Jimmy , Lexy

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Their relationship started out simple enough. They were friends first and foremost. It was nothing intense and nothing sexual. They had lunch twice a week. Fridays, if they had no other plans, they’d spend the evening together. Usually dinner and a movie, and they were both home before midnight.

One Friday night, the conversation over dinner took an unexpected turn, and they had no choice but to go with it.

“When was your last sexual encounter?” Jimmy casually asked after the waiter took their orders.

Lexy was a little taken aback. She and Jimmy had never spoken about sex really. It was like the “pink elephant” analogy. They knew it happened, but never brought it up.

“Excuse me?”

“C’mon. I’m curious. We both have been without dates the past few Fridays. So you’re obviously not seeing anyone. It just made me wonder.”

“Well, when was yours?” Lexy countered, strictly to avoid answering.

“Just a couple nights ago.” He said.

“But, you’re not seeing anyone seriously right now,” Lexy was slightly confused now.

“I didn’t say it had to be with someone else,” he said smiling broadly.

“Are you asking me if I masturbate?” Lexy blushed, not sure how to handle this.

“Unless you have someone you can call to take care of your needs? Do you have someone who can take care of you?” Jimmy prodded, with a sly smile still on his face.

“NO!” Lexy blushed again. “I don’t have anyone like that.”

“So. When was your last sexual experience” Jimmy persisted.

Grinning, Lexy looked at him sheepishly, and said “This morning, before going to work.”

“And was it exciting?”

“It was fine. Why do you want to know, Jimmy?”

“I’m curious about it. I want to know how you handle yourself on those long dateless nights.”

Their food arrived after that comment. She said nothing more, hoping that eating would distract him into forgetting his line of questioning. They discussed work, and mutual friends while they ate. Lexy finally got comfortable in thinking Jimmy decided to stop asking her about her sexual habits.

It was his turn to pick up the check, so as Jimmy was signing the credit slip, he looked at her and asked, “Would you like to skip the movie tonight?”

“Are you tired? Would you rather just go home?”

“No. Actually, if you’d like, I’d like to suggest we go back to my place where we can continue our conversation.”

“Jimmy, are you sure that’s a good idea? Is that what you’d really like? To talk?” Lexy was skeptical at this point. They’ve never discussed sex before, between them Sivas Escort or with anyone else.

“Lexy, you don’t have to worry. I have no intentions of seduction. I’m just curious and I think it would be a great way to learn something new about you.”

Trusting him, Lexy agreed. It would be fun, once she got past thinking that this man was almost like a brother to her. She found herself in a cab with Jimmy, wondering how much he really wanted to know about the sexual side of her. She wasn’t sure how far she should really take this, but what the hell. Why not take it as far as it could go. It was about time she did something for the pure fun of it.

Reaching his apartment, he led her in and took her coat. She’d been to his home several times. In fact, too many times to count. This time she felt different though. She was a little unsure of her surroundings, and a little nervous.

“Would you like anything?” Jimmy asked.

“A glass of wine would be fine”, she said walking into the living room.

He brought her a glass of white wine and sat next to her on the couch.

“Now tell me all about this morning.”

“Well, what do you want to know?”

“What got you horny?”

“A dream I had before waking. I don’t remember many details, I just know I woke up feeling very turned on and had to do something about it.”

“Do you sleep naked?”


“Were your nipples hard?”

“Yes, they were painfully hard.”

“Do you have any toys?”

“No. I am too embarrassed to buy one.”

“Tell me what you did to get off.”

Jimmy’s expression had gone serious. She knew this was turning him on. She had to admit, thinking about it was making her wet. She knew whatever she did next would change their relationship forever.

She spoke softly, “Jimmy, would you like to see how I got off this morning?”

Jimmy just stared blankly for a few minutes. “I’d love to,” he finally said.

Lexy stood and unbuttoned her jeans. Standing directly in front of Jimmy, she pushed the tight fitting material down her legs and stepped out of them. She then unbuttoned her blouse and let if fall from her arms. Standing before him in her black lacy panties and bra, she silently laughed at his expression. She knew he’d been admiring her body for some time, but was just being a gentleman. She did a small turn and now facing away from him, unclasped her bra. She held it away from her body and made a show of dropping it on the floor. She then slid her thumbs under the waistband of her panties and bending at the waist, pulled them down Sivas Escort Bayan and off her body. Jimmy got a good view of Lexy’s pussy from behind and his cock surged in his pants.

