Jen’s Journal Entry #01

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When I look at women I am most attracted to those that MOL match my own body shape(85% of the time), but Cindy was an exception. Her slight over weightness (15 lbs) was rendered inconsequential by her sensuality and her very real determination to lose the excess. She also had a classic hourglass shape with DD breasts.

Cindy first came into my consciousness while I was chatting with the front desk receptionist, Renee, at the Soho branch of the gym chain I work for. It was February, cold and clear, 8AM when Cindy approached the front desk and asked the receptionist if she could recommend a female personal trainer, without hesitation, Renee placed her hand warmly on mine and said I was the best ( the best what-personal trainer? Lover? Both actually). Cindy said “oh that was easy’ and then explained that she needed to lose 15 lbs for a wedding in 2 months. I was looking her over while she was saying this, trying to keep my gaze professional, but losing that battle, and a certain lust crept into my eyes. Cindy did not seem to notice, but Renee did and snickered quietly.

Cindy then asked when we could get started, and I said right away (I had a 9:15am training and had planned to do my own workout before that, hence my being in the gym at 8am). That plan went out the window and I immediately started planning my seduction of Cindy, phase 1 beginning ASAP!

I was already in my work out clothes, Cindy was as well but she headed to the locker room to put her coat, hat, & scarf in a locker. We met outside the locker room and I proceeded to the small enclosed workout room at the back of the gym, I wanted no distractions while I worked my feminine wiles on Cindy. She had on medium blue ASICS Performance Capri’s and a loose T shirt with a sports bra underneath, but her double D twins still were obvious and my eyes kept moving down to take in their loveliness.

The capri’s were quite tight over her ass, which was larger than I normally prefer, but its shape was centerfold perfect- you know the kind, an inverted V that at the right angle exposes the pussy lips (only if shaved of course) . My lust continued to mount and I was losing focus. I told Cindy to wait, I left the room and got a drink of water, and gave myself a little slap in the face and said “get your act together or you are going to scare her off and blow the chance for this seduction to happen”.

Taking a deep breath, I walked back into the room and told Cindy to raise her hands over her head, I then began to ran my hands down her body starting at her upper arms and moving down her chest, back, hips, thigh, and then inner leg, all the while explaining that I was doing this to assess where her body was putting the fat, but in reality I was copping a cheap feel and hoping to see what kind of reaction I got from her. Cindy seemed a bit flustered by my touching her, understandable, as at one point, I “accidentally” brushed her left breast, which I apologized for, all the time trying to gauge her reaction. Cindy said it was ok, asking rhetorically, we are all girls here, right?

Continuing my assessment, I had Cindy lay down face up on a work out mat and then spread her legs, got between them and then asked her to move her left leg out to the side as far as she could. As she laid down her T shirt rode up and exposed a luscious camel toe. I could see from the outline of her pussy that it looked exquisite, and was either shaved or very closely trimmed, as there was no visible hair hump. As she moved her leg out, it of course exposed more of the camel toe and a small wet spot right where her honey hole was. She is either hot or sweaty or getting sexually excited, I thought to myself, hoping it was the latter.

I pushed on her left leg to see how far it would go before she expressed discomfort, it moved only a few inches before she indicated so. I then ran my hand down her inner thigh, starting at the V formed by her inner thigh and labia major, pressing hard with my fingers, ostensibly looking for knotted muscles or tender ligaments, but what was really doing was getting Cindy acclimated to the feel of a women touching her. I did the same Escort bayan with the other leg, had her stand up and put her hands over her head to see if there was any shoulder impingement. Finally, I had her bend over and see if she could touch her toes.

I got behind her, kneeled down, moved her T out of the way and gazed at a vision of loveliness, her gorgeous ass and pussy outlined by the tight Capri pants. The wet spot had gotten bigger, and I swore there was a delicious fragrance permeating my nostrils. I then ran my thumbs down both of her hamstrings, my eyes all the while feasting on what lay before. I started to daydream about eating her out right there, when suddenly I heard her yell “Jen, what is your assessment?” I wanted to reply “I want to make passionate love to your honey pot!!!” but staying professional, I replied “your hamstrings are pretty tight, so that will be one of the things my plan for you will address”. Jen, the consummate professional, when really my pussy was dripping wet and throbbing with lust.

