Jessica’s New Job

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“How would you like to earn a bonus of $100 today?” That was the question that started the afternoon meeting that John Binaroud V had with Jessica Janey. She worked at an insurance company that was well established and her boss had called her in for the meeting.

“Well, I could definitely go for a bonus,” said Jessica. She’d been hard at work answering calls all day and any chance of going above her $10/hr rate had her all ears for what her boss was talking about.

“Well, here’s the reason why I ask, Jessi.” Her boss never called her “Jessica”. It was always “Jessi”. “I have been going over your performance charts and, well…of our 3 major areas, you need work on two of them and the last one you’re doing a superb job at. Do you have a clue as to what I’m talking about?”

Jessica’s head dipped as she looked to the floor. Her brown eyes closed, dark lashes matching her dark brown hair. She tried to appear deep in thought, but already had a pretty good idea of what her boss was trying to say. “I know I’m pretty good in customer service; I need work in sales, and I suck at door-to-door interaction.”

“Yes, that’s what I was referring to,” said John as he shifted in his leather chair. “You are outstanding in the Customer Service Representative area, but really lacking in the other two areas. However, I can help you change all of that. I would, based on your performance charts and follow up calls that have been made to your customers, have to say that your best asset is your voice. Have you ever considered a job that involves your voice?”

Jessica was totally surprised at the direction the conversation was heading. She was under the impression that her boss would only pick out her bad parts and not even talk about her good parts. But, now it seemed just the opposite. “Well, I’ll put it like this. When I’m on the phone with a customer, I find it almost pleasurable to be able to hide in my cubicle, yet still be able to to communicate with the person as though they were sitting right beside me. I don’t know quite what you’re saying on the parts I’m lacking…”

“Well,” and he shifted in his chair again, “I think you’ve already identified your key weakness that I would like to help you make your key strongpoint.”

“I’m not following your thought process, “said Jessica. If she’d been confused as to what order the conversation would go, this part was DEFINITELY not in any of the sequences she had dreamed up.

“Ok, let’s start from the beginning. Would you, Jessi, like to earn a bonus of $100 tonight? She nodded, eyes expectant. “Would you consider earning an additional $150 in bonuses after this evening?” John was not making much sense, so he continued on. “What I mean is, I have the ability to help place you in a high earning job where you’d be working almost full time and still be able to work with me and earn those bonuses.”

“Well, is it hard work?” The possiblity of earning $100 was starting to deminish as she thought of all the places that money would have to go.

“I prefer to call it a “job”, and as such, it will be as hard or difficult as you make it. The offer of additional amounts of no less than and no more than $150 per job is based on how well you do this job for $100.”

“When would I receive this bonus?” Jessica’s interest was definitely there and she was warming to the unknown task.

“After I declare the job to be complete.” John could see his convincing was working, but he still had to be careful.

“When can I start?” Interest had been replaced by eagerness and Jessica was almost at the edge of her seat. Whether or not she’d get the job and get more jobs afterward, it was sounding like an easy job.

“You already did.” John’s coy answer caused her eyebrows to shoot upward in surprise. “Ok, let me change tack, now that I have your interest. However, let me stress to you that not completing this job will get you no bonus. You know little about the job except that the difficulty level is up to you and that it is a one time offer that can extend to larger bonuses for further jobs. Now, let me up the ante: Jessi, how would you feel about taking this bonus and multiplying it by 10?”

Jessica’s mouth dropped open in shock. Her boss had just taken her bonus and made it $1000. Where she thought she’d have to squeeze that bonus out now sounded like she could splurge on items of comfort she’d been denying herself for too long.

“From your reaction, I’d say you’re either shocked that you Kartal Escort could earn this or shocked that you WANT to earn this. Which is it?” John knew the answer, but wanted to hear it from her.

“The latter,” Jessica managed to say in a half whisper, half squeak. “What do I have to do for the $100 and how is it different from the $1000?”

“Jessi, you said something that made me realize that you already know how to do this job. This $1000 job will take you a 10 hour day, but the $100 will only be for an hour. You’re 15 minutes into this hour which means you only have 45 to go. But, the thing that you said is that you suck at door to door and sales. I’m suggesting that you do suck, but not at sales or door to door.” He paused for effect, letting the words sink in. “Jessi, I suggest that you work on sucking because that is what will earn you your bonuses.

“There is a motto that runs in my family. My name is John Binaround, the fifth. However, you may be surprised to learn that I’m not the ‘fifth’ John. My name isn’t even John, but that isn’t the point. My name is ‘John Binaround the Vee’. What does my name tell you?”

Jessica murmured his name and suddenly her eyes widened in understanding. “So, the “Vee” stands for something other than your name…” John nodded as he got up from his chair. For the first time, Jessica discovered why he’d been sitting down. Pointing from his groin was a very distinct point. Jessica reddened in embarrassment as she realized what kind of job she was to do. She’d already agreed to do this, but how could she tell him she’d never done this before.

