Jessica’s Dream Ch. 02

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Chapter 2 The Plan

Lilly and Jessica walked home from the coffee shop. It was a lovely warm evening to walk the short distance to their homes. This gave them time to discuss and plan the event. There is much to plan for this big event in Jessica’s life. Jessica could not believe that she was actually planning it and excited to be doing it. Excitement is a measured word, as she was worried and a little scared of what it might do to her, how people would think of her, and whether she might subject herself to potential abuse. But she was also excited that now she would actually get a chance to be fucked, that she would get the sex she dreamt about, and that her pussy will no longer be that young virginal opening between her legs. She so desperately wanted to lose her cherry.

First, she would have arrange and plan for the big event. What to do? She formed a mental list, which she will write on a piece of paper, once she arrived home.

– Set the date, a long holiday weekend that would include a Friday and Monday, for all 3 stages of the event; namely the big fuck fest with the 100 men who will screw her 20 times each, then the semi-final when the top 10 men will be chosen to fuck her 5 times each and then the finals in which 3 will be chosen to screw her once each; – Decide on the location of the event, whether at her apartment or at a secluded cottage; – Write the ad, delicately phrased, which will appear on the internet and in the newspaper classifieds; – Design the “Screw Her Pussy” card; – Purchase boxes of condoms over time to ease the cost of the product and to avoid suspicion; – Arrange for and prepare food and drink; – Arrange for arrival and departure times for the groups of men who will come to her place – Arrange for entertainment and things for the guests to do while they are waiting to do perform the act; – Arrange for things, which will eventually arise as the weekend arrives.

“This should be an exciting weekend. I am glad you are going to help me plan the weekend and work the weekend. I can not think of anyone else I would rather ask” Jessica told Lilly.

“I would be glad to do it for my best friend. And maybe, just maybe, I can get a little bit of the action too” Lilly replied.

“Yes, I am sure you will. You get to see all those lovely dicks and measure them too. I am sure you would like to have some of them in you too.” Jessica told Lilly. Jessica’s face suddenly showed some worry. Lilly was very good at reading people’s expressions.

“What is concerning you?” Lilly asked.

“Well, while I am lying on my back and being screwed, I hope that none of these men will abuse or attack me. I will be vulnerable there on my bed.” Jessica said.

“Yes, I know you might be vulnerable. I am not going to let that happen to you. I will protect you and, maybe, I will ask my boyfriend to watch over you so that you will not be abused.” Lilly told Jessica.

“He would do that? It would not bother him to see me being fucked so often?” Jessica asked.

“No, I believe not!” Lilly answered.

“Well Lilly! The first thing we need to do is set a date. What weekend would be best?” Jessica asked.

It had to be a long weekend with 3 or 4 days in a row, 4 days would be best. Christmas might be good, as it fell on a Friday this year. Therefore, Christmas Eve fell on a Thursday and people could start arriving in the evening on Christmas Eve. Friday would be a holiday, as it would be Christmas Day. Then, there would be Saturday and Sunday. Therefore, here were 3 ½ days for the event to occur.

What a lovely Christmas gift for Jessica to receive. Over 2000 fucks, something she has never before experienced, over Christmas; and, at the end of the event, finally a man to impregnate her and grant her that other wish of a chance to reproduce and have a child. She wanted that very much. That would be her best Christmas present ever. Perhaps, just possibly, the man might stay in her life after the child arrives and be a part of her life. She would like that too, but she is not expecting it.

While Christmas presented her with ample free holiday time in which to have her event, it likely would be tough to find the required men to accomplish this feat. Afterall, most people will probably spend time with their families over Christmas. New Year’s weekend would be better. So she set the date for New Year’s weekend.

Next, Jessica calculated how long she would spend lying on her Antep Escort Bayan back with her lovely pussy exposed, waiting for all those dicks. Figuring on a fuck of a maximum of 3 ½ minutes in duration and about 20 to 30 seconds for a different man to get into position, she counted on 4 minutes for each screw. With the men screwing her 2000 times over the weekend, that would a total of 8000 minutes that she would be lying on her back. That would mean 133 1/3 hours, and that would be slightly over 5 ½ days.

“No! No! That would not do. I can not lie on my back for over 5 days; that would kill me” Jessica exclaimed.

“What if we limit the fuck to 3 minutes with a 30 second transition between men? Does it actually take 30 seconds for one man to pull his dick out of your vagina, dismount you, and the next one to assume his position?” Lilly asked.

“Probably not; however, I am allotting a maximum of 30 seconds.” Jessica answered.

“At 3 ½ minutes per screw, that would be a total of 7000 minutes. That would mean 116 2/3 hours or 4.86 days.” Lilly calculated.