Ok Cindy, let’s go test your aerobic capacity to get a base line and then we will do some weights to determine your current muscle strength and we will finish off this session with weighing you. I kinda of rushed her thru this, my mind was fogged by her sensuality, smell and body. To end the session, I sat her down in one of the small front offices, went to the water fountain, splashed water on my face, toweled off, and went back to her to explain what came next. I outlined the cost for personal training sessions, the discount structure, indicating that this session was a freebie. I also told her she was under no pressure to make a decision about hiring me, she could do it on her own if she choose, or could choose another instructor, that it would be no harm, no foul. She looked at me and said “you are the one for me, sign me up for 10 session, when can I see you next?” My heart started pounding and I zoned out for a few seconds, envisioning her straddling my face, her pussy lips covered in nectar, an inch from my hungry lips and tongue, thrusting up to suck her lips into my mouth and greedily swallowing her sweet fluids, I quickly snapped back to reality to see Cindy sitting there with a quizzical look on her face, and then a trace of a knowing smile. Ok, I said, I must get to my next training session, see you in 2 days, allow 2 hours for the next session, and I was out the door. In truth, I had 15 minutes to kill before my next appointment, but I just could not take the chance that I would completely lose control and attempt to make love to her right then and there. I bolted to one of small office tucked in the back of the gym and closed the shades and locked the door, and meditated for a few minutes. I called Renee to make sure Cindy had left.

Two days later, at 7:55am, I was standing again at the front desk, behind it, standing next to Renee, diddling her twat, I discreetly stuck my fuck finger up her twat, and then sucked the milky sweet juice( god, I love cunt juice so much) , at 7:57am, Cindy walked in with a smile on her face. I teased her saying “I am not sure why you are smiling, I am going to work your ass off” she just said ok, and walked toward the locker room. I followed, caught up with her, and told her to meet me in the same back room as before. A few minutes later, Cindy joined me in the room, I then locked the door and closed the blinds, I heard the music go up a few notches, right on cue, as I had instructed Renee to do, as I anticipated either loud moans of pleasure or screams of anger when I made my move on Cindy.

Cindy was dressed in an electric blue Stromgren compression shorts and top, the camel toe once again prominently on display, and her nipples poking straight at me. I looked at her, drinking in her sexiness, started to move toward her, not sure if I should go the direct route and just kiss her and see what happened or go in soft, with some bullshit reason that I needed to touch her, when she said out the clear blue ” I looked up your Facebook page, found your preferences, and got a Brazilian Sphinx. I want you to teach me how to make love Escort to a woman”.

My mind blown away, I stood there for a few seconds, covered the 3 feet that separated us at the speed of light, cradled her head in my hands and gently caressed her lips with my tongue, then inserted my tongue into her mouth slit, gently pushing in as far as I could, searching her tongue out and began to suck on it. I broke off, and with a huge smile on my face, instructed her to get naked, and I did the same. Her amazing body stood before me, legs a little apart, her DD’s sitting there, slightly flaring out the sides ( think Cynthia Myers), with large medium brown aureole’s and thick erect nipples. Her bald cunt with its Mons Venus beckoned me, her hooded priestess erect and expectant. Her Venus cleft was medium thick and there was just a little of her inner lips showing. Her outer lips were shaded a medium brown. I could feel my snatch getting wet.

I moved her against the wall, started kissing her again, my tongue probing the inner most recesses of her mouth, sucking on her tongue, sucking her juices into my mouth, biting her lips, she returned my kisses and tongued me back and she began to moan. My hands cupped her ass cheeks, kneading them, dragging my nails lightly across her skin, her nails were on my back, stroking me.

I pulled away, took a deep breath, cupped her luscious melon breasts in my hands. The weight, softness and feeling when I kneaded and caressed them made my clit tingle. I lowered my head and suckled on her left nipple, taking as much of her breast into my mouth as I could, while my tongue swirled around her aureole and rock hard nipple. Holding her breast in my right hand and continuing to suck, I dropped my left hand down to her pussy, spread her legs a little and put my pointer finger into her dripping wet slit, slowing moving it from the posterior commissure to the anterior commissure. Cindy’s moans became quicker and louder, with an occasional “o god, don’t stop”. No fucking way was I stopping until I brought her to a mammoth orgasm.

I pulled away from her, her face got panicky, and I smiled and told her not to worry. I went into the corner of other room, took the foam incline mat I had stashed there earlier, put it on the workout mat already on the floor, and told Cindy to lay down, head on the lower side, and her ass on the high side. Her feet rested on the floor, I knelt down, took her knees, and slowly spread her legs apart. One of the most glorious sights for me is to see a woman’s pussy open up like a flower that is welcoming the morning sun. Doing it slowly allows me to see the outer lips come into view, and then as I continue to spread, the lower lips reveal themselves, I continue spreading as wide as possible so that her wondrous vulva lies before my gaze, awaiting my eager lips, tongue and teeth to suckle, bite, tease, and lick the nectar drenched pussy meat. Cindy’s inner lips protruded only slightly from her big lips, even in her aroused state. There was enough there for me to make a meal out of it. Pearlescent juice trickled from her vagina, down her lips onto her taint and pooled momentarily at her dark pink balloon knot.