Lexy sat back down on the couch, leaning against the arm, one leg leaning against the back, and the other foot on the floor. She sat spread before him, and with a glance at his bulging pants, she began to touch herself.

She started at her legs, sliding her fingers up her thighs to her waist. Brining her right hand up, she cupped her breast. She rolled her nipple in her fingers, gently pulling on it, making it hard. Lexy had very ample breasts, so she was able to lower her head and bring her breast to her lips. She sucked gently and then let it fall from her mouth. Jimmy’s mouth watered at the sight of her saliva glistening off her nipple. She looked right into Jimmy’s eyes, watching his every expression, enjoying her effect on him.

She continued pulling and playing on her nipple with her right hand, while her left played casually with the blond curls between her legs. She lightly stroked over her lips, tracing her slit from the curls own to the couch. Up and down over and over again. After a few gentle strokes, Jimmy saw Lexy’s pussy lips swell up, and her clit peek out.

Lexy’s finger dipped in between her lips to casually graze inside. She pulled it out, covered with her juices, and brought it to her mouth. She greedily sucked the moisture from her finger, giving a tiny moan, and returned it to her pussy. She slid her finger back into her pussy, wetting it and began stroking her clit. Jimmy was squirming at this action. She could tell he wanted to help.

She moaned again, and laid her head back on the couch. Jimmy watched her play with her clit, and occasionally slide down to disappear into her pussy. Her moans began to get louder. Her hips started rocking at the same speed that she fingered her clit. Her breathing got heavier as she worked her pussy to orgasm.

Rocking her hips on the couch, she screamed when it hit her. Her body quivered and shook violently as the spasm of her orgasm took over. Her screams and moans loud, and filled with passion. As she came down, breathing hard, he watched her body. He noticed the flushed skin, and perspiration glistening off her body. Jimmy was beyond exciting.

She laid there, eyes closed with her head back on the arm of the couch, and Jimmy took his chance. Leaning forward, and settling between her legs, he smelled the musk of her arousal. He knew then he had to taste her. Before she had a chance to say or do Escort Sivas anything, he pushed his face deep into her pussy and lapped at her juices.

His tongue delved deep into her. He wanted to taste every drop of Lexy’s orgasm. Her breathing picked back up. She began rocking her hips to push her pussy into his face. Her hands flew into his hair, and pushed him into her.

He started moving up her body to capture her nipples. She felt his teeth bite on the hard bud, and she cried out at the sudden burst of pleasure. She reached her hands down and began unzipping his pants. He had way too many clothes by her way of thinking. He brought himself up higher to kiss her. And as he moved higher up, she grasped onto his cock. He was so stunned, that he didn’t kiss her. Instead he buried his head in her shoulder as she stroked him. She had both hands on him. She was feeling and squeezing his balls, and stroking his cock. After a while, she raised her hips, and started to guide him into her.

The first touch of her hot pussy brought Jimmy to his senses. He stopped her movements, and pulled back just enough to still be inside her, and looked down at Lexy.

“Are you sure this is what’s going to happen? This isn’t what I intended.”

“I know Jimmy, I intended it. So shut up and fuck me!”

Needing no further encouragement, he plunged forward. Bringing a surprised gasp from Lexy, he forged on. Bracing his feet on the opposite end of the couch, he gave her what she asked for. Lexy wrapped her legs tightly around Jimmy, holding on for all she was worth. He fit her completely. She felt every movement from him, and relished all the glorious feelings he gave her. She knew she was going to come again, and she was hoping he’d wait until she was finished before he did.

As she started feeling her orgasm build again, she knew that Jimmy was getting close. She needed further stimulation to be able to meet him. Bringing her hand up, she cupped her breast, and pushed it up toward Jimmy’s face. “Suck on my nipple Jimmy” she said, holding herself under his chin.

Jimmy licked and teased her nipple, knowing it would drive her crazy. He also knew why she wanted him to do this. He knew he wasn’t far away, and he wanted her to climax with him, just as much as she did. He finally latched on to her breast, and sucked hard. She gasped hard, and moaned in his ear. That was all he needed, and he felt himself coming. With that added enhancement, Lexy was pushed over the edge as well. They shared an earth-shattering climax just then. Lexy’s body bucked underneath Jimmy’s spastic one, and they yelled each other’s names.

Laying there later on, in each other’s arms, Jimmy asked casually “what are you doing tomorrow night?”

“How about dinner and a movie?”

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Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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