Jessica Ch. 01

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Jessica pt.1 – caught

Jessica was caught and she knew it.

She had almost made it to her car, almost made it outside, just at the stores exit a man had grabbed her by the arm and pulled her back inside.

After the accusation and reflex denial that followed she was dragged into a side door, the security door.

“I know my rights.” She stammered. She didn’t know her rights, but she hoped those magical words would set her free.

“I know your rights too, and better than you do, I guarantee that.” The tall, slim security guard said, not backing down an inch.

The room was large, like a break room with a big table in the middle surrounded by chairs and a few vending machines against the wall. A television and VCR combo was sitting silently on the table. A security camera on the wall followed her.

“What’s your name little lady?”

“Jessica March.” She said, keeping her eyes from his.

“Age?” he demanded.

“Nineteen.” She whispered.

“How many times have you stolen from this store?”

“I haven’t done anything wrong.” She pleaded, still looking down, brushing her long brunette hairs from her face. Trying not to cry.

“You see the thing is, we’ve seen Jessica March’s funniest home videos.” The man said and rapped on a side door. From inside, another guy came out with a videotape. They inserted the video and pressed play.

On the television screen Jessica could see down onto herself as she was in the store. She walked around a little in the lingerie section, stopping occasionally to pull on a pair or two of panties, which were hidden under her dress. She was wearing a blouse and short dress, which draped to her knees.

She started to cry, unable to keep the tears back any longer…she was screwed.

“Take it off.” The first security guy said to her as the second took a seat and started working with the video.

Flustered Jessica reached up her dress and pulled down the four extra pair of panties she had almost gotten away with.

“How do I know that’s all you took? The camera’s didn’t follow you all over the place.” The first guy said, smiling to the other guy.

“What? No, that’s all of it, the tape showed that was all of it.” Jessica said, tears running down her cheeks.

“Take it all off.” The first guy said harshly.

“No, you have it all back. I’ll never come in here again. I promise.” Jessica was frantic.

“Now!” the first guy boomed, as the second guy placed a hat over the lens of the security camera.

Tears flowing, Jessica slowly unbuttoned her blouse. She removed it, revealing the frilly pink bra, which barely contained her heaving breasts.

She looked up at the first guy, tears and fear in her eyes, pleading for another option, but he simply stared coldly at her.

As slowly as she could manage, she pulled down her dress and was left in her matching frilly pink panty and bra set along with her white slip-on shoes.

“You’re not done little lady, keep going.” The first guy said.

The second guy replied to her pleading eyes with a big, anticipating smile.

Her bra and panties were on the table next to her. She stood with her hands over her hard nipples and cleanly trimmed pussy in the shape of a heart pointing down to her slit.

She hadn’t wanted to have her pubic hair trimmed into a heart, it was Josh’s idea, along with most that went wrong in her life recently. He had gotten her to trim it for him, said that it was an act of love for him that would repay forever. Only, now he wasn’t the one enjoying the view.

“Don’t be modest.” The first guy said smiling, “Take a look at those frilly little see-through panties you were stealing. We know you’re a slut at heart.” He held up a pair of the panties she almost gotten away with. The thin, white and delicate fabric contrasted sharply with his large, callused hand.

Jessica couldn’t believe what she was hearing, she knew they couldn’t say this kind of thing to her. Calling her a slut, that was way beyond the line.

“Arms behind your back, slut. We need a more thorough examination to be sure you’re not still hiding anything from us.” The first guy said. The second guy now with one hand moving methodically below the table gave a little chuckle.

“No, I’m no slut. I don’t want to-” she said, her hands unmoving.

“Paula, come here please.” The first guy said to the still slightly open door the second man recently came from.

In a moment a short, not unattractive woman appeared with a blazing smile as she saw Jessica.

Now three strangers were in the room, their eyes taking in all of Jessica’s body. She had a difficult time covering herself completely and the room was cold, making her nipples hard and erect. But all she could do was stand there. Her long legs trembling slightly. Her left hand trying to cover the dark heart, which pointed to the folds of her sex. Her right hand and arm trying in vein to cover her hard, red nipples. Her eyes remained down as tears dripped onto her arm, and xslot down over her tight stomach.