“No, that is not going to work either. We need time for all stages of the event, and the whole event has to be over in 4 days.” Jessica countered. Jessica continued to talk, “How long does it take for your guy to release his goods? I am not really sure, but I would imagine a guy could come easily in under 3 minutes. Besides, each guy gets to screw me 20 times. That should be a lot of satisfaction for the guys and me. We do not need to have long fucks each time. What if we limit each to a maximum of 2 ½ minutes, including the 30 seconds of transition? With a total of 3 minutes between screws, that would mean 6000 minutes of screwing in total. That would 100 hours or a little over 4 days. I imagine some men can perform faster than others. Also, some screws could actually come faster than others. In any case, they are screwing a beautiful, shapely and sexy woman. Do you agree, Lilly? That should excite any healthy man and make him in no time. Perhaps, we could get them to pull their members out of me a little faster and have a different guy mount me sooner. Not that I want to rush things, but that way, we could get it all done sooner and have all stages of the event.” Jessica reasoned.

“Yes! With a beauty as you definitely are, they should have no problem getting their dicks erect and in your vagina in no time. That way, we will have time for rounds 2 and 3 as well.” Lilly said.

“Yes, your are right! They should have no problem doing it in 2 minutes even. Let’s limit the time the penis is in my vagina to a maximum of 2 minutes each. That is long enough!” Jessica decided finally.

Therefore, at 2 minutes in the pussy and ½ minute of transition time per individual screw, that would be 5000 minutes total screwing time over 2000 screws; that is, 84 hours or 3 ½ days. That would leave enough time for rounds 2 and 3, and the awarding of the prizes.

“Next, the guys will have to wear condoms while their dicks are inside me. No guy is going to put his penis in my vagina without a condom, and leave any of his seed in me until the end of the competition. We do not want to risk me getting inseminated by the wrong guy; the winning guy would do that.” Jessica said.

“That means 2000 condoms for Jessica for round 1, plus 50 more for round 2; then 3 for round 3. That is a lot of condoms. The guys will have to bring their own condoms to the party, enough condoms for them to fuck you, Jessica, and any other woman, who would actually want to come to the party and possibly want to be fucked herself.” Lilly told Jessica.

“What if I supply 100 condoms, one for each guy’s first fuck? The rest they will have to bring themselves. It would definitely be too expensive for me to buy all of them. Besides, that should be the man’s responsibility.” Jessica stated.

“Yes, perhaps you could do that! You just could not buy all of the condoms for all of men, even if you had the money.” Lilly continued.

“Why is that Lilly?” Jessica asked with a puzzled look.

“Why? Just like women come with different sized breasts, some tiny and some large, men are hung differently.” Lilly told Jessica, who was completely new to this. She had never seen a real adult male penis and she didn’t know there were different sizes. The only penis she ever saw was her young nephew’s, who is only 5 years old. She babysat him a few times and gave him baths.

“Some guys have penises, so short, that they barely reach the woman’s vagina, let alone can enter the vagina. How they have sex is a puzzle to me. Other guys have long ones, some so long, that the entire penis does not fit inside the pussy. For the women, such a dong would be awkward and painful, as the penis keeps hitting the cervix. So, that is why you can not buy condoms for a lot of men, especially those whom you have never met. The guy buys his own because he is familiar with the size of his tool.” Lilly continued.

Jessica was intrigued by what Lilly was saying. “So, how long is your guy’s penis?” she asked.

“I am not entirely sure, but I think it is at least 8″ long. It is certainly long, about the length of a banana.” Lilly answered.

“I see! Could you actually fit a banana completely inside the pussy? I would have to try that and see. How do you buy condoms?” Jessica then asked Lilly.

“Well, I never knew! How are they sold and how much do they cost? Jessica asked.

“As they vary in size, they also vary in quality and degree of sensation they provide the woman. They cost anywhere from $7 to $12 per box of 12 condoms.” Lilly told Jessica.

“I can see how that can get quite expensive. For 100 condoms, that would cost from $63, for the inexpensive variety, to $108 for the top of the line model of condom. I guess that model would send the woman over the top. Well, 2000 condoms would then be over $2000. Now, that is too much money to spend, even if I could buy the condoms for the men.” Jessica quickly figured.

“Now, some of these probably have women in their lives. Should we invite them to the party? I would imagine they would not want to participate in the orgy. Some would find the idea of screwing another woman abhorrent.” Jessica asked next.

“You might be quite pleasantly surprised. Some women are quite liberal and horny. The idea of being screwed by another man, maybe a few men, is quite appealing to them. Some women are open to multiple partners.” Lilly said.

They decided to invite the women along, if they wished to come. Anyway, they would keep the party lively, and the men occupied and their tools limber, while they wait to have their chance with Jessica.

“We will need food and drink. Also, someone to prepare the food and drink.” Jessica then told Lilly.

“Entertainment and games are no problem. I have my records and tapes as well as board games and cards.” Jessica continued saying.

Both women were quite talented in many departments. They especially do well in entertaining and hosting parties. They are also great cooks. Lilly’s boyfriend is also a great chef and dessert maker.

