Kacey’s Adventure Ch. 03

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Kacey lay on her back and listened to the sound of the house settling, she had her arms tucked under head and waited to see the light shining under Anyas door flicker off. She knew that tomorrow was her second to last day and her mind was crowded with ideas. Alexis’s light turned off first, she smiled, and she slipped a hand down to her side and felt the body wand still pushed between the cushions. Beside that she felt a pair of handcuffs she snuck out of Anyas room, flick! She heard the light switch and now the house was dark.

She rolled off the couch and crawled into the kitchen area, she shook with excitement. She stood and slipped quietly through Alexis open door, Kacey stood in the door way and watched her sleep. Alexis had fallen asleep on her side, her arm was exposed, she slipped the cuff on, and she stirred and started to roll over giving Kacey full advantage to straddle her. She smiled for a moment and was stopped from talking when Kacey pressed her lips against hers, she didn’t resist when her hand was lifted above the bed, until she couldn’t pull it back.

“What are you doing?” she harshly whispered, Kacey kissed her once more before sliding off of her.

“Your still in charge, just not tonight.” She slipped over to the door and closed it softly, she looked up and watched Alexis start trying to fiddle with the cuff, she held her arm out and dangled the keys. “Now I get to play with you,”

She walked over and pulled the sheets off of her and laid them in a pile on the floor, Alexis kept her mouth shut and tried to hold a glare but when Kacey ran her hand sup her pajama pants and hooked them around her waste, she was careful to leave her panties on when she pulled them off and dropped them on top of the blankets.

“Blues my favorite color,” Kacey said as she ran her hands over Ankara bayan escort her creamy skin up to the lining of her panties, she climbed on top of her and started to remove her shirt when Alexis started to resist. She pinned her arms down and calmed her by kissing her; she sucked her lower lip into her mouth until she reciprocated.

She parted for a second and lightly outlined her lips with her tongue before gently slipping it in, she did it a second time and Alexis met her halfway before she unexecpectedly got her tongue sucked into Kaceys mouth. She gasped, the surprise sent chills down her, she allowed her to remove her t-shirt, Kacey pushed it up until it covered the handcuff. Kacey sat back and took her in, her pink nipples were hard in the cool night air, she ran her hands up her stomach and around them, started leaning in until she was leaning on her elbows with her mouth hovering right above hers.

“Your gonna keep all your clothes on, and leave me here exposed?”

“This isn’t about my pleasure.” Kacey kissed her, and worked her way down to her ear, she traced her tongue around her ear lob before sucking on it. Alexis let out a moan, she had her arms above her head and was slowly tightening her grip on the sheet, and Kacey worked her way down her neck, to her shoulder, down her chest until she had her nipple under tongue. She could her hips tying to grind against her, she reached down and took her other breast into her hand and rolled her nipple in hand. She could hear the pleasure building just from the increase in her breathing. When she pulled away Alexis’s face was flushed.

“Don’t stop now.”

Kacey winked at her as she reached down and plugged in the body wand, her eyes widened and she started to say something else when she gasped from her hands pushing her legs apart.

“Ooh Escort bayan Ankara someone’s a little wet.” She leaned forward and pressed her nose into the center of her panties and breathed it in, she pressed her lips against the wetness and exhaled through her mouth. The sensation sent tremors of pleasure through her, another moan escaped her lip. Kacey closed her legs again and now removed her panties; she slid them all the way down and dropped them on the floor. She looked at the neatly trimmed patch just on the top and spread her legs for a better view. She reached forward and traced her finger along the outside of her lips before sliding them down the center, coating her finger in her juices. She crawled up on the bed, pushed her legs up and spread them back until her pussy was open and glistening in the moonlight. “Turn on the lamp,” Alexis shook her head no and Kacey took her clit in too fingers and squeezed. She shoved her free hand into her mouth to stop the sounds from escaping.

When Kacey released she leaned forward and blew cold air on her clit and watched her shiver, she licked it gently, before she started swirling her tongue around it. Alexis moaned softly and didn’t know what to do when Kacey sucked it into her mouth; she whined in pain and found her mind jumbled. She felt the tension start to loosen and was replaced with sheer ecstasy as her tongue violently circled her clit. She repeated this a second time and to her surprise she felt a finger enter her. Kacey continued to feel around, looking up with her eyes, watching for a clue and once she saw it she kept her finger trained on the spot, and slipped a second one in.

“I’m so close,” her hips were beginning to buck, just as she started to close her legs Kacey pulled back. Alexis looked at her confused and didn’t even noticed Bayan escort Ankara she had the body wand in hand, Kacey grinned as she lightly toughed her clit and watched her hips fly upwards. “Turn that thing down, it’s too much.” She did it again and jumped to cover her mouth to stifle the high pitch squeal. Kacey reached up and took the sleeve of her shirt and shoved it into Alexis’s mouth.

“You take that out and I’ll shove my own hand in there, nod if you understand.” She nodded. Kacey turned the setting down two notches and watched with glee as her friend kept climbing and settling as she would pull the toy away. She waited until Alexis had inhaled again before pushing the sleeve into her mouth and held it there with one hand while the other turned the toy up and pressed it hard against her clit.

She leaned on her to keep her from bucking off the bed, her muffled cries oddly turned Kacey on. Just before she came she pulled it away and removed her hand, Alexis panted, she was slightly disappointed, until Kacey pinned her down and started doing it again. This time she held it there until she felt herself cum, a wave of pleasure rushed over her, followed by another. She couldn’t scream to tell Kacey it was too much, she felt some sort of pressure building and then release. Kacey let go of her mouth but kept the toy on her, and watched the streams of cum jet out of her and soak the end of her sheet and mattress. When she stopped cumming she turned the toy off and readjusted herself to look at her wet pussy.

She slipped a finger in and just barely touched her g-spot and watched her convulse again and felt her pussy walls grab her finger, “Please,” Alexis pleased, “No more.” Kacey ran her tongue from her hole up to her clit, gave it one final suck and felt another flood of liquid before standing up and dropping the keys on her bare stomach,

“Good night.”

Kacey walked out of the room licking her fingers, leaving Alexis too exhausted to even uncuff herself.

“Round two bitch.” Alexis smiled as she drifted off, wet and satisfied to sleep.

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