“What do you think Paula?” the first guy asked.

“Oh yeah, she’s a slut all right.” Paula replied, going through some of the articles of clothing Jessica had discarded and walking behind her for a few moments before coming back around to Jessica’s front.

“She has a nice little ass, I can just tell she’s been giving it up to anyone with a dick. Yeah she’s a regular cum-hole all right. Just look at her, that’s what she was made for, to suck cum into every hole.” Paula laughed roughly.

“Arms behind you, slut.” Paula said.

Jessica was bare before them now. Her arms were behind her back, her firm breasts jutting out before her. Her legs were together but her little pussy patch of a heart was in the open, she could feel the cold air against her entire body.

It was the worst moment in Jessica’s life, up until what happened next.

“Damn she has some nice tits. Not bad for a young lady, I tell you what, you’re going to make some guy very happy.” The second guy said.

The first guy approached Jessica. “Yeah, some guy like me.” he said.

The second guy erupted in laughter and was joined by Paula.

Jessica’s hands came around again as she backed up.

“Here’s what’s going to happen little slut.” The first guy said as Jessica backed into the wall. She steadfastly held her breasts with one hand while the other hand, with fingers spread tried to cover her heart.

“You are going to fulfill one of your lifelong fantasies, and we are going to let you go a happy and smiling young lady.”

“F-fantasy?” Jessica stumbled over the words.

“You are going to suck off two grown men. And you get to fill your tight little tummy with our hot cum.”

Jessica felt light headed as the realization of her situation hit home. What else could she do? She had no choice; it was best to just do what they said. Do what she needs to, then sue the hell out of them later. They’ll get ten years in with a big boy named Bubba, that’s what they’ll get.

Tears streaming, Jessica lowered herself to her knees while the first guy pulled his massive cock from his pants. Jessica had only been on her knees before a man twice before and on both of those instances she had only licked Josh’s balls and kissed the head of his dick while stroking him off.

The first guy took Jessica by the hair, “Suck me you whore.” He pulled her face towards his swelling member.

The head of his cock parted her glossy red lips and her mouth was full of his warm meat. He began pumping his hips, drawing out and then back into her mouth.

“Don’t you bite down on me now, you do and we’ll fill your ass with a baseball bat. You’d probably like it though. Fucking slut.” He smiled and continued thrusting between her quivering lips.

“Yeah,” said the second guy, who had now come up next to the first and was stroking his hard dick, “this cum-hole would probably like a bat up the ass.”

Jessica could feel every meaty thrust as his cock bored down her throat. She was only able to control the gag reflex because she envisioned herself enduring their wrath if she were vomit on them.

As the first guys member was beginning to drip precum down her tight throat she saw herself spread wide on the table with two of them holding her down as the third repeatedly jammed into her with a baseball bat. She had to keep herself from being sick, just do this and get out. Get out and sue this store into the dark ages.

“Get ready little girl.” The first guy said as his cock was reaching its limit. He pulled out from between her lips for a moment. “Stroke me you slut.” He said harshly.

Jessica was only able to get her hand around half of his meat and she began stroking methodically.

She had become aware of the fact that to brace herself against his thrusts she had parted her legs considerably. The idea of either of the other two seeing the lips of her sex parted repulsed her and she tightened up her stance.

“Look up at me with those pretty girl eyes.” The first guy said as she ran her fist the length of his manhood. She looked up at him with wide-open eyes of despair.

“That’s it,” He said with a big smile, simultaneously seeing her young face, as he watched her hand pump his meat and he saw her full breasts roll back and forth as only a ripe girls can.

“Call me daddy, tell me you want to eat my load.” The first guy moaned.

Looking up at him Jessica almost lost it, her bleary eyes flowed tears and her lower lips trembled as she spoke, “You’re my daddy,” She said flatly, “I want to eat your load.” She repeated the lines like a robot.

Before she knew what was happening the first guy pulled back from her, his dick sliding from within her hand. He smacked her across the face and sent her falling against the wall onto her side.

She looked up at him, holding her face, which exploded with pain, shocked and stunned.

He was already over her again. xslot Giriş He grabbed her by both hard nipples and pulled her back to her knees.