“Look, if you don’t know how, you’ll definitely earn your bonus.” A look of relief showed that John’s assumption was correct. He slowly, tantalyzingly undid his belt, unzipped his pants and slowly fished out his very erect shaft from beyond the realm of his underwear. His shaved groin now in contact with his office air and in the presence of a very attractive female, his shaft bounced in anticipation. He walked around to Jessica’s side of the room. She was still in her chair and increasingly mesmerized by the view coming her way. “Flight” was out of the question and “fight” wasn’t there either.

Jessica watched in amazement. Here was a pink thing that she’d seen only in pictures. As her boss came nearer, she inhaled the scent of musk and felt the heat radiating from his crotch. Her eyes memorized the crown of his shaft, the smoothness of his balls, and then became highly curious about a pearl of liquid that began to form at the very tip. “What is it?” she asked.

“That would technically be called ‘precum’. But, for purposes of teaching, this is your lollipop. Take it into your mouth.” John stepped forward so that she could. Really, if she wouldn’t, he was prepared to push against her red lips until he would be between her lips and against her teeth. But, as he stepped forward, her mouth opened and he slowly slid inside.

Jessica instinctively ran her tongue over the tip where she’d seen the pearl of precum and discovered it tasted a mixture of sweet and salty. His shaft was the smoothest skin she had ever imagined a man could have. There was almost no difference between her soft lips and his soft shaft. And his ‘lollipop’ was salty, but it was skin. She closed her lips around him and slid her tongue around the end the way she would a tootsie pop. In response, the lollipop pushed farther into her mouth.

“Ok, now the instruction begins. As I tell you, I want you to move your head, but don’t let the lollipop out. Pull backward…now push forward. Now backward, now forward. Backward…forward. Backward…forward.” Her lips still around him, her tongue sliding back and forth. “Ok, now at the same time that you’re moving your head, I want you to swirl your tongue in clockwise and counter-clockwise around the lollipop.” She did and John began to feel a tightening in his balls.

Jessica was having more fun in getting to know this part of John that she no longer thought of him as her boss. In a matter of minutes, something that she had so feared was becoming something easy. She felt skilled and talented all at the same time.

“Now, continue swirling your tongue but at the same time, find that spot where you saw and tasted the precum. See if you can push your tongue into that slit.” John shivered as her amateur tongue began to probe his most sensitive area ever. Without being told to, she she alternated between swirling and probing. Yakacık Escort The pressure in his balls was building to the point of spilling. The last instruction was needed or she’d be totally overcome.

“Ok Jessi, you’re doing great,” John said between breaths. “At some point very soon, I’m going to put my hands on your head. If you pull away from me, I’m going to use my hands to pull myself into you. Because you’re not prepeared, you may very well gag. I’d rather you don’t gag. I know you’d rather not either. But, when I put my hands on your head, I want you to prepare to swallow. I’m about explode and I want you to swallow. If you do not swallow, I will pull out of your mouth, pick you up faster than what you think is possible, turn your ass to me, and rip whatever resistance is in my way and fuck your ass hard.”

Jessica looked up in surprise of hearing his hard breathing. She nodded in understanding about why his hands would be going on her head. She shivered at the thought of swallowing, and shuddered at the thought of gagging. But, she was very curious as to why fucking her ass would be phrased as a punishment. But, before she had much of a chance to think about it, hands began to rest on the back of her head. She briefly thought of pulling back, but then continued bobbing, swirling her tongue, and probing that one spot. That one spot had continued to ooze a very tasty liquid and she had gotten used to the small trickle.

“Ok Jessi, just keep still and let me do the thrusting. I promise not to go deep, but I need you to tighten your lips around my shaft. At the same time, let your bottom teeth graze the bottom of the shaft.” She did so and John began to shudder uncontrollably. His chest tightened, he began to sweat, and then he reached his orgasm. “Jessi,” he gasped. “Push your tongue against the slit and try to hold it there…” No sooner had her tongue begun to push, John’s lollipop spurted his hot man juice.

Jessica had not had any warning about this new syrup-like liquid that was quickly filling her mouth. She alternated between swallowing and pushing her tongue into the slit..and the slit had become slick with a mix of her saliva and John’s cum. Four times, her tongue impeded the shots of cum that filled her mouth and each time she had to move her tongue to swallow and then bring her tongue back. When she realized he wasn’t putting out anymore, she quickly worked to clean his shaft and her mouth of all traces of what she had just swallowed.

John slowly backed away and was amused and aroused at how Jessica’s head followed until he was out of reach. Her brown eyes were full of desire. Whatever instruction she had just received had been highly beneficial and it was obvious that she wanted more of him.

“Jessi, you did that in 10 minutes. You have roughly a half hour to go. This next part is what is called the “69” of sex. Do you have any idea what it might mean?” John looked at her hungrily and for the first time, Jessica began to understand what her REAL part was in this job.

Jessica contemplated walking out, but then remembered that she would not get a cent. So, she asked, “What do I do?”

