up on Escort Bayan the seat (there is a stack of room in those vans) and read some of the articles and, of course looked at the many pictures. I was getting more and more aroused and could feel myself getting damp and my nipples hard.

The traffic had thinned and we were able to move along more quickly as we got further out of town and Allan was able to relax a little, being more familiar with the van and out of the almost gridlock conditions experienced earlier. We began to talk more and I could feel the electricity growing. Something was going to happen and soon!

I moved closer to Allan. It was not my nature to make moves like that but I just felt like it was right. Soon we had hands resting on each other’s legs and softly stroking the thighs. Allan moved my (shortish) skirt up and stroked the bare flesh of my thigh and I in turn moved his hand higher until he was fingering the crutch of my panties. He could not do too much else and continue to drive and there were no suitable places to pull over and stop, so I had to be content with that for now. I , however, had an urge that I had not previously felt, to move on and take control of the play, so I unzipped his fly and felt around for his, obviously hardening, tool. Allan was very surprised, as we had not previously taken any steps in that direction. I was blown away because I had not, in my very limited past experience, felt a prick as big, long and thick as what was in those pants! It seemed to me to be enormous.

I had to see if what I felt was real and I undid my seat belt and crouched down on the floor so that I could get at the remarkable piece of flesh and really get to grips with it. I stroked it and it grew even more. I had to kiss it and then I found myself doing things that I had never even thought about until I had been looking through Allan’s magazine, including trying to give him a blow job. It must have been OK as he reacted by moaning with what I took to be lust and encouraging me to go on! He also, although I did not notice at the time, started to drive a bit erratically and faster. This may not have been too bad, as the traffic was very light at this stage and, with the long summer evening of a fine day, it was broad daylight and he could see where he was going. The problem was that he was also seen, by a traffic patrol, who pulled us over.

I did not see, or hear them and when we started to slow don and stop I thought we had found a place to park. I could mot understand at first what Allan was saying as he pushed me aside and tried to put himself away and zip up, so I was very surprised when there was a face at the side window trying to talk to us. I soon got the message though and it sent me into a panic. It was only too obvious what had been going on. Two things hit me and I am still to this day not sure what was worst. Both Allan and I had rather high profile jobs and it would not be pleasant if something like this hit the court, papers or even became gossip in official circles. The second was that I recognised the person at the window. She was, it turned out, a sergeant in the police force, and the senior person in the patrol car that had stopped us, but worse, she had been at the same school as me and I thought at once she must have also recognised me!

We both had to get out of the van and there was the usual producing of licences etc. Our dishevelled state told its own story and the two officers (the other was a young male constable) were finding it hard to keep straight faces. Our embarrassment was so obvious and our pleading to try and get away with it was pitiful Bayan Escort and apparently not having too much effect.

Finally the sergeant turned to the constable and said, “ There are many ways to deal with these cases. One can give a warning when it is a momentary lapse that just needs remarking on – or a ticket for the driving offence should be issued when there is a provable serious breach of the law – and there are other cases where something else is perhaps appropriate”. I feel that we would have a major case on our hands if we gave a ticket. I immediately latched on to that small ray of hope and pleaded that a warning was going to be all we needed to NEVER do that again. She grinned a little and disagreed. We needed something to remind us that, should the urge ever take us again, we would really remember and not do it! I sort of agreed with her and rather rashly said, “Anything you suggest, but no tickets PLEASE”!

Then came the bomb blast! She said that she could clearly see what was going on and that the magazine (I had carelessly left on the seat) was even more proof of what we were doing. She went on to say that as Allan was driving at the time he had responsibility for the manner in which he was controlling the vehicle but I was obviously equally to blame for the situation because I had control over what I was doing and should have known better. A ticket could have been issued to Allan but as I was not the driver she could not cite me for anything that was provable in a court. I should also have to pay a price for my actions so a ticket was not the answer. Then she said that I was not a stranger to other forms of punishment (which brought a strange look from Allan) and that she proposed we follow her patrol car to a place a few miles down the road where we would both be disciplined in a way that we would not forget in a hurry. Allan, always the gentleman, suggested that he should take all the blame but I was not having that and agreed we should at least go a see what she had in mind rather that stand her in full view of anyone who might recognise us. Finally Allan agreed and we followed the patrol car to a very secluded fenced area along a dirt track side ride. I didn’t feel all that good and I was getting a bit apprehensive but felt we had to go through with it now we had started.

