Jenny’s Holiday Income Ch. 02

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Ch.2: the giant

Jenny arched her back up off the mat after she was just slammed again by Giselle. The 6’7″ giantess once again hauled my 42 year old girlfriend up by her long, dark hair. Giselle guerrilla pressed Jenny high in the air, one thick hand wrapped around Jenny’s throat and the other digging into her crotch. The giant had light brown hair just above shoulder length which Jenny was able to grab, pulling her tormentors head back sharply.

“No hair pullin’,” the ref, a short fat Irishman said, appearing out of nowhere to suddenly enforce the rules when it was in her opponent’s favor.

Giselle was being pushed by Vinnie, the promoter, as the unstoppable giant; a Goldberg-esque flavor of the month in this south Philly women’s wrestling league. They were hiring girls to job to The German Giant to hype her up. The best part was they were paying $250 for a ten minute match though so far Jenny only made it two minutes in until now.

I covered my mouth in shock when Giselle tossed Jenny over the top rope. She flew into the front row, knocking over several spectators. The giant turned away, raising her fists in the air and roaring like the proverbial ogre she was portraying.

Miss Vicky, the blonde bimbo acting as valet/interpreter for Giselle, pulled Jenny over the railing by her dark hair, away from the crowds clutches.

She started stomping on Jenny as she lay on the ringside mats while the ref was admonishing Giselle.

Before the ref turned around, Miss Vicky picked Jenny up by her hair and ran her back first into the edge of the ring. She rammed a knee between Jenny’s open legs then tossed her back into the ring under the bottom rope.

Jenny was on her back, one hand holding her crotch, and the other rubbing where her spine made contact with the ring edge, when the giant came over and stood with one boot across Jenny’s throat.

Giselle held onto the top rope for balance as Jenny looked like she was having a seizure; flopping around under the giantess with her boots kicking on the canvas. The ref started to count and Giselle backed off at four and a half.

The ref turned to admonish Giselle and Miss Vicky reached through the ropes to choke Jenny with a steel chain behind his back.

“Where’d she get that chain?” I asked incredulously.

“It’s part of the gimmick,” Vinnie said. He was smoking a cigar and wearing a cheap suit like a used car salesman.

“After the match Giselle gets worked up so Vicky has to chain her hands to ‘control her’ to kinda calm her down.”

“So why is she named Giselle?” I asked. “It’s Escort Bayan a French name but she’s the ‘German giant?'”

Vinnie shrugged and said, “It rhymes I guess.”

I was going to explain what alliteration was when I turned back to the ring. The crowd made a loud gasp followed by an even louder slamming noise. I looked up at the overhead basketball scoreboard that showed the replay.

Vinnie records the matches so he can sell VHS tapes after the show–that’s how long ago this took place by the way; DVDs were so new only rich people had em.

Jenny had been pulled to her feet by Giselle and my girl started fighting back for the first time since they locked up. On the replay, Jenny was hammering the giant’s stomach with elbows and forearms across her chest–whatever was within her reach–slowly pushing Giselle back with each blow.

Finally the giant roared and wrapped both large hands around Jenny’s head, lifted her off the mat–Jenny’s legs were kicking wildly in the air–she turned and threw Jenny across the entire ring as easily as a baseball. Jenny looked like she’d been hit by a car going sixty miles an hour.

“Uh oh ,” I heard Nick mumble. When I asked him what’s wrong he shook his head.

“She made Giselle angry,” Nick said in a hushed tone. “Before she was just playing. Now your girl is gonna get hurt.”

My eyes went wide as Giselle yanked Jenny up by the front of her one piece. One of the straps instantly ripped, causing Jenny to flop to the mat again,and Giselle pulled down the other strap, exposing my girlfriends slightly saggy boobs. She grabbed one in each hand, as Jenny was still too hurt to cover up her tits, and lifted my girlfriend off the mat by her jugs.

I could hear my girlfriend screaming “Get her off!” even above the crowd’s cheering.

The ref made no move towards the giant as her strong hands squeezed harder, crushing Jenny’s breasts as easily as an empty beer can. Jenny was futilely trying to pry the giantess’s wrists but Giselle pulled Jenny in close and though her back was to me her ear-piercing screech cut above the din.

“Bite ‘er tits off,” a drunken woman in the row nearest the curtain yelled towards the ring as my girls screams echoed in the small arena. Jenny, out of desperation, had been pulling on Giselle’s hair and finally had the wherewithal to clap her arms together around the giant’s ears.

She dropped Jenny, who was in too much pain to roll away, clutching her breasts while kneeling on the mat, to take advantage. Jenny paid for it when Giselle reached down and wrapped her large hand around Bayan Escort my girlfriends throat.

