Kansas City

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Kauffman Stadium was like being in a huge stockpot sitting on a stove with the heat turned way up. Hot, humid, no breeze. The only saving graces were that it was overcast and a couple hours from sunset.

The Houston Astros were in town to play the Kansas City Royals in what turned out to be a very exciting, though low-scoring game.

The stadium sits away from the downtown area and, looking out past the center field wall gives you the sense that you are indeed in the flatlands of middle America. Prior to my trip several people had told me what a beautiful stadium this was. I found it middling at best. Due to a mechanical failure however, seeing the game here became one of my favorite baseball experiences on the trip:

There was no public address system for 4 innings. That meant no loud announcements, no blaring music, and no fake bugles urging us to “CHARGE!!” Just the natural sound of the crowd. Cheering, clapping, gasping at a great play… We even managed to sing the National Anthem together without guidance from a performer on the field. It was wonderful.

The Royals and Astros were tied 1-1 after 9 innings. In order to make a quick escape I positioned myself near the exit to watch the 10th inning. With 2 outs in the bottom of the 10th, man on 2nd, the Royals hit a bloop that fell in front of the drawn-in right fielder to win the game! I love seeing the home team win. 40,000 happy fans!

I watched the winning run score and a few seconds of the ensuing on-field celebration. But then fled out the exit to get in my car and beat the traffic. I probably had a date with Alaina that night.

Alaina and I had been chatting for several days already, since before Cincinnati. I remember this because while I was waiting for the Cincinnati game to start she asked me to send her a picture immediately. She thought I might be catfishing her. My selfie from the ballpark seemed to assure her somewhat. Alaina Tokat Escort was still nervous about meeting me though.

We had been trying to schedule some playtime but there were several conflicts including the fact that she already had a date for tonight. At one point she suggested we meet at 5:30am on Sunday morning before I left KC. I do not feel like having sexy times at 5:30am. Ever. (Ok, maybe not “ever” but I certainly wouldn’t want to schedule it for then!)

I could tell that she was intrigued by what I was proposing however and she said she was going to come over after her date, probably close to 11pm. Because she had seemed so unsure about having the encounter, I wasn’t entirely convinced that she was going to show up. And when she did I wasn’t entirely sure she would stay very long.

On her way Alaina had stopped at a liquor store to buy a bottle of Jameson. A little liquid courage. She walked up the path carrying the bottle…she was beautiful. She was quite fit and I enjoyed watching her hips sway as she came closer. I had wanted to kiss her when she stepped up onto the porch but I was afraid I would scare her off. Had to take it slow.

She had soft brown hair that came to her shoulders, and deep brown eyes that see into your soul. It seemed like she knew what you were thinking though it wasn’t much of a challenge to figure out my thoughts tonight.

I wanted her.

And she knew it.

I welcome her inside the house and serve us some of the whiskey. Hers on the rocks. Mine neat. Small talk while sitting a friendly distance apart on the couch. And then suddenly, before I realize what was happening, she snuggles up next to me. She felt good. And then, almost in the same motion, we are kissing. Long, deep passionate kissing.

We take our drinks and head upstairs in the half-light.

I apologize for the small bed and call it “cozy”. And it was. We lay down together Tokat Escort Bayan side-by-side and resume our kissing. (I do love a good kisser!) My free hand traces a line down her body and, almost imperceptibly, she presses harder against me. My swollen manhood is already pushing against Alaina until she moves back enough to slip her hand between us and grasps me tightly. My deep moan encourages her and she continues to squeeze and stroke.

I extract myself from this pleasure because I’ve been waiting days to taste her. Her black jeans slip off easily followed by her panties. I selfishly dive right in with my mouth to satisfy my urge. She tastes so unbelievably sweet. She’s like candy. And I cannot get enough.

Alaina has her head on the pillow, eyes closed, moaning gently as I work my tongue inside her. She’s fully enjoying the experience and, moving her hips toward me, encourages increased intensity. I happily accede to her unspoken request. My fingers work their way past her outer lips and into the waiting warmth of her pussy. Alaina lets out a small gasp of pleasure. I begin stroking two fingers in and out. Her hips begin to work in rhythm with my hand. My lips seek out her swollen clit. My tongue lashes at it repeatedly. Alaina presses her hips up toward me to further increase the pressure and excitement. Her body is tensing, getting close, but she stays in that state and doesn’t find release.

She wants me; I slip out of my clothes and into her. Alaina grabs onto my back with her nails. In missionary I can feel my cock hitting the the back of her pussy, filling her up. She kisses my neck with an urgency and now, for the briefest of moments, I notice her perfume and the invigorating effect it is having on me. My thrusting increases intensity. Faster. Somehow deeper, it seems.

I turn her over and place a pillow under her hips to allow for easier access to her womanhood. My cock finds its Escort Tokat way back inside her wetness. I’m on my knees, slipping slowly in and out, watching her body, taking in her beauty. Her moaning increases as my controlled, powerful strokes continue. It seems like she’s close to orgasm again. But she hangs frustratingly close to the edge once more.

I pull out of her so I can taste her again; with her hips propped up I simply kneel next to her, bend down, and begin sucking on her outer lips letting my tongue dart between them. I replace my mouth with my hand which finds her clit and tweaks it playfully before I slip two fingers inside her. This time I work my thumb in small circles into her pussy-juice-soaked asshole. I can tell this will be explosive for her in a few minutes.

My thumb goes deeper, my fingers explore as they stroke in and out. I finger fuck her harder and harder as I hear her moans reach a fever pitch.

Alaina screams!

Her body shakes and tenses.

And she lets out a deep, satisfied sigh.

We laid there together for the next few minutes as she enjoyed the afterglow and a sip of the nearly-forgotten whiskey.

In slow motion her hand reaches between my legs and she works me into yet another rock-hard erection. Soon after, for the first time, I feel Alaina’s soft mouth on my cock. Her tongue swirling over my head. Her hand working my shaft up and down in a spiraling motion. I’m so close. So close! She lays back next to me, continuing to play with my cock, but with her other hand squeezes one of my nipples. HARD. Pain/pleasure races through my body. She does it again. This time for several seconds. It’s an incredible sensation. Alaina suddenly ignores my cock and focuses just on my nipples. She takes one in each hand, twisting and squeezing them until my body is on fire. I take my aching cock in my hand and begin stroking myself. She continues squeezing, twisting unabated. I stroke faster. Harder. My body has never felt this intense level of pain/pleasure contrast before. I feel my orgasm building from the base of my cock. Growing, expanding, until it can no longer be contained and bursts forth in sweet release.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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