Starting there, I dipped my tongue into her asshole, licked up the juice and ran my tongue and lips up, sucking the juice as I went. When I reached her slit, my tongue penetrated in and I pushed it all the way to the vulval vestibule, making my tongue as stiff as possible, I moved up her slit until I reached the base of her clit, I licked the clit shaft, and then the clit head. Cindy had grabbed my head with both hands, pushing me into her pussy and simultaneously moving her hips up and down. Her juices were gushing out and I was sucking it up as fast as I could, it was ambrosia, her cunt smell was intoxicating and I could feel myself reaching climax. I then moved my tongue onto her clitoral hood, wiggled my tongue back and forth slowly and then faster.

At this point, Cindy gave out a loud moan, and cummed , her hips bucking and rocking uncontrollably, and then tried to push my head out of her twat (the pleasure had become pain, sweet pain, Bayan escort but pain none the less), I grabbed her ass and pushed harder against her, trying to maintain my tongue and lips in contact with her writhing cunt. I relented and pulled up and away from her, but kept her legs spread and feasted my eyes on her beautiful flesh. After about 30 seconds, I laid next to her, gave her a deep tongue kiss and gave her a taste of her juices, which she thirstily swallowed. Welcome to Sappho’s paradise, I said, kissing her again, and stroking her breasts.

I want to do you now, Cindy said, but I told her I was not finished with her. We cuddled for another minute, when Cindy said “I love you” and I replied “you saw my Facebook page and you know I can never be happy with just one women, my passion for pussy is too great”. I understand, she said, I just wanted you to know that you were my first and I love you for that, no commitment. Fair enough, I said.

I moved my breasts up toward Cindy’s waiting mouth, and she gobbled up my right breast, sucking, tonguing, biting my nipple, which was at full erection and sensitive as hell. Electrical zings were going straight from my nipple to my clit and I could feel my climax starting to build again. I eased up and off of her mouth and then asked her to help me move the mat and triangle right next to the mirrored wall.

I then laid down on my back, head near the wall, feet on the raised triangle, I instructed Cindy to straddle my head. She quickly complied, a look of pure bliss on her face. I was in heaven also, for there just an inch from my waiting tongue and lips was Cindy’s pussy, dew still dripping down and into my open mouth. Drop down just enough for me to get your lips into my mouth but high enough that you can see what I am doing, I told her. She dropped a little, our lips met and I hoovered her into my mouth and begin to rhythmically suck in and relax without releasing her lips. My doing this caused her lips to move back and forth over her clit, which was in a heighten state of excitement. I continued to hoover her and all the time gulping down her honey. Within 1 minute, Cindy pushed down on my head and then exploded, I felt and tasted her squirt, scarfed up all she had to offer. The sweet pain came again and she pulled off of my face. I licked her juice off my face.

Now can I do you, Cindy cried? Yes, sweetie, now you can do me, I replied. I want to prepare you however, I said, my lips are bigger than yours, and many of my lovers have told me they would not want it any other way, but since this is your first time, you may find it off putting. Well I have a confession, Cindy intoned, I have been looking at lesbian porn for a little while and found I was attracted the most to porn where the women had real meaty lips, so I think I have hit the lottery finding you as my instructress in the way of Lesbos.

As we were talking, we were holding each other by the arms, and I continued to look at Cindy’s breasts and pussy and ass, and stroking her in all these places, I could not keep my hands off of her, and my pussy juices were dripping down my leg. Cindy noticed, dropped down and starting at just below the right knee, licked up my juice, burying her face in my pussy and sucking my lips into her mouth. I playfully pushed her down into the same position I had been in and then straddled her head. We looked at each other, I dropped down, and Cindy engulfed my swollen, pulsating lips, sucking like a Dyson vacuum cleaner. I watched as she pulled and released my lips, which had gotten bigger than I had ever seen them, she was sucking so hard the blood was rushing into my lips, engorging them, and making them exquisitely sensitive. At times I have been able to hold back an orgasm for 10-15 minutes, not this time, within 3 minutes of Cindy’s ministrations, I cummed so hard I almost fainted, and had to support myself on the wall.

After a minute, I felt able to climb off Cindy’s face, and lay down beside her, side to side, in the 69 position and we began to gently nibble each other’s lips, staying away from our clits, which were still pulsing and super sensitive. After 5 minutes, we faced each other, cuddled and kissed and then murmured quietly to each other, saying sweet nothings. Back being a professional, we got dressed and I proceeded to make Cindy do a killer workout. She loved it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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