“I can get my guy to make some interesting desserts and serve the food and drink” Lilly offered.

“Yes, he would be good, unless he is one of the guys fucking me. Did you not offer me the use of his dick?” Jessica asked. “That’s true! While he is not doing you he can serve the guests. Yes, I did say his nuts were available. And mighty fine nuts too, I might add. You would like them. He can definitely satisfy you. He is great in that department too. He satisfies me often and he produces a lot of seed too.” Lilly said.

“Well, let’s keep him in mind then. Speaking of men! Let’s write the ad” Jessica replied. With that, the 2 women put their minds together and started writing an ad for the internet and the classifieds. The classified ad had to be more refined, but the internet ad could be more direct. After a few tries and 20 minutes later, the ad on the internet finally read as follows:

An extremely beautiful and smart young woman is having trouble finding love and romance. Men are intimidated by her beauty and brains. She is longing for a man and also children of her own. To this end, she is organizing an orgy weekend during which she will snag the lucky man who will date her and give her a child. From a group of 100 disease free men, one lucky man will win the ultimate prize of dating the young beautiful woman over a month for the purpose of inseminating her. For the man to win, he has to agree to shag her 20 times during the competition and be available to date her over the course of a month for the sole reason of impregnating her with her first child. Also, he has to agree to come back 10 months to a year later, in order to inseminate her a second time for her second child, as she wants both children to have the same father. After that is done, he is free to go and live his life unencumbered with no further responsibility beyond that. He could also choose to remain with the woman in some form of relationship, whether cohabiting or marriage, and help raise the children. This means that, in order to participate, the man must be certifiably disease free. If you are interested, please contact Jessica via email. The invitation is also open to your female friend, should you have one and be in a current relationship. She is free to participate in the orgy, if she chooses. Just bring enough condoms for her and me.

The classified ad was much different and a little less direct.

An extremely beautiful and smart young woman is having trouble finding love and romance. Men are intimidated by her beauty and brains. She is longing for a man and also children of her own. To this end, she is organizing a fun weekend during which she will snag the lucky man who will date her and want to give a child. I am looking for 100 disease free men to come over the New Year’s weekend to seek me out. There will be some action involved, so bring lots of protection along. The lucky man will win the contest after meeting certain criteria; he will get to date her for a month, long enough to give her a child. He only needs to stick around long enough to give this woman a child, however, she requires that he come back in 10 months to a year to give her a second child, as she would like to have 2 children and they need to have the same father. Bring your woman friend along to the party, if she so wishes. If interested, please contact Jessica by phone or email for details.

With the ads written and published, all that remained was to wait for the responses to come. Meanwhile, the planning continued.

“Jessica! Did you think about what you wanted to do with all that spent semen? There quite likely would be a lot of jizz accumulated after the weekend is over.” Lilly asked.

“Why would you ask me? I have never had sex before. I would not know what to do with the semen, if you asked me. Is it not supposed to go inside the woman? How much of this stuff is there actually?” Jessica asked rather sheepishly. She knew that she should know what to do with it; yet, she was very inexperienced in this regard. She didn’t know what a man does with the extra semen. Does he just throw it away?

“Did you know, my dear and lovely Jessica, that a guy can produce up to 2 teaspoons of semen per fuck? That is quite a lot of jizz, and it usually does not all stay inside the woman, should he inject it inside her. Often, it seeps out of her. They often call that a cream pie. Why, I am not sure!” Lilly told Jessica.

“With that many fucks, the guys are certainly going to produce a lot of jizz. We could collect it and do some interesting things with it.” Lilly said to Jessica.

Jessica, not repulsed by the idea, was rather intrigued. “So what do you do with your boyfriend’s extra semen? What do guys do with it?” Jessica asked.

Lilly started to list the various uses. “Well, one can do a lot with it. You can spread it all over your body and rub it like a cream. You could collect it in a glass and drink it in the form of a cocktail; call it a sperm cocktail. You could put it in a turkey baster, insert the baster into your vagina and squeeze the contents into your vagina. You could use it, instead of milk or cream, to supplement your tea or coffee. Some, I heard, even cook or bake with it. It is only limited to your imagination.”

There, in theory, could be up to 4000 teaspoons of this lovely white stuff by the end of the weekend. Lilly would be in charge of measuring the penises and recording certain information. She would likely also collect any jizz produced and put it in a container for later use. It would be refrigerated and used it for something later. Both women have not given that part much thought until now; it definitely would be a shame to discard that much jizz.

There was time to decide what to do with it. Perhaps, a special drink could be made from it. Or it could be used in a dessert. It could be offered to any women at the party for drink or injection into their vaginas with a turkey baster or syringe. Could you imagine the women lying on the floor or bed with their legs spread open and their pussies exposed, just waiting to accept the baster with the lovely jizz. The possibilities were numerous.

It was now time to take a break from the planning and resume another day. Now, they wanted to wait a few days to see whether there was any response to their ads.

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