Just Going Where the Night Takes Me

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It started with some friends convincing me to go to a costume party in a hotel ballroom. I didn’t have a costume just laying around. So I had to scrounge around my closet coming up with a costume. I found some tattered jeans, an old army jacket and a grabbed an old t shirt I have been using as a rag. I was looking very good at a homeless bum since I needed a shave anyway. But then I had an epiphany and tossed on some sunglasses to make me a blind one as well. So I go out into my car and start to rethink if I should really go or not.

But then I get a text from a friend telling me to hurry up, so I start the car and off I head to the party. I meet up with my friends in the parking lot and in the party we all go. Inside looked insane, at first it was so loud, noisy, and so much going on I was a little over whelmed. I look around and find the bar and head right over to get a drink or two. I get there and order a drink, as I am waiting I glance around and see someone I recognized.

This girl Erin that I talked to years ago and I always had a crush on. She was dressed as Marilyn Monroe, only her hair was still black instead of bleach blonde. Thank god for my sunglasses cause I couldn’t help but stare at her amazing figure. I always thought she was sexy, but in that white dress hugging her curves perfectly I was amazed and felt some stirring in my pants. My eyes going up and down her perfectly sexy body. Her ass looking big enough that you just want to grab and hold on to, squeeze, slap, kiss, bite, and anything else she wants. Moving up her body she starts to turn towards me. Her amply breasts sticking out but not falling out which is perfect. And I love all her tattoos and piercing that I am I am seeing. As she turns to me I see her tattoo in her cleavage that says love with cherries. There is even a piercing there to make sure to draw your ear. I just wanted to bury my face there but then she looks towards me and is it possible she just realized who I was? I tilt my head a bit as to not get caught staring, but then remember my sunglasses.

“Jon is that you?” I hear escape her perfectly plump lips that I would kill to kiss.

” Hey,” I say looking at her, “Erin? What are you doing here, and you look amazing.”

We chat for a little while as my drink shows up. Making small talk, and all I can think about is if she has a boyfriend, if I should make a move, etc…

“Well I have to go find my friends, look for me later if you are still here,” Erin says and escapes off into the crowd.

And there I am stuck dumbfounded that I probably just screwed up again. Off I go to find my friends and mingle around a little while. But all the while I keep looking around trying to spot Erin again. I catch glimpses of her here and there. But I don’t see her with a guy yet so my hope is that she is single. But every time I make my way over to where I see her, she has vanished. It’s an entire night of ups and downs as I keep hoping I have a shot with Erin, only to miss out talking to her. Time flies by as I keep having drinks. The night passed and I talked to some seductively dressed women, but still kept looking for Erin all night long. Then it was around midnight when I saw her walking out of the ballroom with a guy who had his arm around her waist.

My heart sank, and I figured it was time for me to head home at the end of my drink. My friends gave me some crap about heading out early, but I didn’t care. I wasn’t in the mood anymore to talk to new people. So I slip out and start heading to the parking lot. When I figure I should go to the bathroom, and wonder around looking for one. I finally found one, but feel like I got myself lost in here. How come they make hotels so complicated to navigate. I am trying to find my way out again when I walk by the conference room and thought I heard someone slap someone and muffled sound.

So I have to go and see what is going on. As I got closer to the door I heard another muffled noise that sounded like a woman. SO I open the door and storm in thinking someone is getting rough with a woman. Once I open the door it takes a second to process what I am seeing. I am stopped dead in my tracks. Erin was bent of the table, the guy she left with was behind her fucking her and slapping her ass. Her top was undone and hanging down. Staring at her naked body. Her tits even sexier since they are both pierced with bars.

My mouth is watering wishing I could suck on them. I instantly felt my dick get hard. She has a hand over her mouth to muffle her moans of pleasure. I am frozen in place by embarrassment and lust. I start to back up since they haven’t acknowledged I was there yet. Just as I moved she looked up at me and made eye contact. I somehow got harder seeing the utter lust and pleasure in her eyes. The guy smacks her ass again and she yelps slightly and gives me a devilish smile. Then her eyes travels down and must of noticed the bulge in my pants because she starts to lick her lips. She reaches out Beylikdüzü escort a hand and signals me to come over.