“Don’t ruin the moment for me bitch. I was almost done you stupid whore. You were so close to sucking me dry but you had to spoil the moment.” He said in a barely controlled yell.

Jessica kneeled before him, one hand on her tortured nipple, while the other rubbed the side of her face; she stared at the floor and her pool of tears. She was in hell, and she had to swallow the devil.

“Now!” he whispered hoarsely, “lets try this again and you had better stay in character or we’ll be pumping every hole you have, every cum hole all day long.”

He wiped the tears from her face with a hard smear. Standing back upright he almost smacked her face with his dick, which was growing limp and swung more freely.

Jessica’s body was racked with pain. Her knees were sore already and her throat was rough. Eyes swelled, and she wondered how many tears she had remaining. Her nipples were still standing upright on her bountiful breasts and she resented it as it probably incited them all.

The first guy pulled her by the hair, forcing her to kneel upright. She kept her legs together by holding onto the first guys leg while wrapping her small hand around his soft meat. In this position she knew her pubic heart was thrust forward and at the bottom of the heart they all could see the beginning folds of her cunt.

“The mood.” The second guy said, with a twisted look on his face as he rapidly pumped his own hard member a few feet from her, “Stay in the mood.”

“Daddy…daddy, please let me eat your cum.” Jessica said, anything to avoid another hit. “Please daddy,” She asked, “let me take your cock and suck your cum…please.”

“That’s good- good girl.” The first guy said, “now tell me what a whore you are, tell me how you like to drain cock.”

“Daddy, you know I’m a whore. I can’t get enough cum. I love the taste of dick juice.” She kissed the full head of the first guys swelling cock, then looking up at him with innocent wide eyes she slipped the head into her mouth. For a moment she ran her tongue around the head of his penis, running it up from the bottom, along the slight cleave and to the whole.

She pulled him out of her hot mouth and looked up at him again, “Please daddy…cum in my mouth. I want to taste you.” She tightened her wet lips and pulled the cock deep into her throat.

“Yeah, that’s a good slut. Good little girl.” the second guy said, pumping his shaft harder.

“I’m your slut daddy. I’m your cum slut.” She said, unable to believe what she was coming up with to make this guy happy. First the humiliation, then the lawsuit. She would see them all in prison for this.

Her dirty talk was obviously working on him. He was swelled to huge proportions in her mouth. The gag reflex was becoming difficult to control as his thick shaft began to fill the back of her throat.

Jessica rapidly pumped him in and out of her hot mouth, pumping him hard, as her free hand cupped his scrotum.

Pulling his meat from her lips, “Daddy, please let me swallow your load. I want to taste your semen.” She ran her tongue down the shaft of his cock and sucked one of his balls. It was hot and salty in her mouth.

She traced her tongue back up his meat and looked at him pleadingly, “Please daddy, show me what a good girl I am. Let me swallow your cum…please.” She parted her red lips and began pulling his cock into her mouth again. Thrusting faster and faster while her other hand fondled his scrotum.

A moan and a groan surprised Jessica as the second guys cock erupted, and began spurting semen across her face and chest.

She had never tasted cum before, but from her friends she had heard that it didn’t taste bad. Like a salty oyster muscle. Some of the second guys cum was running down her face and over her parted lips, but her mouth was full to capacity with the first guys thrusting meat.

The second guy continued pumping his dick, launching the thick white fluid onto Jessica’s heaving breasts. Jessica could feel the second guys load running down between her tits and over her taut stomach and make its way into her patch of heart.

With cum glistening across her pretty face she looked up at the first guy, “Please daddy, I made your friend cum.” She pouted, continuing to stroke his manhood though at this point she could only hold half of it in her hand, “Please daddy, show me what a good girl I am. I’m a good slut, I’m a good little slut for daddy.”

That did it.

She heard him moan as his head tilted back, she continued to stroke and pulled his dick deep inside her throat. It was so large now she could barely breath. His hot semen gushed against the back of her throat, she continued to pump him. She swallowed what she could, the thick hot cream ejaculating into her throat. Her mouth quickly filled and dribbles of semen trickled from between the loosening grip her lips had on xslot Güncel Giriş his member.

After a moment he was spent and stepped back, taking his member in his own hand. “Jesus.” He said, “You’re good.”