She lifted Jenny to her feet using a handful of her one piece, sawing it high up in Jenny’s crotch, and easily lifted my girl into the air with one arm as though she were a trophy.

Giselle turned slowly, pulling on the material so it was digging into my girlfriend’s pussy, Jenny later told me it felt like she was being cut in half from her twat up–her words–as she struggled to breathe; grabbing onto Giselle’s thick arm for support.

Finally the ref started to count and just before five as Jenny coughed and sputtered, the giantess slammed my girlfriend to the mat. Jenny’s legs kicked up comically and although she knew how to take a bump she said this hurt so much she thought she was paralyzed since she couldn’t feel her legs for a few seconds; with all the air knocked out of her she just kinda lay there gasping like a fish out of water.

“ONE MORE TIME! ONE MORE TIME!” the crowd was chanting and the giant grinned as she reached down to lift Jenny up by her suit again. She was giving her a nasty front wedgie, really pulling on it so my girl was almost dancing on her tip toes. She roared and wrapped her big right hand around Jenny’s throat again–my girl’s eyes bugged out–as she was lifted up, held her for what felt like a minute but had to be at least two Mississippi then was brought her crashing down onto the mat again.

“Finish her off” Miss Vicky was screaming from ringside, doing the motion where she’s cutting her index finger across her throat. The giant got up and the crowd was still yelling, “One more time!” but fortunately whether she took pity on my girl or was just tired, Giselle lifted Jenny’s limp body up and propped my girlfriend on her shoulders. It looked like Giselle was going to use my girlfriend for chicken fighting; with Jenny leaning forward slightly as the giant paraded her around, like a child getting a horsey ride, before dropping down, flipping my girl forward, slamming her face first into the mat in the electric chair drop.

Jenny said it felt like her tits had gotten squashed by a truck as she was easily done for. The giant rolled my girl onto her back and pushed her big boot on Jenny’s face as the ref counted three.

I thought she was really hurt when the medical staff came out with a backboard and neck brace to take Jenny out but according to Nick the sleaze, that was all part of the show for Giselle; that she beat her opponents into the hospital, making her more of a juggernaut.

After the medic took a look at her Escort and she was cleared to go home, I noticed Jenny didn’t even take a shower; just threw a hoodie on over her torn swimsuit and asked me to take her home. I noticed she took a couple pills from a blank prescription bottle she kept in her bag. I knew she took pain meds after rough shows and thought she earned it, so I didn’t say anything.

Usually wrestling made her horny so I wasn’t surprised when she asked if I enjoyed the show. She was leaning against my shoulder as I drove south in the dark–Delaware isn’t big so there’s not a lot of traffic, usually one highway south then it splits off if you wanted to head to the beach or to Maryland–so I didn’t have to concentrate on the road as much.

We listened to The Beach, the local radio station; when the commercials came on she turned the volume down and looked up at me while still napping slightly on my shoulder.

“Did you enjoy the match?” she asked softly.

Without thinking, like usual, I said I really did that it kinda turned me on.

I regretted as soon as the words came out and Jenny sat up a little, looking at me crookedly.

“What part,” she said her eyes narrowing a little at what I thought first was sleep and now looked like curiosity.

I hemmed and hawed until she started poking me in the ribs, her way of interrogating that always works. I finally admitted I was aroused watching her get beat. I said –defensively–how I thought the giant had gone too far but it was still hot watching her get stripped in front of everyone and having her tits squeezed.

She winced when I said this and told me not to remind her but then slid her hand over to the bulge forming in my jeans. I got a little hard thinking about her match and she traced the outline with her finger, smiling up at me with those dark eyes of hers that seemed to shine as bright as headlights sometimes; often devilshly.

“What other part did you like,” she asked, smiling while she slowly unzipped my fly. I recounted how it was hot when Miss Vicky was choking her. Jenny fished my half-inflated cock out and stroked me tenderly as she asked me if I enjoyed watching her get beat. I felt guilty when I said I did and asked if she thought I was a jerk.

“No baby, if it turns you on it’s good,” she slowly jacked me to full mast. “I’m glad you enjoy it, maybe my next match will be even worse,” she grinned before lowering her head over my lap. I only swerved a little as her warm mouth wrapped around the head. I managed to keep the car in the lines all the way, as Jenny managed to go all the way down herself. After she was done she seemed horny knowing I got excited watching her take an ass whooping so I wouldn’t have to worry about feeling guilty. She popped another pill, a Percocet I think, and drifted off as I drove the rest of the way home.

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