Sonia, for that was the policewoman’s name, suggested that is was a nice place to park our camper for the night and we might like to consider doing that after she had finished with us.

We parked and opened up the back of the camper. Sonia looked around and then announced what was to happen.

Allan and I were both ordered to strip naked. Now, we had not ever been in that situation before and certainly not in the company of what were, for all intent and purposes, strangers. We made a sort of protest but were reminded of the alternatives. (Besides, by the time the week was over we would probably have been well versed in each other’s bodies anyway!) After we had complied with this, Sonia picked up a rubber thong sandal that belonged to Allan and instructed him to lay on his back on the bed in the rear of the camper. I was told to stand alongside to bed, bend at the waist and proceed to give him a hand and blowjob until he came. Until he did come Sonia would beat my backside and upper legs with the thong sandal. I had never before today attempted to actually bring a man to climax and had no idea just how long this may take so set about trying to bring him off as quickly as possible to try and save my bum. Fortunately the previous session while on the road must have got Allan going and it was not too long before he Escort began to ignore the audience and everything else and really rose to the occasion actually coming to a great extent in my mouth. Had it not been for the very, very sore behind I could have enjoyed the experience. I was however gasping and crying uncontrollably for the last few minutes of the effort and the pain would not go away despite my unashamed dancing around rubbing my backside and legs.

Allan protested that it was more his fault and that I had been treated too harshly, but Sonia said that he might not be thinking that way for too long.

After a short time we were asked if we were taking “any precautions” and, if not, the alternative might have to be a back door entry. I had no idea what she was referring to but Allan produced a packet of condoms and I was spared finding out for then.

The next part of the punishment was for me to again bring Allan to a full erection and put the condom on him. I then had the option of either laying down on my back (which I chose not to) or kneeling on the edge of the bed while Allan had intercourse with me until he again came. All the while he was being belted on his backside and legs with the sandal. Having already recently come it took a fair time for him to go again and he really coped it and was wailing long before he finished. I, on the other hand had to take his huge tool without too much preparation and then live through both the pain of him pounding against my sore bum and violating my as good as virgin love tunnel and then having several shattering climaxes, despite the pain. He was trying to avoid entering me too deeply and I guess playing around the entrance to my vagina may have brought him to climax quicker, but it seemed that every time he moved forward Sonia would belt him on the backside and cause him to involuntarily lunge into me. Finally he finished and we both collapsed face down on the bed, sore and exhausted.

Sonia and her constable decided that we had been punished enough and said we could get dressed and go on our way if we wished, but we were in no state to consider that for a while!

We draped ourselves a bit and stood talking to the two police officers. It was clear the both were totally aroused by what they has done and seen and after a few minutes Sonia said to the constable something about him not ever saying anything to anyone about this, and if he did it would be denied by her and (she looked at us for agreement) by us. We of course agreed. She then said that she had perhaps taken the law a bit too much into her own hands and that as a reward for his cooperation and a lesson to her, the constable could fuck her and spank her bum at the same time while we watched. He could not get into her fast enough – cadged a condom from Allan – stripped himself and Sonia and had her kneel on the bed just as I had and serviced her with everything he had while spanking her bum until they both came in a heap. From my personal point of view, the constable was not hung anywhere as well as Allan and I believe I saw the look of disappointment on Sonia’s face when she saw this. Also, while I may not be a perfect “10” I really considered myself to be far better looking – undressed – than Sonia, and Allan had no hesitation in telling me of this when they had gone.

They finished, dressed and left while we comforted each other and took their earlier advice and settled down for a bit of a rest, in each others arms, until we were able to stand dressing and, carefully, driving to a nearby town for a meal before getting down for a night and indeed a week of passion and new experiences, including finding out about the reference to the back door.

We did marry – not too long after – and have had a happy life together. We certainly did not forget THAT night and sometimes even used spanking, in a loving and caring way, as foreplay to our lovemaking.

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