Julie’s Collaring Ceremony Pt. 02

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Welcome to my branding ceremony…Part 2

At this point I have just been branded. When my Master branded me I passed out and shit myself. I woke up with 2 women, Sue and Barbara, cleaning me and explaining the same thing happened to them when they got branded. What follows is the next part of the story. Enjoy and please send me comments. That is how I will learn.

Master came over to me after he branded my arse and held me in his arms. The other slaves brought mirrors so I could see my arse. One my right arse check in beautiful script it read “PROPERTY OF MASTER ALEX.”

Master cuddled with me and made me laugh in spite of my pain. He said “You are lucky girl; I usually sign all of my legal documents Alexander, not Alex.” I laughed and cried until Master gently pushed me from his arms for the next part of the ceremony.

The next part of the ceremony scared me more than the actual branding. At least with the branding, Master was in control. The next part of the ceremony was handled by Mistress Ursula. I know that she and Master had once been lovers and now she resented me for having replaced her. She was the Grand Domme of our kinky group and as such, all slaves had to prove themselves worthy before they could be accepted into the group.

She was known to be a vicious sadist, even more so with women. The fact that she had been replaced by a “sissy” humiliated her and I know she had made up her mind to break me in front of my Master. She felt by doing that, she would humiliate me and regain her dignity. I crawled over to her proudly displaying my new branding and then kissed her feet.

I said softly “Mistress, this girl wishes to become a slave for your group.” With an evil look in her eye, she motioned to other slaves to prepare me.

I was led to the center of the barn with straps were hanging from the rafters. My wrists xslot were strapped to the chains that hung down and Mistress came over and asked if I was sure. I nodded submissively and then she leaned over and spit in my face. I remembered I still had Master’s dried cum on my face and that made me smile.

The sight of me smiling when she felt I should be shaking in fear angered her and she stepped back. That was when I could see her and admire her beauty. She was dressed all in leather. High leather boots, a leather garter with black stockings. Her bra was leather with little cut outs for her nipples. I could see how hard and long they were and I realized the thought of her inflicting pain on me excited her. Her slave crawled to her with a nasty looking whip in his mouth. She took it and held it for me to see. The strands were long with little knots at the end to rip at the flesh.

As she brought her arm up, she twisted it a bit so that even though I was facing her, the strands would wrap around my arse on to my fresh branding.

My Master stepped forward and warned her “You can hurt me as much as she wished, but I is not to be permanently injured!”

With fury in her eyes, she started to whip my belly, thighs, tits and she paid special attention to my clit and sissy bits (balls). Tears streamed down my face, but I refused to scream out in agony and the made her redouble her efforts.

Finally one of the other Dommes stepped forward and took the whip from her and said “Enough!”

I thought that would be the end of it all, but then she turned to Sue and Barbara. Sue was a female and Barbara, a sissy like me, that had helped me through the branding. Mistress Ursula said, it was time that they were tested as well. All Dominants had the right to test slaves to make sure they were still worthy. At first their Masters, Scott and xslot Giriş Frank, protested, but the girls then willingly stepped forward.

“Strip!” was the command Mistress gave them and then they did so.

Sue was a beauty, long blond hair, 36D tits, amazing legs and a shaven cunt. Her blue eyes showed no fear. Barbara was a sissy; a bit on the heavy side with big tits and an eight inch cock that that dangled between her legs. Like me, she was completely smooth and sexy.

“The rules are simple and have been used for years.” Mistress announced. “I will kick them as hard as I can between their legs into their cunt or sissy bits. They are free to scream and moan, piss, puke and even shit themselves. But, if they let their knees touch the ground, they will be dismissed and their Owners will be forced to resign!”

I knew later I might face the same test and I had prepared myself by not eating and barely drinking anything for well over 12 hours. My belly, bladder and bowels were empty, but since the girls did not know they were to be tested, they would likely make a mess.

Mistress stepped back and looked at Sue. Sue knelt and kissed Mistress high heels and then stepped back spread her legs and place her hands submissively on her head. Mistress was vicious and fast as she drove her heel as hard as she could into Sue’s cunt. Her body was actually lifted off the ground a bit.

Sue doubled over and screamed in pain. Mistress smiled as she looked at Sue’s beautiful arse to see that she was shitting herself. Knowing full well Sue as not going to let her knees touch the floor, Mistress got some satisfaction in watching Sue disgrace herself. Sue struggled back to position, hands behind her head and her body erect. Her long legs were streaked brown, but she was erect and had passed the test.

Mistress then moved in from of xslot Güncel Giriş Barbara, she decided to torment the girl by lightly using the tip of her heeled toe to make Barbara’s sissy bits jiggle. I knew what agony the poor girl was going through. The anticipation had to be as bad as the act. Finally the kick was delivered and hit her squarely on her sissy bits.

Barbara doubled over and grabbed at her clit and bits and started to sob. She stumbled around for a bit and looked like she might collapse but then moved erect and placed her hands behind her neck. Piss dribbled from her shrunken clit, but she stood proud.

I seemed that part of the ceremony was over when before I could stop myself I called out: “Mistress!” People gasped and looked at me.

“Speak sissy.” Mistress said.

“Mistress, I beg that you now test me as well.” I knew since I was just branded I did not have to be tested, but I wanted to show her I was not afraid of her. She looked at my Master who looked at me proudly and then nodded.

I moved to the center of the room where poor Susan still stood in her own filth and Barbara stood in a puddle of her piss. I spread wide and place my hands behind my head and squatted a bit to give Mistress a better aim at my sissy bits.

The squatting angered her so much that she kicked me as hard as she could without any foreplay. That caught me off guard and I grabbed at my clit and sissy bits as I doubled over. Mistress was beside herself with anger and brought her fist into my belly as I doubled over. Had she not done that, I might have fallen, but the force of her fist pushed me back making it impossible to sink to my knees.

However the punch did damage and I started to vomit all over myself. I was a mess, my face and tits covered in puke and it was even dripping from my hair.

Gasping for air I moved upright and looked at Mistress. In a soft voice I dared to say “Thank you Mistress!”

The three of us stood there defiantly as our Masters came over to hold us in their arms proudly and then prepare me for the final stage of the ceremony.

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