My mind is numb but some reason my legs start to move. I get close enough that she grabs my belt and pulls me closer as she lifts her head up. I bend down and start to kiss her and her tongue shots in my mouth. Her hands are working on my pants and I feel her pull down my jeans. My dick springs free and bounces from my underwear. I feel her hand wrap around my shaft and it felt so good. She breaks the kiss and I let out a soft moan as she lightly strokes my dick. I look down and she is staring at me as she guides her mouth towards my hard cock.

She licks the tip of my head and my knees buckle slightly it felt so good. And she is eating up every ounce of pleasure she is giving to me. I reach down and put my hands on her breast. I start to rub them as she slide my hard cock in her wet mouth and seals it in with her perfect lips. My eyes roll back from the pleasure as I pinch her nipples and play with the bars in her nipples. She starts to moan into my dick as she sucks on it and sliding it back and forth in her mouth. I feel her nipples hard on my hands as I try to keep standing while looking down at my cock going in and out of her mouth

The other guy must be turned on by this because he seems to have picked up his pace and starts to pound her harder. Their smacking has increased and you can hear him grunting and he is trying to go as fast as he could. Erin takes my cock all the way in her mouth and throat. Then she reached up and wraps her hands around my balls and fondle them. And jolts of pleasure run from my balls through my entire body. I moan out as I put my hand on the table to steady myself.

That’s when I hear the other guy grunt loudly and speed up for the flourish. Then he stops and collapses on the back of Erin. She is still going to town on my cock and doesn’t even seem to noticed that the other guys just came. He gets up, gets dressed and slides out of the room. Erin pull my cock out of her mouth and stands up in front of me with lust pouring out of every inch of her. I kiss her deep and hard. I reach around and grab her ass pulling her against me. I lift her up a bit and she wraps her legs around my waist. I can feel heat coming off her pussy, as I lay her down on the table. I rub the head of my dick on her lips hearing her moaning and breathing heavy.

Then I find her hole and slide my hard cock inside of her, as far in as I can go. Her lips wrap tightly around my cock, as I hook my arms behind her knees to and picking your hips off the table a bit and start sliding back and forth inside of her. I feel her getting wetter as I pick up the speed as she looks at me in the eyes urging me to fuck her good and hard. Her hands playing with her nipples and I plow into her again and again. We fall into a perfect rhythm as she rocks her hips into my thrusts. We start letting out crazy moans as we completely forget where we are. My moans going quicker as my legs quiver, but I am holding out on cumming to make this last as long as possible.

That is when I hear let out a loud moan and quiver as she cums around my cock that is buried deep in her pussy. I she puts a hand on me and gently pushes me back, as I pull out of her, she quickly gets off the table and on her knees and starts wraps her lips around my cock tasting the mixture of her pussy and my precum. She is playing with my balls and sucking hard on my cock. I place my hands on the table to stable myself. She slides a hand back and start to circle my ass hole. My entire body tightens up, and I cant hold back as I let out a moan and explode ropes and ropes of cum into Erin’s mouth. She continues suck draining me, and I collapse onto the floor. After a while Erin stands up and I see the lips tattoo on her ass. As she rearranged her dress and tied her top over her neck again. She looks back, gives me a wink and says.

“Come find me in the ballroom big boy.”

So I am sitting on the floor on the conference room still stunned by what just happened. Not sure how much time passed since I watched Erin sashay out of the room. Then I realize I should probably get dressed and out of here before I get caught with my pants down. Literally. I pop up off the floor, and my legs still feeling weak, pull up my pants and head for the door. Opening it slowly and trying to see if there is anyone out there. The coast appears to be clear, and I head out to make my getaway. My mind saying get the hell out of there before someone who knows what you just did stops you.

God that was sexy as hell, feeling some blood pumping in there again. I am walking at a brisk pace trying not to draw attention to myself. That is when I realized that Erin wanted me to find her again. I stop in my tracks, one head telling me to go home and the other saying are you crazy. Go find that sexy bitch. I turn and make my way to the party again. Once I get there, the overall noise blasts me as Beylikdüzü escort I walk in, but my mind and eyes only looking for Erin. I try and wade through the crowd, but most people are drunk and just moving all over the place. I think they are trying to dance. Everyone is yelling with the song, but I don’t think anyone even knows the words or can say the words. I make my way all the way to the bar, and still don’t see her. That’s when I hear my friend yelling.