John pointed to a small cot-like bed behind her. “I’m going to lay on the side that has the pillow. That is support for my neck and head. Here, I’ll lay down first.” He walked over and quickly lay down with his cock pointing straight up into the air. “Now, remove your underwear and sit on my face.”

Jessica was experiencing two things simultaneously. First, she wanted to suck him again. Second, she had reservations about letting John be around her vee. John saw her hesitation and simply began to rub his hand on his shaft.

“If you just want to sit there, that’s fine. But, I’ll have to pleasure myself instead of letting you drink of me again. Underwear off, come sit on my face and get some pleasure back while giving me pleasure again.” John spoke with aroused authority. Without really knowing why, Jessica stood, removed her dress pants, and slowly slid her lacy white VS underwear to her ankles.

She walked hesitantly to him and then followed his instruction as she stepped over his head, crouched until her bare ass was on his forehead. Then, she leaned forward until she was chest down on him. Slowly, she moved forward as she was told until her clit was directly over his mouth.

“Jessi, do again what you did when you were sitting, except this time, use your hand and pump my shaft like you Kadıköy Escort saw me doing,” John said. “But at the same time, don’t be surprised for what I know to do here.” With that said, John stopped talking and stroked her vee with his tongue. As expected, Jessica shivered at the touch, and John could feel her body stiffen. “Girl, if you don’t relax, you’ll never get that $100. You’re down to 20 minutes.”

Jessica relaxed again and focused her attention on her lollipop. But at the same time, she became aware of his tongue pushing and probing in that area where her fingers had often found sweet juices that came from her. She’d never imagined that a guy would like what she could produce. His tongue alternated from being stiff and hard and pushing into her, to being soft and wide and slowly exploring her pinkness.

John could feel Jessica relaxing and upped the sensory ante by inserting two fingers in her vag and one into her ass. They were all well lubricated and slid easily into her. He quickly found her G spot and began to pluck and pull on it. Jessica responded by tightening her lips around his shaft and bobbing faster. With one hand in her ass and vee, John used the other hand to make random shapes on her clitoral hood. Jessica was beginning to whimper and John loved every second of it.

Just as Jessica thought she’d gotten used to his assault with his fingers, his tongue returned and joined in the frenzy of licking her until she felt a pressure building. Just as she was about to ask, John stopped licking.

“If you feel like you have to pee, it won’t be pee. It will be the orgasm that will be like what I gave you. Just keep going, Jessi. You got 10 minutes left.”

Jessica renewed her actions with her hand and mouth. As intense a job she was doing to him, his actions had gotten stronger. Jessica tried to hold off the peeing sensation for as long as she could, but didn’t want to suffocate her boss. So, she squeezed her muscles to keep the flow back and at the same time, felt a tightening in John’s balls.

Losing concentration on why she had to hold something, she traced his balls with her other hand. Almost immediately, they shook and Jessica’s mouth was splattered by a cum shot. Now, she concentrated on swallowing and probing. At almost the same time, John ceased fingering her ass hole and licking her clit. But, his two fingers stopped flicking one spot and began to make a “come here” motion. It was too much nerve stimulation and Jessica lost the ability to contract her ‘hold back’ muscles.

With a moan that sounded more like a scream, Jessica’s body convulsed in an orgasm. Her clit was suddenly doused by liquids from herself that she’d never known existed. Without even trying, she had just squirted and John was trying to lick it all up. Both of them were giving out cum and receiving cum. John wrapped his arms around her ass and pulled her onto him. Jessica did something she’d never done before and pushed her head down until she felt his shaft start to travel down her throat. Fighting the gag reflex, she marveled at how the smoothness continued to his balls.

A “ding” sounded and they both jumped. “You’ve earned your $100,” said John with a low chuckle. He pushed out from underneath her, and rotated until she was under him and his face was at her face. Slowly, he lowered his head and their lips met. A soft kiss, and then he pulled away. He looked into her brown eyes and then lowered his mouth again. Without prompting, her tongue rose to meet his and they explored each other once again. He pulled back and leaned to her right side and gently kissed her ears, the side of her neck, her chin, her nose, forehead, and then back to her lips.

Slowly, he got up and pulled her to a sitting position. “Well done, Jessi.” Reaching into a pocket on the side of the cot, he pulled out a crisp Ben Franklin. He folded it twice and then put it into the cleavage of her breasts. With her shirt and bra still on, he leaned down and kissed the points that indicated her erect nipples. “That’s for later. You’ve got places to go, as do I. We’ll take a raincheck on the next time and I’ll let you have fun spending your money.”

Jessica’s body was radiating heat like she’d not known was possible. The feeling of his tongue on her vee was still though he hadn’t stopped. As she watched, he walked over to a small desk, pulled out a new pair of underwear, and slipped into it. He dropped the one that he’d had on into her lap.

“I have no sense of smell, Jessi. I know you do. So, you get to smell me in my aroused state while you go your way. May it serve as a reminder to you of what you’ve learned to do and how I’m going to help you get started in using your voice to do more than suck.”

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