Jessica wanted to scream at the remark. She had done what needed to be done to get out of the worst situation of her life.

“You really are a slut, aren’t you?” The second guy stated, rather than asked.

She knelt there wearing only her shoes. Her pussy on display as she remained upright. Her breasts still glistening with the semen of a strange man while she could still taste the cock and cum of another man she didn’t know the name of. What was she? Jessica wondered.

Wiping a trail of sperm from the corner of her lips, she crouched down and covered herself. The two men where still panting and zipping their flies.

“Damn, that was good.” The first guy said. “Now lets get you out of here.”

Jessica’s eyes lit up at the notion of going, going anywhere. She almost smiled, but the dirty, salty taste in her mouth wouldn’t permit her.

Paula had reemerged from the other room.

“And if you get any ideas of talking to anyone about this little adventure of ours, well…” He motioned to Paula who was sitting at the table. She pressed a button on the vcr.

Jessica’s heart cried out as her spirit was crushed. On the screen she saw herself. She was looking up at the first guy, nude except for the shoes, kneeling before him begging to suck his meat.

The things she said made her want to vomit, the pleading in her voice as she asked for her daddy to cum in her mouth, the pleading in her voice to swallow his semen.

The shock on her face as the guy ejaculating across her face and bouncing breasts, then moments later, the scene of Jessica pumping this other strangers cock into her mouth as he unloaded down her throat.

She looked over and saw that at some point one of them had removed the hat which covering the security camera.

Watching the video, Paula looked her, “Jesus what a slut.” She said, “You actually enjoyed sucking off these two losers, didn’t you.”

Jessica just held herself and looked at the floor.

“Time to go.” The first guy said.

She reached for her clothes on the table but they were gone.

“You tried to steal clothes from my store,” The first guy said with a big grin, “Now lets see how you like it.”

“I’m sure she’ll like it just fine.” Paula said.

“What? No, I did what you wanted. I did everything! Why are you doing this to me.” Jessica slid down the wall and couldn’t control the sobs.

After a moment the first guy grabbed her by the hair and pulled her to her feet.

“Time to go, I said.” He pushed a shirt into her stomach, her firm tits jiggling.

Absently she pulled the shirt over her head; it was matted to her chest by the second guys cum, and hung just high enough to reveal the fact that she wore no panties. The tail end of her pussy showed as well as the very beginning of her slit.

The first guy took her by the wrist and began leading her to the door. “What? No, I’m not dressed.”

“That’s right, you try and steal from me, I’ll steal from you.” He said, “You’re the biggest whore we’ve had yet, I’m sure you’ll probably get off on a little exhibitionism. Showing off that tight little trimmed puss of yours.”

“No, please, no. Don’t do this to me. I did everything you wanted, you said you’d let me go.”

The three of them burst into laughter.

“I love this part,” The first guy said, “We’re letting you go. You are going with me to girls juvenile rehabilitation.”

Jessica’s heart skipped a beat.

She had heard stories of GJR and none of it good.

“Don’t worry,” The first guy said, “In a small college town like this you won’t be missed for a long time. People always coming and going.”

He pulled her towards the door and took both of her delicate wrists into his hand before she realized the reason. When the door was opened she looked out upon the shuffling store and all the people doing their afternoon shopping.

At the exit was a full-length mirror, “What a pretty site.” The guy said catching her eyes in the reflection.

Jessica looked up and saw herself in the mirror. Streaks of white semen still splattered her face; her red lips were glossed with it. The shirt they had given her was matted to her chest and below the shirt she could see the downward facing point of the heart of her pussy hair, it was pointed at the folds of her cunt and cum was still oozing down her pussy and legs. Her eyes widened as she noticed on the shirt was written, “Cum Hole” in bold black letters across the front.

She tried to free her arms from the man and began to struggle.

“That’s it little lady, get all the attention you can.” The guy said holding her tightly in the open door.

The commotion caught the attention of a few people in the store. Several men were looking her over harshly. She struggled vainly, the shirt was being hiked up during her thrashing, and a small group of men were gathered now looking at her tight stomach and glistening pussy.

She stopped and let the shirt fall back to its original position, which concealed more of, but not all of her pussy.

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