“Hey thought you were leaving, oh well here I have a drink for you.”

“Thanks, I changed my mind,” I say as I grab the drink, take a sip and feel the smooth burn of whiskey, “you see Erin around here?”

“Earlier, but you know her. She minds like the wind,” He replied.

So I follow him to the group of drunks he is talking to. I mingle around, but still keeping my eyes open for Erin. Time seems to fly by, and the hall seems to empty out a little bit. That is when I see the white dress across the room making it’s way to the bar. I quickly gulp down the rest of my drink and head over there to bump into her. I get to the bar before Erin, order myself a drink and get something for her. I glance back and see Erin getting stopped by someone which delays her trip to the bar. Just as I get my drinks I hear the bartender yell LAST CALL. I panic a little bit and figure I better see if I can get her number or something. Just then someone is behind me whispering in my ear.

“Hey big boy, looks like I found you first.”

I can smell her sweet perfume, Her hand on my back causes my heart to beat faster. I swear I am feeling heat pouring from her and I picture her perfect lips around my dick. Instantly I am hard, and I spin around to face her. There Erin is devilishly smiling at me with her big brown eyes causing my mind to stop. I just pass her drink to her and smile. I nervously take a big drink of whiskey again, thankfully the burn helps to calm me and snap me back into reality. We make some small talk for a while, and then I get the courage up and ask.

“Hey, since it looks like this is breaking up can I get your number and call you sometime?”

“Awww,” she responds with an overly sad look on her face, ” you going home so soon? I thought you wanted to play some more?” I feel my face get beat red as I know I am embarrassed and she giggles.

“Well of course I want to play more, that’s why I here.

But it looks like they are kicking us out”

“Well how about you just come hang out with me and some friends. She got a room here and we are gonna go there and keep having fun.”

I take a gulp of whiskey as I try and gather my wits. Then agree to take along, I mean what they hell do I have to lose? So the party breaks up as everyone starts to kick out the drunken costumed people. I follow Erin and her friend. As we get to the elevator another guy jumps in who is apparently with her friend. He pulls out a bottle of rum that he stole from the portable bar they had. And up to the room we go, all the while I am trying to think of everything that is possibly going to happen now. We get to the room and the other guy makes up some Rum and cokes.

We start to talk and drink some more. Erin stretches out on one bed, I sit in a chair next to that bed. Her friend and guy lay together on the other bed. We are joking, talking about bad costumes at the party. They rip on me about mine, but hey I came up with it in a few minutes. Time must be flying by, cause all the ice in the bucket has melted.

“Hey Jon, let’s go get some ice,” Erin says as she heads out the door.

I finish my drink on my way to follow her. She starts walking down one hall, and I cant help but stare are her ass is swinging back and forth. Do women do this on purpose to hypnotize us guys? Apparently she isn’t really concerned about which way the ice machine is. I catch up to her as we just keep walking around the floor. Apparently we should of went around the other way since we walked around the entire floor before finding it. Erin I am sure bends over at the wait sticking her ass towards me, I flash back to the conference room and get lost again in my own thoughts.

I feel something bump into my stomach and I realize she has filled the bucket and turned to face me. I take the ice bucket out of her hands and stare into her eyes. My one hand puts the bucket on top of the ice machine, and my other arms grabs the back of Erin’s head and pull her to me and I kiss her deep and hard. I then push our bodies back against the ice machine and we are going at it hot and heavy. My hands grab her ass and lift her up off the ground and pin her on the ice machine. Her hands snake into the hair on the back of my head. We are grinding against each other. We must have been at it for a while, cause I hear someone clearing their throat behind me. I turn to see a hotel employee just looking at us.

I grab the ice and apologize and we head for the room. The employee stayed there until we went into the Escort Beylikdüzü room. Once we entered, Erin stops the door from slamming, takes the ice, and starts to slowly move through the room. That’s when the moans become obvious to me, and she leads me out to the balcony. She stands at the railing and looks out at the beautiful view of the parking lot. I start to close the door, but then leave it cracked, I mean what if it automatically locks? I go stand next to her on the railing, and then her friends must of went hardcore cause she starts screaming to fuck her. Here I am next to the sexy Erin with my dick throbbing listening to two other people having good sex.

I can’t take it anymore so I head for the door when a better idea pops in my head. I walk up behind Erin, and start to rub her ass. I then lift up her dress to see her ass. Apparently I didn’t notice that she wasn’t wearing any panties. I bend down and kiss the lips tattooed on her cheek. Then I kneel down as to opens her legs. I run my hands up her thighs and I can smell and see how wet she is. I lean in and kiss her pussy lips. I run my tongue between then and her juices taste so sweet. I find her clit as I hear a sharp intake of breath. I flick my tongue on it as one hand finds her hole and I slide in one finger. I slide the finger back and forth, and I feel her backing into me as I lick and suck on her clit.

I slide a second finger inside of her, and louder moan escapes as I surprised her with that move. I pick up the speed and I feel her getting wetter. Her sweet juices start to run down my hand. I lick between her lips and around my fingers inside of her. I slide out my fingers and suck her juices off. I could eat her out all day and night she tastes so good. I run my tongue around her hole. Erin moaning and pushing back towards me. I use my left hand now and slide two fingers in and start to finger fuck her hot pussy again. I lick and kiss my way from her pussy hole to her asshole. My tongue runs over the hole as her entire body stiffens. I run the tip of my tongue around her ass hole, and use my finger to lightly press her hole. I give a little pressure to go in when I hear Erin moan out.


And I go ahead and slide a finger in her ass. As Erin moans louder. I continue to finger her pussy with two fingers, as my on in her ass slowly slides as I lick around it getting it lubed up. He puts her hands on the railing and pushes back at me. So I pick up my pace, but my dick throbs harder now. I so badly want to be inside of her again. I pull out my fingers, she stands up turns to face me, and first sucks the fingers that were in her pussy, then sucks on the finger that was in her ass. I kiss her and we move to the wall where I push her up against it. I lift one of her legs and she reaches down and undo my pants. As soon as my cock is free she whispers to me,

“Fuck me Jon, fuck me good!”

She guides me into her hot wet pussy, and my legs buckle as soon as I enter her. She is panting in my ear, and I grunt with each thrust inside of her. She is tight and it is a tough angle, but I soon get the rhythm and we are in perfect motion together. I feel wave of pleasure washing all over me as I can think of is holding back on cumming as long as I can. The walls of her pussy are milking my cock with each thrust but I by no means want this to end. I am on the edge and trying to hold off until Erin cries out

“Fill me with your cum Jon.”

I explode, my whole body jerks with each spray I send inside of her. Erin Grabs my shoulders digging her fingers in and pulling to her to keep her shaking body from falling. I stand there pressed against her trying not to move because I am afraid I will fall. My dick shrinks from being drain and drops out of her pussy. She kisses me and we move away from the wall. That’s when we realize the lights in the room are out. She guides me in. She strips off her dress and is totally naked as she slips between the sheets. I strip down and follow. Both of our bodies ooze heat that we don’t need sheets right now. It doesn’t take long before we both drift off to sleep pressed together.

I start to stir laying in bed as I am starting to feel hot. Guessing I must of pulled the covers on myself through the night. Since the last thing I remember is Erin and I laying in bed sweating from the fun on the balcony. That is when I start to recall the previous nights events. Thinking first of the conference room, and still stunned that I joined Erin and some guy in a three some. Then the balcony was unbelievable, that is when I start to realize that my have gotten hard again thinking about it. SHIT! I wonder if Erin feels my hard on, but then I realize I am alone in the bed.

That is when I hear the giggling and open my eyes. That is when I see Erin and be beautifully naked body across the room, staring at her sexy ass and the lips tattoo on it. Then I realize she is standing with her friend, who is also naked. I am stunned I can’t look away as I look over her body. She is a bit taller than Erin, but has more curves. Her tits are little bit bigger and it looks like she has bars in her nipples as well. She has a nice ass, but nowhere near Erin’s. That’s when I hear her friend say.

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